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Error search: Error logs can be pulled and viewed by the remote service engineers as the first hand

of service immediately when a call in logged enabling the field engineers to quickly order the parts or tools for fixing the machine. A proactive Onwatch tool will capture the intermittent errors and enable the GE engineers to order and replace the parts before the machine breaks down. Software Upgrades and patches: A few patch softwares can be upgraded installed and uninstalled form remote with Insite connectivity. Core file cleanup and error log cleanup can be done by remotely connecting into the system through insite. Database Reset and VRE configuration: Image reconstruction problems like queue flushing can be done by Remotely connecting. Database reset and VRE configuration which create issues in scaning and image storage can be resolved by connecting remotely through Insite. System Health: System Healthpage can be obtained from the system manually as well as auto sweep. This healthpage contains the information of system performance for the specified period as well as the System performance test which will be useful in predicting possible failures of parts and avoid breakdown by proactively working on it. IBIS: Install Base In Spec is an automated monitoring by GE on all its installed base which are connected through Insite which monitors the systems and it performance. This Sweep done weekly assess the system if it is passing all the factory specifications. Any violations will generate an alert and a call to the Field service engineer . Remote call loging: A request for service can be done by call Insite icon on the console for any service required. Image Quality issues: Image quality issues can be addressed immediately through Insite. GEs application engineer can pull the image ( given the exam , series and image numbers) and analyse and support regarding the application protocols or any field service. Helium readings: The Magnet monitor can send the data of helium level and pressure to the GE call centre and a mail to the Local FE . this will avoid any helium bioloff. Shield cooler performance: The shield cooler performance can be monitored including the water flow rate remotely through Insite. Any performance related issue will trigger an alert with GE call centre. Cold Head performance:

The cold head performance can be monitored remotely through Insite. The Heater Duty Cycle which is a parameter in predicting the coldheads performance there by ensuring the proactive replacements of the parts without loosing helium.