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A. Background
The Internet is a computer network established by the U.S. Department of Defense in 1969, through a project called ARPANET ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), where they demonstrated how the hardware and software are UNIX-based computers, we can make communication within the infinity through the telephone line. ARPANET project designing a network, reliability, how much information can be transferred, and finally all the standards that they set into the embryo development of new protocols that are now known as TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol). At first ARPANET only 4 sites linking only the Stanford Research Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara, University of Utah, where they form an integrated network in 1969, and in general the ARPANET was introduced in October 1972. Not long after the project is growing rapidly across the region, and all universities in the country wants to join, thus making it difficult to set the ARPANET. Therefore ARPANET split widened two, namely "MILNET" for military purposes and the "ARPANET" new smaller for non-military purposes, such as universities. Combined both networks eventually known as the DARPA Internet, which then reduces to the Internet.

B. Problem Formulation 1. Internet at this time

2. Internet's role in life 3. Benefits of using the internet 4. loss of using the internet C. The Purpose of Paper 1. determine the development of the internet 2. know the benefits of using the internet 3. knowing the adverse effects of the Internet 4. knowing how to use the internet properly

D. The Significance 1. readers know the development of the internet 2. readers know the benefits of using the internet 3. readers know the adverse effects of the Internet 4. readers know how to use the internet properly


a. definition internet Internet (interconnection-networking) are all interconnected computer networks that use the global system standard Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol Suite (TCP / IP) as the packet exchange protocol (packet switching communication protocol) to serve billions of users worldwide. Internet is the largest series of so-called Internet. How to connect a series with this rule is called internetworking. b. Discussion 1. Internet at this time Internet maintained by bilateral or multilateral agreements and technical specifications (protocol which describes the data transfer between the circuit). These protocols established by the Internet Engineering Task Force discussions (IETF), which is open to the public. The agency issued the documents that are recognized as RFC (Request for Comments). Some RFCs are Internet standards (Internet Standard), by the Internet Architecture Board (Internet Architecture Board - IAB). Internet protocols are commonly used are IP, TCP some of popular services on the Internet using the above protocol, is an email / letter elektronik between all of these, email / electronic mail and the World Wide Web is more often used, and many other services are built upon, such as mailing lists (Mailing List) and Weblog. Internet allows the current service (Real-time service), such as web radio, and webcast, which can be accessed around the world. Also through the Internet it is possible to communicate directly between two or more users through instant messenger programs such as Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger Windows Live Messenger, Twitter, Facebook and so forth. 2. Internet's role in life

Globalization makes the information very quickly conveyed to the public. Internet is one medium channeling the information, with the Internet we can get the sharing of information is needed by society. From the internet we can learn everything, know a lot of good things and bad things good. because all the information we need can we find on the internet. this is obviously very influential on the thinking pattern of every individual who eventually became a public mindset. 3. Benefits of using the internet
1. Increase knowledge and insight, because in internets very limited information. 2. Internet as a medium of communication, is a function of the most widely used internet where any internet user can communicate with other users from around the world. Perhaps social networking sites and applications that connect chatting we interact and socialize through the internet. 3. also help in completing the coursework, as of this writing that is made to complete the coursework. 4. For those of you who love to shop and do business, the internet provides the convenience of transacting and doing business in the field of trade, so no need to go to the place offers / sales.

4. Loss of using the internet

1. Undermine the moral and mental, as a source of infinite information media, making people accessing anything on the wants and it is not necessarily always a good thing and good at public access. bad thing here is the content of pornography and violent content. Two things are very harmful to the human soul, as if his mind is affected it can be applied in real life, that was just for fun - fun time on the internet, arrived - arrived there was a situation that forces them to do it in real life - today. 2. Harmful to health, taukah you that the internet makes people forget to eat and drink when it is comfortable in front of the computer. Eating late makes the production of stomach acid in the body to be very much, then can make you ulcer disease. 3. Media crime with modern levels. Fraud and theft are common in the internet, and it usually happens when we transact on the internet. 4. Lost track of time, we often forget the time when surf. 5. prevent misuse of the internet
prevent misuse of the Internet can only be done by ourselves because we know what is good for us and not good for us. for adolescent parents supervision is needed so that children do not abuse the internet. CHAPTER 3 Closing a. conclusion

The most interesting thing is that membership state Internet knows no borders, race, economic class, ideology or other factors which usually can inhibit the exchange of ideas. The Internet is a world community that is very democratic and has a code of ethics that all members are respected. Internet primarily benefits gained through collaboration between individuals or groups without limit of distance and time. To further improve the quality of human resources in Indonesia, Indonesia's time professionals utilize Internetdan networks become part of the world information society
b. Suggestion people should have to know the advantages, disadvantages, and what they can not prevent sams once and one step when using the internet. Therefore, the required educational use of the Internet and its impact if used carelessly. Internet is all the information that is easy to deploy and crossed the universe through the ages