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Lead Free Solutions for Assembly and Packaging



Lars-Olof Wallin
IPC European Representative
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5 April 2006

SEMICON Europa 2006

- Munich, Germany

1. IPC Lead Free Standards. 2. IPC-1752 Material Declaration. 3. IPC Lead Free Certification.

IPC Lead Free Standards for Components

Movie about moisture in BGA

New IPC Standards which include Lead Free

For Components. J-STD-020D. J-STD-033.

X Ray Direction

Example: Voiding = A+B+C+D+E+F

BGA Package

Solder Outline A B Void Outlines Interface

C Void Outlines Sphere


Voids according to IPC-7095 A

Location of Void Void in Solder (Solder Sphere) Void at interface of Solder (Sphere) and Substrate Class I 60% of diameter = 36% of Area 50% of diameter = 25% of Area
Solder Outline Void Outlines

Class II 42% of diameter = 20.25% of Area 25% of diameter = 12.25% of Area

Class III 30% of diameter = 9% of Area 20% of diameter = 4% of Area

Example: Total Void Diameter 0.10d +0.25d = 0.35d



IPC Lead Free Standards for CAD

New IPC Standards which include Lead Free

For CAD: IPC-7351 Supersedes IPC-SM-782.

Footprint change
CAPC1608N (0603) CAPC1005N (0402)

IPC 782A

IPC 7351

IPC Lead Free Standards for Bare Board Manufacturing

Surface treatments
HAL (Sn/Pb), Kem (Ni/Au, Ag, Sn) & OSP

New IPC Standards which include Lead Free

For Base Material.
IPC 4101B.

For Surface Treatment.

IPC-4552 (ENIG) IPC-4553 (Im Ag) IPC-4554 (Im Sn)

IPC Lead Free Standards for Assembling and Soldering

New IPC Standards which include Lead Free

For Solderbility.
J-STD-002C. J-STD-003B.

For Solder Alloys.

J-STD-006B. IPC-HDBK-005.

New IPC Standards which include Lead Free

For Requirements for Assembly .

For Acceptability for Assembly.

English, Chinese, Danish, Finish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and Vietnamese.

Materials Declaration IPC-1752 for Eco-Compliance

What is Materials Declaration?

End product producers are requiring that suppliers provide materials declarations Indicate compliance with the requirements. Provide detailed materials content information.

What is Materials Declaration?

EU RoHS and Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) Directives Customers want to ensure products do not contain banned/restricted materials. Customers want to know about the presence of other materials for: Recyclability Sustainability targets/goals Green marketing WEEE

Provides standard on How to declare References RoHS and JIG for substance reporting requirements Free download www.ipc.org/IPC-175X

Companies Supporting Development of 1752

3M Agere Systems Celestica Cisco Systems Inc. Dell Inc. Freescale Semiconductor Hewlett Packard (HP) IBM Corporation Jabil Circuit, Inc. Kemet Electronics Lenovo International Lockheed Martin Lucent Maxtor Microsoft Motorola Inc. Nortel Networks Qualcomm, Inc. Solectron Sun Microsystems Texas Instruments Tyco Electronics

Support for IPC 1752

3,280 downloads in 2005. Downloads from 50 Countries.

International Materials Declaration Standard

Draft standard forwarded to IEC for International Standardization. Intended translation to Chinese and Japanese. Meetings with Japanese and German industry groups to facilitate international adoption.

IPC 1752 Includes

Information about person requesting information Supplier information Part information Simple Yes/No RoHS Information JIG level declaration 100% declaration at homogeneous level Basic manufacturing information Legal statement Signature

Defined using a data model Underlying XML schema XML import/export to integrate with data management systems. Consistent with the data models for Rosetta Net PIPs 2A10/ 2A13/ 2A15

Provides an Adobe pdf-based form version for human input. Support for automated data extraction and exchange through XML.

Adobe pdf-based form IPC agreement with Adobe Users can edit the PDF form using the free Acrobat Reader. Automated data extraction. 2 versions: IPC-1752-1: RoHS and part level JIG substance reporting. IPC-1752-2: RoHS and homogeneous material level substance reporting.

Lead Free Solutions for assembly and Packaging"


5 April 2006

SEMICON Europa 2006 - Munich, Germany

Certification For Lead Free Electronics Assembly Process Capability Program

IPC Lead Free Certification Blue Ribbon Committee

AIM Apsco Celestica Cookson Electronics Fawn Industries Flextronics International GE Healthcare

Hewlett-Packard Jabil Circuit Kester Plexus Raven Industries Solectron Vitronics Soltec

IPC Lead Free Certification

How it works!
316 question self-audit checklist (15 sections). One day on-site facility audit.

IPC Lead Free Certification Self-Audit Checklist

General Training Surface Mount Assembly Wave Soldering Rework and Repair Assembly Materials Components Design and Engineering Test and Inspection Materials Assembly Database Materials Procurement Materials Warehouse Materials Field Return Quality Materials Declaration

Steps to Certification
Are you tall enough for the lead free ride? Sample Checklist Self-audit checklist (30 business days) On-site audit (90 business days) Audit report (14 days) Certification Appeal/re-audit Re-certification

IPC Lead Free Certification

Available Spring 2006