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Record cases can be distributed in various combinations within the larger modules.

In the setup shown (top left), those units with the greatest density of records are placed closest to the DJs arm level, so that the most records can be accessed with the greatest ease. Each unit locks into the unit above it with a set of knobs that fit into holes in the bottom of the upper unit (right). Diagonal bracing bars are screwed into holes in the sides of certain units. These braces both stabilize the system and act as a barrier against the crowd entering the DJ booth.

Record Storage Module


Adam Schreiber Between Architecture, Interior Design & Furniture, Spring 2003 5.1

Parties today can take place nearly anywhere, and the sudden need for quality sound equipment might arise at any time in almost any type of space: an open field, an abandoned factory, an architecture school occupying the third floor of a New York City loft building. To be useable in any situation, a disc jockey booth must be truly transportable. My DJ booth breaks down into components small enough to fit through narrow doorways and into small elevators, and lightweight enough to be carried by one or two individuals.

Record storage units (bottom left and above) compose the basic module of the DJ booth setup. LPs, grouped in sets of about 20, are first inserted into plastic cases, which are then slid into gaps within the record storage boxes. This module within a module system allows for easy organization of records (into genres, artist sets, or any arrangement of the DJs choosing), and also distributes the weight of records throughout the DJ booth (thus the DJ is never required to lift a 43-long module entirely filled with records).

Portable DJ Booth

The DJ booth is built out of a series of variations on a single module: a box measuring 43 by 15 by 15. (The width and height dimensions are generated from the space necessary to fit a 12 LP within the box; the length is based on the space required to fit two turntables and a mixer within one module.) Each component of the DJ booth setup occupies either one or two modules. Each can be separated from the others, and the DJ booth can be taken apart and reassembled in virtually any combination. Each box is built of lightweight but durable anodyzed aluminum.

Cross Section

To the left and right of the turntable setup, digital notepads allow fans to request their favorite songs. The setup is completed with the addition of video screens, attached to the front of the booth, which broadcast images to complement the DJs audio.

Cross Section Cross Section Cross Section

Longitudinal Section


Adam Schreiber Between Architecture, Interior Design & Furniture, Spring 2003 5.2

Portable DJ Booth

In addition to record shelves, module units form the platform on which the DJ stands. Vertical double modules house speakers, on top of which sit modules containing lights to illuminate the setup and to spotlight the DJ. In the front of the system, horizontal double modules offer storage for larger objects; two turntables and a mixer are contained within one of the modules that form a tabletop for the DJ.