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Increased economic efficiency for industrial building automation


Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

SIMATIC for industrial HVAC

SIMATIC, the trademark for efficient automation solutions in manufacturing and process control, is also the right choice as far as solutions for industrial building automation systems are concerned. HVAC solutions based on SIMATIC provide the following advantages:

Totally Integrated Automation When implementing optimized automation solutions in industrial applications, one of the most important tasks is to implement all plant areas as well as all auxiliary systems uniformly with one single technology. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) is one of the most important auxiliary systems, decisive for production as well as for a consistently high product quality. Both the horizontal and vertical integration of the automation solution into production and the auxiliary systems ensure optimum availability, a high degree of effectiveness and the economic efficiency of the entire plant.

Cost reduction SIMATIC S7 is the leading industrial automation system in the market. It covers almost all tasks in manufacturing and process automation. With HVAC solutions that are based on SIMATIC, the user benefits from the uniformity of the industry standard. As a result, you have the following advantages: Use of one single automation system for processing/ production and auxiliary systems Cost reduction thanks to the standardization of components on the automation level Industry-standard HVAC automation quality Easy operator control and monitoring Reduced number of interfaces Simplification of maintenance and servicing

Integration The integration of automation from production to building technology increases efficiency, reliability and economic efficiency of the entire plant. SIMATIC HVAC is an open, fast, precise and extremely reliable system specifically designed for industrial requirements. Thus it offers a maximum of integration and flexibility in addition to operating safety. All from a single source integration of field devices HVAC has many different proprietary field devices. Field devices are, for example, valves, damper actuators, pumps as well as special designs and versions of sensors and actuators. Siemens Building Technology offers a wide range of these products. Thanks to the cooperation of the A&D and SBT Divisions, the customer now receives all components required for an HVAC solution based on SIMATIC from a single source.

SIMATIC Easy Select

Until now, HVAC requirements could only be met by using larger SIMATIC S7 controllers. New is the library HVAC Lite Library for small standalone applications in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems for a particularly low-cost implementation, since this library has been designed for the cost-effective mini PLCs and compact controls of the S7-300 and ET 200S CPU device family. This library can therefore be used for the automation of hall ventilation and ventilation systems, or even small air conditioning systems without separate visualization and with no or just a slight degree of networking. The HVAC Lite Library is the main component of the new SIMATIC HVAC Easy Select configuration solution for the optimized processing of simple HVAC applications. Presently, six configuration solutions have been defined:

HVAC Easy Select 1 HVAC Easy Select 2 HVAC Easy Select 3 HVAC Easy Select 4 HVAC Easy Select 5 HVAC Easy Select 6

Outside air or exhaust air ventilation systems without air treatment Ventilation system, heating or cooling with one heating/cooling coil and one fan Ventilation system, heating or cooling with one register and with two fans Ventilation system with mixing chamber, heating and cooling Ventilation system with plate heat recovery, heating and cooling, two-speed fan Complete ventilation system with heat recovery and air washer as primary system for air volume control

The configuration solutions show the optimum component selection for the respective application, for the controller and appropriate I/O as well as for a range of applicable field devices from which the required actuators and sensors have to be selected. To round it off, the HVAC Lite Library is an add-on library to STEP 7 for HVAC applications and enables the solution provider to develop a corresponding system solution with minimum overhead.

The supplied variant of the library contains sample projects for all seven Easy Select tasks, which then only need to be configured according to the data contained in the project. The HVAC Lite Library has very little memory requirements, so that small S7 controllers can be used for the respective solutions. Thus, the user is now also able to serve the industrial HVAC sector that demands such small, costeffective standalone HVAC applications. The number of SIMATIC HVAC Easy Select variants is principally not fixed. Depending on the requirements on correspondingly preconfigured solutions, further configuration solutions can be created.

SIMATIC Easy Select: Application examples

These four application examples describe how you can use the SIMATIC HVAC Easy Select packages for your heating, air conditioning and ventilation tasks.

Mixed air ventilation system, heating, cascade control

Application/savings You want to configure a heating system as a mixed air ventilation system with cascade control? Thats no problem if you are using the right SIMATIC HVAC Easy Select package!

SIMATIC HVAC Easy Select packages are configuration solutions that show how you can configure a specific HVAC application quickly and easily. They consist of different hardware components from SIMATIC controllers to I/O units right up to a selection of corresponding field devices. The heart of the SIMATIC HVAC Easy Select package is the add-on HVAC Lite Library for STEP 7, which you can use to configure the required application quickly and conveniently. And to make it even easier for you, we have included a sample application that matches the particular task specification to be covered by the package.

The advantage of the room supply air or extract air cascade control is the considerably enhanced control performance compared to a regular room temperature control. Thus you can achieve an enhancement of the control quality by a factor of 5 to 8 and accelerate the control compared to when using a room temperature sensor. Furthermore, the use of recirculated air saves heating energy. The cascade control makes it possible to limit

All you have to do is set the relevant parameters.

the maximum supply air temperature, which cannot be done with a regular room temperature control. The HVAC Lite Library also includes STEP 7 sample applications for configuring the described HVAC task. The SIMATIC HVAC Easy Select configuration solution thus helps you to reach your goal faster.

Mixed air ventilation system, heating/cooling, cascade control

Application/savings In addition to the functionality described with the first SIMATIC HVAC Easy Select package, the minimum and maximum supply air temperature can be limited. A regular room temperature control system cannot do this. The HVAC task implemented in the second SIMATIC HVAC Easy Select package also includes the use of recirculated air. If adhering to the minimum outside air rate, a great amount of energy can be saved. In particular, when cooling with high outside temperatures, savings can be very significant if you switch over to a minimum proportion of outside air. An additional energy savings potential is the possibility to increase the room temperature setpoint in the summer time according to DIN 1946. Considerable energy savings can be achieved with an application described in the SIMATIC HVAC Easy Select package by measuring the extract air temperature. A relevant sample application is supplied with the HVAC Lite Library.

Outside air ventilation system, heating/cooling, cascade control

Application/savings This last HVAC sample application, which is covered by the SIMATIC HVAC Easy Select package 4, has all the advantages of the previously described applications plus the possibility of cooling with extract air. Limitation of the maximum and minimum supply air temperature is possible here as well, as described in the previous examples. By raising the room temperature setpoint in the summer time in accordance with DIN 1946, cooling energy is saved. The cooling coil is hydraulically driven with constant cold water flow since no precipitation of humidity is required. This enables considerable energy savings compared to volume-controlled cooling coil operation. As in the three previous HVAC tasks, a sample configuration is included in the scope of supply of the HVAC Lite Library for the SIMATIC HVAC Easy Select package 4. The sample configuration only needs to be adapted to the specific requirements of the individual application.

Outside air ventilation system, heating, cascade control

Application/savings The application of the outside air ventilation system with heating option described by SIMATIC HVAC Easy Select 3 has the savings benefits of the two Easy Select configuration solutions described above based on the outside air ventilation principle.


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