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Executive Summary Summarize the whole work done in one paragraph to get an overall idea about the work

you have done. You may provide key words in the summary that represent the focus of the study, so that readers might wish to search for them in the report.

(Note: The report paragraphs should be aligned justified ( that is aligned left & right) and headings should be numbered as shown in the report format ) Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION One Paragraph about the Industry One paragraph about the Company 1.1 Importance of the Study 1.2 Objectives of the Study (Change the wordings as needed for your study) a) To analyze the industry and company profile with an overview of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the company b) To examine critically the organizational structure of the company c) To study and understand the various functional areas of the company d) To analyze in depth the system followed in any one of the departments( to be decided by the candidate based on his/her area of interest/ specialization or as per company requirements for assignments undertaken for the organization) e) To identify internal and external factors that affect Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to activities or operations 1.3 Methodology

(Details of procedure- (e.g. Questionnaires, surveys, interviews, focus groups- feelings and opinion of a group through interview and observation- and so on: when and where they were carried out), collection of Primary and Secondary data, Annual Reports, Internal Reports, Files, Registers, Internet, Business Periodicals, Company Database etc. to establish reliability and validity. ) 1.4 Limitations 1.5 .Chapterisation {like C1.Introduction, C2-Industry Profile, C-3 Comp. Profile, etc, - a very brief explanation only needed to be included}

Chapter 2 INDUSTRY PROFILE 2.1 Historic outline of the industry 2.2 Present Structure of the Industry-Global & Indian scenario Socio, Political, Cultural, Economic and Technological Environment of the Industry 2.3 Major Government Policies 2.4 Predicted Scenario of the Industry

Chapter 3 COMPANY PROFILE (Company, Organization chart, Operations, Products/services, Departments) 3.1 Background of the company, Brief outline of the Business, Nature of the Business, Products, Markets, Competition &Competitor Analysis Mission, Vision, and Objectives of the firm, Predicted Scenario for the Firm 3.2 Overall Organization Structure & Chart, Sub-structure On the Job Training, Duties and Responsibilities of Various Groups of Staff, Quality Management, Environmental Management System. 3.3 Any one Decision making parameter adopted by the company pertaining to day to day operations (style of functioning)

3.4 Any one Strategy adopted by the company (Strategic Thrust),e.g. Pricing System 3.5 FUNCTIONAL AREAS (Only A brief description about the various functional departments of the company) Chapter- 4 . Organizational Structure {Give the Organizational Chart along with a detailed description of the elements/hierarchy of command} Chapter 5 DEPARTMENTAL ANALYSIS {Core of the report. Here, you have to explain the functioning of various departments (dept. profile) of the company, with dept. charts.}

Chapter- 6 . SWOT Analysis 6.1 Strengths 6.2 Weaknesses (Scale and cost economies- Size and financial resources -Intellectual, legal, and value of reputation, brand name) Trends in the competitive environment Trends in the technological environment -Trends in the socio-cultural environment 6.3 Opportunities 6.4 Threats 6.5 (Information generated from the SWOT analysis &functional areas) Chapter 7 FINDINGS, SUGGESTIONS AND CONCLUSION One paragraph about the study, objectives and the methodology adopted

7.1 Findings (may be based on SWOT analysis) 7.2 Suggestions (supported with logic behind the suggestions) 7.3 (Learning Experience- Industrial Exposure and Experience) 7.4 Conclusion IX . Bibliography (see annexure for the recommended format) X . Appendix {here u may put P&L A/c, BS, Pictures, etc} Note: Minimum number of pages: 60