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Model: 150 REZXB-RFS

RUGGEDIZED FIELD SPECIFICATION Model: 150 REZXB-RFS 277/480 V Gas EPA-Certified for Stationary and Mobile Emergency and

277/480 V


FIELD SPECIFICATION Model: 150 REZXB-RFS 277/480 V Gas EPA-Certified for Stationary and Mobile Emergency and
FIELD SPECIFICATION Model: 150 REZXB-RFS 277/480 V Gas EPA-Certified for Stationary and Mobile Emergency and
FIELD SPECIFICATION Model: 150 REZXB-RFS 277/480 V Gas EPA-Certified for Stationary and Mobile Emergency and

EPA-Certified for Stationary and Mobile Emergency and Non-Emergency Applications

Ratings Range

60 Hz






Ratings Range 60 Hz Prime: kW 150 kVA 187 Generator Set Ratings Rich-Burn Natural Gas 105

Generator Set Ratings


Natural Gas

105 C Rise Prime Rating




Hz kW/kVA





60 150/187


Standard Features

Kohler Co. provides one-source responsibility for the

This generator set is approved to run on non-utility gas.

generating system and accessories. The generator set and its components are

prototype-tested, factory-built, and production-tested. The generator set accepts rated load in one step.

See technical information bulletin TIB-116 Non-Standard Gaseous Fuel for the specific process. The 60 Hz generator set meets NFPA 110, Level 1, when

equipped with the necessary accessories and installed per NFPA standards. A one-year limited warranty covers all systems and

components. A two-year extended warranty is also available. Alternator features:

The unique Fast-Response II excitation system

delivers excellent voltage response and short-circuit capability using a permanent magnet (PM)-excited alternator. The brushless, rotating-field alternator has broadrange reconnectability.

Heavy-duty field skid and enclosure

Heavy gauge steel skid with integrated drains and pull

bars. Heavy-gauge 3 mm (0.125 in.) aluminum enclosure with rugged hinges, latches, and door stops.

enclosure with rugged hinges, latches, and door stops. RATINGS: All three-phase units are rated at 0.8

RATINGS: All three-phase units are rated at 0.8 power factor. Prime Power Ratings: At varying load, the number of generator set operating hours is unlimited. A 10% overload capacity is available for one hour in twelve. Ratings are in accordance with ISO-8528-1 and ISO-3046-1. For limited running time and continuous ratings, consult the factory. Obtain technical information bulletin (TIB-101) for ratings guidelines, complete ratings definitions, and site condition derates. For non-pipeline fuels, ratings are determined in accordance with technical information bulletin TIB-116 for non-standard gaseous fuel. The generator set manufacturer reserves the right to change the design or specifications without notice and without any obligation or liability whatsoever. G4-243 (150REZXB-RFS) 5/13a

Alternator Specifications






4-Pole, Rotating-Field

Exciter type



Leads: quantity, type Voltage regulator Insulation:

12, Reconnectable Solid State, Volts/Hz NEMA MG1 Class H 130 C, Standby 1, Sealed Flexible Disc Full Controller Dependent 100% of Rating 100% of Rated Standby Current

Material Temperature rise Bearing: quantity, type Coupling Amortisseur windings Voltage regulation, no-load to full-load One-step load acceptance Unbalanced load capability

NEMA MG1, IEEE, and ANSI standards compliance for temperature rise and motor starting.

Sustained short-circuit current of up to 300% of the rated current for up to 10 seconds.

Sustained short-circuit current enabling downstream circuit breakers to trip without collapsing the alternator field.

Self-ventilated and dripproof construction.

Vacuum-impregnated windings with fungus-resistant epoxy varnish for dependability and long life.

Superior voltage waveform from a two-thirds pitch stator and skewed rotor.

Fast-Response II brushless alternator with brushless exciter for excellent load response.

Peak motor starting kVA:

480 V


(35% dip for voltages below) 790 (60Hz)

Application Data


Engine Electrical

Engine Specifications



Engine model


Engine type

11.1 L, 4-Cycle, Turbocharged, Aftercooled

Cylinder arrangement Displacement, L (cu. in.) Bore and stroke, mm (in.) Compression ratio Piston speed, m/min. (ft./min.) Main bearings: quantity, type Rated rpm Max. power at rated rpm, kWm (BHP) Cylinder head material Piston: type, material Crankshaft material Valve material Governor: type Frequency regulation, no-load to full-load Frequency regulation, steady state Frequency Air cleaner type, all models

6, Inline 11.05 (674) 123 x 155 (4.84 x 6.10)


558 (1831) 7, Precision Half-Shell


225 (302)

Cast Iron

Forged Steel


Isochr onous





Exhaust System

Exhaust manifold type Maximum allowable back pressure, kPa (in. Hg)

Engine exhaust outlet size, mm (in.)


10.2 (3) Flanged Outlet at Catalyst, see ADV drawing

Engine Electrical System

Battery charging alternator:

Ground (negative/positive)


Volts (DC)


Ampere rating


Starter motor rated voltage (DC) Battery, recommended cold cranking amps (CCA):


Qty., CCA rating each Battery voltage (DC)


Two, 1150


Fuel System -- Rich Burn

Fuel type Fuel supply line inlet Natural gas fuel supply pressure, kPa (in. H 2 O)

Fuel type Fuel supply line inlet Natural gas fuel supply pressure, kPa (in. H 2 O)
Fuel type Fuel supply line inlet Natural gas fuel supply pressure, kPa (in. H 2 O)

Natural Gas

2.0 NPTF

1.74--2.74 (7.0--11.0)

Fuel supply pressure, measured at the generator set fuel inlet downstream of any fuel system equipment accessories and non-pipeline gas may require different supply pressures. Contact the Industrial Solutions group for further details.

Fuel Composition Limits *

Nat. Gas

Methane, % by volume Ethane, % by volume Propane, % by volume Propene, % by volume C 4 and higher, % by volume Sulfur, ppm mass Lower heating value, MJ/m 3 (Btu/ft 3 ), min.

90 min.

4.0 max.

1.0 max.

0.1 max.

0.3 max.

25 max.

33.2 (890)

* Fuels with other compositions may be acceptable. If your fuel is outside the listed specifications, refer to TIB-116 Non-Standard Gaseous Fuel.

G4-243 (150REZXB-RFS) 5/13a

Application Data


Lubricating System

Type Oil pan capacity, L (qt.) Oil pan capacity with filter, L (qt.) Oil filter: quantity, type Oil cooler Oil makeup volume, L (qt.)

Full Pressure

25 (26.4)

27 (28.8)

1, Cartridge


18.9 (20)


Radiator System

Ambient temperature, C ( F) * Engine jacket water capacity, L (gal.) Radiator system capacity, including engine, L (gal.)

50 (122)

21 (5.5)

116 (30.6)

Engine jacket water flow, Lpm (gpm) Water pump type Fan diameter, including blades, mm (in.) Fan, kWm (HP) Max. restriction of cooling air, intake and discharge side of radiator, kPa (in. H 2 O)

284 (75)


965 (38)

13.4 (18)

0.125 (0.5)

Coolant recovery tank capacity, L (gal.)

9.5 (2.5)

* Weather and sound enclosures with internal silencer reduce ambient temperature capability by 5 C (9 F).

Operation Requirements

Air Requirements

Radiator-cooled cooling air, m 3 /min. (scfm)

510 (18000)

Air density = 1.20 kg/m 3 (0.075 lbm/ft 3 )

Fuel Consumption

Pipeline Natural Gas, m 3 /hr. (cfh) at % load

Prime Rating


53.6 (1893)


41.7 (1473)


29.7 (1049)




NOTE: Alternate fuels will have different consumption rates.

Nominal fuel rating:

Natural gas, 37 MJ/m 3 (1000 Btu /ft. 3 )


gas, 37 MJ/m 3 (1000 Btu /ft. 3 ) Controller Decision-Maker 3000 Controller Provides advanced

Decision-Maker 3000 Controller Provides advanced control, system monitoring, and system diagnostics for optimum performance and compatibility. Digital display and menu control provide easy local data access Measurements are selectable in metric or English units Remote communication thru a PC via network or serial configuration Controller supports Modbus protocol Integrated hybrid voltage regulator with ±0.5% regulation Built-in alternator thermal overload protection NFPA 110 Level 1 capability Refer to G6-100 for additional controller features and accessories.

Modbus is a registered trademark of Schneider Electric.

G4-243 (150REZXB-RFS) 5/13a

KOHLER CO., Kohler, Wisconsin 53044 USA Phone 920-457-4441, Fax 920-459-1646 For the nearest sales and service outlet in the US and Canada, phone 1-800-544-2444 KOHLERPower.com

Kohler Power Systems Asia Pacific Headquarters 7 Jurong Pier Road Singapore 619159 Phone (65) 6264-6422, Fax (65) 6264-6455

Standard Features

Alternator Protection

Battery Rack and Cables

Closed Crankcase Ventilation

Integral Vibration Isolation

Local Emergency Stop Switch

Low Coolant Level Shutdown

Oil and Coolant Drain Extensions

Operation and Installation Literature

Three-Way Exhaust Catalyst

Enclosed Unit

Ruggedized Weather Enclosure with Aluminum Construction and

Heavy-Duty Handles Exhaust Silencer, Critical

Flexible Exhaust Connector, Stainless Steel

Fuel System

Gas Filter

Secondary Gas Solenoid Valve


Common Failure Relay

Communications Products and PC Software

Run Relay

Electrical System

Battery Disconnect Switch

Heavy-Duty Battery

Line Circuit Breaker


Air Cleaner Restriction Indicator

Engine Fluids Added

Rodent Guards

Available Options



General Maintenance




2-Year Prime

Other Options

Dimensions and Weights

Overall Size, L x W x H, max., mm (in.):

Weight (radiator model), wet, max., kg (lb.):

4572 x 1677 x 2744 (180 x 66 x 108) 4150 (8150)


NOTE: This drawing is provided for reference only and should not be used for planning installation. Contact your local distributor for more detailed information.


2013 by Kohler Co.

All rights reserved.

G4-243 (150REZXB-RFS) 5/13a