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The Path to Realization

Yoga has become very popular lately and now there are various kinds of Yoga available in the market. This has created confusion in the minds of the people searching for the right practice. Most people think that Yoga is for health benefits, while others feel that Yoga helps in dealing with stress. This, however, is a very limited understanding of Yoga. Yoga, as defined in the scriptures, is the realization of the Oneness of the Individual Consciousness and the Universal Consciousness which, in other terms, is also known as Self Realization or Enlightenment; freedom from the pairs of opposites such as pain and pleasure; the highest state of freedom. The purpose of publishing this booklet is to share with the masses the possibility of enlightenment of any human being through practicing the ancient science of Kriya Yoga. Just like how two atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen combine under certain conditions to form a water molecule, any human being, by regularly practicing Kriya Yoga, is bound to free self from the entanglements of the world and achieve the highest state of freedom. We have been practicing this science for more than a decade now and after experiencing its immense benefits, some of this world and more significantly, of the divine realms, have felt the need to share this gift with others. This is an endeavour to reach out to all those souls who are in search of the right path to the divine. A path which does not provide information, does not believe in philosophizing about spiritual concepts, does not teach another theory, but facilitates direct experience. You only have to be willing and wanting. It was not only 'they' who were fortunate to have lived in the times of Rama, Krishna, Christ, Buddha and so on; we are equally fortunate because, right now also, there are Masters of that level, who exist and live amongst us and ever-ready to shower the nectar on us. If you have ever felt the need to get a glimpse of divinity, if you have ever really wanted to experience Godliness and horizons beyond time and space, this path can show you the way. In divine love, Gyan Swami Babaji Kriya Yog Foundation (GSBKYF) 11th April, 2013
Issued in Public Interest by Gyan Swami Babaji Kriya Yog Foundation

A bout M aha Av atar B abaji

Throughout human history, the eternally snow-capped peaks of the sacred Himalayan Mountains of India, traditionally, have been known as the home of the Immortal Gods. These spiritually blessed mountains are the home sphere of the eternal, youthful form and spirit of the physical-light-being known as Maha Avatar Babaji. Mahavatar Babaji is an enigma who eludes definition or comprehension. One can imbibe Babaji through visions, dreams and meditation. Babaji can appear human at will and has been reported to take many forms and also have the ability to be in a number of places simultaneously. MahaAvatar is an Immortal Universal Being, universal being the key word here. He does not exclusively adhere to any singular tradition, religion, country, race or creed. He embraces with great unconditional love all the spiritual traditions, all creations and all consciousness as One. All the forms of Babaji come and go at will. All of Babajis forms exemplify divine attributes and he invariably bestows blessings and teachings to those whom he chooses to encounter. Many have experienced that whenever one speaks with reverence the name of Babaji that person receives an instant spiritual blessing. Mahavatar Babaji is both, ageless and eternally young, and a few speculate his age to be approximately more than 5000 years old. Time has failed to reveal the facts about his birth, identity, and life. He is primordial, mahakal, and immortal, not remaining captive to the bounds of time and space. There is a scintillating account of his propping up Lahiri Mahasaya from infancy to ascension to godhood, like a bird shelters its offspring under protective wings. He initiated Lahiri Mahasaya into the liberating and sacrosanct techniques of Kriya Yoga. By Mahavatar Babajis limitless divine power, Lahiri Mahasaya entered the deepest level of God-realization, the state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Crossing the successive stages of Self-knowledge, he remained anchored for seven days in the deathless realm of Brahma Loka. The compassionate Babaji Maharaj instructed him to go back to the
Issued in Public Interest by Gyan Swami Babaji Kriya Yog Foundation

world and perform his worldly duties as an ideal yogi householder, blazing the path of liberation for worldly people and sanyasis alike who earnestly sought God-realization. In this way Babaji taught that liberation was no longer the monopoly of a few select sanyasis and that worldly people could attain godhood without abandoning their duties. By seeking the soul at every moment during all activities, anybody can achieve God-realization.
Gyan Swamiji was also initiated by Mahavatar Babaji in the supreme science of Kriya Yoga. Babaji then instructed him to come back to the world, live like a householder and teach this technique to the sincere seekers without charging any fees. It is a life-time opportunity for all of us to connect our inner chord to Mahavatar Babaji, learn his teachings through Gyan Swamiji and achieve our highest potential.

Guruji with devotees in America

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A bout G y an S wami
Gyan Swami was born on 11th April 1947 in the dynasty of a very famous exruling family of India. Right from the age of two, Gyan Swami would keep himself away from normal crowd of the society and would sit for hours under trees. At the age of nine, he made a place of meditation on the branches of a Neem tree located in the Brahmsthan of the village. He suffered a very serious heart problem at the age of 19 and doctors declared that he would live only for a few more months. This was the turning point in his life. By the grace of Babaji he was saved after which he learnt some special Yoga techniques. In the summer of 1967, he got in touch with the great Swami Vivekananda. Swamiji taught Gyan many secret Yoga techniques. When Gyan was in the third year of his engineering education, Mahavatar Babaji appeared in his room and gave him many works to do. After getting his degree in Engineering, Gyan left for the Himalayas where he stayed for about two and half years and met many great saints. He was directed by them to teach the ancient science of yoga without charging any money as the so called Yogis had commercialized Yoga these days. Ever since, Gyan Swami is a working Sanyasi. He lives in Pune and works at RSB Transmission Pvt Ltd. He earns his own livelihood and believes that a Sanyasi should not be a burden on the society. Gyan Swami has been blessed in person by Shree Sathya Sai Baba, Anandmoi Ma, Shree J Krishnamurthy, Osho, Shree Devraha Baba and Lal Baba. When he delivers lectures he says that he does not speak by himself but he surrenders his voice and throat to his Guru and the master takes over. Many a time, some advanced Sadhakas have seen some saint standing in astral body with white gown behind him when he speaks in trans; at that time he starts giving examples from ancient scriptures in Sanskrit, whereas in normal stage he cannot remember them.
Issued in Public Interest by Gyan Swami Babaji Kriya Yog Foundation

Till date thousands of devotees have met him from India and abroad and received solace in his presence. He says that "Very soon the Light of Kriya Yoga given by Mahavatar Babaji through Shree Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Yukteswar Giri and Swami Yogananda Paramahansa will illuminate the whole world. They have given us the path of everlasting life. All are invited to join this journey towards enlightenment. Just enlightenment and nothing less than that. Gyan Swami respects all the saints who are spreading the art of Kriya Yoga. He wants all the saints of Kriya Yoga to come under one roof and work together under the guidance of Mahavatar Babaji. For more details on Gyan Swami please visit the following link: http://www.kyob.org/#!gyan-swami

Guruji with devotees in Pune

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G y an S wami's fir s t meeting with D iv ine G ur u M ahav atar B abaji

When I was in the first year of Electrical Engineering in Bihar College of Engineering, Patna in the state of Bihar I suffered from a heart disease. Three valves of my heart were in bad condition. The doctor had announced that I will not live more than three months. In 1960s there were no valve transplantation surgeries taking place in India. The doctor consulted was one of the top doctors in the state of Bihar. Later in 1990s, during BJP Government in India this doctor became the health minister. Knowing that their son will die within three months, my parents were overcome with grief. In India, one of the greatest misfortunes for a father is to perform his sons final rituals during his life time. I thought that instead of dying in front of my parents and other family members, if I go away from home, they will have a hope that their son will come back one day alive. So I left home without informing anyone in the family. The village I lived-in is near the border of India and Nepal. I crossed the border and entered Nepal and started going into deep forests towards Tibet. After walking like this for a long period of time, I got very tired and by the evening, I almost fainted under a tree. I had no energy to walk any further or even stand up, it was almost certain to me that this was the end of my life. No one is going to come and save me, I am going to die either due to hunger or some wild animal will kill and eat me in the night. I closed my eyes and started waiting for the end of my life, but then, to my surprise, I heard a voice. It was the voice of a young man. He looked like a monk. He told me in Hindi, You are not going to die. You will give lectures and teach the yoga to thousands. I was surprised to see someone in the deep forest speaking Hindi. Normally, the region I was in was near Tibet and so people there know either Nepali or the Tibetan Language, but this young
Issued in Public Interest by Gyan Swami Babaji Kriya Yog Foundation

monk was speaking very good Hindi. I was not in a condition to speak, or even to believe what he was telling me. But I asked him in a broken language , as I had a congenital speaking disability, who he was. He asked me to follow him. As I had no other choice, I started following him. He took me to a cave nearby. There he took a pot made of stone, poured some water into it from a nearby waterfall and started stirring it with a wooden shaft. The water in the pot turned into a thick white liquid. He gave it to me and asked me to drink it. As soon as I drank it I felt better. All the fatigue disappeared. He asked me to stay in the cave for a while. I stayed there for three or four days. Every day he would give me that liquid, and I started to become healthier. After a few days he told me to go back. I left that place and came back home. Everyone at home was happy to see me alive and healthy. My heart disease was completely cured! The doctors were surprised to see this and said that it was a miracle. I went back to college and continued my studies. At this time, I did not know anything about that young monk. I thought he must have been a villager who knew about curative herbs. I thanked god for sending him my way to save my life.

Guruji with devotees in Amsterdam

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W hat is K r iy a Y oga?
Yoga means union with divinity. Kriya Yoga means union with divinity by performing an action (kriya). It is a simple, psycho-physiological activity by which the human blood is decarbonized and recharged with oxygen. The atoms of this extra oxygen are transmuted into life current to rejuvenate the brain and spinal centers. By stopping the accumulation of venous blood, the man is able to lessen or prevent the decay of tissues. An advanced practitioner will be able to transmute his cells into pure energy. The illumined sages of India discovered the spiritual science of Kriya Yoga forgotten in the long past. Lord Krishna extols it in the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter IV, Verse 29:

It means, By offering inhaling breath (Pran) into the outgoing breath (Apan), and offering the outgoing breath into the inhaling breath, a yogi neutralizes both these breaths. He thus releases the life force from the heart and brings it under his control. The sage Patanjali speaks of it in his Yoga Sutras. Kriya Yoga was lost for centuries in the dark ages and reintroduced in the modern times by Mahavatar Babaji, whose disciple Lahiri Mahasaya was the first to teach it openly in our era. Later, Babaji asked Lahiri Mahasayas disciple, Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri, to train Paramahansa Yogananda and send him to the West to give this soul-revealing technique to the world. Yogananda provides a description of Kriya Yoga in his autobiography, Autobiography of a Yogi. Yogananda has stated that this ancient meditation method was also known to Jesus Christ, as well as to some of his disciples such as St. John and St. Paul.
Issued in Public Interest by Gyan Swami Babaji Kriya Yog Foundation

Experiencing the divinity within our own souls, claiming divine joy as our own joy this is what the Kriya Yoga teachings of Gyan Swami offer to each of us. Kriya Yoga is the fastest (jet speed) way to achieve the infinite consciousness. Through Kriya Yoga, those who are sincere can truly know God. The practice of Kriya gives a true experience of religion, which cannot be had by just talking about God. The after effects of Kriya bring with them the utmost peace and bliss. In a very short time, a Kriya Yogi starts experiencing spiritual phenomenon. The joy that comes with Kriya is greater than the joys of all pleasurable physical sensations put together. Moreover, it is such a simple and gentle method that even children can easily learn it. There are 3 steps to learning the Kriya Yoga: Step I: There are 38 Cosmic Exercises that are ideally learnt in 2-4 sessions depending on one's readiness, availability and capacity. These are very simple yet extremely powerful. Once learnt the exercises take about 15-18 minutes to complete. Step II: Special Pranayama, learnt in one session that prepares one for the initiation into Kriya Breath. This takes another 20-30 minutes to practise.
Step III: Initiation into the Kriya Yoga technique. If for 3 months continuously one practises Cosmic exercises and Pranayama regularly without missing a single day and the Guru also feels that the body is ready to assimilate energy created through Kriya practise, then one is initiated into the Kriya breath. It is a special and sacred ceremony where once initiated one has to practise Kriya every day for the rest of life.

Issued in Public Interest by Gyan Swami Babaji Kriya Yog Foundation

M y ths about K r iy a Y oga

Myth: Kriya Yoga is like all the other yogas being taught today that promise good health, long life and peace of mind. Reality: Kriya Yoga is the art of realization, i.e., becoming one with God, while all the other forms of yoga that are commercialized are only for good health and relaxation. In these yogas, the main outcome is a healthy body and a peaceful mind whereas in Kriya Yoga, these are just trivial by-products. Myth: There are fixed times to do Kriya Yoga. Reality: Although dawn and dusk are the best times for any spiritual practice, Guru Gyan Swami says that one needs to adjust according to the time (Kala) in which one is living. In todays world, where many of the householders do their jobs in shifts, it is impossible for them to practice at dawn and/or dusk. Since God has created everything, be it morning, afternoon, evening or night, any time when you can sit undisturbed for an hour or so is good for Kriya Yoga. Myth: When one takes Kriya Diksha, there are restrictions such as one is not allowed to eat non-vegetarian food, one should not see movies, one should

Gyan Swamiji with Shri R.K.Behera

Issued in Public Interest by Gyan Swami Babaji Kriya Yog Foundation


not go to parties, one should not do any of those things that are considered bad for spiritual aspirants. Reality: There are absolutely no restrictions for a person doing Kriya Yoga. Guruji says that such restrictions are introduced only by the so called Gurus who have not Realized and those who want their disciples to be under their control. Guruji never puts any restrictions on any of his disciples. He says that as one progresses on the spiritual path of Kriya Yoga, things that are bad for him will automatically fall off. One doesnt have to force anything. Myth: Kriya Yoga is the same as Sudarshan Kriya. Reality: No, they are not the same. They are two entirely different techniques. Kriya Yoga gives us nothing less than realization. Myth: Once I get Kriya Yoga Diksha, I am transformed. Reality: Kriya Yoga Diksha is just the starting point. You need to go on doing Kriya Yoga everyday without a break. Only then will you slowly start getting transformed. You may not even notice the transformation, but the people around you will be amazed to see the changes in you.

Guruji with devotees in New Zealand

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Myth: If I have some spiritual experience like I see light or I get a vision or I get some siddhis (supernatural powers), then it means that I have got Realization. Reality: On the path of realization, there are many milestones where one attains various siddhis or supernatural powers. People see bright lights, get visions, etc. But none of this mean that they are realized. Although trying to define Realization will be like an orally-challenged person trying to explain the taste of jaggery, Guru Gyanswami says that when all desires end and there are no doubts or questions, when the false ego is shattered and when one starts living life spontaneously without bothering about the past or the future, then it can be said that that person has realised. Once realized, she/he just becomes an instrument or a medium through which the divine starts working. Myth: If I have some spiritual experience, then I should discuss it freely with others and get their opinions on it. Reality: It is best NOT to discuss your experiences with others. You should talk about them only with the Guru and find out what they mean. Talking with others and getting their advice can lead to confusion.

Guruji with Swamiji Anand Arun

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Myth: If I dont have any spiritual experiences, it means that I am not doing the Kriya Yoga correctly or that I am not fit for doing it. Reality: The fact that you have come to Guruji and Guruji has given you Kriya Diksha itself means that you are fit for it. Whenever you have any questions or doubts about your practice, you should talk about them to Guruji and he will resolve them. Having or not having spiritual experiences does not mean much. The Guru knows how you are progressing. If he sees any problem, he will talk to you and guide you.

Guruji with Lal Baba

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G ur u G y an S wamis M es s age C ome and fly with me!!

Dear Ones, Now it is time to go beyond whatever you are stuck up with. You have already lived a long time and enjoyed the rotten smell of your so called world. Come and surrender to Mahavtar Babaji. But what do you have to surrender? Is it your body, full of blood, bones, flesh, urine and stools? Is it your mind full of cunningness, dirty desires, and selfish ideas? Is it your property? What property are you having? You go to the place of worship and beg to God for more and more money as if God is the culprit of whatever less you are having. NO! Surrender your ego and you will see that you do not have any thing with you. Even you do not have a name and in that moment of emptiness you will realize Dhyan (meditation) and once you go to this state of being, you will not remain the same individual; actually you will become 'NOBODY' and when you become nobody then you are 'EVERY BODY' and that is Samadhi And you will sing , " Chidanand Rupha Shivoham Shivoham"; "Aham Brahmashmi." I want to take you there. Come and fly with me!! With Love,

Issued in Public Interest by Gyan Swami Babaji Kriya Yog Foundation


F r equently A s ked Ques tions ( F A Q)

Q. Who was the first person who came up with the science of Kriya Yoga? A. Lord Krishna first mentioned about Kriya Yoga in his delivery of the Bhagawad Gita to Arjuna. In stanza 29 of chapter 4, Krishna mentions that when the incoming breath merges with the outgoing breath and vice versa, liberation is achieved. That is Kriya Yoga in a nutshell. Q. Why are so many people (like my parents, grandparents) unaware of Kriya Yoga? A. After the Mahabharata, the art of Kriya yoga was lost. There was nobody to teach this liberating science to anybody. Q. When was Kriya Yoga revived and who revived it? A. Kriya Yoga was revived when the eternal teacher Mahavatar Babaji initiated Lahiri Mahashay into Kriya Yoga in the Himalayas. This was in the year 1861.

Guruji with devotees in Tapovan

Issued in Public Interest by Gyan Swami Babaji Kriya Yog Foundation


Q. Almost everyone knows about Krishna, Adi Shankaracharya, Jesus, Buddha, Mahavir, Kabir. But not many know about Babaji. Why? A. Everone knows about Krishna, Adi Shankaracharya, Jesus, Buddha, Mahavir, Kabir not because of their desire to be known but because they used to move among people and thats why many people knew them and passed on the information to their descendants, but Babaji has preferred to remain away from public view and is silently helping true seekers on their path to realization. He has sent many messengers from time to time to be among people and help them without himself taking credit for any of the work. Q. How is it possible that Babaji has been living for so many years? A. In Hindu religion, it is an accepted fact that a human beings life is not in terms of number of years but in terms of number of breaths. When one starts doing Kriya Yoga, one realizes that his/her breath has become slower and slower. A normal person breathes about 16 to 18 times per minute whereas a person who has been doing Kriya Yoga for just 2 to 3 years starts breathing at the rate of 4 to 6 breaths per minute. So even by simple mathematics, a person who has done Kriya for only 2 or 3 years increases his life expectancy by almost 4 times, then what to say about great yogis like Babaji. Q. If Babaji has been living for so long and initiated so many great saints, why is he not mentioned in any of the religious books? A. As mentioned earlier, Babaji has preferred to remain away from public view and is silently helping true seekers on their path to realization. Since books are written by people, only figures that are known among people would find mention in those books. But today we see that slowly, more and more people are coming to know about Babaji and the divine work that is being done. Q. Is Kriya Yoga only for renunciates or is it for householders too? A. Kriya Yoga is not just for renunciates, it is for householders too. Lahiri Mahashay who was initiated by Babaji, was also a householder. It is out of pure compassion for the householders that Babaji had asked Lahiri Mahasaya to initiate any true seeker irrespective of whether he is a householder or not.
Issued in Public Interest by Gyan Swami Babaji Kriya Yog Foundation


Q. If I am following a particular religion, will I be disloyal to it if I take up Kriya Yoga? A. No. Kriya Yoga is not religion specific. It is like a mothers love to her child. The mothers love for her child is not different from religion to religion. It is always the same. Kriya Yoga is a breathing technique and hence there is no religion specific thing in it. Q. I have heard about so many teachers of Kriya Yoga who charge a fee for initiating the aspirant. Why does Guru Gyan Swami not charge anything? A. Guru Gyan Swami says that just as a mother doesnt charge her child for the milk she gives it or the love she gives it, so also the aspirant cannot be charged for getting initiated in the divine science of Kriya Yoga. People who are charging for Kriya Yoga are commercializing it and due to this they have lost contact with the divine.

Guruji with devotees in Tapovan

Issued in Public Interest by Gyan Swami Babaji Kriya Yog Foundation


Q. It has always been said that spirituality is a difficult thing and it involves a lot of hardships. It also has a lot of Donts like Dont eat meat, Dont laugh, etc. But here we see that the Kriya Yoga technique is simple and people seem to be enjoying themselves. Is it really a realization technique? A. It should be noted that and it has also been said by many realized souls that such restrictions are only introduced by the so called Gurus who are not realized. The realized Guru never puts any restrictions. He says that as one progresses on the spiritual path, things that are bad for him will automatically fall off. He doesnt have to force anything. Even Buddha said that one has to follow the middle path. Kriya Yoga is a realization technique which gives the person who practises it unending bliss. Q. Why do people go to Pandharpur through Paadayatra (walking)? Why do people go to Tirumala from Tirupati by walk? Is there a benefit by going through walk? Please elaborate. A. Going by walk is not going to make one suitable for 'God Realization', otherwise all animals would have realized God. But there is scientific reason behind any such ritual. Going to Pandharpur or Tirupati by foot will increase your will power; although you are walking yet your attention is not on walking or on road but it is focused at the Lord for whose Darshan you are going, singing and dancing which any animal cannot do. Your faith, determination and dedication will transform you in such journey; being in such mood for few days will change your being. Q. We do hear that whatever happens in this world is due to God's wish. Even a leaf will not move without his wish. But we see that there are lots of sins, crimes, corruption, blasts going on in this world. Whether all these are God's wishes? Please clarify. A. Before realizing godliness one cannot understand that God is doing everything. For a moment forget about God and think only about yourself and go on thinking in depth in the mid of night, alone and just alone. And you will realize that whatever you are today, is only due to YOU although you blame many more people for that. All the miseries and troubles you are having have been created by you. Like wise God is happening in His own way and we cannot understand until we become HE. So do not worry, be yourself and YOU will start happening.
Issued in Public Interest by Gyan Swami Babaji Kriya Yog Foundation


B enefits of K r iy a Y oga
Kriya Yoga is the highest method of God contact. It gives a greater understanding of the meaning of life and why we are here, an understanding of the purpose of your life. The practice of Kriya gives the true experience of religion as the practitioner of Kriya starts feeling one with the whole of existence. The after effects of Kriya bring with them the utmost peace and bliss. The joy that comes with Kriya is greater than the joys of all pleasurable physical sensations put together. Mahavatar Babaji says Even a little bit of practice of Kriya yoga will save one from dire fears and colossal sufferings. The human brain has immense capability; but a majority of it remains unused. It is a scientifically proven fact that only 3% to 5% of the brain of a human being functions i.e., only 3% to 5% is awake. The remaining 95% to 97% is sleeping. So, even in the waking hours, man continues to sleep. Thats why the great saints and mahatmas have said that the world is a dream. Kriya Yoga is that spiritual science that helps a human being to slowly but surely open the sleeping part of the brain. The brain cells are energized and rejuvenated, bringing control over emotions. As more and more parts of the brain awaken, man finds himself capable of doing more and more things, which he thought were impossible. Most importantly, he/she starts becoming aware or conscious of the things he/she is doing. So whenever some emotion like anger gets triggered, he/she can be aware and can decide how he should act. He/She no longer reacts subconsciously to the situation. The human being is a complex creation of God. As for the human brain, it remains a mystery to the scientists even now. The human body is like a mini universe. The brain which controls all the activities is equivalent to the Sun in our solar system. The Kriya breathing through the spine is equivalent to the revolution of the earth around the Sun. With every Kriya breath, the mind and the body (equivalent of the earth) make one revolution around the brain (equivalent of Sun). Therefore it is considered that one Kriya breath is equivalent to the total number of breaths of a normal human being in an entire year. Due to Kriya breathing, the blood absorbs large quantities of oxygen and quickly becomes de-carbonized. This increases the general well-being of humans making them free from stress and strain. This in turn results in less
Issued in Public Interest by Gyan Swami Babaji Kriya Yog Foundation


stress and strain on the cells. Once this happens, the cells produce lesser quantity of carbon-dioxide. Due to this, there is lesser need of oxygen which ultimately leads to fewer number of breaths and a quieter heart (as less pumping is required). Advanced Kriya Yogis are known to have stopped their heart beats and breaths for hours without any physical or mental side effects. In Hindu religion, it is an accepted fact that a human beings longevity is not in terms of number of years but in terms of number of breaths. When one starts doing Kriya Yoga, one realises that his/her breath has become slower and slower. A normal person breathes about 16 to 18 times per minute whereas a person who has been doing Kriya Yoga for just 2 to 3 years starts breathing at the rate of 4 to 6 breaths per minute. So even by simple mathematics, a person who has done Kriya for only 2 or 3 years increases his life expectancy by almost 4 times. Kriya Yoga is the scientific technique of meditation the purpose of which is to awaken the full potential of a human being. Vivekananda said, Human being is a sleeping God and God is an awakened human being. There are many other benefits of Kriya Yoga:

Guruji with devotees in U.A.E.

Issued in Public Interest by Gyan Swami Babaji Kriya Yog Foundation


It reduces stress and brings about inner peace and calmness It removes worries of the past and the anxieties of the future It enhances concentration and work efficiency It transforms negative emotions into positive energy It gives a long and healthy life thus preventing premature old age and death It makes your breath deeper and slower thus giving relaxation Since more oxygen is supplied to every part of the body, the organs get toned It gives greater sense of well being and infuses joy into life It makes a person tireless and ever enthusiastic It gives an increased sense of hope and faith in the world, thus reducing suicides It increases compassion and understanding towards people and their problems It increases the desire to serve humanity and all of Gods creation It gives an understanding of the real purpose of life

It should however be noted that the purpose of Kriya yoga is not just for physical and mental well being. These are just trivial by-products of Kriya yoga. The ultimate purpose of Kriya yoga is self-realization! ~o0o~

Guruji with Shri Bhramarbar Behera & Shri Rajanikant

Issued in Public Interest by Gyan Swami Babaji Kriya Yog Foundation


G y an S wami B abaji K r iy a Y og F oundation ( G S B K Y F )

Gyan Swami Babaji Kriya Yog Foundation has been formed for the sole purpose of teaching Kriya Yog to any seeker from anywhere in the world, free of cost. There are absolutely no charges or fees for learning the divine science, the path to self-realization. Worldly things have a price tag. This science is taught absolutely out of love and compassion. Mahavtar Babaji had instructed Gyan Swami not to commercialize this Yoga and not to be dependent on others for meeting his own expenses. Thus, he is a working Sanyasi who earns his own bread while spreading Babajis message across the globe. Any expenses incurred for this divine purpose are met by him and voluntary contributions from the devotees. Current Activities of GSBKYF: The Foundation is working to reach out to as many seekers as possi ble throughout the globe - If the thirsty will not come to the source of water, the source of water will go to the thirsty It organizes retreats, congregations, discourses and programs for the regular practitioners to assist them in intensifying their practice. It is in the process of constructing a big meditation hall Bramha Kamal where more and more devotees can practice Kriya together. GSBKYF is deeply grateful to all the devotees who support the mission through their time, skills or voluntary contributions. If you would like to voluntarily support this mission, please contact us at gsbkyf@gmail.com

Cover Page: Symbolically depicts that when the inhaling breath is merged into the exhaling breath and the exhaling breath into the inhaling breath as described in the Baghavad Gita (Chapter 4, Verse 29), by the regular practice of Kriya Yoga, the thousand petalled lotus at the sahasrara opens &lights up and the individual consciousness gets freed from all the physical and psychological bondages to realise its oneness with the cosmic consciousness.

Jus t for Infor mation

For more details kindly visit the website: www.kyob.org To read Gurujis blog: www.gyanswami11@blogspot.com To learn Kriya Yog and to find the centre nearest to your location: www.kyob.org#!classes To participate in and/or support the GSBKYF mission write at: gsbkyf@gmail.com