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Summer / 2011

Issue 4 / 2011

into past acts of unrecognised military and naval valour are talking to the survivors from PERTH I as part of their deliberations. Your Committee met in Canberra on 22 October and the AGM followed that meeting. It was a pleasure to be able present Life Membership to Lyle Phillips on the recommendation of Ron Tuckwell and the support of the Committee. It particularly recognised his long service to the Association which came to a formal end last year after four hard years as President. Regrettably as the years go on we lose more of our PERTH I members and their shipmates. While some other mention of then may appear elsewhere I would like to list in order the recent losses. Earnest (Ernie) Noble on 22 Sept., Griffith (Robby) Roberts 22 Sept., Dan Bowden 30 Sept. (aged 101), Charles (Jock) Lawrence (98) 2 Nov. and James John Long (92) 21 Nov. Last week I attended a Xmas Buffet Lunch
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From the Desk of the National President

First and foremost, an update on our Patron VADM David Leach. He is much recovered and getting around again although still on some medication to keep the bugs at bay. He visited HMAS VAMPIRE at Darling Harbour on Sunday 4th December and I joined him for a walk around the Maritime Museum before lunch. I had a call from Rob Gray the son of CMDR(E) R Gray DSO RAN who was lost with PERTH I. He is trying to arrange for himself to visit the site of the ships resting place for the 70th anniversary of the battle. He would be very interested if any others would like join in the project and he can be contacted by email (randj.gray@bigpond.com) or telephone 03 9885 3040 or 0439 900 950.

HONOURS Atlantic Ocean 39-40 Malta Convoys 1941 Matapan 1941 Greece 1941 Crete 1941 Mediterranean 1941 Pacific 1941-42 Sunda Strait 1942 Vietnam 1967-71

Merry Xmas

Happy New Year

You may be interested to know that The Defence Honours and Awards Appeal Tribunal inquiring
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Memorial Services / New Address The last quiet Xmas VALE

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Perth Pundit

One of our PERTH I members, Gordon Steele, has recently been using the talking books put out by Vision Australia on CD and he came across one titled ARTHURS WAR by Arthur Bancroft. Gordon says it is a good read. The story was written by Arthur with the help of John Harman. ARTHURS WAR was published about the same time as Mike Carltons CRUISER. Dont forget that next year (2012) is the 70th anniversary of the loss of HMAS PERTH I & USS HOUSTON and also the loss of a large number of their ships company when they were sunk in Sunda Strait on 28 February / 1 March. There will be a number of memorial services held around Australia as well as in the United States. See page 4 for information on some of the Australian services. Weve had a few members spend some time in hospital during the last three months. One spent 4 days in major city hospital with a bout of low blood pressure while another spent a few days having stents inserted in blocked arteries. Both members are now doing well and are fully recovered. Talking of hospital, it is very pleasing to hear that our Patron, VADM David Leach, is also well on the way to recovery after his bout of infection after his hip replacement earlier this year.

Patron: Vice Admiral David LEACH AC CBE LVO RAN (Retired) President: John KING Vice President: Ron TUCKWELL Secretary: Darrell HEGARTY 02 6100 6469 Assistant Secretary: Bob PENDAL Treasurer: Stephen YOULL OAM Assistant Treasurer: Jack AARON OAM HMAS PERTH Liaison Officer: Ships Warrant Officer HMAS PERTH Pundit Editor: Darrell HEGARTY 02 6100 6469 E-Mail: editor@hmasperth.asn.au Association Postal Address: PO Box 626 MERIMBULA NSW 2548 Committee Members: Jack AARON OAM John LEATE Trevor RIEKEN Gordon STEELE OAM

A somewhat late notification: One of our Victorian PERTH I veterans, Jim Millerick, crossed the bar on 29 September last. Unfortunately there was no mention of his naval service in the newspaper notices. Jim was a Stoker in PERTH and spent a number of years as a PoW from 1 March 1942 until his repatriation to Australia on 24 October 1945. May you rest in peace Jim. The software donated to the Association by Microsoft is fully licensed and donated on the condition that we must NOT resell or resupply it to any other person or entity, except as a prize in fundraising events (read auction) conducted by and for the sole benefit of our Association. The available titles are: Halo 2 PC 32-bit Australia COPYRIGHT NOTICE only DVD. All articles and photographs used in this Flight Simulator 10 standPublication are copyright unless ard. otherwise stated. They should not be Fable the Lost Chapters sold or used in any other publication Win32 Australia only CD. without express written permission from Windows 7 Ultimate DVD. the Committee of this Association.
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DISCLAIMER The views expressed by contributors are not necessarily those of the HMAS Perth National Association Inc. The material used in Pundit is checked for accuracy, and no liability can be assumed for any losses due to the use of any material in this publication.

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Lyle Phillips, our immediate past President, was awarded life membership of the Association at the Annual General Meeting held in Canberra on 22 October last. A small reproduction of the certificate presented to Lyle is shown below. This life membership was proposed by a number of people and voted unanimously by those present at the Annual General Meeting. Lyle has been a member of the Association from the very early days and during his time has held the positions of Treasurer, President, Vice President & Membership Secretary over a period of 14 years. During his time as President he initiated a quite major modification of our Constitution and had that modification accepted by the membership by way of a postal vote. The citation as printed on the Life Membership Certificate reads: For his outstanding service to the Association as a Foundation Member and as a member of the Executive for more than 14 years, including as Treasurer, Membership Secretary and, particularly, as National President from 2006 to 2010, during which tenure, he not only lead and patiently oversaw the rewriting of the Constitution , but his leadership, common sense and consistency enabled the Association to address and resolve several disruptive issues. His legacy is that the Association was able to reposition itself as a cohesive, harmonious and forward looking organisation, dedicated to the interests of its Members. We heartily congratulate Lyle for this award and wish him well in the future.


Mike Kay, Secretary of the NSW Area, has had two new mini-banners made for the Area to use on occasions when the large banner is inappropriate or too cumbersome. These banners measure 1 metre x 1.6 metres and can easily be managed by one person. They are made of a light fabric called satinette and the pole mount made from an extendable pole with some electrical conduit for the cross member. Approximate cost was $265 each, but more expensive for a one-off. If any other Areas want one, National could purchase a number for resale to Areas, providing more than one Area is interested.
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Perth Pundit
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with Gavin Campbell and Frank McGovern together with family members, other members of our Association, Mike Carlton with some of his associates and also the Launching Lady of PERTH III Margaret Gee. Again I provide a reminder that next year is the 70th Anniversary of the loss of the first HMAS PERTH and I hope we can get a strong roll-up at the commemorative services. In regard to this I have approached the Number 9 Squadron Association inviting them to participate in these activities in the various States as they lost personnel in the sinking and as POWs. Hopefully we will have a good attendance at these services as it is a very special anniversary. We have invited PERTH III to send representatives if they can, particularly the service at the AWM in Canberra which we trust will have a good contingent of PERTH I members and the Service Chiefs. Also our next Committee meeting (1100) is to be held in Queensland on Saturday 10 March, 2012, at a venue to be advised and all are welcome and your attendance would be greatly appreciated. John King National President


A memorial service will be held at the AWM on Tuesday 28 February, commencing at 1000. This service will be attended by a number of PERTH I survivors and Med crew from most States, as well a students from Canberra Girls Grammar and Nowra Anglican College. The service will be followed by a luncheon at Olims Hotel.

The Victorian memorial service will be held on Thursday 1 March commencing on the forecourt of the Shrine of Remembrance at 1300. The service will be followed by the presentation of the Perth Essay competition. Afternoon tea will be provided.


NSW Friday 24 February will see the annual Battle of the Java Sea commemorative service at Martin Place, commencing 1100. This will be followed by a Church Service at Garden Island Chapel on Sunday 26 February, commencing at 1000. This may be the last church service held specifically for PERTH I at the Garden Island Chapel. QLD / WA These States will have their usual commemorative services, as they have had in previous years. WA also has a regatta on the Swan River hosted by the Nedlands Yacht Club on 19th February. Check with your local Area Committee for full details.


Due to personal circumstances, the Association address will once again change from around midJanuary. The address will revert to the previous Merimbula address:

Secretary / Membership Secretary / Editor HMAS Perth National Association Inc. PO Box 626 MERIMBULA NSW 2548
Phone: 02 6100 6469 02 8004 5401 02 6495 1401

(whichever is required)

(local call in ACT) (local call in Sydney) (Merimbula home number)


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Perth Pundit


I offer my congratulations to all those Geelong Cats and Manly Sea Eagles supporters within our ranks. Although my beloved Doggies missed out on making the finals this year, we will back (as Arnie said) under a new coach eager to return us to the days when we were known as the Junkyard Dogs. Peter and Betty Eveille, Garry and Lynne Pearson, Kevin and Lee Luke, Darrell Hegarty, Graham Moore, Alex McGown and your correspondent attended our annual pre-Christmas lunch on Sunday, 20 November at Caf Injoy, OHanlon Place, Nicholls. The lunch provided an opportunity to welcome new member Alex, in addition to welcoming back Kevin and Lee following their extended absence in the Middle East. Members are reminded that the next Battle of Sunda Strait Service will be held at the Australian War Memorial on Tuesday, 28 February 2012, commencing at 1000. The service is a milestone event and will commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the loss of HMAS Perth I and USS Houston against a numerically superior Japanese force on 1 March 1942. Of the 328 survivors (324 Naval, three RAAF and one civilian) four Naval personnel died ashore, without having been taken prisoner. A further 106 men died in captivity (105 Naval and one RAAF) and 33 POWs were subsequently lost in the Rokuyo Maru when it was sunk by a US submarine whilst on passage to Japan. Able Seaman George Morriss and Bandsman Henry Kelly died on the infamous Sandakan Death March. Following the Japanese surrender, 214 men (211 Naval, two RAAF and one civilian) returned home to Australia. Only twelve POW / Survivors remain and their ages next year will range from 89 to 94 years. Only six are now able to travel and at this stage of the planning, all have expressed their interest in attending the Service. This may be the last time they can meet as one group and with this in mind, the ACT Area in particular and the Association in general, are determined to make the occasion as memorable as possible for them. Formal invitations have/will be sent to the Chief of Navy, US Naval Attach, HMAS Perth I members, relatives and carers. In lieu of a guest speaker, a Question & Answer Forum consisting of Perth I members and students from Nowra Anglican College and Canberra Girls Grammar will be held following the wreath laying ceremony. The Veterans Voices Choir from the Vietnam Veterans and Veterans Federation ACT, has indicated it will participate again. In recognition of the milestone event, the Australian War Memorial will mount a display of Perth I relics for a number of days in its Orientation Gallery. Steve Youll was instrumental in making this happen: I am both appreciative and impressed with the subtle diplomacy employed by our former National President during his negotiations with the AWM Director, a contemporary from his days at Whale Island Gunnery School. Further details of the Service, including post-service arrangements, will be forwarded to ACT members in early February 2012. On behalf of the ACT President, Peter Eveille, may I extend the compliments of the season to all Association members and their loved ones. I hope the New Year will be a happy, healthy and safe one for you all, particularly those who may not be travelling too well at the moment. Take care and keep smiling. Jack Aaron ACT Area Representative National Committee

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Sadly two Perth 1 N.S.W. members are no longer with us Daniel Bowden and Charles Lawrance passed away in the last few months. A memorial service was held for Daniel Bowden at The Entrance. There was a service for Charlie Lawrance at Botany Crematorium. The Association was represented at both. Friday 24th February 2012: Battle of Java Sea Memorial Service at the Cenotaph, Martin Place, Sydney at 1030 for 1100 (11:00 a.m.). Sunday 26th February 2012: Battle of the Sunda Strait Commemorative Service will be at the Garden Island Chapel next year at 10:00 a.m. (this is the 70th anniversary of the sinking of H.M.A.S. Perth 1). Those contemplating going to the Chapel will need to give the names of the people attending and the car rego number to me on 99 9999 9999 or email xxx@xxxx.xxx.xx to get through security at the gate. For any of our less mobile members the F.N.S.A. is organizing some Land Rovers for the Sydney ANZAC Day March 2012 if anyone wishes to ride in one please let me know. Our next meeting will be on February 18th 2012 at the Hornsby R.S.L. commencing at 1100. On behalf of the N.S.W. Committee I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. If you are travelling over the Festive Season take care, I might also be on the road. Mike Kay Sec. N.S.W. Area

I can report that any activity has been minimal as there is not an active group that meets regularly. As a result of an invite we received from the Naval Association SA Division President David Kerr the Association was given the opportunity lay a wreath in the RAN Peace gardens for those who unfortunately were victims of the sinking of HMAS Sydney 2. Orm Cooper and I intended to represent the HMAS Perth National Association but unfortunately due to a bout of ill health Orm had to absent himself and I delivered a wreath that was laid on the HMAS Perth plinth in memory of our former shipmates and also those who unfortunately went down with HMAS Sydney 2. A touching service was was presented by the NAA and present was the Governor of SA, Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce a former HMAS Perth shipmate. I had the opportunity to have a chat with him as I had met him at other functions. A BBQ lunch was provided by the VVAA and there was plenty of opportunity to catch up with old friends. Regards Bill Kane OAM

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Another year has come and gone. On Sat. 19th Nov. we had our last get together for the year. We celebrated with a buffet luncheon, which was catered for & held at the NAVY CLUB High Street FREMANTLE. 24th Nov. was ARTHUR BANCROFT's 90th birthday, which he celebrated with family and friends at the MERCY NURSING HOME. There were 2 officers from PERTH 3 who presented him with a PERTH 3 CAP with the new logo on it. As was mentioned to the gathering there were personel from the 3 ships plus the TS PERTH CADETS. Fred SKEELS will turn 89 next month. Our up and coming events for next year are, members BBQ at the NAVY PARK in ROCKINGHAM on 12th Feb. for 1100, 1130 NEDLANDS YACHT CLUB PERTH 1 REGATTA on the 19th Feb. 2012. The PERTH 1 survivors church service will be held in ST. JOHNS CHURCH HIGH STREET FREMANTLE commencing at 1100. It is the 70th anniversary of the sinking of PERTH1 so are hoping as many members as possible are able to attend this special event. On behalf of the members of the WA BRANCH we wish all members a happy and healthy XMAS and a safe NEW YEAR. Regards Peter Jarvis


The Victorian Area has been quiet this quarter. The October 15th meeting at the RACV Club was attended by President Mal, Basil, Neil and Sec/Treasurer Pete. A small but effective group. The commemoration for 70th anniversary of The Battle of Sunda Strait will be held at The Shrine of Remembrance Melbourne on Thursday 1st March 2012 on The Forecourt at 1pm followed by the presentation of the Perth Essay competition in the shrine, afternoon tea will be provided. Members and their guests are welcome. President Mal received an invitation from the HMAS Goorangai Association to attend their commemorative service at Queenscliff on Sunday 20th November 2011 as Mal was unable to attend Sec/ Treasurer Pete Johnston filled in. [It is in my territory] These Associations are closing due to the passing of WW2 members; hence we need to carry the banner for them and are proud to do so. The ceremony was attended by Capt Mark Hill Senior Naval Officer Vic, and many dignitaries. The HMAS Goorangai [ a 223-ton auxiliary minesweeper ] was cut in half by the troop ship MV Duntroon in Port Phillip Bay with all 24 hands lost, in November 1940, becoming the RAN's first loss of World War II, and the first RAN surface ship to be lost in wartime. Next year will provide an opportunity for Perth to lay a wreath as most of the RANs Ships are honoured there on various plaques. Regards Pete Johnston Sec/Treasurer HMAS Perth National Association Victorian Area.

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From Gordon STEELE Starting with a group of enthusiastic young who have just completed the new entry course of the Engineering Branch at Flinders Naval Depot, having passed the exam we were expecting a sea-going draft. So came the 15th October 1940, ten budding young Stokers joined the mighty Cruiser HMAS PERTH at Princes Pier, Port Melbourne. After due processing, allocating of duty watches, mess numbers etc., we were granted shore leave, but not before having our new tallies tied. How proudly we wore HMAS PERTH on our forehead. All tied by old hand LDG Stoker John Poulter (Square Deal), later Chief Mechanician. To Sydney next day, full power to Cockatoo Dock - urgent repairs for oncoming duties. Overnight leave to Natives saw my folks then, fifteen months till the next time. Duty watch next day followed by 20th October, PERTH was to escort troop ships QUEEN MARY, ACQUATANNA, MAURITAINIA and a Polish troop carrier out of Melbourne. This was the bulk of the 7th Division, bound for the Middle -East. CANBERRA took over this convoy off Cocos Island. We could see the wreck of EMDEN, known for the engagement with SYDNEY I during WWI.

Back row, L-R: Joe Coxall, Paddy Crayton, Dallas Pascoe, ??, Gordon Steele Front, L-R: Reg Durie, ??, Harry Smith, Eric,Brenton, Syd Triffit Taken outside Bg1, CERBERUS, 15/10/40

PERTH was then stationed in Fremantle for the next four or five weeks. Many runs ashore interrupted by short escorts and raider searches. Early November Admiral Crace, who for some months had his flag in PERTH, moved his staff elsewhere - our first sign of pending changes. The next day, Ships' Company in number ones were gathered on the fo'castle for a photographer from the 'West Australian' newspaper. He was perched atop a scaffold ladder from the nearby slipway abreast of 'B' wharf. Jim Nelson makes mention of this in his writings - hence the famous photo. The big adventure starts next - off to Colombo. Part way across we rendezvoued with CANBERRA and picked up thirty-two replacements for a like number of reluctant warriors who had good-nighted us in Fremantle. Colombo on 5th December - intriguing atmosphere. Aden on 12th December. My 20th birthday and our first air raid. Two Italian Ricco planes dropped two bombs miles away. Suez: Then through the canal on 23rd - the ship's band entertained on the fo'castle. Whacko ! How good is this ?? I thought we were on a Cunard liner, but no, the steward did not serve drinks. Next day, 24th, we arrived in Alexandria Harbour through the lines of the massive RN Fleet Carriers, Battleships and whole range of this mighty fleet and welcome signals and cheers we moored about 300 yards from 'Warspite', Admiral Cunningham's office. All night leave was granted - a mistake. Our management did not know the orders. Active Fleet Ships had very limited leave restrictions. A couple of we juniors picked up with some older hands. I recall one was John McQuade. Maybe some will remember him. The highlight of our Christmas Eve was in a Large Cafe seat rather lumpy. 6th Div soldiers just back from the Western Desert got into a dispute with some equally lumpy Scotties, kilts and all - they started their own entertainment. Within a short time the joint was wrecked Page 8

Perth Pundit

then came the Gendarmes and M.P.'s, whistles and truncheons - we were fortunate to escape unscathed. Christmas Day and of course a Church Parade. The ship's company including our Captain Sir Phillip Bowyer-Smythe and Chaplain in full rig. The ship's band and buglers - very impressive. But No-NoNo !! Gatherings of any size were strictly forbidden aboard ships and unfortunately our neighbour, the Admiral observed all this. That was our last Church Parade or mass gathering of any kind. Then followed Christmas dinner. As is traditional with Navy cooks, they turned on a fine Xmas feast - we even had a beer issue. The accompanying photo of 44 mess shows the inside of the ship. The gangway leading to the upper deck is visible on the right - my mess mates nearly blocked me out. I wanted to hold aloft my beer bottle with my right hand. The war - oh yes, that was still going on somewhere. Boxing Day and dutywatch, then to sea and spend time.
Gordon Steele (circled)

Rest of 1940 out five days were still bombarding the Lybian coast. The 9th division were involved in the Banghasi Hadicm as they called it - they were retreating from the new enemy - The Africa Corps. That was the last quiet Christmas. Then began seven months of relentless war in various phases. Once more into the breech dear friends, once more. Gordon Steele S4165


From: Donald (Scotty) Allan (ABCD) - deidre.don@bigpond.com I was the ABCD on board PERTH in Vietnam 1970/71 I have had an article published in the Naval Historical Society of Australia about my part/ships part in searching 7 Hoi Chanh who turned up - secured alongside PERTH before anyone of importance noticed. My article can be seen on the RANCDA website under Articles No 7. If anyone can add or include any details I would be pleased to hear from them as a follow up is scheduled for the March 2012 edition using further detail received from AWM which came to light subsequent to the first article was published. If you can help Don with any information on this incident during the ships third deployment, please contact Don directly using the email address above. DH
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Perth Pundit


Weve had a few items of software donated to us by Microsoft, and we also have 4 signed copies of Mike Carltons book, Cruiser, and a framed print of a painting of PERTH II titled Plane Guard by Peter Blenkinsopp. After discussion at the AGM, it was decided to run an online auction similar to e-Bay to sell these items to the highest bidder. be available to Association memble via the *Members Only* page items have a very fair minimum der will also be required to pay

The auction will will be accessiMost of the successful bid-

bers only and of our website. price the postage costs.

Dont forget that your login details are: Your username is your FIRST initial followed by your SURNAME with no spaces or other punctuation and in lower case. Example: John Smith - jsmith Your password is your membership number, once again in lower case. Example: n987 We have three PC games and a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. The value of the games is not known but Windows 7 Ultimate is usually sold at $300+. The games are FABLE, FLIGHT SIMULATOR & HALO 2. The PERTH II painting is approximately 70mm x 50mm. This framed print was donated to the Association by Peter at our Decommissioning reunion in 1999. It was hoped that the auction would commence before Xmas but many things have prevented me from writing the necessary web software in time, thus the auction will (hopefully) commence on Monday 23 January 2012.
(Below) A picture, sent in by Barry Fidock of the Queensland Area Christmas function held on Sunday 4th December.

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Perth Pundit

19-Jan-1919 - 22-Sep-2011 Ernie Noble passed away in Melbourne on 22nd September 2011. He was 92 years of age. Ernie was tough. When HMAS Perth (I) and USS Houston sank in the Battle of the Sunda Strait on March 1, 1942, only 328 Perth (I) men survived. Ernie was one of only 47 men who managed to reach the safety of Sangieng Island in the Strait and one of only 9 who swam in; the others came in on a recovered lifeboat. Ernie did it the hard way. On the island, Ernie tended the wounded with virtually nothing and when another lifeboat was rigged for an attempt to get to Australia, Ernie remained with the sick. On reaching Java, a few days later, Ernie walked inland to certain captivity, still caring for his mates. Hundreds of Perth (I) and Houston men were then interned in Serang POW camp which Ernie called a terrible, terrible place a kero tin for hygiene and two feeds a day of dirty brown rice and some water. Ernie was then sent to the Thai Burma Railway up the Burma end. He worked as a medical orderly in various camps, ending up at 100 Kilo camp, where life had only become worse. Ernie survived and was Mentioned in Despatches in 1946. Ernie is the last of the Sangieng Island bunch and he leaves the ranks of Perth (I) survivors now only numbering 12 men. He is also one of three Noble brothers who went to war, and all who returned. Ernie also leaves behind a story of exemplary courage, humility and care for his fellow man. All big words that would in honesty embarrass Ernie. But they are well placed . . . From Patti

26-Feb-1910 - 30-Sep-2011 Dan Bowden, the last surviving member of the Royal Australian Navys first training ship HMAS Tingira has passed away suddenly, age 101 at the Bateau Bay nursing home this week. Daniel Bowden joined the Navy in March 1925 at just 15 years of age, beginning a career at sea that was to last 25 years. His first posting as a boy seaman was to the Navy training ship HMAS Tingira on a mooring in Sydneys Rose Bay. 12 months later he was posted to Flinders Naval Base in Victoria and was trained as a telegraphist and went on to became part of the commissioning crew of HMAS Australia in 1928. Then posted to HMAS Albatross as a telegraphist air gunner and served as an air gunner in aircraft on board HMAS Perth. Bowden was in active service in the Second World War, beginning on a minesweeper in the Middle East. The aircraft operated from Crete in support of the Navy and the 6th Division of the Australian Army. Flying dawn and dusk patrols around Crete from HMAS Perth the aircraft Bowden was in was shot down and himself and two other airmen were rescued . Bowden received one of only six MBEs awarded to Non Commissioned Officers. Returning to Sydney Bowden met his wife Mitzy when he was thirty years old in what was a whirlwind romance. Sadly Daniels wife died in 1985, but he enjoys spending time with his son, two grand children and his great grand children aged six and three. After navy life Bowden worked with the Victorian State Electricity Commission and retired early. In 1967 the couple found a block of land at Bateau Bay and decided to settle there for their remaining days, the next 40 odd years!
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Perth Pundit

Recently Bowden was transferred to the Bateau Bay nursing home after he lost feeling and the use of his legs. As an active member of his local RSL sub-Branch and many former naval ship associations for many years. Sadly Dan Bowden was the last of the Tinny Boys and proudly wore his Old Boys Tingira Association badge to his very last days. He was thrilled to become a Life Member of the new Tingira Australia Association of Tinny Boys form the HMAS Leeuwin intakes of 1960 - 84 when boys were again recruited at 15 and 16 years of age.

Charles (Jock) LAWRANCE

28-Aug-1913 - 2-Nov-2011 Jock passed away on 2 November at the Frenchmans lodge Nursing Home, Randwick. Jock had turned 98 in August. Last Anzac Day he marched with the Perth members and told his son at the end, that he felt he could do it again. He was the oldest marcher on the day. It was a great tribute to Jock that the Navy had honoured him with the White Ensign on his casket and his RSL Club, Matraville, of which he was a foundation member, provided an excellent and well deserved tribute at the service. In the 30s two Melbourne girls, May and Jean her sister, had married two young sailors. Charles Lawrance and Arthur Close. In those pre-war years they had served on different ships. Arthur had even gone over on Brisbane to pick up the Sydney. They were brothers-in-law and also best mates. When Jock was posted to go over and collect the Perth, Arthur pulled some strings and got a berth with him on Autolycus. They were at the Commissioning, the Worlds Fair in New York, the South Atlantic when war commenced, the only back up in the Graf Spee incident outside Montivideo and then up into the Mediterranean where the Perth had some of its greatest moments at Matapan, Greece and Crete. On that day in Alex it was announced that the ship would be returning to Australia for repairs and some well deserved rest. Not so for all of them though. A draft of about 100 were to be sent back into the Med to serve on the old destroyers in the Scrap Iron Flotilla carrying out dangerous work suppling Tobruk. Jock was sent to Vendetta. The odds of survival were not good. Jock handed his valuables to Arthur and the two men made a pact. If either survived, that one would care for the others children as their own. It was thought that of the two, Arthur had the best chances. Unfortunately, things turned out differently and the story of the Perth and its heroic battles in Java Sea and Sunda Strait is quite well known. Arthur was on the rangefinder and was killed when the bridge was blown. Throughout their lives Bob and Kevin Close have been more like brothers to Alan and Chris Lawrance than cousins. May you rest in peace Jock.

(Left) Jock Lawrence and his best mate Arthur Close pictured in the Med.

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Rabbits Available for sale

Murphy has surfaced again - the polo shirts we previously had are no longer in production and weve now selected another model, 100% polyester, available this time in six colours: Aqua blue / white (pictured); Silver / white; White / black; Navy / white; Black / white & Pistachio (Lt green) / navy. Available in: (Approx chest size in cm) Mens: S(104), M(110), L(116), XL(124), 2XL(130), 3XL(142) & 5XL(158). Ladies: 8(93), 10(98), 12(103), 14(108), 16(113), 18(118), 20 (124), 22(130) & 24(136). These polo shirts are available, embroidered with either the DDG ship crest (far right) or the PERTH III crest (right). When ordering please state colour, size and crest desired. We have official copies of a Navy Video on DVD, made in 1965 (as a film) of the commissioning of HMAS PERTH. The video is titled The New Ship and is selling for $15 including p&p. This PERTH II DVD, contains THE NEW SHIP (1965), ON THE GUNLINE (1968), PERTH TRIBUTE (1999) and an extra short film. These films were made by Navy during PERTH IIs life and have been recorded to DVD for the Association. We also have a DVD, containing videos of dives on PERTH I (2009) and HMS EXETER (2008), as well as a slide show of some pictures of PERTH I crew, by Dr Andrew FOCK of the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. This DVD also has video of the PERTH I Commissioning ceremony and PERTH I sailing into Sydney. We can arrange for a name badge to be made to order similar to the one in the photograph at the right. The badge is coloured White with black lettering and the cost of $15.00 includes postage. This is a new design replacing the older navy blue badge and is available with either a pin clasp or magnetic holder. Please specify the holder you require when ordering. The badge is 3 x 1 or 75mm x 25mm.

Perth Pundit

Postage and packing is additional to most of the prices quoted above, except where mentioned and would generally cost $6.00 for one to three items. These are just some of the rabbits we have available for sale to Members. Further photographs will be featured in future issues of Pundit to give you an idea of the total range of items we have for sale. We will hopefully be adding to our range from time to time, so watch this space for future releases.
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All orders for rabbits are to be forwarded to:
The Secretary HMAS Perth National Association PO Box 626 MERIMBULA NSW 2548

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We would be very happy to accept your articles for publication in any issue of PUNDIT Contributions should preferably be typed with a good quality of print for scanning or presented on a CD-R or CD-RW - returnable if requested. Disk contributions should preferably be in plain ASCII text without any formatting - save them from your word processor as ASCII (DOS) text. Handwritten articles will also be accepted, although they may take a little longer to appear in print, as they will need to be re-typed. Photographs supplied for the article should be either glossy prints or good quality JPEG files. Photos will be returned after scanning if requested. Please DO NOT send photographs embedded in an MS Word document. Please send your contribution to: The PUNDIT Editor HMAS Perth National Assn Inc PO Box 626 MERIMBULA NSW 2548 Your contributions may also be sent via e-mail to:

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HMAS Perth Association Blazer Pocket (dk blue) ...... $20.00 DVD - The New Ship 1965, On the Gunline & PERTH Tribute 1999 - (inc postage) ................................................ $15.00 DVD - Dive video of PERTH I and HMS EXETER by Dr Andrew FOCK - (inc postage) ........................................ $4.00 HMAS Perth II decommissioning mug ........................ $12.00 HMAS Perth Polo shirt - see previous page for colours order only (including postage in Oz) ....................... $45.00 New !! The Mediterranean Diary by Jim NELSON Reprinted for Association (inc postage in Oz) ......... $22.50

All Lapel Badges ( We were winning, White Ensign or Navy Anchor) ......................................................................... $5.00 Association name badge - white, order, with Magnetic or Pin attachment (please specify) .............. $15.00 Keyrings Navy Anchor ............................................... $5.00 Vietnam Service cloth Badges ...................................... $5.00 PERTH (1) wall plaque ............................................... $67.50 (plus $6.00 postage - three left) PERTH (2) wall plaque ............................................. $???. (plus $6.00 postage - NONE left)
Most items above include p&p unless stated otherwise. All orders to Secretary, PO Box 626 MERIMBULA NSW 2548



Please use this form only for an alteration to your personal details such as mailing address, email address, telephone or mobile number. You should include your membership number to ensure we change the correct database entry. If you wish to join our Association, please use the application form available from our website.

SURNAME: ....................................... FIRST NAME: .............................. INITIALS: ................ STREET: ....................................................................... SUBURB: ............................................. STATE: .............................. Membership #: ................. P/CODE: .................. PHONE NO: .............................................

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I wish to have the capitation of $7.50 to go to .... Area (Insert State / Area or leave blank) If no choice is made above, the capitation will go to the Area Committee of your residence. Detach or copy, and mail to the Membership Secretary, PO Box 626 MERIMBULA NSW 2548

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