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If I were Interviewer, the followings are questions: 1. What is LTE? 2. What's the difference between 3G & LTE? 3.

What's the benefit of LTE? 4. What's technology applied in LTE? (both in UL and DL) 5. What's the max. throughput we can achieve from LTE? 6. In the market, which type/categ. of UE are available now? 7. Do you have any experience in LTE dimensioning/planning and drivetesting? If so, please kindly answer the following questions? 1. what is main frequency band for LTE? 2. In coverage planning, what are the most influence factors? 3. In 3G, RSCP and Ec/Io are used to determined in coverage planning. How's abou t in LTE? And why? 4. What are the range of SINR, RSRP, RSRQ, MCS and CQI values? 5. What is the typical cell range of LTE? 6. How do you understand RB and how does RB impact on Throughput? 7. What is the typical value of latency? 6. What are the type of HO? If so, pls. explain me a bit of best cell HO and cov erage HO? 7. For HO, pls. explain me the difference between HO via X2 and S1? 8. Do we still need Scraming code planning in LTE? If not, why? 9. Please explain me about eNodeB, MME and core network layout. 10. For capacity planning, do we still need Channel element (CE) dimensioning? I f not, why? 11. Have you experience in Atoll and Momentun? 12. Have you expereince in XCAL and Agilent NiXT? 13. Please explain me about QoS and Scheduling in LTE? 14. Pls. explain me about MIMO, SIMO and TxDiV configuration? 15. How's about those configuration and expected throughput? If you can answer above questions, you will be in short list.