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ABHINAV DUBEY Contact no: +91-9632002629 Email ID: abhinavdubey08@gmail.com dubey_abhinav08@yahoo.

in CAREER OBJECTIVE To contribute to the world of Information Technology, in a most challenging & motivating ambiance, where performance and professionalism are the fundamental criteria for growth and to assimilate my knowledge & skills with my perseverance & dedication. PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Software Analysis, Design and Development knowledge in Oracle 10g/11g, Pl/Sql, JAVA, JSP, SERVLET, JDBC as well as experienced in development with HIBERNATE. Good hold on MVC frameworks STRUTS; SPRING (IOC, AOP, DAO, ORM, and MVC). Working Knowledge in development of 3-tier architecture with Extensive Knowledge of Web Technologies I have working experience in Middleware technology at TIBCO BusinessWorks, TIBCO Administrator for Development and Maintenance projects. Preparing Design Package by analyzing HLD and developing applications in TIBCO BusinessWorks and perform unit testing. Deployment of projects using TIBCO Administrator and support testing with other systems. Monitoring deployed projects in Production server by checking running processes status, Database queries, Topics, Queues and resolve problems.

EMPLOYMENT SUMMARY Currently working for Orion Infomance Technology Pvt. Ltd. as Software Developer since February 2011 till present. Worked for Accenture as a TIBCO Developer since June 2010 to 2011.

EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION ACADEMICS MCA from Sikkim Manipal University 2013. GNIIT (Software Engineering) from NIIT Institute during the period of 2007-2011. B.Sc. in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics from Rohilkhand University in 2009. Intermediate from Spring Fields College, Moradabad (U.P.) in 2005. Matriculation from Spring Fields College, Moradabad (U.P.) in 2003. SOFTWARE PROFICIENCY Technology Languages Operating Systems Database Tools Concepts Framework : : : : : : : TIBCO BusinessWorks, TIBCO Administrator, JSP & Servlets, Web Services. Core Java, Advanced Java, WSDL, XML, UML. Windows XP, Solaris, Windows7. Oracle 10g/11g, SQL Server 2005/2008. NetBeans 6.5-7.2, Eclipse, Toad, SOAPUI, Altova XML, Putty, TIBCO Designer (AMBW). DBMS, OOPS Concept. Struts, Hibernate, Spring MVC

OFFICIAL PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN 1) PRE-SALES SOLUTION REPOSITORY o Client : .Dynalog India Pvt. Ltd. o TEAM SIZE : 4. o RESPONSIBILITIES : Project Analysis, Java Developer. o TECHNOLOGY USED : ORACLE 10G, JAVA, JSP/SERVLETS, AND STRUTS. o PLATFORM : WINDOWS (XP) DESCRIPTION: This program is to collate the IT understanding, Trends, Opportunities, Case studies and expertise into a solution model for organization. To start with we would use Semiconductor and Peripheral industry as a prototype. Each solution would be bucketed into its appropriate IT solution need for the Hi-Tech Industry. These understanding can be a pro-actively suggested to existing Hi-tech customers that would ultimately lead to organizations penetration into new business processes (apart

from Engineering) for existing Hi-tech customers. The collated business solutions and slide deck would help the sales effort in effective and quick response to RFPs. This avoids typical last minute hurry for tailored or generic slide sets. Understand what our competitors propose in each Process Solutions, their strengths and weakness. The Industry based slide desks would match to more specific customer needs instead of addressing the generic needs. 2) SRJ PHONE (SOFT PHONE) (INTERNSHIP PROJECT) o COMPANY : Lakshya Solutions Limited (Bhubaneswar). o TEAM SIZE : 3. o RESPONSIBILITIES : Project Analysis, Java Developer. o TECHNOLOGY USED : ORACLE 10G, JAVA-SWING, SIP/RTP . o PLATFORM : WINDOWS (XP) DESCRIPTION: SRJ Phone is used for PC-to-PC call using SIP and RTP protocols and will be further extended to PC to other PSTN call using ASTERISK server. This software can be helpful to fulfill the requirements of those organizations whose works are based on Customer Services like Call Centers etc. It will be helpful to provide CTI-Computer Telephony Integrated Platform by integrating the Customer database with Soft Phone. It is currently working in the Lakshya Solutions Ltd, Bangalore and its R&D office in Bhubaneswar (www.lakshyasolutions.com). Its User Interface is developed in Swing (Java) and Oracle10g database is used as central Database Server 3) o Client : AT&T o Project : LTE-ac o TEAM SIZE :2 o RESPONSIBILITY : Developer(Design, Coding and Deployment) o TECHNOLOGY USED : TIBCO BW, TIBCO Administrator, WSDL, XSD. o PLATEFORM : Solaris, Windows Xp DESCRIPTION: - This project is based on Asynchronous flow where one system sends a milestone notification on a JMS queue or topic. In this project TIBCO is used as Middleware Technology in which milestone notification is picked by one of the components termed as Event Adapter (EA) which is then passed to Integration Engine (IE). In IE based on the notification content some data is received by calling a web service (hosted by a third system) using SOAPRequestReply which is then passed to the other component termed as Consumer Adapter (CA). In CA this data is then updated to the end systems database after doing some data format transformations. This project is using Leaf (Logging Exception and Audit Fault management) to audit request, response and exception. After sending request, it waits for response from End system and send this response to requesting system. This project is running on two servers where first one is Primary and other one is secondary. Here reverse proxy has been used for load balancing. 4) o o o o o o Client : AT&T Project : BPM Release 7.1 TEAM SIZE : 2 RESPONSIBILITY : Developer(Coding and Deployment) TECHNOLOGY USED : TIBCO BW, TIBCO Administrator, WSDL, XSD. PLATEFORM : Solaris DESCRIPTION: - This is a Middleware project where TIBCO is used as Middleware Technology. This project follows Synchronous flow where one system sends request and waits for response. Initiative system sends request in XML format to middleware and waits for response. In this project we transform XML request using stylesheet and parse this request. The parsed request is send to web service which is created in this project. This web service calls a process according to parsed request and this process calls End system web service by SOAP RequestReply and waits for response to perform request. After getting response from End System the response is send back to Initiative system. This project is using Leaf (Logging Exception and Audit Fault management) to audit request, response and exception. Leaf is using JMS connection to publish messages on queues.

ACADEMIC PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN 1) o o o o o o Project Name Platform Tools Used Language Used Technology Used Framework Used : Hospital Management Systems : Windows Xp, Windows 7. : Eclipse : Java : Jsp/Servlets, Web Services. : Struts 2.3 and Hibernate

o Database Used : SQL Server 2008. o Team Size :1 Project Description: This is a project on Hospital Management System of a hospital which has its brand name popularized across the country. This projects simple and effective business model provides smaller clinics and hospitals to register under its brand name. Apart from that there is a central database system which stores all the data into its database for the future concern. The facility of administration is also provided by this project according to which the administrator will be able to provide suitable roles to the staff members and manage them according to the requirement. Apart from this patients can also register online for their appropriate appointments with their concerned doctors. PERSONAL PROFILE Fathers Name Date of Birth Gender Martial Status Languages Known Permanent Address DECLARATION: I do hereby declare that all the statements furnished are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. PLACE: Bangalore DATE: : : : : : : Shri Hari Narayan Dubey 04 July, 1987. Male. Single. Hindi, English. 2/81, Buddhi Vihar, Delhi Road, Moradabad - 244001