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Design/Drafting, Detailed Engineering, Estimation, Erection & Maintenance for Central HVAC system per ASHRAE/ISHRAE/SMACNA /ISHRAE/SMACNA

HVAC Specialist Training Program IPEBS- Institute of Piping Engineering & Building Services.
The training manual will be an excellent resource to retrieve the concepts discussed in the sessions and apply for the job

Course Outline
The training program deals with fundamentals, designing, drafting, erection, estimation, maintenance & detail engineering of Central HVAC systems including Central Air Systems & Chilled Water Systems Systems. The dedicated training sessions covers detailed applications & usage of codes & standards ASHRAE, ISHRAE, SMACNA, ASME, ARI, DW 142 and more.

How Trainee benefits

The participants enrolling for the training programme at IPEBS can look forward for a challenging position in Engineering Consulting & Construction Companies. The participants can work can as Design Engrs, Project/Procurement ( Site ite Engrs ), Estimation, Testing & Commissioning, Sales & Maintenance Engrs for different residential, commercial and industrial projects including commercial malls, towers, hospitals, clean rooms, cold stores, universities, and other facilities.

Attendees will gain real world experience which they can utilise it at their work. work.

Course Material
The most extensive material as per the current industrial standards which covers all Design & Detail Engineering, Erection, Maintenance Standards of HVAC Systems.

Training programme objective:

We go great lengths to provide you with the highest quality training available & we promise a wealth of practical and valuable information in a short period of time. We guarantee the superior training in India, with 100% learning, knowledge transfer and training satisfaction. Combine theoretical knowledge & practical experience to gain a total picture of system design & operational requirements. The fast paced program will cover fundamentals, drafting, design calculations, equipment selection, problem solving, erection & maintenance requirements, routing of ducts / pipes, usage of codes and standards, project work, HVAC softwares like pipe sizer, duct sizer, Elite RHVAC, CHVAC, Carriers Block Load, HAP ( Hourly Analysis Program).

Become a HVAC, Specialist at IPEBS


Engg Consultants , HVAC Equipment Cos. Contractors, Construction Cos O/M Companies

Course Speaker:
Our experienced & polished trainers are hand-picked to present our sessions based in their dynamic public speaking skills and their industrial expertise. These professionals have hands on experience in the MEP, HVAC, Plumbing & Fire Fighting, Electrical, Industrial Piping & Pipeline industries and provided thousands of hours of training sessions.

IPEBS - Indias No-1 Technical Training provider in Plant Engineering & Building Services.

Trainees Feedback:
Excellent experience of the training sessions which covers all the detailing & designing concepts of Mechanical Services and HVAC system design. Well structured training programme to understand the different phases of design, erection, maintenance & operation of the systems. A very informative and must do course for anyone who is involved or going to be involved in the HVAC / Construction or related industries. Totally power packed course to enhance engineering skills & empower the engineers.

Enrol for the Training programme at IPEBS & avail the Video Training.

Institute of Piping Engineering & Building Services

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Program Description
This certificate program introduces the participants to the following modules: Introduction to HVAC Refrigerants. Cooling Load estimation Heating Loss estimation Air Distribution System. Ventilation system. Chilled Water system Equipment Selection Erection of Equipments. Maintenance Estimation of Projects. Documents Approvals Project Procurement works Preparation of Drawings. Clean Rooms/ Cold Stores


Introduction to HVAC

Scope of HVAC Industry with overview of Consulting & Construction industry. o o Concepts of Air conditioning systems. Codes & Standards Principles of air conditioning Vapour compression cycle Absorption Chilling system o Air conditioning systems Local cooling comfort System Window Air conditioning Split Air conditioning Multi Split Air conditioning Chilled water Fan coil unit

And many more.......

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Institute of Piping Engineering & Building Services Centrally air conditioned system Central Air Conditioning System Chilled water system. o Psychometric chart Properties of Air (DBT, %RH, WBT, HR, DPT, ENTHALPY.)

Components of AHU & its functioning o o o o o Cooling Heating Humidification Methods Dehumidification Methods Filtration


Refrigerant Types of refrigerant Evaporating & Condensing properties of refrigerant. Refrigerant Pipe sizing methods Cooling & Heating load estimation. Basics of Heat transfer in a building envelop. Understanding of Outdoor & Indoor Conditions. o o o


Experience knowledge rich & Comprehensive Short Professional Training courses in Piping Engineering/ Pipeline Engg. & Building Services. ( HVAC/Electrical/Plumbing/Fire Fighting) courses IPEBS

Correction to Outdoor temperature & Indoor temperature requirements Exposure of Wall, Latitude of Location, Yearly Range, Daily Range etc Factors effecting the loads estimate.

Sources of Heat Gain o External- Sun Gain through Glass/Window, Sun Gain through Roof/Wall, Partition gain Internal - People, Lights, Electrical Equipments, Motors, Kitchen Appliances, Heat gain through Infiltration air, Heat gain thorough Ventilation & By-pass air, Heat gain through ducts. Calculating ESHF, GTH, ADP, Dehumidified CFM.
IPEBS INSTITUTE OF PIPING ENGG. & BUILDING SERVICES Tel: 040-30623249, 0091 9885946711, E-MAIL: info@ipebs.in WEBSITE: www.ipebs.in

Institute of Piping Engineering & Building Services Heat loss calculations o o Basics of Heat loss in a building envelop. Sources of Heat loss Heat loss through Glass/window, Heat loss through Roof/Wall Heat loss through Partition Glass/wall/Floor/slab, Heat loss through Infiltration air/Ventilation air & Bypass air Heat loss through slab on Grade IV) Design of Air Distribution System. Components of Air distribution system. o Types of Ducts, Duct Fittings, Dampers, Types of Diffusers, RAG, Flexible Duct, Flexible Connector, End Cap, Sound Attenuator etc. Duct Elbows selections (Long radius, Short radius- No throat, Throat elbows, with heel radius, throat radius & radius of elbow). Vanes location & number of vanes required Duct Material Calculation- GI sheet, Total sheet required in kgs. Gauge of duct & Thickness of Gauge. Hanger Spacing, Hanger Rod Diameter and Angle support Size. Duct designing methods. Velocity reduction method. Equal friction Method. Static regain method. o o Fan selection & Static pressure calculation. Supply & Return Duct configuration, Assigning Velocity of Air (FPM) to each Section of Supply and Return Duct Low Velocity system, Medium Velocity System and High Velocity System. Components of Air Distribution System, Supply and Return Duct configurations (Extended Plenum Systems, Radial System, Trunk and Branch system) Stair Well Pressurization System Designing

o o


Design of Ventilation system. Introduction to Ventilation system, o Components of Ventilation system.

IPEBS INSTITUTE OF PIPING ENGG. & BUILDING SERVICES Tel: 040-30623249, 0091 9885946711, E-MAIL: info@ipebs.in WEBSITE: www.ipebs.in

Institute of Piping Engineering & Building Services Restaurant and Residence Kitchen Ventilation System Design o VI) Sizing of Hood, Number of filters required & Duct designing.

Chilled Water system design. Introduction to Chilled water system, Hot water system. Classification of chillers o o o As per Evaporator. As per Condenser. As per compressor.

Chiller arrangements, Cooling tower arrangement, Types of cooling tower & Expansion tank connections. Pumps required in Chilled water system o o o Production Pumps Distribution Pumps Pump Classifications.

Chilled water system pipe designing o Piping fundamentals Pipe designators, Piping standards. Piping fittings and Components. Valves used in Chilled water system o o o Chilled water and Hot water GPM calculation. Calculation of Water Velocity FPS on Suction and Discharge side of Pump. Hydraulic Design for Sizing the Pipe for Amount of Flow.( Open & Closed Piping Systems). District Cooling System. Friction loss calculation for the piping system Friction Loss in Straight Pipes. Friction Loss in Straight Pipes. Friction Loss in Fittings. Valves used in Chilled Water System. Friction Loss in Valves & Special components. o Calculating TDH for Pump (Open Piping System and Closed Piping System).
IPEBS INSTITUTE OF PIPING ENGG. & BUILDING SERVICES Tel: 040-30623249, 0091 9885946711, E-MAIL: info@ipebs.in WEBSITE: www.ipebs.in

o o

Institute of Piping Engineering & Building Services Pipe Sizing Manual Method Hazen-Williams Equation for Calculating Friction Loss. Pump Cavitations & NPSH Calculation for Pump.


Equipment Selection AHU & FCU classification and selection. Package Unit Selection DX- Chiller Selection. Condenser Selection (Air cooled, Water Cooled, Evaporative). Cooling Tower Selection Mixed Air Temperature Calculation. HRF for Open and Closed Compressor. Expansion Tank Selection Erection of Equipments Detailing & Installation of Chillers Detailing & Installation of Air handling units. Detailing & Installation of Package units. Detailing & Installation of Fan coil units. Detailing & Installation of Condensing units Estimation of Project Understanding the tendering requirements Quantity take off Preparing Inquiry for Suppliers & Finalizing the suppliers. Final Billing & Quotations finalization

X) Documents Approvals Preparation of Material submittals, Shop drawing submittals, Types of approval. Preparation of BOQ and design documents, Specifications.
IPEBS INSTITUTE OF PIPING ENGG. & BUILDING SERVICES Tel: 040-30623249, 0091 9885946711, E-MAIL: info@ipebs.in WEBSITE: www.ipebs.in

Institute of Piping Engineering & Building Services XI) Project Procurement works Identifying the critical equipments preparation of purchase orders Letter of Intent Letter of credit Minutes of meeting

XII) Drafting of HVAC Systems Introduction to Drafting, Types of Drawings used in the industry, Study & Preparation of Floor Drawings, o Roof Drawings, o Sectional Drawings o Builders Work Drawings, o Co- ordination Drawings & o Riser Diagram, o Abbreviations & Symbols used. Project work- Load calculations, duct designing & Equipment selection

Softwares: Commercial HVAC/Residential HVAC, Duct Sizing / Pipe Sizing software. Carrier Block Load & Hap(Hourly analysis programme)

IPEBS INSTITUTE OF PIPING ENGG. & BUILDING SERVICES Tel: 040-30623249, 0091 9885946711, E-MAIL: info@ipebs.in WEBSITE: www.ipebs.in