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THE SHAT KARMAS -NETI Neti. (a) Sutra Neti (b) Jala Neti/Dugdha Neti/Ghrita Neti.

(a) Sutra Neti / Rubber Neti Two cords will be required or you may use catheter (Rubber Neti) - 2 No. Sit in kagasana. Push the thread or the Rubber Catheter into one of the nostrils which ever is more active at that moment. When the cord comes out through the throat pull it out with the index and big finger while holding the other end out at the nostril. Now pull these up and down half a dozen times and draw out the entire length by way of the month. This done daily frees us from all the diseases of the nose, ears and teeth. The eyes will become sparkling bright. Bhakti Sagara Grantha (Ashtanga Yoga Varnana) :

Mihin ju suta mangay kai, moti batai dora Upara mauma ramaya kai, sadhai uthakarabhora Sadhai uthakara bhoa dedha allista ki kijai. Tako sidhi karai, hatha apane me lijai Nasa randhara men mela kara khincai anguli doya. Pheri bilouana kijiye neti kahiya soya, Naka kana aru danta ko roga na vyapai koya. Ujjvala hovai naina hi nita neti kari soya. Twist a thick cord out of thin, fine thread; soak it in water through and through. Get up early and use just 12 inches of this cord, thrust it up your nose, draw it down your throat then out of the mouth after chewing it thoroughly. This done daily you are free from all the diseases of the nose, ears, teeth and your eyes will be sparkling bright. An hour after this exercise, pour a couple of drops of warm butter into each nostril. These nose drops will be of special benefit if used before resting during day or before retiring for the night.

(b) Jal Neti (can be done with Milk/Ghee) Fill a jug with a nozzle of 1/2 lt. capacity with lukewarm saline water. Posture. Squatting on the ground. The jug of water held in palm. Method. Insert the spout in one nostril. Tilt the head to the opposite side water will trickle through the lower nostril. After emptying a jug full do the same with the other. Care should be taken to breathe through the mouth during the entire course of this operation, should be kept open never breathing through the nostril. After completing this exercise get up and bend forward at an angle of 90o. Breathe out sharply through the nose while moving your head right, left, up and down. This will help to eliminate whatever water remains. Jal Neti should be followed by Bhastrika, which is excellent for cases of chronic headache insomnia and drowsiness. It helps in stopping hair fall and greying of hair. Memory is sharpened. Eyes become brighter. Diseases of the ear and eyes can all be cured. Both sutra

neti and jala neti are part of one exercise first do sutra neti followed by jal neti. Hat yoga Pradipika - Part-II Shloka-30 Kapala Sodhani c-aiva divya drsti pradayini

Jatrurdhva - Jata rogaughan netir-asu nihanki ca. The neti exercise cleanses the brain cells, endows with divine sight and removes all diseases of the upper regions of the body.