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Evaluation - 201

What skills do you think you have learnt throughout this

module and how effectively have you applied them?

- This module has without a doubt presented me with a number of new skillsets

that have unequivocally aided my personal progression as a designer.

I have learnt software skills that allow me to set up the artwork properly before

sending it to print and I have learnt what options I have when it comes to printing, these are all skills that will allow me to continue to progress as I continue to design. The most obvious skill that I have learnt this module that has applied to my situation has to be setting up the artwork properly before sending it to print to ensure that I get back exactly what I want from the printers.

I have also learnt or still am learning should I say the art of lino cutting and printing.

I am fully aware that this isn’t commercial print, however, there are aspects of the process

that are completely transferable to producing an accurate lino print, well, in the way that I have figured out to work they are anyway. To answer the question I can happyly conclude that the skills I have learnt throughout this module, have been applied very effectively to my to work.

What approach/to methods of design production have you developed and how have they informed your design develpment process?

- Being able to think about a project in it’s entirity has proven a delight for me, simply because it has given me a structure to work by. For example, producting design sheets that state what you aim to produce, and what methods you intend to use have given me a goal in which to work to, instead of making decisions as I go, now I know that design is very much about making those decisions as you go along, but for me personally, having something to work towards has proven to do wonders for my practice.

Working with lino has been the highlight of this module, it was absolutely wonderful. Not only have I learnt more than I ever would from it, it is a process that I can see myself working with over the duration of my practice. When I ran the printing plate I unfortunetly set the roler to low, resulting in the lino too squash, warp and rip, I honestly nearly cried! however, with this being although it appeared to be a disaster at the time it served as a valuable lesson in how to set up the printing press properly.

What strengths can you identity in your work and how will you capitalise on these?

- Having taken a structured and methodical approach to this module I have been able to

produce a noticeable imrovement in the quanity of work to that of which I have previously produced, which in turn has improved my design practice as a whole. For this module I intentionally produced more hand drawn development work than what I usually would, this intention promts the need to be able to effectively translate my ideas in to drawings, thus my drawing ability has improved also. I also found that in the intial stages of doing this I was able to produce more development work during the time in which it would have taken me to translate that work in to digital. Once I had made the transaction to digital I was then able to make more presise translations of those ideas and then produce copious developments, 6 and 2, 3’s at the end of the day. I will capitalise on the above by simply contining to work in this method.

What weaknesses can you identify in your work and how will you address them in the future?

The speed in which I produce work has always been somewhat of an issue. I fear that if this problem is not resolved I will struggle to find success in the design industy. One method of tackling this would be to set myself small managable targets and committing to achieving them with furious determination to ensure that I actually get stuff done in a resonable time.

5= excellent 4= very good 3= good 2= average 1= poor N.a = non applicable

Attendence = N.a

Puntuality = N.A

Motivation = 4

Commitment = 3/4

Quanity of work Produced = 4, for me.

Quality of work produced = 3

Contribution to the group = N.a