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OFFER LETTER Date: 05-12-2012 Ref: Offer/Sales/MARKETING052012/0150

To MR.ASHWANI KUMAR J-157, World Bank Barra Kanpur-208027 Dear Mr.Ashwani, Congratulation, after the interviews and after basic scrutinizing of your submitted documents, you are selected for the position of Business Development Executive [BDE], there may be further verification by third party agency, please co-operate in that matter. Your immediate reporting head will be Assistant Regional Head Mr. JITENDRA NATH, 1. 2. 3. Your date of joining will be on 05th DEC, 2012. Your job Location will be : Kanpur Your consolidated monthly remuneration will be as under:

Basic House Rent Allowance Education Allowance Family Medical Allowance Internet & Computer Allowance Leave Travel Allowance Conveyance Allowance Telephone Allowance Total

Rs.4800.00 Rs.2880.00 Rs.1440.00 Rs.1900.00 Rs.1700.00 Rs.1200.00 Rs.1580.00 Rs. 500.00 Rs.16000.00

4. The detail CTC with breakups of taxable & non-taxable entities will be in the Appointment letter. 5. Your apprenticeship period will be for a period of 3 months from the date of your joining. The same can be extended further if necessary, depending on your performance. The conformation at expiry of the apprenticeship period will not be deemed or presumed unless a letter to this effect has been issued by the management. 6. On successfully completion of the apprenticeship period by achieving a total minimum monthly required business of Rs.80,000 [eighty Thousand per month for 3 consecutive months ], you will get promotion. 7. To continue with this position and to justify the monthly remuneration every Business Development Manager has to achieve minimum Rs.5, 00,000/- business per month and should have minimum 50 active Agents. 8. The company shall have the right to discontinue your service to the company if you are found as not working properly or not pursuing your assignment properly or not working in a regular basis or not following the HR rules. 9. While working in the organization, if you are identified in doing indiscipline activity and violating companys rules and regulations then the company shall have the rights to discontinue your service at any point of time without giving any prior notice. 10.Within 7 days from your date of joining you have to form your Team of minimum 50 active Agents otherwise yours date of joining will be delayed as per company norms. Start doing basic sales process from the date of joining; the detail would be communicating to you by Manager. 11.Your payments may be done after tax deductions (if applicable). 12.Information pertaining to Thriven Marketing India Ltd are confidential and you will be responsible for not to disclose the same by signing a nondisclosure agreement, Failing which may lead to terminated your service to the company. 13.In case your date of joining compare to the last day of the particular month is less than 15 days, then your service for service for the particular month be considered in with the next month. 14.You will be receiving your training remuneration on 10 th of each next month. In case of any information or documents provided by you proved

as false, the company shall have the right to terminate you from your service. 15.As clearly communicated to you, you may have to travel to other places and stay there for few days for any Training related work or various other matters which may be required and such situations should not be avoided. 16.You may terminate your service at any time by giving 1 month notice to the company. 17.For 3 month, the salary will be 12,500/- (Twelve thousand five hundred only), & Post is Business Development Executive & after 3 month salary will be 16000/- as written above.


You will be in apprenticeship period for next 3 full months and that period may be extended if no letter issued. Further more failure to achieve a target of Rs.80,000.00/- per month, this offer will be automatically cancelled.

Conditions: (on every month performance basis)

No. of Active EXECUTIVES Business 50 Rs.5,00,000.00/-

No. of Lives

Per month 150

**Active Agent means an Agent who completes 1 or more policies with a minimum total of Rs.1200/- in a 30 days period.

Your Job Responsibilities

1. You will look after, manage & be responsible for your entire team management & their performance. 2. You should take the responsibilities to recruit or discontinue or give warning etc. to your team. 3. You have to recruit Agents from all over the region/state to get business from a wide area. 4. Collecting Daily sales Reports from Agents is a must and prepare final report and send reports to your reporting head regularly. 5. Attend meetings, training, seminars whenever called for with or without your team an implement the policies time to time. 6. Give training and meet with your Agents regularly to motivate them, solve their problems and finally fetch business. 7. Your individual business is also highly required to prove your efficiency in your work.

Kindly notify that you need to send the acceptance of the offer letter by signing on it within 3 days then only the offer will be valid and your acceptance by signing on the Letter of Acceptance with all required documents photocopy and last companys resignation letter, pay slip that has to be submitted to the HR- Dept within 5 working days . Please note that your joining process is under our verification. In case if , the duly signed copy is not available to the HR- Dept. and if anything stands wrong then this offer letter will be cancelled automatically. Wish you have a successful starting a new career. Best regards,