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HeliCoil Tangless Gall Resistant inserts are fabricated from a special stainless steel material which is inherently resistant

to galling. No lubrication is required with this wear resistant and gall resistant material. Gall Resistant inserts are particle free and ensure no contamination. The material provides a reduction in friction that enhances the inserts ability to provide a consistent, true clamping torque within the assembly for longer life and enhanced performance.

For electro-optical and control electronics packaging requirements that demand the utmost in FOD (foreign object debris) cleanliness, Gall Resistant inserts permit the use of Screw-Lock inserts without any coatings that may flake or migrate.

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Tangless Gall Resistant inserts are ideal for aerospace, military, electronics and clean room applications where secondary operations are currently required to recover tangs during assembly.


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Tangless Gall Resistant Inserts

The anti-gall material that eliminates the need for a secondary lubrication process
Features & Benefits: No Tangs for
Quick Installation

Set it and forget it

Corrosion Resistant

Manufactured from stainless steel

Reduced Friction

Base material eliminates the need for additional lubrication More uniform load distribution No contamination

Increased Strength Virtually Particle Free

Compatible with stainless steel screws

For use in critical, particle free applications

Tangless Gall Resistant Inserts

Testing was performed using #10-32 standard tapped hole blocks prepared in 316 grade stainless steel material. #10-32 STI holes were prepared to Heli-Coil specifications in aluminum material Gall Resistant inserts were installed. Tests were performed using both plain and chemically polished 316 stainless steel screws. Torque tests were conducted with the test blocks correctly aligned and mis-aligned by 2.2 and 4.4 degrees from perpendicular. The torque was recorded for 20 screws in each combination, during the 10 insertions for each screw. (Figure 1.)

Driving Torque Comparison


Driving Torque (N.mm)

40 30 20 10 0

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Standard Holes Gall Resistant Insert Assemblies 0 2.2 4.4 Degrees From Perpendicular


Torque Test Figure 1

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Based on the testing completed, Heli-Coil Gall Resistant inserts provide superior gall resisting characteristics as compared to standard tapped holes. Gall Resistant inserts also provide increased compensation for mis-alignment of both assemblies and fasteners. Because of the reduction in friction, Gall Resistant inserts provide a more consistent, true clamping torque in the fastener assembly.