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The VHP family of engines is the backbone of Waukeshas product offering. The VHP family has undergone continual improvements responding to customer needs. With the introduction of the Series Four engine we strive to improve the reliability and productivity of our most popular engine family ever. Waukeshas Series Four The VHP was fully analyzed using the latest engineering technologies. Significant improvements were made to key components to maintain the traditional VHP reliability and efficiency. The Series Four offers an increase in BMEP, and that means lower cost horsepower for you. The increased power of the Series Four gives you better first cost value with the simplicity, dependability, and low emissions potential of a rich burn engine. By continuing improvement through technological advances and customer driven requirements, the VHP Series Four will be a source of powerful customer satisfaction for years to come.

tradition. We made it more powerful.

We didnt break

The Waukesha VHP family offers some of the most reliable and productive natural gas engines in history. Adding the VHP Series Four engine makes the long established VHP tradition of excellence more powerful.

Cylinder Head

Waukesha took a clean sheet approach in developing the cylinder head of the future. It offers higher strength and improved cooling for more power and greater durability.

Power Cylinder

Simply, the best just got better.

New, stronger components for greater durability. Increased power for higher productivity. Lower first cost. Lower packaging and maintenance costs. Simple rich burn design. Low exhaust emissions potential.

Pistons, rings, and liners have been matched for optimum life and oil control. New piston designs offer better expansion characteristics at the crown and greater strength. Large-bore cylinder liners are made of heat treated bainite cast iron, with greater strength for less flexing and longer life.


New material and a new manufacturing process results in 55% greater strength to handle more power.


The turbocharger on the Series Four utilizes a water-cooled center housing for cooler bearing temperatures resulting in longer life. The turbocharger has been matched to provide full power up to 8000 ft altitude.

The Series Four Cylinder Head: Designed to Keep Its Cool.

Waukesha performed a comprehensive study of the VHP cylinder head. Combining the best features of existing Waukesha products with the latest in design techniques, this new cylinder head offers higher strength and improved cooling for more power and greater durability. Finite element analysis and solid modeling were used to create a cylinder head that is 33% stronger, while maintaining interchangeability with the current head. Hot spots around critical cylinder head components cost you because heat-related problems such as distortion, misalignment, wear, and stress will reduce component life. A state-of-the-art design ensures that flow through water passages is continuous, no blockages or stagnation. Result: 25% reduction in thermal gradient across the fire deck. Water-cooled exhaust valve seats run 30% cooler. Spark plug life has improved by over 50%.
Other improvements that benefit you:

Microspin Lube Oil System

Waukesha has added the Microspin bypass lube oil filter to the Series Four engine for unequaled engine oil filtration. With contaminant removal down to 0.5 microns, advantages include longer oil life, reduced engine wear, reduced maintenance costs, and greater engine uptime.

Custom Engine Controls

Standard Custom Engine Control (CEC) Ignition Module provides precise timing and control for reduced emissions and fuel costs. No wearing parts means consistent ignition performance and lower maintenance costs. The standard CEC Detonation Sensing Module adjusts ignition timing automatically on an individual cylinder basis. Detonation sensing optimizes ignition timing with varying load, speed, fuel, and ambient conditions, while protecting engine from detonation damage. This results in better exhaust emissions, fuel economy, and more even engine loading.


With the improved cooling of the new cylinder heads, allowable external jacket water restriction has been increased 150%. Factory mounted Detonation Sensing Module and revised junction box mounting allows for less packaging time.

A new valve bridge mechanism provides better valve actuation. Less side loading, less wear. Valves were rotated 45 to reduce flow losses and to impart a greater swirl and tumble of the incoming air/fuel mixture for more rapid and complete combustion. Equal length cylinder head bolts and revised gasketing improves loading and sealing of the cylinder head, liner, and block. Flange-mounted ignition coil improves spark delivery and eliminates water intrusion. Maintenance is simplified. Easier valve adjustment, a reusable rocker cover o-ring, and no-hassle valve seat removal make the Series Four user-friendly.

Improved Servicing

Mounting of the 3524GSI oil cooler now allows full access to the oil pan doors. Vee engine auxiliary water pipes are now mounted above the cylinder heads for easier servicing. The new junction box provides quick connections for easy removal if necessary.

Upgrade For Power

Want more power from your existing VHPs? Upgrade. Convert your existing engine with new Series Four Waukesha Genuine Parts. Contact a Waukesha Distributor for an upgrade and put this extra power to work for you. To locate a distributor in your area, visit our website at: www.waukeshaengine.com.

A Halliburton Company

Waukeshas VHP 3524GSI


I.C. Water Inlet Temp (Tcra) 130F (54C) 130F (54C) 130F (54C) Displ. cu. in. (litres) 3520 (58) 5788 (95) 7040 (115)

Brake Horsepower (kWb Output) at Selected RPM

700 RPM BHP kWb 490 366 805 600 980 731 800 RPM 900 RPM BHP kWb BHP kWb 560 418 920 686 1120 836 630 470 1035 772 1260 940 1000 RPM 1100 rpm 1200 rpm BHP kWb BHP kWb BHP kWb 700 522 1150 858 770 574 1265 943 840 627 1380 1029

Model 3524 GSI 5794 GSI 7044 GSI

C.R. 8.0:1 8.2:1 8.0:1

Bore & Stroke in. (mm) 9.375 x 8.5 (238 x 216) 8.5 x 8.5 (216 x 216) 9.375 x 8.5 (238 x 216)

1400 1044 1540 1149 1680 1253

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