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Undergraduate Courses from Manipal University Manipal University are leading universities in India.

Manipal University offers courses in engineering, medical courses, animation courses, programs, allied health, architecture, hotel management courses, academic programs, jewellery science and more Animation Courses: Animation programme from Manipal University is the perfect choice to groom you into an industry-ready animation professional. Manipal Universitys three year Degree in Animation has been designed as a comprehensive training programme where components of traditional skills. The objective of the B.Sc in Animation program is to prepare talented artists for a successful career in the animation field. This intensive 3 year full time degree programme is designed for talented and creative students wishing to develop the artistic and technical skills necessary to work in the animation industry. This production-oriented approach to training prepares students for a successful animation career in the entertainment industry. Animation is no longer viewed as merely an entertainment for children. Being an inimitable combination of traditional art and modern technology, animation throws up diverse and very fulfilling career options. It is now emerging as a mainstream career option that provides opportunities for thousands of youngsters to carve out a special career for themselves. Animation today, finds applications across different media Film, TV, Gaming, Special Effects, Medical Sciences, E-learning and more. Biotechnology Course: Biotechnology is a popular term for the genetic technology of the 21st century. Although it has been utilized for centuries in dairy, agriculture, and microbial production processes, modern biotechnology is only 50 years old. In the last decade, it has been witnessing tremendous growth in the development of vaccines, therapeutic proteins, genetic tools, and stem cell technology. Biotechnology, on one hand, deals with development of new therapies for lifethreatening diseases and, on other hand, it offers efficient and cost-effective means to produce an array of novel, value added agricultural products and biomedical tools. The Indian gem and jewellery industry is flourishing and to keep up with the booming industry, it is estimated that in the coming years trained professionals in this sector will be in demand. Jewellery Management MIJM is a unique institute that has been established in the year 2005 to provide the best platform to the students to kick start a glittering career in gem and jewellery industry. The institute offers graduation and post-graduation courses that have a judicious blend of jewellery and management subjects which provide required knowledge to the students to become successful jewellery management professionals.

MIJM has been bestowed with the prestigious BEST GEM AND JEWELLERY INSTITUTE award for providing paramount quality education in the field of gem and jewellery. Students of MIJM are recognized for their skills and talents and have been awarded many trophies and cash prizes for their outstanding performances at national and international level. Armed with the ability to comprehend the market while identifying consumer needs, graduates from the institute are prepared not only to find100% placement in successful jewellery corporate but also to become entrepreneurs in the sector. Being an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 certified University it will continue to value its inheritance of colleges that give many students an institutional home within the large University. Manipal University has won the esteemed IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award and International Asia Pacific Quality Award during 2007- 2008. The university is committed to be internationally significant in every discipline of education, health sciences, engineering and management and to be a global leadership in human development, excellence in education and healthcare