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FirePlan Update

Milestones in Integrated Fire Management Planning Vol. 24 – April 2009

Update from the Chairman Outcomes from the State Committee

Following the tragic events of this fire season, it A number of topics were discussed at the
has become clear that agencies need to meeting on 31 March, including dispute
continue their support for the implementation of resolution processes and the Victorian Fire Risk
the IFMP process and the development of tools Register (VFFR). Outcomes were as follows;
to assist this work.
• Dispute resolution and non-participation
IFMP will play an important role in the future of processes were approved by the
fire management in Victoria, providing committee for inclusion in the EMMV
communities with a vehicle to assist with all • Terms of Reference for RSFMPC’s were
elements of fire planning and management. approved for inclusion in the EMMV
• Evaluation of VFFR trials in Mansfield
Fires like the ones experienced in Bendigo and and East Gippsland are underway with
Cardinia prove that fire can affect any provisional evaluations expected from
community, not just those in a rural environment. Mansfield at the end of April and East
Gippsland at the end of June
It is more important than ever that communities • The SFMPC executive committee has
work together at a planning and management been tasked with monitoring the VFRR
level to prevent any further occurrence of the trials with a view to adoption of the tool
severity of the fires we have just experienced. and associated processes as a state
wide standard.
Key elements of IFMP such as the
establishment of regional committees and
municipal trials are underway with increased IFMP Communication Workshop
interest and support from local agencies. This is
our opportunity to ensure the successful On Thursday 29 January 2009, the first meeting
implementation of IFMP. of the IFMP agency communication
representatives was held. Those in attendance
I look forward to the IFMP processes and tools found it useful to receive an overview of IFMP
becoming a core element of fire planning and and how it is planned to evolve across the state.
management across this state, providing an
opportunity for local communities to embrace Key messages, target audiences and channels
new and better ways of working together. of communication delivery were also discussed.

Brian Parry AM It was agreed that communication

Chair representatives would go back to their agencies
State Fire Management Planning Committee and discuss agency specific communication
options with their state IFMP representative.

State Support Team Manager, Norm Free

stressed that the IFMP implementation is one
that will evolve and does not aim to establish yet

For further information:

Email info@ifmp.vic.gov.au
Phone: (03) 9262 8469
another communication layer, but rather work leadership group would meet bi-annually, in
within existing communication frameworks and order to share knowledge and maintain
distribution processes. consistency in approach.

A central list of key stakeholders for each

organisation is being prepared to enable more
targeted delivery of communication messages.
Communication representatives were asked to
source examples of collaborative planning work
that could be used to demonstrate and promote
the IFMP process within their own organisations
and also to other member agencies. The IFMP
website will be used to house these examples
and any other completed promotional work.

A follow up workshop will be held on

Wednesday 29 April 2009 to provide updates
and progress further.

For further information contact:

Sophie Jackson Geoff Conway and Tony Murphy at the
IFMP Communications Coordinator Metropolitan Joint Agency Meeting
9262 8384
Victorian Fire Risk Register

Fire Chiefs attend IFMP metropolitan meeting The Victorian Fire Risk Register (VFRR) is a tool
that can be used for wildfire to inform the risk
MFB Chief Fire Officer, Tony Murphy and CFA assessment approach.
Deputy Chief Officer, Geoff Conway attended a
meeting on Monday 1 April that brought together The VFRR is a process that identifies assets at
the IFMP leadership group from the North West, risk from fire; it then assesses the level of risk
Eastern and Southern Metropolitan regions. to these assets and provides a range of
treatments to mitigate them. Treatments may
The meeting aimed to ensure consistency in the include activities such as fuel reduction,
implementation of IFMP across the three regions community education programs and safety
and assist with the establishment of regional audits.
It will also provide a practical, easy to use set of
The committees will be responsible for tools including; a series of large maps which
developing Regional Strategic Fire Management display assets at risk accompanied by the
Plans, which will encompass fire prevention, mitigation treatments. This will be supported by
preparedness, response and recovery. a brief document outlining the context,
community participation strategy, summary of
“It’s important we meet the expectations of the the assessment process, and a textual record of
community and establish these committees to all elements and treatments.
deliver a holistic approach to fire planning.” said
Tony Murphy.
It is anticipated that this will assist in further
To ensure an integrated approach, a range of enhancing the integrated fire management
agencies attended the meeting and will be process.
represented on the regional committees.

Meeting delegates agreed that the three regions

would continue to work closely together and the

For further information:

Email info@ifmp.vic.gov.au
Phone: (03) 9262 8469
Your Fire Planning Network Managers
If you would like more information about IFMP please
contact the Fire Planning Network Manager in your

Barwon South Western

Jill Golland jill.golland@ifmp.vic.gov.au
0488 678 532

Eastern (Metro)
Kim Morris kim.morris@ifmp.vic.gov.au
0447 385 962

Jude Kennedy and Leah McCann working on David Johnson david.johnson@ifmp.vic.gov.au
the Victorian Fire Risk Register 0438 743 134

For further information contact: Jeni Taylor jeni.taylor@ifmp.vic.gov.au
Jude Kennedy 0488 304 560
Coordinator Business Improvement Systems
CFA Hume
Shaun Huguenin shaun.huguenin@ifmp.vic.gov.au
j.kennedy@cfa.vic.gov.au 0429 020 632
9262 8346
Loddon Mallee
Darryl Glover darryl.glover@ifmp.vic.gov.au
0407 809 902
Other risk tools
North & West (Metro)
Matthew Howe matthew.howe@ifmp.vic.gov.au
The search is still on for other tools that will 0488 327 567
help to inform the planning process
particularly for identification of structural and Southern (Metro)
Catherine Clancy catherine.clancy@ifmp.vic.gov.au
chemical risks. Should you have any
0458 356 799
information you think might assist please
email info@ifmp.vic.gov.au or phone 9262

For further information:

Email info@ifmp.vic.gov.au
Phone: (03) 9262 8469

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