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1. Which of the following physical quantity is fundamental physical quantity. A)Speed B)Force C)Electric current D)Work 2.

Which of the following quantity has units but donot have dimensions. A)Velocity B)Plane angle C)Power D)Acceleration 3.A pair of physical quantities having the same dimensional formula is
A) Velocity and Acceleration C) force and Pressure B) Work and energy D) power and Work

4)Which of the following sets cannot enter into the list of fundamental quantities in any system of units?
A) length, mass and velocity C) mass, time and velocity B) length, time and velocity D) length, time and mass

5)The unit of luminous intensity is A) Candela B) Joule

C) second

D) Radian

6) The dimensional formulaML2T2 represents dimensional formula of A) Energy B) Force C) Acceleration D) Momentum 7) Statement I: Physical Quantities having same dimensions only can be added or subtracted or equated. Statement II:The physical quantities which can be derived from fundamental quantities are called derived quantities A)Both I and II are true B)I is true and II is false C)I is false and II is true D)Both I and II are false

8) A physical quantity is measured and the result is expressed as nu where u is the unit used and n is the numerical value. If the result is expressed in various units then (A) n size of u (B) n u2 (C) n u (D) n 1/u
9) Which of the following physical quantity has same unit in all M.K.S, C.G.S and F.P.S systems A) Length B)Mass C)Time D) Energy

10)Which of the following quantity is a vector A) Force B) Speed C)Work D) Distance 11)Which of the following quantity is not a vector A)Weight B)Mass C)Impulse D)Torque 12)Dimentional formula of force is A)MLT-2




A scalar quantity and a vector quantity having the same dimensions are A) Speed and Velocity C) Distance and Velocity B) Work and Force D) Speed and Acceleration

14)The unit of plane angle is A)Steradian B)Radian



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15) A nanosecond is A) 10 9 s B) 109 s C) 1012 s D) 10 12 s

D) Force/ Volume

16)Which of the following ratios express pressure? A) Force/ Area B) Energy/ Lenth C) Energy/ Area 17) Dimensional formula for angular momentum is A) ML2T1 B) ML3T1 C) MLT1 18) The dimensional formula for Torque is D) ML3T2

A) M2LI2 B) ML2T2 C) M1L2T2D) MLT2 19) Out of the following the dimensionless quantity is A) Speed B) Work C) Relative density 20) Statement I: Energy is a derived quantity Statement II:Energy is a scalar A)Both I and II are true B)I is true and II is false 21) The dimensional formula for angular velocity is A) M1L1T0 B) M0L1T1 C) M1L1T0

D) Distance

C)I is false and II is true D)Both I and II are false D) M0L0T1

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