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English guide - beeps bios

MEANING OF STARTING A BEEPS AMI BIOS Short Beep NONE-Above all we must ensure that the Speaker of the board is properly connected. We will also look to the power wires and jumpers on the system board are connected and configured. This failure is usually due to problems with the power supply. o 1 - Indicates that all is correct (usually always give it to boot). If we get nothing on the monitor, o o must review the graphics card and RAM modules. 2 - Problem with the graphics card or RAM. If you see an image on the monitor is o clear that the problem is in RAM, in which case, we'll try to change the memory modules o o o o site, since the problem is parity. We also check that the modules are damaged. If the problem persists, we are forced to change motherboard. 3 - Same as 2 beeps 4 - As with 2 beeps. In this case it could also be a problem with the system clock. o 5 - No RAM detected. Could it be that is not connected or does not support o o o o (Or not work). We'll try to change the memory module site, and if it fails, module will change (will a different one). 6 - broken keyboard controller. Touch switch plate. 7 - Processor not detected (or not working). We will change the configuration of the micro or prove

o o o o

with a different micro. 8 - Video card not detected. If you try to change PCI slot. 9 - corrupted BIOS code. Distorts again or change the BIOS chip. 10 - The BIOS can not read / write data stored in CMOS. We try to delete these data bypassing the jumper 'Clean CMOS' or removing the battery, and try again to save the values in CMOS. If the problem persists we will have to change the motherboard as this chip is always soldier. 11 - The system cache (640 Kilobytes on board) is damaged or could not access it. We can revive the cache using the Control + Alt + Shift + I

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Beep Long / Short 1/2- graphic card error. If you try to change PCI slot. 1/3- RAM memory error. Try changing the slot modules. If not resolved, change other modules. 1/8- graphic card error. May not be connected or is defective.

MEANING OF BEEPS STARTING AN AWARD BIOS Beeps Long / Short Tone-uninterrupted power supply failure. We will review the power supply and all wires and connections. Constant tone-electrical overload, bad chips, bad board... 1 - If you see this on the screen 'Refresh RAM Failure', means that the various components

charged with refresh RAM fail or are not present. Change the memory bank and check the bus jumpers. 1/1- The BIOS code is corrupted or defective, we will try to replace the chip to flash or the bios but we can change our plate. 1/2- This is our video card is defective, we'll try to puncture it in another slot or 'll try another graphics card. If this message appears on screen: "No video card found ', this error only applies to motherboards with integrated video cards. Failure on the graphics card, to prove disable and will puncture a new one in any free slot or replace the motherboard. 1/3- If this message appears on the screen 'No monitor connected' the problem is the same as 1 tone

long and 2 short. Error message 1/Varios-. 'Video related failure'. As before. Each manufacturer implements a error code depending on the type of video card and BIOS parameters each. Failure 2/1- synchronization of images. Default will load the BIOS values and try rebooting. If still our graphics card or motherboard is damaged. 2 - We see this error on the screen: 'Parity Error'. It is an error in the configuration of the BIOS to not support parity memory, we disable in the BIOS. 3 - We see this error on the screen. Base 64 Kb 'Memory Failure', means that the BIOS to try to read the first 64Kbytes of RAM failed. We changed the RAM installed on the other.

4 - Error message, "Timer not operational '. The clock on the motherboard itself is damaged, no more solution to change the plate. Do not confuse with CMOS checksum error a thing is the battery and one on accountant or motherboard clock. 5 - Message on screen 'Processor Error' means that the CPU has generated an error because the processor or video memory are blocked. 6 - can be bad. The BIOS can not switch to protected mode. This error usually occurs when you connect / disconnect the keyboard with the computer turned on. 7 - A rare interruption or virtual processor mode is active. He thinks that in some now have to buy a new processor. Will you stay without being mounted now same. 8 - Error message: 'Display Memory Read / Write error'. The video card is damaged, proceed to change it. 9 - Error message: 'ROM Checksum Error', the checksum value (counting from memory) of RAM does not match the value stored in the BIOS. Now to reset the CMOS values and return to set, and if still have the RAM or damaged BIOS. 10 - If we see this screen, 'CMOS Shutdown Register / Read / Write Error': the registration of the CMOS RAM fails to disconnection. In other words you can not write to the CMOS when we configure the BIOS. 11 - Error message: 'Error Cache / External Cache Bad' cache (L2 L1o) processor are failing. It also applies to the cache of the plate. 1/8- verification failed video card, this is defective, proceed to change it. Failure 1/3- checking the RAM (memory Replace) possibly because cycles

memory clock that do not correspond to the plate or are not supported (or mark memory no). Overtemperature edgy-in micro. Treble Graves/Alternos- CPU error or misconfiguration. MEANING OF BEEPS STARTING A PHOENIX BIOS Beeps 1-2-2-3 - Error code verification ROM. In other words corrupt BIOS 1-3-1-1 - failure testing of DRAM memory refresh. We check that the graphics card 1-3-1-3 - error in the test keyboard controller. We proceed to connect, if persists plate will change as the keyboard controller is wrong ... 1-3-4-1 - Error in a memory address. Obviously the testing of the failed RAM will to replace or check to see if it was properly installed. 1-3-4-3 - Error in a direction of low memory area. 2-1-2-3 - Error in the system ROM. The BIOS is corrupted or could not be accessed (read / write). tried flasearla, or replace the BIOS chip with an identical one. 2-2-3-1 - Problems with system outages. We enter the BIOS proceed to configure the correctly. COMMON ERRORS IN SCREEN ALL BIOS BIOS ROM error-System halted checksun - The control of the BIOS is incorrect, which states that can be corrupt. If restart and repeat the message, we will replace the BIOS. faled CMOS battery-The battery on the motherboard that powers the CMOS memory has stopped supply current. You need to change the battery immediately. CMOS checksum error-Defaults loaded control code of CMOS is incorrect, so proceeds to load BIOS parameters default. This error occurs because the information

stored in the CMOS is incorrect, which may indicate that the battery is starting to fail. Display switch is incorrectly September-The type specified in the BIOS screen is incorrect. This We selected can occur if the existence of an adapter have one monochrome when color, or vice versa. Well simply put this parameter to solve the problem. Floppy disk (s) Fail (40/38/48 code depending on the age of the bios) Floppy incorrectly connected, verify all cable connections. Hard disk install failure - BIOS can not initialize the hard drive or find a way correct. We must be sure that all that all disks are correctly connected and correctly configured. Keyboard error or no keyboard present - Unable to initialize the keyboard. It may be due to where n is connected, this spoiled because even keep pressing any key during the boot process. Error Keyboard is locked out unlock the key - This message only appears in a few BIOS, when a key has been pressed. Memory Test Fail - Should we see this message, we must be very cautious with the team, may become unstable and have lost data. Solution, bank check memory is bad, and replaced immediately. Override enabled - Defaults loaded - If the system can not boot with the stored values in CMOS, the BIOS may choose to replace these by other generic designed so that all running stably, though without obtaining the highest performance. Primary master hard diskfail - The boot process has detected a failure to initialize the disk placed as a teacher in the primary IDE controller. To fix will check the connections disk and the BIOS settings.