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Simulado de Ingls III Vera Queiroz

Que tal treinarmos mais um pouco para os prximos concursos que esto sendo divulgados? Boa sorte e at o prximo simulado!!! I. Leia o texto abaixo e responda as questes de 1 a 6, escolhendo uma das alternativas dadas. EU Lifts Ban on Genetically Modified Foods, but Adds Conditions ECONOMICS REPORT - Securities and Exchange Commission ( by Mario Ritter, VOA Special English Economics Report) In the United States, people who put their money in banks are usually protected if the bank ever fails. They are guaranteed to get their money back, up to one-hundred-thousand dollars. Financial markets offer no guarantees. That is why the Securities and Exchange Commission exists. The S-E-C is an independent government agency formed to protect investors. The need grew out of the stock market crash of nineteen-twenty-nine. Many Americans lost trust in financial markets. The Great Depression soon followed. In nineteen-thirty four, Congress established the Securities and Exchange Commission. President Bush chose William Donaldson, an investment banker, as the current chairman last December. The commission has five members, including the chairman. At most, three of the five may be of the same political party. The president appoints the commissioners, with Senate approval. Their job is to establish and enforce rules for financial markets. The S-E-C has four divisions. One is the Division of Corporation Finance. It requires public companies to report on their financial condition and any issues that could affect investors. The Division of Market Regulation oversees the private groups that supervise financial markets. Stock exchanges and groups like the National Association of Securities Dealers are self-governing. But, because their work involves public trust, the S-E-C plays a part. The Division of Investment Management oversees investment companies and dealers. Its areas include the mutual fund industry. Chairman Donaldson recently called for changes to prevent some kinds of trading in mutual funds. Officials say some traders use these methods to help only big investors. And, the Division of Enforcement investigates violations of laws. The commission can bring charges, but often reaches agreements to avoid a trial. On October first, for example,

the S-E-C reached a deal with J.P. Morgan Securities. The company agreed to pay a fine of twenty-five million dollars in a case, but did not have to admit or deny guilt. The S-E-C can only enforce civil laws. But it works with agencies that enforce criminal laws. In some cases, the S-E-C may work with the attorney general of a state to bring charges. 1. De acordo com o texto, qual das alternativas abaixo verdadeira? a) Nos Estados Unidos, quando um banco quebra, o correntista recebe todo seu dinheiro de volta. b) O SEC uma agncia governamental independente criada para proteger os interesses dos banqueiros. c) A maioria dos americanos perdeu a confiana no mercado financeiro, pois ele no d garantias para os investidores. d) William Donaldson o atual presidente do SEC. 2. Em qual das alternativas abaixo todas as palavras pertencem a mesma categoria sinttica? a) usually, if , ever b) bank, independent, investors c) if, why, and d) in, out of, why 3. a) b) c) d) A expresso political party significa: festa poltica partidrio poltico parte poltica partido poltico

4. Em todas as alternativas, as palavras em negrito so objeto direto, exceto em ___. a) Financial markets offer no guarantees. b) In nineteen-thirty four, Congress established the Securities and Exchange Commission. c) Their job is to establish and enforce rules for financial markets. d) Stock exchanges and groups like the National Association of Securities Dealers are self-governing. 5. a) b) c) d) O antnimo do substantivo trust : distrust untrust faith reliance

6. Classifique as alternativas abaixo como verdadeira ou falsa: a) Assuntos que podem afetar o investidor so notificados diviso de Regulamentao

de Mercado. b) Aps aprovao do Senado, o presidente estabelece e pe em prtica as regras para os mercados financeiros. c) Em acordo estabelecido com a SEC, a J. P. Morgan Securities pagou uma multa de 25 milhes de dlares e admitiu sua culpa no caso. d) Cabe ao SEC executar as leis criminais e civis.

II. Escolha a conjuno que completa a orao abaixo. for / so that / so / although / because / even so / but / unless

"We want to use mainstream technology to provide this communication between two people, ______ we're looking at instant messaging."

III. Complete o texto abaixo com o verbo na forma correta. Educational technology ______ (embrace) everything from the way computers, satellites, and interactive video ______ (use) in schools, colleges, and industry to issues of copyright and flexible learning. Focusing on the learner, our purpose ______ (be) to support change in the ways we _____ (learn) by applying the benefits of educational technology especially the new information technologies to the process of learning. IV. Qual das parfrases (a ou b) melhor se aproxima do significado original da orao abaixo? While she is able to comprehend much or what people say to her, she cannot formulate her thoughts into coherent phrases or sentences. ( ) a. Jane understands quite a lot of what people are saying to her and knows what she wants to say. However, she cannot translate her thoughts into understandable messages. ( ) b. Jane finds it difficult to choose the right words and sentences to express herself while she is concentrating on what people are saying to her.