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President Hodge-Podge

This writer currently writes with cornfields visible in the foreground, with observing the corn a growing from seeds unknown with applications of current world events suggest many have not learned from the failure(s) felt by Adolph Hitler. What allows for this vision of thought? Each person has the same capacity to comprehend, but does what chosen impede a person from comprehending evil at play? Surely it is not a game of ring around the devil or is it?

One thing for certain, the power(s) tossed from presidential throne will never come close to achieving the power disseminated from Gods throne. There are those that carry not a belief in God but still act for the betterment of humanity. Hat tip. In watching corn grow and with the recent ruling in the Monsanto seed case, it is clear that obligations owed will extend beyond the first born seed. Maybe there is rational thinking when such decision applies to a genetic enhanced tangible product; however only irrational thinking affects negatively the souls of subsequent lives and is to not be compared to that seed of a tangible product. Many see not beyond finding a yield of greed driven profit.

General George S. Patton in the movie Patton in passing before troops answered as to where he was headed, response: I am personally going to shoot the paperhanging son-of-a-bitch. Clearly World War II was a shootem up war and lest hope the current day paper hanging son-of-abitches not meet the fate as that of Hitler. For those who believe in God and

follow the words found of the Ten Commandments, for one to take ones own life has violated a commandment to not murder by murdering one self (taking of ones own life/suicide). With such said we address attention to current day leaders, from President down to local law enforcement, how many lives will be lost as a result of leaders inaction. Where death is a result of inaction should those who could have intervened but chose to take no action be possibly guilty of a crime? From a heaven point of view those who take no action to prevent evil are as guilty as evil. Applying mans legal laws, where the principle is guilty an agent is guilty and where the agent is guilty the principle is guilty, agency relationship laws. How about those learned counsel of law representing and agent of principle? Yes, on the books of federal law those counsel who argue for a criminal knowing is a guilty as the criminal.

Back to the President and other leaders, if by inaction the person(s) in office fails to act then could they be considered aiding a paperhanging-son-of-abitch worthy of prosecution in accordance to law? From the writers point of view, toot your horn and tip your hat in disrespect as you pass by and let justice take its course, with remembrance, No lies will be heard in Gods court and justice will be guaranteed for eternity. If the written word of God is true, which I personal would not dispute, but for those who do dispute, are you willing to gamble you seed to eternal damnation for inaction on your part. Choice is yours.

Where as the United States Constitution provides a treasonous offense to be when one aids and comforts we ask ourselves why did the leaders following

our forefathers change the wording of aid and comfort to aid or comfort by ratification of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

Where aid is provided to a paperhanging-son-of-a-bitch by one in governmental office should such in office also be declared a paperhangingson-of-a-bitch?

Street people are aware that the upcoming 2014 and 2016 will hopefully elect the least evil paperhanging-son-of-a-bitch. Also be known that in 2016 the current president paperhanging-son-of-a-bitch will have left a legacy that will be remembered for many generations if not all of history. So sad General George S. Patton is not alive to take matters personally into his own hands, but such is life/death.

The major question this writer has inquiry about, how many more paperhanging-son-of-a-bitches will be elected before tangible justice of man is served or will the paperhanging-son-of-a-bitches hope on a wing and pray that God in dealing out Intangible Justice will grant salvation. If one truly understands God, salvation will not be a granted upon a wing and prayer as one chose long before death.