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Form No. 1C
Please paste one 35mm x 45mm photograph here and enclose one more photograph

Passport for New Born Baby

(Please delete whatever is inapplicable) 1. Full name (Surname) Aliases, if any Has applicant ever changed his/her name? Is so, give previous name in full 2. Date of birth Place of birth Country Height cms Color of eyes Color of Hair Visible distinguishing marks, if any 3. Permanent address In India

Applicant must paste one photograph above with half the signature on the photograph and half on the application

In country of domicile 4. (i) Name of Father Country of his birth (ii) Name of Mother Country of her birth (iii) Nationality of father at the time of applicants birth (iv) Nationality of mother at the time of applicants birth 5. Name of applicants eldest brother or sister 6. Present Passport/national identity card, if any Date &place No. of issue 7. When did applicant first leave India When was he/she in India last 8. How long has applicant continuously resided abroad? Telephone 9. Address

10. 11. 12.

Please mention, if citizen of India by birth/descent/naturalization/registration. Did applicant ever possess any other nationality or travel document of any other country. If so, please give details. Was applicant ever refused an Indian Passport? (Yes /No)

Page 2 of 6 13. Was applicants passport ever impounded/revoked? If so, details please. Name and address of two relatives/friends 14. (Yes /No)

15. 16.

Has applicant ever been repatriated from abroad to India at the expenses of the Govt. of India? If so, details please Is applicant registered with Indian Mission/Post? If not, is he a member of any Indian Organization?

I owe allegiance to the sovereignty and integrity of India, and information given above in respect of myself, my son/daughter/ward is correct and nothing has been concealed and I am aware that it is an offence under the Passport Act 1967 to knowingly furnish false information or suppress material information, which attract penal and other punishments under the acts and, I undertake to be entirely responsible for expenses of my son/daughter/ward.

Signature or thumb impression of applicant or his legal guardian (Left hand T.I. of male and right hand T.I. for female) Place: Date: 17. In case of minors, following passport information of both parents must be given : Father Mother Passport No: Date of Issue : Place of Issue : If parents have applied for a passport, please give File No. & Date.

Declaration of Parents or guardian if passport is for minor:

(To be signed by both parents or guardians) We affirm that the particulars given above are in respect of (Name) ______________________ _________________________________________________________________ son /daughter of Shri.________________ ____________________and Smt______________________________ of whom we are the Parents/Guardians. We undertake the entire responsibility for his/her expenses. We solemnly declare that he/she has not lost, surrendered or been deprived of his/her citizenship of India and that the information given in respect of him/her in this application is true. It is also certified that the name of the child mentioned is not included in passport of either parent. _______________________ and ___________________________ or _____________________ Mother Father Guardian (Signature/Thumb Impression of both of Parents/Guardian)

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Signature or Thumb Impression of the applicant within the space given below:

Passport size photograph

35mm X 45mm

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PART-I 1. Fullnameofminorchild 2. SEX 3. Place&countryofbirth 4. Dateofbirth 5. Markofidentification 6. Presentaddress 7. (i)Fathersfullname (ii)CitizenshipofIndiabybirth/descent/ registration/naturalization (iii)Occupation (iv)Passportparticulars (a)country 8. (i)Mothersfullname (ii)CitizenshipofIndiabybirth/descent/ registration/naturalization (iii)Occupation (iv)Passportparticulars (a)country



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PARTII 9. acitizenofIndiaandaparentof towhomtheforegoingparticulars Relate,herebyapplyonbehalfofmychildfortheregistrationofhis/her birth Date: Signatureofparent

being the parent of do solemnly and sincerely declare that my child to whom the foregoing particulars relate does not hold the passport of any other country 11. dosolemnlyandsincerely DeclarethattheforegoingparticularsstatedintheapplicationaretrueandI makethissolemndeclarationconscientiouslybelievingthesametobetrue Date Signatureofparent Madeandsubscribedthis Dayof Beforeme Signature Designation IfacitizenofIndianbyregistrationornaturalization,please mentionedtothenumberanddateofthecertificateofregistration ofnaturalization,asthecasemaybe.


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Form No.1 C
Requirement for Passport new born baby 1. Duly filled application Form 1C.
2. Two recent photographs (size 35mm X 45mm) with plain white background and the dress in preferably in colours offering contrast with background for clarity.

3. Original passports of the parents having entered spouse name in both passports 4. Photocopy of the passports of both parents. 5. Photocopy of Civil ID of the parents. 6. Original Birth Card issued by the local Ministry of Health, Kuwait. 7. Photocopy of the Birth Card. Fees: KWD 17.000 Additional requirements: a. Original Birth Card of the child should be attested by M/o Foreign Affairs, Kuwait. b. It is essential that husbands name is endorsed in wifes passport before registration of birth of the child. For addition of Spouses Name in the wifes passport, mother of the child has to come in person to the Embassy along with duly filled application Form 2A. (For further details, please see Form 2A) c. If either of the parents holds nationality other than India, then a NoObjection Certificate is required from their respective Embassy. d. Children born out of wedlock or having single parents (Kindly contact Attach (Consular) for details of requirements.)

Please Note:
Applicant has to come in person. The Applicant must produce Passport, Civil ID or any other related document in original for verification. All copies of documents should be self attested (sign & date). Additional documents may be needed for verification depending upon
the documents submitted.