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Field trip is defined as demonstration of a field or an area in order to gain practical experience as well as knowledge on different matter. Here people experience directly the purpose and processes of the concerning subject and thereby achieve benefit from it in future. So we the precise students of Department of Forestry and Environmental Science go for a field trip in each and every semester. So, as a consequence of it, we the 1st year 1st semester students of batch of 2009, made a field tour on 30th of June, 2010 at Khadim Nagar Reserve Forest, North Sylhet Range-1under Sylhet Forest Division as a part of the course FES-113.

Objectives Objectives of a field trip tour are far reaching. Some of them are mentioned below: 1. To Understand forest ecosystem. 2. To identify Forest trees. 3. Realize the difference between natural and artificial forests. 4. See the biodiversity of forest. 5. To find out forest related organization. 6. To explore forestry related problems and their remedial measure. The main objective of this tour was as followed To know the present status of the forest. To identify flora and fauna of this forest. To explore the problem related to this forest. Participation Mohammed Redowan Assistant Professor, Department of Forestry and Environmental Science. Mohammad Abu Sayed Arfin Khan Lecturer, Department of Forestry and Environmental Science. Time frame and schedule We started our journey for Khadim Nagar Reserve Forest at 9.00 am from our campus premises. We reached the Khadim Nagar bit office at about 11.00 am. There we collected various information about Khadim Nagar Reserve Forest. There we meet the bit officer and he gave us an overall concept about the Khadim Nagar Reserve Forest. Then we went into the forest to see the plantation program of many tree species, bamboo, cane, nursery and so on. While walking within the forest, our teacher showed many kinds of tree species and gave us good concept of reserve forest. After that we returned to the bit office and had our lunch at

about 1.30 pm. Then we started walking again on the main road and after a while we got into the bus. And finally returned to the campus at 4.30 pm.

Khadim Nagar National Park Khadim Nagar National Park is considered as one of the most important protected areas of the Bangladesh because of its well rich biodiversity composition. This forest is under sylhet forest division, north sylhet range 1. There are six bit under this range. Those are Khadim Nagar, Shalutikor, Tilagor, Vatrai, Rani Khai & Helakori. Previously it was known as Khadim Nagar Reserve Forest. But now it has been changed to Khadim Nagar National Park under the wild life preservation amendment act 1947. Its area is about 1890.87 acres (765.22 hectares). Its area is much bigger than its manpower. Here is one bit officer, one forest guard, one boatman & one plantation mali. There are 4 plantation program. Long rotation, short rotation, bamboo rotation & undergrowth rotation plantation. Rotation mean the time of cutting tree. More than feet long is long rotation plantation & smaller than 6-12 feet is short rotation plantation. Long rotation plants are mainly timber wood & short rotation plants are fuel wood. Flora of Khadim Nagar National Park The flora of Khadim Nagar National Park has been divided into 4 groups. They are as follows: Long rotation plants( more then 40 years ) are 1. Artocarpas chapalasha (Chapalish) 2. Shorea robusta (Teak) 3. Michelia champaka (Champa) 4. Syzygium grandis (Dhaki Jam) 5. Xylia dolabriformis (Loha Kath) 6. Dipterocarpus turbinatus (Garjan) Short rotation plants are( 6-12 years ) 1. Acacia auricaliformis (Akashmoni) 2. Eucalptus camadulensis (Eucaliptus) Other plants species are( bamboo and under-grown ) 01. Bambusa vulgaris (Jai Bash) 02. Melocana bacifera (Muli Bash) 03. Dumur 04. Joggo Dumur 05. Bambusa baloa (Baria Bash) 06. Daemonorops jenkinsianus (Golla Bet) 07. Pit Raaj

08. Calamus guruba (Jali Bet) 09. Calamus viminalis (Kerek) 10. Agor

Fauna of Kadim Nagar National Park The Khadim Nagar National Park is not that much rich with fauna. Very less diversity is seen among the animals, some are- Fells viverrina (Mecho Bagh), Felis chaus (Jungle Cat), petauirta spp. (Squirrel), Pteropus aiquantens (Fussing Fox), Resus mececa (Monkey), Lizard, Rock Python, Rakto Chusa, Dove, Owl, Salik, Shama, Gokra, Cheetah, Mukhpora Banor, Cobra, etc.

Problems of Khadim Nagar Reserve Forest Many problems occur in the forest area as there are so many resources available, problems are simultaneous. Some of the problems regarding this forest are given below: 1. Illicit felling 2. Encroachment 3. Lack of manpower 4. Transportation problems 5. Forest Fire 6. Mis-management of forest 7. Mis-use of political power 8. Improper implementation of existing laws and enforcement Recommendation Illicit felling should be prohibited. Office stuff should be honest in forest management. Encroachment should be properly monitored. Fuel wood collection should be regulated in a systematic manner. Application of wild life preservation law and their proper monitoring. Man power should be more increased. Communication system should be improved around the forest for the fastest movement of forest officials. Conclusion Forestry belongs to applied botany. In this voque practical knowledge is as much as important as theoretical knowledge. And for gaining practical knowledge nothing is as useful as field tour. Various species can be identified and their economic importance can be figured out. For a forestry student, field tour is indespensible for acquiring knowledge about a forest. Its also very important for managing a forest properly.