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Project Title Aslam Pervez Compiled by: Ryzwan Tahir I.D. # 7892 Project Advisor Dr.

Akhlas Ahmed

Executive Summary
Im Ryzwan from Iqra University doing my first semster. I did my schooling from Seven Oaks High School, secured 87% and feel privileged to pursue my masters in this prestigious institution. Im a passionate, optimistic & dedicated men who takes up responsibilities with utmost enthusiasm and see to it that I complete my tasks and assignments in time. Ive a great amount of perseverance to achieve my goal. My optimistic and planned approach in things I do is what driving me towards my success. As how I strive for perfection in things, I expect the same from others as well. If things go out of control or go way out of track, I go an extra mile and contribute my efforts, in getting things done in time. I love music a good inclination towards Carnatic & a little of western. I do selectively read books mostly fiction & fantasy Harry Potter, Narnia kind of, some cartoons occasionally too! Well, thats it!

Executive Summary

I am presenting to my report, titled "Aslam Pervez", on the famous film actor of Pakistan's film industry, Aslam Pervaiz. Pervez might not be famous in the sense of Wahid Murad, Muhammad Ali or Nadeem. Yet, his versatility is highly commendable, keeping in view that he was not casted in any big budget movies of the golden era of Pakistan's film industry. I seek to pay tribute towards the legendary actor through my report.

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In Pakistan the person who got lot of fame, respect, and become famous not only in Pakistan but also in other countries just because of his acting is Aslam Pervez. A person in 3 piece suite, looking gentle make life of hero & heroine so worst. But that vellon is third most famous hero of the Pakistani film industry. Although there is a time when families buy a ticket specially to watch Aslam Pervez movie in which he was a Hero. In his ten year of Hero Ship he was the most famous and busiest actor. If you look the graph below you can easily understand, how hard work he is & his popularity.


According to the graph, Aslam Pervez rules the Pakistani film industry when other famous actor were present there. He was not a popular actor like Santosh and Sudhir & he was not a conventional romantic nor an action one. He was a show piece hero whose presence was almost needed in all major movies. Aslam Pervez has lot of fame other than other film stars like Darpan, Akmal, Ijaz, Habib and Kamal. Remember in above graph we mention only those actor/heros who was famous in Aslam Pervez hero ship. Other than these heros Nazir, Masood, Yousuf Khan and Ratan Kumar also a famous hero, but on that time these actor career either is on

starting or in finishing point. Before going further we lets have a look on his personal life and how he start his career or from which movie.

1. Personal Life:
Aslam Pervez professionally know as Aslam Pervez or zia and some called him Shad.. Aslam Pervez established himself one of the finest villains of Pakistani film industry. Shad was born in 1932 to an enlightened, middle class family of Lahore. His grandfather, Deen Mohammad, established an office building at Shahra-e-Quaid-e-Azam (former Mall Road), Lahore.

Shad's brother, Afzal, is the son-in-law of Chaudhry Eid Mohammad.

Eid Mohammad used to be the film producer-director at one time, who also owned the Rattan cinema, Lahore.

Shad's other brother is a chartered accountant. His third brother is known for his paintings.

Director Anwar Kamal Pasha changed Shad's name to Zia and made him the hero of his hit film, 'Qatil'.

2. Professional Career:
Aslam Pervez first sign movie of Film director, W.Z. Ahmed, he was so fascinated by an educated, well-organized manager of regal cinema, Lahore, that he called him Shad and offered him a role in his film, 'Roohi'.

Thus, Shad made his first silver screen appearance with 'Roohi' in 1954. The film 'Roohi' was shown in Palace cinema, Karachi, produced by C.R. Golani. Shammi was the lead actress and Shad played the role of Shammi's brother.

Director-producer, Syed Ata ullah Shah Hashmi, was all admire by Shad's performance in the film 'Roohi'.

He signed Shad to play in an important role in his film 'Naukar', which was also the first golden jubilee film of Pakistan. (The film 'Naukar', 1954, starring, Shad- Raagni- Nazeer- Sauran Lata)

Soon, director Sheikh Lateef, nick named, Seth Lacchoo of the film exchange, selected Shad for his upcoming film, 'Anokhi'.

The 1954 film 'Anokhi', marked the debut of Lehri. ('Anokhi', starring, Shad- Sheila RamaniLehri, , Tamar Baran, popular song, 'Gari ko chalana babu, zara halkay, halkay, halkay, kaheen dil ka jaam na chalkay', singer, Zubeida Khanum) A little later, Shad appeared as the hero in the film 'Seestaan' (1954, director, N.M.Khwaja, stars, Shad as lead actor, Musarrat Nazeer as lead actress, Aasha Poslay, Agha Saleem Raza).

Shad then appeared in the film 'Khatoon', released on March 25, 1955, director, Nazeer, producer, Ismail Noor, stars, Shad- Sauran Lata, Nazeer- Naeem Hashmi.

After working in the above five films, Shad vanished from the big screen for a while. Fortunately, for cine-goers, after that respite, he resumed his career.

His fans will be amazed to know that Shad used to stutter. His tongue problem plagued him his entire life.

However, all his films are completely free of his speech barrier.

Afterwards, Zia became Aslam Pervez (his name was changed for the third and last time) and he worked as hero opposite Noor Jehan in the Punjabi film 'Paatay Khan'. (Producer, Islam uddin Shami, director, M.A. Rasheed, Zareef played the title role of 'Paatay Khan', composer, Akhtar Husain, starring, Aslam Pervez- Noor Jehan- Zareef- M.Ismail- Alauddin- Nazeer- singer-cum actress, Zubeida Khanum was dubbed as Zareef's lover. The hit film 'Paatay Khan' boost the career of Aslam Pervez.

He appeared in many movies before achieving stardom.

In his thirty years as an actor, 1954-84, Aslam Pervez was known for his cinematic face, goodlooking personality and stylish dress.

He added to his success with the following films:

1. 'Pardaisan 2. Painga 3. Paasbaan 4. Pholay Khan and 5. Palkan

Additionally, he was well known for socializing with people. His friends and associates named him 'Prince Aslam' for his nobility.

Below are five films, which established his national reputation:

'Kachhian kalyaan', 'Zulfaan', Miss 56, 'Chan Maahi' and 'Aas Paas'. Furthermore, he was the patron-in-chief of a popular cricket club in Lahore. Being a good cricketer himself, he always financed the club.

The following five movies eloquently prove his attachment to the public:

'Muzloom', Aankh ka nasha', 'Humsafar', 'Choomantar' and 'Koel'.

His leading ladies over the years included Noor Jehan, Musarrat Nazeer, Sabiha Khanum, BaharYasmeen, Shamim Ara, and Nayyar Sultana.

Around that time, Aslam Pervez suffered a temporary set back. The following nine films flopped at the box office and his reputation was at stake.

1. Nai larki 2. Himmat 3. Sunehray sapnay 4. Lakan matti 5. Laila mujnu 6. Sohni kumharan 7. Roop mati 8. Baaz bahadur 9. Zameen ka chand

However, the films 'Bhabhi' and 'Ishq per zoar nahi' did good business in box office.

The film distributors refused to show films in the theaters, in which Aslam Pervez played the lead romantic role.


The year 1959 brought cheering news for Aslam Pervez. The film 'Neend' was Hasan Tariq's first film as director. No pain no gain. Hasan Tariq took a big risk by offering a unique role to Aslam Pervez in his film 'Neend'.

Despite the fact that Aslam Pervez was the hero of 'Neend' he was portrayed as a bad man. He was dubbed as highly influential entrepreneur. His role was a blend of good and bad.

As the story goes, he fell in love with an attractive but poor girl, whom he raped. Later, the innocent rape victim dies, after giving birth to a baby girl.

That experimental role was an arduous challenge for Aslam Pervez. He was very successful in that character. In reality, the film 'Neend' made Aslam Pervez the first anti- hero of the Pakistani cinema.

For the first time in 1960, he appeared as villain in the film 'Saheli', directed by S.M. Yusuf. To see is to believe. From head to toe, he successfully portrayed himself as a wicked man.

From 1960 onwards, the film directors always gave him the role of a villain.

The films of lasting interest like the five below are still fresh in our minds:

1. Insaan aur Aadmi 2. Riwaaj 3. Baharo phool barsao 4. Shikwa 5. Nateeja He married an educated actress of his time, Khawar Sultana, who died a few years ago. One of their sons studied and settled in the U.S.A.

Aslam Pervez made his lucky strike in the following five films:


1. Daman 2. Qatal kay baad 3. Mujahid 4. Sartaj 5. Tasweer

By the end of 1960, he became the greatest villain ever to grace the Pakistan film industry. He achieved great fame as an actor in the following five films:

1. Taqdeer 2. Payal ki jhankaar 3. Kaafir 4. Khilona 5. Mafroor He gather more attention, which comprehensive beyond his life with the exhibition of the following five films:

1. Mehal 2. Asmat 3. Behan bhai 4. Adalat 5. Naheed

Just imagine of the films, which were class acts. The following four movies were made successful by winning performance turned in by the movie crew, which included Aslam Pervez:

1. Anmol mohabbat', 2. Aanch', 3. And director Qadeer Ghauri's film 'Mehmaan' and the film 'Pardaisi'.


3. Awards:
In 1970 Aslam Pervez got Nigar Award for Best Supporting Actor in movie Insaan Aur Aadmi, later on he got two more awards in 1981 and in 1984. In 1984 he receive Nigar award for his 30 year of excellence and in 1984 again he received a Nigar award for Miss Colombo.

4. Death:
One fateful day in November 1984, both Aslam Pervez and actor Iqbal Hasan were traveling in the same car to the film studio.

Director Haider Chaudhry and the rest of the film crew were waiting for them to arrive for the location shooting of the film 'Jhoora'.

As luck would have it, the car suffered a serious road accident. Iqbal Hasan died on the spot. Aslam Pervez was swift to the hospital with life threatening injuries. After few days surviving in the hospital on November 21st, 1984, Aslam Pervez lost his battle against severe injuries. And left his lover with wet eyes, from that day many actors come, get success and become famous but the place of Aslam Pervez was never filled by any actor.


5. Video link:

This link belongs to the 1983 silver screen awards by PTV hosted by Anwar Maqsood.


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