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MAY-June 2013

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Big Foot Lives
Darryl Williams


By Darryl Williams In Thom Powells book The Locals copyright 2003, by Hancock House Publishing, he referred to Seattle Times 2002 as saying :Big Foot is Dead, Really. He goes on to say there are no ape like apparitions named Big Foot that travel the continent, leaving Big Foot Prints, and that Big Foot is a common noun and not a proper name of an individual. I have an autographed copy of this book and treasure it among my favorite reading materials. Recently, however, while doing a search on the subject, I came across the above pictured tombstone and noticed the first name on the list is none other than Big Foot. If you search the web, you will find several references to humans who were known as Big Foot. Rather than go on with my usual presentation, Id like to share a few quotes from our search and add my own comments.

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House Cleaning (Chuck)

Mary Lou Brainerd

Chief Big Foot

Birth: Death: 1823 USA Dec. 29, 1890 Wounded Knee Shannon County South Dakota, USA Native American Chief Big Foot and his people lived on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota and were among the strongest believers in the Ghost Dance ceremony when it arrived among the Lakota in the spring of 1890. The hunger and misery that had followed the final break-up of the reservation in 1889 made the Lakota keenly receptive to the Ghost Dance message of messianic renewal, and the movement swept rapidly through their encampments, causing local Indian Agents to react with alarm. Some, effectively suppressed the dancers, others called for troops to restore order. At the Standing Rock reservation,
Honobia Big Foot PRINT

T & O Whistle Stops

Logan Williams

Memorial Area Events Big Foot CROSSING_ Happy Fathers Day

Mary Lou Brainerd

Thank You Firehouse Grill

Mary Lee Williams

Strange Experience
Meme Strange

Cover Photo: Any time this image is shown anywhere it causes the viewer to have pause. Coming up on this Memorial Holiday, the U.S. as a nation gives well deserved pause for all who have defended our freedom. This time of memoriam also gives us a chance to explain to our youngsters the precious freedom they were born into and how very important it is that they respect it as their relatives before them did. Photo taken by Logan Williams. Arlington Cemetery, Washington D.C.
Throughout the paper you will see a new feature. Big Foot has gone digital. He got out his smart phone and started surfing the web for some of our advertisers. When you find the code on one of the ads, simply scan it with your smart phones QR reader app to be taken to the advertisers page. This one leads you to our web site.

Editor Mary Lee Williams 580-244-7323 Design & Layout: Mary Lee Williams Logan Williams Web Master: Logan Williams Contributing Writers: Darryl Williams, Mary Lou Brainerd, Meme Strange, Mary Lee Williams, Stewart Taylor and Logan Williams. The Honobia Big Foot Print is a free publication printed every month POLICY: The publisher reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement at any time. All articles on events or happenings, are intended to promote interest in the surrounding area. All stories and comments by contributing writers are for entertainment purposes and not intended to reflect the views of the publisher. All property rights including any copyright interest in any advertisement produced by Honobia Big Foot Print, become property of Honobia Big Foot PRINT. To advertise or send letters to the Editor in this publication call: 580-244-7323 or email A one year subscription may be obtained by sending your name and address and check or M/O for $35. To: Honobia Big Foot Print H.C. 15 Box 10 Honobia, Ok. 74549\ Or go to and sign up under Get The PRINT

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where Sitting Bull was suspected of encouraging the Ghost Dance in order to provoke an uprising, the crisis led to bloodshed when Indian police sent to arrest the aging holy man killed him in a confrontation with his followers. Fearful of reprisals, many from Sitting Bulls band fled south, where they found haven with Big Foot. Big Foot decided to lead his people away from the possibility of further violence and headed farther south toward the reservation at Pine Ridge, hoping to find safety there. Increasingly ill with pneumonia, he had no intention of fighting and was flying a white flag when soldiers patrolling for roving bands caught up with him on December 28, 1890. That night Big Foot and his people camped near Wounded Knee Creek, surrounded on all sides by soldiers. The next morning, the soldiers set up several large Hotchkiss guns on a hill overlooking the camp and began confiscating the Indians weapons. When a gun accidentally went off, they opened fire, and within a few minutes, some 370 Lakota lay dead. The soldiers even pursued fleeing women and children, shooting some as far as two miles from the site of the original confrontation. Big Foot himself was among the first to die. His frozen body, half raised as though trying to warn his people of their imminent disaster, lay untouched for three days until it was unceremoniously dumped into a mass grave. 404

present, maybe this is why everyone says If Big Foot sees or senses a gun, Hes GONE. Another website from Big Foot High School in WalworthWisconsin:acknowledges a Potawatomi Chief, known as Big Foot as a large, raw-boned, ugly Indian with a countenance bloated by intemperance, with a sinister, unpleasant expression. He had a gray-colored handkerchief upon his head, and was otherwise in his best, in compliment to the strangers. Although not a powerful influence in history his name is recorded on three treaties. The Treaty of Green Bay, August 25, 1828, set the boundaries between the Indians and lead mines of southwestern Wisconsin. Chief Big Foot signed this treaty as Maun-gee-zik, or big foot. The treaty of Prairie du Chine, July 29, 1829, which involved huge land cessions, records his signature as Maw-geh-set. Finally, the Chicago Treaty of September 26, 1833, which ceded all Potawatomi lands east of the Mississippi River, Chief Big Foot becomes Mangesett. Legend has it, he received the name Big Foot from the huge snow shoe tracks he left in the snow while in pursuit of a deer.

At this time of Memorial Day, its good to remember people who made great sacrifices for what we believe in. Its also good to believe in the spirit of freedom that helps humans transcend past experience and look for new ways to leave your Big Foot Prints in the sand.

You cannot destroy a people who have dreamed a dream such as ours.

Dakota-LakotaNakota Human Rights Advocacy Coalition

*Darryl Williams HC 15 Box 10 Smithville, OK 74957 580-244-3013

Whatever happened to the first amendment of our constitution, adopted Dec. 15, 1791, guaranteeing religious freedom. The DLN Human Rights Coalition Quotes the following statement from Joseph Horn Cloud of the Lakota: While this was going on, the same officers said to the Indians, "I want you all to stand in a rank before the officersI want the same number of soldiers to stand in front of the Indians and take the cartridges out of the guns and cock them and aim at their foreheads and pull the triggers. After this you will be free. Some of the Indians were getting wild at such talk and some said, Now he sees that we have nothing in our hands, so he talks this way. Others said, Were not children to be talked to like this. A man cried out, Take courage! Take courage! Big Foot spoke up, Yes, take courage. There are too many children and old people.

Another quote from DLN has Dewey Beard Lakotas statement: I heard the Hotchkiss or Gatling Guns shooting at them along the bank. Now there went up from these dying people a medley of death songs that would make the hardest heart weep a requiem for the dead. Has anyone reading this ever stood in the woods late in the evening and heard those melodic sounds that seem to float in the wind that we have not yet identified. Evidently other wildlife either respects the cry or cant identify it either. Coyotes, dogs, owls will stop their noises when these melodic sounds begin. If you have heard these sounds and would like to share ideas, please contact me.*

If there is any credence at all to the stories my Grandfather has told with references to either human who still possess that stands back spirit or the spirit of ancient times manifesting in the

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Everybody is going nuts around here. Grandma is coming for a visit. Youd think it was the Queen of England or something. Mom and Sis are in full cleaning mode. Pop just stays out of the way. He said to me, Son, at times like these it is best to find some outside chore to do. Try not to go inside unless it is absolutely necessary, and never ask them when supper will be ready. I decided to string some new clothesline wire for Mom. Shed been complaining about how it made rusty spots on the clothes and how it sagged so bad that shed had to find some forked sticks to prop it up. I had given her some plastic coated cable wire for Mothers Day, but just hadnt got the job done. First thing I needed to do was take down the old rusty wire. I got the wire cutters out of the toolbox and headed out. Mom always left the clothespins on the line, so I had to find an empty can to put them in. Just as I got the last wire cut, Mom came running out of the house. What are you doing? I have a load of clothes in the washer and theyll need to be hung out in just a few minutes. What am I supposed to do? Itll be okay Mom, I said. I have the wire right here, all I have to do is string it through the holes and youll have your new clothes lines. Why did you have to do that today? I didnt need to add this to my list of worries. Dont worry Mom, I have it covered. No sweat. I ran the end of the wire through the first hole, pulled it through and started to twist it around itself. It wouldnt go tight! I could twist it around and it would just come unwound. I pulled it out of the hole and went in search for the little metal clamps wed used when we built some rabbit cages several years ago. After rummaging through several dusty and half- rotten paper sacks, I found the little sack with fell to the ground, pulling the wire back through the last hole it had passed through. Mom came running out of the house and I wasnt sure who she was most the metal clamps. They didnt look very long, but angry with, but the sheet would have to be washed hopefully they would work. over again and I was to have this job completed These little clamps look like the letter j and are immediately. That was plainly understood. made out of soft metal. I popped the first wire into I had to go back through and stretch each the hook of the j and then made it into a loop and ran segment as tight as possible and then I was finally the second strand of wire next to the first. I carefully ready to tie it off. But how? place the special pliers, Pop had made, over the ends I didnt have much wire to work with, so I and squeezed. pushed the end through the hole, pulled it as tight as I AWWW! A little bit of my finger was in the could, then I forced the end through the hole again. way. I had squeezed the clamp tight though, but it There was barely enough room for both strands in was only around one strand of wire. After a couple that hole at a time. Finally clamped the end with the more times, I finally got the clamp on in the right pliers and pulled it through. Then I fastened a clamp place. I decided to check it out and pulled real hard around the end of the wire, fastening it to the wire against it. It popped right off. going into the hole. Again, I fastened another clamp Okay, after some deliberating I decided that two around in the opposite direction. You could almost well- placed clamps, going in opposite directions play a song on those strings, they were so tight. I got around the wires would hold. Thats when I realized the clothes pins back on the new wire, just as Mom that I had the loop in my hand and it was not treaded came out with the rewashed sheet. She slammed the through the hole in the clothesline pole. No problem, basket down onto the ground, grabbed a sheet and I would just push the loop through the hole and run started to sling it over the new, tight line, then she the wire through it and do it that way. The double walked over to where I was standing, trying as hard strand of the loop with the clamp was too big to go as possible to be invisible. She put her arm around through the hole on the pole. Id have to start with me and said, Thanks son. It looks like a very good the other end, put it through the hole and then job. through the loop. One hundred feet of wire had to be Youre welcome, I said and prayed that the slowly unwound, pushed through the hole, then little clamps would hold. through the loop then pulled tight and run through the hole at the other end. I got that much done and the wire pulled tight when I decided to just do it like a shoe lace and not go through all that tying off until the last hole. I pulled the wire as tight as it would go, weaving each end to the next hole, back and forth. As I headed for the last hole Sis came out and started to hang clothes on the line. Before I could stop her she had flung a sheet across the wire and the whole mess By Mary Lou Brainerd

Friday Night Fish


(580) 244-3020
Chris Cline Owner 37789 Indian Trail Honobia OK. 74549

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T & O Express Whistle Stops

By: Logan Williams
Hello I'm Logan Williams of "Logan Williams' T & O Express."Throughout the month I have the opportunity to travel all over our beautiful state playing music and working for the Honobia Big Foot Print. It is always an experience to visit the many interesting businesses along the way. Please take a ride along with me, as the T & O express makes its monthly "Whistle Stops".

Spending time on the road you see a lot of the beauty of creation and imagination, both Gods and mans. From the majestic beauty of towering trees and mountains to the desolate beauty of a cactus in the middle of the dessert, from the simple little house filled with a loving family to the high powered magnificent skyscrapers in the big cities. With all this beauty of nature and man, it can still come as a shock that both can wield such destructive power. Mankind, through the ages has brought devastation. We all know the stories from history, and even the happenings of this day-in-age. But while mankind has been known for its darkness, there is an overwhelming power of goodness and compassion that we show as well.

Just a very short while ago, in-fact the day before I sat down to write this to you, many of my fellow Okies witnessed the devastation and destructive power of nature; and in the aftermath, the amazing compassion and grace of so many strangers. The social networking sites online have been filled with thoughts, prayers and support of those unable to physically go and help. Friends from all over have been communicating with each other to see if they were ok. Oklahoma is such an awesome state to live in. With OKC as our capitol, to the rest of the world if something happens there, it happened to the whole state. And in a way that is true, we all feel the loss and pain of our fellow Okies. Some very dear friends of mine in West Texas saw the news reports and franticly tried to get a hold of me to check on my family. I told them that after the power went out like any good sane redneck we all were sitting on the front porch watching the storm pass by. What an amazing lightning show we witnessed. Once the power was restored the reports started coming in of the devastation that had happened. Normally I use this article to talk about an adventure or experience I have had, and I will continue to do so. However, for this month I want to take this time to remind us that no matter the storms in life, weather powered by nature or by emotion, we each have the power to rebuild and if we lack the strength there is someone there to help. In closing I would like to leave you with a barrowed thought taken from one of my friends:

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Sentinels of the Tomb of the Unknowns

The Tomb of the Unknowns (also known as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier) is guarded 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and in any weather by Tomb Guard sentinels. Sentinels, all volunteers, are considered to be the best of the elite 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard), headquartered at Fort Myer, Va. After members of the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment become ceremonially qualified, they are eligible to volunteer for duty as sentinels at the Tomb. If accepted, they are assigned to Company E of The Old Guard. Each soldier must be in superb physical condition, possess an unblemished military record and be between 5 feet, 10 inches and 6 feet, 4 inches tall, with a proportionate weight and build. An interview and a two-week trial to determine a volunteer's capability to train as a tomb guard is required. During the trial phase, would-be sentinels memorize seven pages of Arlington National Cemetery history. This information must be recited verbatim in order to earn a "walk." A walk occurs between guard changes. A daytime walk is one-half hour in the summer and one hour in the winter. All night walks are one hour. If a soldier passes the first training phase, "newsoldier" training begins. New sentinels learn the history of Arlington National Cemetery and the grave locations of nearly 300 veterans. They learn the guard-change ceremony and the manual of arms that takes place during the inspection portion of the Changing of the Guard. Sentinels learn to keep their uniforms and weapons in immaculate condition. The sentinels will be tested to earn the privilege of wearing the silver Tomb Guard Identification Badge after several months of serving. First, they are tested on their manual of arms, uniform preparation and their walks. Then, the Badge Test is given. The test is 100 randomly selected questions of the 300 items memorized during training on the history of Arlington National Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknowns. The would-be badge holder must get more than 95 percent correct to succeed. Only 400 Tomb Guard Badges have been awarded since it was created in February 1958.

Changing of the Guard Ritual

The guard is changed every hour on the hour Oct. 1 to March 31 in an elaborate ritual. From April 1 through September 30, there are more than double the opportunities to view the change because another change is added on the half hour and the cemetery closing time moves from 5 to 7 p.m.

sentinel commands, "Post and orders, remain as directed." The newly posted sentinel replies, "Orders acknowledged," and steps into position on the black mat. When the relief commander passes by, the new sentinel begins walking at a cadence of 90 steps per minute. The Tomb Guard marches 21 steps down the black mat behind the Tomb, turns, faces east for 21 seconds, turns and faces north for 21 seconds, then takes 21 steps down the mat and repeats the process. After the turn, the sentinel executes a sharp "shoulder-arms" movement to place the weapon on the shoulder closest to the visitors to signify that the sentinel stands between the Tomb and any possible threat. Twenty-one was chosen because it symbolizes the highest military honor that can be bestowed -- the 21-gun salute.

An impeccably uniformed relief commander appears on the plaza to announce the Changing of the Guard. Soon the new sentinel leaves the Quarters and unlocks the bolt of his or her M-14 rifle to signal to the relief commander to start the ceremony. The relief commander walks out to the Tomb and salutes, then faces the spectators and Duty time when not "walking" is spent in the asks them to stand and stay silent during the Tomb Guard Quarters below the Memorial Display Room of the Memorial Amphitheater ceremony. where they study Cemetery "knowledge," clean The relief commander conducts a detailed white- their weapons and help the rest of their relief glove inspection of the weapon, checking each prepare for the Changing of the Guard. The part of the rifle once. Then, the relief commander guards also train on their days off. and the relieving sentinel meet the retiring sentinel at the center of the matted path in front The Guards of Honor at the Tomb of the of the Tomb. All three salute the Unknowns who Unknowns are highly motivated and are proud have been symbolically given the Medal of Honor. to honor all American service members who Then the relief commander orders the relieved are "Known But to God." sentinel, "Pass on your orders." The current

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The Tomb Guard Identification Badge is a temporary award until the badge-holding sentinel has honorably served at the Tomb of the Unknowns for nine months. At that time, the award can be made a permanent badge, which may then be worn for the rest of a military career. The silver badge is an upside-down, laurel-leaf wreath surrounding a depiction of the front face of the Tomb. Peace, Victory and Valor are portrayed as Greek figures. The words "Honor Guard" are shown below the Tomb on the badg The 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment, traditionally

3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment

Despite this arduous schedule, The Old Guard continuously prepares for its security and infantry missions by conducting year-round training, culminating in a rigorous evaluation of unit tactical proficiency. Because of this, all soldiers are as familiar with traditional infantry or military-police duties as they are with ceremonial duties.

known as "The Old Guard," is the oldest The black-and-tan "buff strap" worn on the active-duty infantry unit in the Army, serving There are three reliefs, each having one relief left shoulder by each member of the 3rd our nation since 1784. commander and about six sentinels. The three reliefs Infantry is a replica of the knapsack strap used are divided by height so that those in each guard by 19th-century predecessors of the unit to change ceremony look similar. The sentinels rotate The Old Guard is the Army's official ceremonial display its distinctive colors and distinguish its walks every hour in the winter and at night, and every unit and escort to the president, and it also half-hour in the day during the summer. The Tomb provides security for Washington, D.C., in time members from other Army units. The present buff strap continues to signify an Old Guard Guard Quarters is staffed using a rotating Kelly of national emergency or civil disturbance. soldier's pride in personal appearance and system. Each relief has the following schedule: first day on, one day off, second day on, one day off, third The unit received its unique name from Gen. precision performance that has marked the day on, four days off. Then, their schedule repeats. Winfield Scott during a victory parade at unit for 200 years. Mexico City in 1847 following its valorous performance in the Mexican War. Fifty A further distinction of The Old Guard is the campaign streamers attest to the 3rd time-honored custom of passing in review Infantry's long history of service, which spans with fixed bayonets at all parades. This from the Battle of Fallen Timbers to World practice, officially sanctioned by the War Department in 1922, dates to the Mexican War II and Vietnam. War in 1847 when the 3rd Infantry led a Since World War II, The Old Guard has served successful bayonet charge against the enemy as the official Army Honor Guard and escort at Cerro Gordo. Today, this distinction is still to the president. In that capacity, 3rd Infantry reserved for The Old Guard alone. soldiers are responsible for the conduct of military ceremonies at the White House, the Pentagon, national memorials and elsewhere in the nation's capital. In addition, soldiers of The Old Guard maintain a 24-hour vigil at the Tomb of the Unknowns, provide military funeral escorts at Arlington National Cemetery and participate in parades at Fort Myer and Fort Lesley J. McNair. Along with these duties, The Old Guard presents historic theatrical productions to audiences in the Washington, D.C., area. One show, "Twilight Tattoo, " is presented weekly during the summer at the White House Ellipse. The show is free and open to the public. The Old Guard annually participates in more than 6,000 ceremonies, an average of 16 per day.

ARLINGTON CEMETERY in Washington D.C. Photos taken by Logan Williams

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Once again Tin Top Ranch will be the setting for the Sanctioned Arkansas Chuckwagon Race.

June 22-23, 2013.

Gates open Wednesday. Friday nightmeet the racers!! BBQ dinner & Pasture Pickin (special Guest Bubbba Slaten & Friends.) Saturday morningTrail Ride. Races start noonish Sat. & Sun. Hour after races Chuckwagon style. Saturday night Lanny Richmond Band will be playing for the Country Western Dance. Sunday Morning Cowboy Church. Sunday Races at Noon and awards to follow Admission is $20. Per day or $30. For event pass. Kids under 12 are free. Ages 12-16 is Half Price. For more information call Scott Welch 479-207-1087 or K.J. 479-207-2938 S.A. 1800-436-8199 Camping & Trail ridesfun for the whole family!! www.tintop/

Acoustical Picking & Singing for your Enjoyment
MAY 31st JULY 12th JUNE 14th AUGUST 9th 28th 23rd



Antlers Atoka Bennington Bethel Big Cedar Bockchito Boswell Broken Bow Caney Clayton Canadian Corinne Cove Daisy DeQueen Durant Eagletown Enterprise Eufala Ft Smith AR Ft. Towson Garvin Gilliham Glover Greenwood AR Haileyville Hartshorne Hatfield Heavener Hochatown Hodgen Honobia Howe Hugo Idabel Keota Kinta Krebs Little Oklahoma Mcalester Mena Millerton Moyers Nashoba North Pole Oleta Pacola Panama Poteau Quinton Rattan Red Oak Ringold Rock Island Sardis Sawyer Shady Point Smithville Soper Spiro Stigler Stringtown Summerfield Talihina Tuskahoma Valliant Waldron Watson Whitesboro Whitfield Wickes Wilburton Wister Wright City Yanush

Music Starts at 6:00 PM at the Wildlife Heritage Center 610 SW D St. Antlers, OK

FREE ADMISSION Donations will be accepted Refreshments will be available donations for refreshments will benefit the Passport to the Future mentoring Organization

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Big Foot Crossing

Honobia Big Foot Print

Welcome to the Big Foot Crossing. This puzzle was created for the PRINT and the answers involve information from the Festival. The answers will show up in the next issue June/July. If you complete the puzzle mail it and a 3x5 card with your name address and phone number to Honobia Big Foot PRINT, HC 15 Box 10 Honobia, OK. 74549. It must be postmarked by June 12, 2013. The correct puzzles will be announced in the June July issue. All qualifying entries will be placed in the drawing for an official Big Foot Festival T-Shirt to be drawn for on August 10, 2013 and announced in the Aug/Sep issue



Honobia Big Foot Conference & Festival October 4,&5, 2013 Check out for camping reservations and map
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Across Looks Over Shoulder (2 Words) How to see in the dark (2 Words) What researchers make when the find a foot print in the woods (2 Words) What happens to trees when Big Foot Marks his Territory Favorite festival Campfire event Another name for big foot Find updated info on the Big Foot Festival What Big Foot Builds in the woods out of trees What shows up when looking for Big Foot at night (2 Words) Big Foot _______ , Event at the festival to call Big Foots in A white Big Foot

1 3 6 8 9 10 11 13 16

Down First weekend in October (6 Words) Where Big Foot has been spotted a lot. Rock Schoolhouse Gathering Place for Humans at the Big Foot Festival (2 Words) Learning sessions at Festival Official Song of the Honobia Big Foot Festival (3 Words) 2012 Big Foot music idol (2 Words) What Big Foot does when singing with others What Big Foot Threw into a camp of parting teens

TRY OUR NEWEST FLAVORS!! Strawberry Margarita and Peach Fudge with real Peach Bits

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By Mary Lou Brainerd In May we celebrate Mothers Day with flowers, dinners and gifts. There is nothing wrong with that. It is good to honor our mothers. Then in June we celebrate Fathers day with fishing poles and cookouts. There is nothing wrong with that either. The Bible says to honor your mother and father. But what about our Heavenly Father? When is it His day? Oh, you say, we do that on Christmas and Easter. We do? On Christmas we give each other gifts, have parties, eat too much and talk about how commercial it has become, then do the same thing again the next year. For Easter we buy new clothes, have egg hunts, a short sunrise service and a large breakfast, and then try to figure a way to include the eggs and the bunny into some kind of spiritual message. It still isnt His day. It is still just about us. Romans 12 starts out like this, Therefore, I urge you brothers, in view of Gods mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God--this is your spiritual act of worship. (NIV) Therefore, I urge you brothers and sisters, in view of the sacrifice He has made for us that we do not have a Heavenly Fathers Day this year, but begin a Heavenly Fathers Year, this day by offering our bodies as living sacrifices to Him so that we might be holy and pleasing to Him. It is a small and reasonable sacrifice on our part. Perhaps with a little practice we can really begin to worship in a manner that is pleasing to Him.


Emmert Street Talihina, OK


Caring is Important


Keep up with Big Foot Conference & Festival Updates at

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With devastating news reports coming at us each week the American public seems to always pull upon their inner soul strength to reach out to make someones situation less devastating. This ability to have compassion for someone else is a basic emotion most humans are born and nurtured in. It truly makes ones life a little easier. However, when that compassion is given without merit, its hard for me not to take notice. Let me explainwriting, setting up, selling ads, publishing and finally distribution of this little entertainment paper is my passion and something my family shares also. It gives us a chance to meet so many different people and develop new ideas from their shared stories. Since our distribution takes us to so many little towns or communities we dont always arrive at the Still open times. Such was the case on our April distribution. We had driven over the county roads stopping at each community leaving the Print at distribution points when we realized, it was past 6pm-so very close to 7 pm. Our plan was to make it to Wright City and visit the FIREHOUSE GRILL and get something to eat. We arrived at the Grill at 7:10 pm. The lights were still on so we took the papers on in. Not knowing what their hours were we asked if they had anything left we could buy--no, sorry they had already turned the grill off. While getting back into our pick/up, the manager (Becky) came out to the truck and said Ive turned the grill back on, come on in and well fix you whatever you want! Well, naturally we protested for them not to have to stay over just for us but she insisted. The Food was deliciousDarryl is always telling me he can taste the Love in my cooking and sometimes he taste aggravation. Well, we did not taste any aggravation in our food. Becky also said she couldnt let us go on down the road hungry. Now I ask you, that type of attitude in most food establishments is not part of their job training. That attitude was what my grandparents showed for any travelers down their country road. Darryls mom always had a pie baked in case the UPS Drivers made it out on the country back roads. That was the way of life back then and we were raised that way but nowadays its rare to find. And Becky was raised up somewhat later than we were. There arent enough thank-yous to her and her workers (Candice) for making our life more pleasant that day. The Fire house Grill in Wright City definitely has the Right People working there and it reflects on the owners Arvel Wayne & Jodie Baskey as having the Right business. Not only do they have a Grill they make Pizza too. Then, theres the cutest corner called the Sweet Home Bakery owned by Samantha Jenkins and the bakery items looked fantastic. Next time we will get there early enough to sample them. Thank you again for your compassion and a special blessing on your lives and business. ---Mary Lee Williams

Restaurant Hours
Sunday - Thursday 6:00 am-8:30 pm Friday - Saturday 6:00 am-9:00 pm

Clayton, OK


(918) 647- 8101 (800) 362- 0171

P.O. Box 769 Poteau, OK 74953
Wister Branch 405 Hwy 271 Wister, OK 74966 (918) 655-7257 Wal-Mart Branch 3108 N. Broadway Poteau, OK 74953 (918) 647-1810 Spiro Branch 617 W. Broadway Spiro, OK 749 (918)962-9911 Talihina Branch 902 Dallas Talihina, OK 74571 (918)567-2900

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We came back from a few moments of silence as we considered the loss of those human lives in the Boston Bombing. Silence to my kind can be a deafening roar much like light can be blinding in the midst of darkness. It makes me see red to have a bright light hit me in the eyes when Im just enjoying my normal surroundings. Im Me-me, Meme Strange. While I may appear to be somewhat hairy to most observers, the more I understand about my position in life, the more clear and defined my own existence becomes. The same week-end we learned about triggering an expensive game camera in a total darkness with sound waves, we were exposed to more Human Emotions, I didnt realize just how human like we were becoming until the first council meeting of the committee. One speaker stood and said I make a proposal that we add to our rules of existence (and looking directly at Solo, Hey-Hey and Me), he continued Thou Shalt not acknowledge the existence of , nor trifle with any sort of picture taking device in any way, lest ye bring evil on everyone. Oh No growled Uncle Chuey. Here we go getting religious again. After the council dismissed, we went

back to camp to engage in a deep discussion on religion and science. My cousin Solo was protesting What does the scientific process of picture taking have to do with Bringing Evil on all of us? What, does he think itll steal our very soul? Nay Uncle Chuey answered, He just doesnt understand the science involved, and tries to make religious rules to protect everyone. Uncle Chueys old friend came back with yeah, but that kind of thing will eventually lead to someone thinking theyre doing the world a favor smashing up someones camera. Take those two boys who did the bombing the other days, the media says it was the result of a new radical religious stance. Religion is a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a Super Human Agency or agencies. It usually involves devotional or ritual observances, and often contains a code governing the conduct of Human affairs with a strong emphasis on practice. So do you not have any faith? Asked Hey, Hey

Not in the sense of belief in something for which there is no evidence was the answer. An expression of faith is made by the confidence in the scientific method. See a true skeptic with a scientific mind set, will appropriately recognize the unknown quantity underlying religion as an unexplored universe. And rather than eliminate it from acceptance, place it in things we dont know for sure. To try to eliminate things because we dont understand them is the true power behind dark energy. If the Light hurts your eyes, squint. Get some cheap Sunglasses, BUT DONT STOP LOOKING FOR THE SOURCE. The next morning we were headed to the main event when I saw her again. That good looking young Yeti from across the pond. As she passed us by, I looked back over my shoulder and gave a low whistle. Thou Shalt Not laughed Hey-Hey as he punched me in the side with his elbow. This is really getting strange.

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