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DIFFERENCES MODULE FOR SPM SCIENCE 1511/2 Instruction : Complete the differences table below. 1.

ANALYSIS OF QUESTION 11 OR 12 IN PAPER 2 SPM 1511/2 Year 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Chapter/topic/subtopic Physical change and chemical change Food processing canning:pasteurization / deep freezing :chilling Artificial active immunity and artificial passive immunity Alloy and pure metal Saturated fat and unsaturated fat -

2. HOT TOPICS ACCORDING TO CHAPTER WHICH THE COMPARISON QUESTION CAN BE ASKED Chapter Body coordination Subtopic Types of neurons sensory/relay/motor Types of action voluntary action/involuntary action/reflex action Nervous system and endocrine system Mitosis and meiosis Identical and non identical twins Continuous variation and discontinuous variation State of matter solid/liquid/gas Change in state of matter melting/boiling/freezing/condensation/sublimation Subatomic particles proton/electron/neutron Type of substances atomic/molecular/ionic substances Metals and non metals Physical and chemical changes Exothermic and endothermic reaction Types of radiation alpha/beta/gamma Eye and camera Alloy and pure metal Type of immunity natural:artificial / active : passive ** Saturated and unsaturated fats Natural rubber and vulcanized rubber//synthetic rubber Four stroke petrol and four stroke diesel Four stroke petrol and two stroke petrol Jet engine and rocket engine Food processing and packaging- pasteurization / canning / freezing / cooling / irradiation / dehydration / freeze drying / vacuum packaging ** Thermoplastic and thermosett -

Heredity and Variation

Matter and Substances

Energy and Chemical changes Nuclear energy Light, colour and sight Chemicals in industry Microorganisms Nutrition Preservation Carbon compound Motion

Food technology Synthetic material Electronics and ICT

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Similarity : Differences: Sensory neuron

Motor neuron

Similarity : Differences: Voluntary action

Involuntary action

Similarity : Differences: Nervous system

Endocrine system

Similarity : Differences: Mitosis


Similarity : Differences: Identical twins

Non identical twins

Similarity : Differences: Continuous variation

Discontinuous variation

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Similarity : Differences: Solid


Similarity : Differences: Boiling


Similarity : Differences: Proton


Similarity : Differences: Molecular substances

Ionic substances

Similarity : Differences: Metal

Non metal

Similarity : Differences: Exothermic reaction

Endothermic reaction

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Similarity : Differences: Beta


Similarity : Differences: Camera


Similarity : Differences: Natural active immunity

Natural passive immunity

Similarity : Differences: Natural active immunity

Artificial active immunity

Similarity : Differences: Natural rubber

Vulcanized rubber

Similarity : Differences: Four stroke petrol engine

Four stroke diesel engine

Similarity : Differences: Gemilang Wilayah_SainsSPM/sharinhanum Page 4

Four stroke petrol engine

Two stroke petrol engine

Similarity : Differences: Jet engine

Rocket engine

Similarity : Differences: Thermoplastic


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