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Jupiter in Taurus and Scorpio

A Summary of the Qualities and Processes which Jupiter Represents

1. Jupiter as the Guru: The Sanskrit term for Jupiter is Guru, and Jupiter fulfills this beneficent role. Jupiter teaches, nourishes, gives, pours forth and, in general, fulfills. 2. Jupiter as Guru, in Relation to Spiritual Opportunity: The Guru, or spiritual teacher, brings spiritual opportunity as does Jupiter. The kind of opportunities depend upon the sign, house position and aspects. 3. Jupiter as Benefactor and Giver of Blessings: Jupiter is the benevolent giver of blessings. Benevolence is selfless giving (from the very fullness of oneself and without seeking reward). Blessing is thought and action sent forth for the purpose of enhancing the life of others unconditionallyagain, with no thought of reward. Blessing is what might be called unconditional positivity. The sign, house position and aspects of Jupiter will reveal how an individual may become a benevolent, blessing benefactor (a doer of good) for his fellow human beings, and, consequently, how good is likely to return to himdue to deeds well done, either in this life cycle or a former. 4. Jupiter in Relation to Expanded Vision and Philosophy: Jupiter ever expands the consciousness and this expansion confers vision and, at length, a philosophical perspectivewhich, truly, is a wise and loving perspective upon life. Philosophy is philo (love of) sophia (wisdom). In relation to Jupiter, we ask, How is the expansion of consciousness undertaken? In what literal or symbolic area of the consciousness or form is the expansion to be expected? 5. Jupiter in Relation to Ritual, Ceremony and Coordinated Worship: Jupiter rules the hopeful and invocative approach to the divineto which end, ritual and coordinated worship are designed. Ritual and worship open the life to the inclusion of uplifting, transpersonal energies. When ceremonial work is positively motivated, it invariably enlarges the participation in a wider life and deepens the synthetic understanding of that life. 6. Jupitera Broadening, Transpersonal Influence: Jupiter is a sacred, transpersonal planet, which eventually lifts the consciousness far beyond the strictly personal dimension of living, and brings the broadened social and spiritual dimensions of life to the fore. We grow through association and cooperation with otherswhether horizontally, with our peers, or vertically, with those who have transcended our level of evolution (or with those who need our help which, also, is work upon the vertical arm of the cross of life). 7. Jupiter in Relation to the Principle of Growth: Jupiter promotes growth through the assimilation of nutrientswhether those nutrients are physical, psychological or spiritual. From the esoteric perspective, Jupiter brings about the growth of the auric egg in all its dimensionsnot just its beautification or enlightenmentbut the expansion of its scope. This means that, Jupiter is involved in the enlargement of the causal body, and perhaps, at an

advanced stage of evolution, of the Triadic vehicles as wellthe manasic, buddhic and atmic vehicles. 8. Jupiter in Relation to Indulgence and Excess: The negative side of this Jupiterian expansion could arise through indulgence (excess) and improper assimilationa condition in which the vehicles begin to approximate what Dane Rudhyar has called an inglorious sphere (in other words, they become fat). Then, there occurs growth of the wrong kindgrowth which does not conform to the intended archetypal pattern, and which proves a drain upon the energy system. It is hard to carry more weight (of all kinds and in relation to all dimensions) than one should. The complementarity of Saturn is needed to keep Jupiterian growth within due bounds. 9. Jupiter in Relation to Supplementation through Association: Jupiter allows more in, and opens the gate to growth through association, through the supplementation by others in the group. Benefits arise through social contact and cooperation. 10. Jupiter in Relation to Upliftment and Abundance: Jupiter is the planet of upliftment. Saturn binds to earth; Jupiter raises into greater ease, greater expression, greater scope, and, onwards, towards abundant living. Through Jupiter, the soul stimulates within the personality uplifting, ennobling desire (which is aspiration), and leads to the fulfillment of the desires it has induced. Negatively, if the motivation is too selfish and personal, Jupiter promotes the wrongful growth of those patterns and conditions which stand in the way of the spiritual upliftment of the personality. It has been said that we must be careful about what we desire, because we are liable to receive it. This saying concerns the dynamics of Jupiter; Jupiter brings success and fulfillment, but what is the quality of that which is fulfilled and made successful? 11. Jupiterthe Preserver: Jupiter is the Preserver and is closely connected with the Vishnu aspect of divinity. In early days, it may be the form that is preserved and protected, sometimes by apparent luck and fortuitous good fortune. In a strange way, Jupiter as luck, denies the opportunity to face the karma which might bring accelerated growth. The form and ease of the personality are spared, but the consciousness does not grow. One escapes. The personality is relieved; the soul is held backretarded. In later evolutionary days, Jupiter acts as the preserver of consciousness, and helps the personality extract wisdom and understanding from all difficult circumstances presented by such planets of discipleship as Saturn, Mercury and Pluto. Jupiter in the chart may show how the wholeness in consciousness may be preserved, and, also, how one may act as an agent of preservation (whether of consciousness or form) in the lives of others. 12. Jupiter and the Sense of Well-Being: In general, Jupiter contributes to the sense of well-being in relation to any part of the energy system it touches, and any department of life through which its expresses.

Jupiter in Taurus or Jupiter in Relation to Taurus:

(from Esoteric Astrology)

Specific Expressions of Jupiter in Taurus

1. Jupiter (in Taurus) in Relation to the Three Personality Vehicles: This
combination is likely to add weight (or light) to the physical body; initially, it increases the tendency towards indulgence, but, later, also the capacity of the physical nature to be irradiated and uplifted by the energy of light. Since Taurus is associated with the desire nature, Jupiter in Taurus will feed desire, and also contribute to the satisfaction of desire (which will be considered very important) In later days, since Taurus is a sign of great aspiration (EA 391), Jupiter will orient the desires towards the World of Light, in fact, towards the Greatest (Jupiter) Light (Taurus). The lower mind will be materialistic at first, counting on various kinds of material satisfactions; the powers of thought are used to promote material fulfillment; as evolution proceed, values are elevated, and a great love of knowledge supervenes Taurus incites towards experience and towards the gaining of knowledge; (EA 488) The mentality of the scholar may arise; one may accumulate knowledge (the treasures of the mind) in the hope that it can be wisely applied. The lower mind is used to ensure that form is wisely created and wisely usedin the interests of the higher values. 2. Jupiter (in Taurus) in Relation to the Personality as a Whole: This combination augments the desire nature; in early days, it produces a personality expectant of material fulfillment. Self-worth becomes an important concept, and one may feel valuable or not, self-confident or not on the basis of how much one has. Jupiter is Taurus leads to what might be called fulfillment in ownership. Later, upon the reversed wheel, the personality, at home with the beauties of the earth (Taurus being a fourth ray earth sign), is oriented towards all that truly makes life worth living. Resources are considered important, and abundant resources are sought, but not for personal indulgence, but for the materialization, or embodiment of that which brings abundance and blessing to humanity. There is a broad sharing of the energy which fulfills desire, whether than energy is crystallized in the form of money, or more fluid, in the form of prana. This combination tends to endow one with the wherewithal to manifest ones high desires and aspirations, and help others do the same. 3. Jupiter (in Taurus) in Relation to the Fusion of Soul and Personality: At that fairly advanced stage of evolution when soul personality fusion can be successfully undertaken, Jupiter in Taurus floods the personality with the light of soul knowledge and wisdom, and reveals how that knowledge and wisdom may be operative through form (to which Taurus is so closely related). The higher light reveals the big picture, and the human soul (within the personality) begins to understand itself in relation to light and the higher, lighted forms (Platos archetypes) which are intended to precipitate into the three worlds; areas of darkness are also revealed. Personality habits which do not accord with the lighted wisdom of the soul are seen for what they are, and more easily handled. The sense of values is uplifted; one sees and understands the difference between treasures in heaven and treasures of the earth. A reorientation of desire occurs, and the personality form is absorbed into the soulpossessed by the soul

4. Jupiter (in Taurus) in Relation to the Synthesis of Human Dualities

Head/Heart; Mind/Love; Will/Wisdom: Taurus relates to the light of knowledge, and Jupiter to the heart; Taurus to the light of the mind and Jupiter to Love; Taurus (through Vulcan) to the will, and, as in the case of the Buddha, to the light of wisdom;

Jupiter, too, confers wisdom. Early evolutionary days under the influence of Taurus, shows a marked cleavage between the materialistic lower life and the higher, spiritual life. The Tibetan speaks of the accentuation and the sharp division between body and soul which is so marked a characteristic of the Taurian subject (EA 401). But under a broadened perspective (Jupiter), and a more enlightened sense of values (Taurus), the purpose for fusing these dualities is revealed; the awakening Jupiter in Taurus subject wishes to be possessed of his full range of spiritual potentials, and proceeds with increasing wisdom gradually to lessen any cleavages which may exist between fundamental aspects of his nature. 5. Jupiter (in Taurus) in Relation to the Means by which the Expansion of Consciousness may be Sought: In the East, the experience of satori or samadhi are considered the objectives of spiritual training. One simple way to describe these and similar states isenlightenment. Taurus (the Mother of Illumination) impels towards the pursuit of the Light, towards identification with the Lightin short, towards becoming the Light. Christ and all World Teachers and Saviors say, I am the Light of the World. With Jupiter in Taurus, expansions of consciousness become revelations in the Light. What may be called the light value of all forms must be seen and understood; and light must reveal the nature, place and function of all forms. Consciousness will be expanded as the beauty of Creation is revealed under Taurus (with its transmitted fourth ray). Beauty and Truth will be seen as equivalent. Master Morya has said, In Beauty thou hast the Light, and admonished us to think and repeat to ourselves, How beautiful is everything! Consciousness thus expands in the direction of revealing the beauty, pattern and luminosity of all forms. God Immanent is understood, and Gods Creation comes to be valuedprofoundly. 6. Jupiter (in Taurus) in Relation to the Fulfillment of Desire and the Satisfaction of Demand1) initially, fulfillment for the little self; then . 2) fulfillment of desire for the good of the wholea fulfillment achieved through the outgoing expression of love: Through the love of life in form; through the perceived beneficent abundance of the Logos Creation, the Jupiter in Taurus individual inspires others with the sense of the goodness of the life process. Abundance thinking has become popular during the past twenty years. Rather than see life on this planet in terms of scarcity and resultant war for possession, one envisions a condition of abundance created through sharinga vision much closer to the truth of Gods Providence. The Jupiter in Taurus individual gives for the betterment of life in form, and abundance returns so that he can give again. Although the two signs are in square, and very different in many respects, in their potential appreciation of lifes abundance, Taurus (the sign of the New Group of World Servers) and Aquarius (the sign of the Hierarchy) have important points in common. A Few Miscellaneous Meanings of Jupiter in Taurus: a. Jupiter in Taurus indicates the growth or accumulation of substance; on a higher turn of the spiral, it is the substance of wisdom. b. Jupiter in Taurus promotes the expansion of consciousness through the accumulation of light, of knowledge and, in general (once the stage of discipleship is reached) of that which has spiritual value.

c. With Jupiter in Taurus expansion occurs in a more steady and stable manner
than with Jupiter in Aries, but there may still be charges and a sudden rushing

forward under the incentive of possible acquisition. The Tibetan says of the man born in Taurus: He will move spasmodically and in wild rushes; steady measured progress upon the Way is very hard for him. But the temperance of Jupiter, modifies the situation and the general trend, will be towards a more gradual accumulation. The Tibetan suggests that such accumulations may remain unapplied, for there is a tendency to pile up accumulations. At a certain point, accumulations become light, itself. This can be distressing. In this case the following words from the Direction of the Law of Repulse for the Second Ray will apply:
Detail on detail enter into the content of his world of thought. He stores the nuggets of the knowledge of the world, as a squirrel stores its nuts. The storehouse now is adequately full....Sudden a spade descends, for the thinker tends the garden of his thought, and thus destroys the passages of mind. Ruin arrives, destroying fast the storehouse of the mind, the safe security, the darkness and the warmth of a satisfied enquiry. All is removed. The light of summer enters in and the darkened crannies of the mind see light....Naught is left but light, and that cannot be used. The eyes are blinded and the one eye seeth not as yet.... (EP II 167)

d. Jupiter in Taurus indicates enrichment at all levels, including enrichment in terms of prana or vitality e. Jupiter in Taurus indicates that riches of all kinds may accrue from social and group associations. Such an individual gains in substance (Taurus) from his associations and affiliations (Jupiter). f. Jupiter in Taurus is a constructive combination, and may indicate the builder for the second ray (through Jupiter) is the builder of form, and Taurus is the second sign on the reversed wheel. The process of building will be well coordinated.

g. Jupiter in Taurus may contribute, literally, to the size of the voice. It can indicate one whose voice is growing stronger. h. Negatively, Jupiter in Taurus confers the complete fulfilment of earthy, animal, sensory desire. There is a tendency towards gluttony, and over-accumulation of all kinds. Looking to material values for satisfaction.

Jupiter in Scorpio or in Relation to Scorpio:

(from Esoteric Astrology)

Specific Expressions of Jupiter in Scorpio

1. Jupiter (in Scorpio) in Relation to the Three Personality Vehicles: Jupiter in this sign will increase the physical appetites, as Scorpio is associated with the three subdiaphragmatic centers which impulse the instinctual nature. Astrally, the demand for satisfaction is increased, and desire reinforced. Jupiter represents the expectation of fulfillment in relation to any aspect of the human energy system it may influence. Later, this combination is useful in the process of the second initiation, during which process benefit (Jupiter) comes through death (Scorpio)in this case the death of the selfish desire nature. Properly expressed, Jupiter in Scorpio brings the blessings (Jupiter) of emotional release (Scorpio). Mentally, depth (Scorpio) of understanding (Jupiter) is increased. Upon the Fixed Cross, the mind is used as an instrument to

see through and comprehend glamor. Control of the emotional nature comes through enhanced vision and understanding, and illumination grows. 2. Jupiter (in Scorpio) in Relation to the Personality as a Whole: Scorpio makes desire insistent and intense, and Jupiter helps the environment fulfill that desire. As with Jupiterian Taurus, this combination helps the person get what he wants. Negatively, the Hydra may grow and be indulged. But wherever Scorpio appears, there is also a forced relinquishment, and Jupiter in Scorpio reveals the advantages of this relinquishmentwhether material or spiritual advantages. Every investor knows that one must temporarily give or give up in order to receive later. Money, for instance, is given into the control of others (loans), so that it may return more abundantly (principle plus interest). During the personal phase of development, this is good training, for deliberate sacrifice during the spiritual phase. In general, the sufficiently illumined personality under this combination will realize that there is always compensation for apparent loss. Scorpio rules the Hierarchy of Human Monads; regardless of an history of suffering and conflict, hope [Jupiter] springs eternal in the human breast.

3. Jupiter (in Scorpio) in Relation to the Fusion of Soul and Personality: The very
first Law of the Soul, is the Law of Sacrifice, ruled by the fourth ray. Scorpio is the principal transmitter, constellationally, of the fourth ray; the entire Human Hierarchy has descended into hell (the hell of material incarnation) for sacrificial and redemptive purposes. Every time a human being incarnates, he undergoes a Scorpionic death by suffocation (EA 98), but the compensation is soul-growth (the growth of the causal body, under Jupiter, which rules the auric envelope {EA 649}). Jupiter in Scorpio fills personality life with great and small beneficent deaths. The soul cannot approach and infuse unless the personality is willing to give up those things which stand in the way. Through detachment from desire and its eventual death (EA 214-215), the individual is released into the bounty of soul life. There arises the expectation (Jupiter) of gain (Jupiter) from loss (Scorpio), and the Way of Sacrifice (Scorpio) (DINA I 606) becomes the joyful way (Jupiter). Naturally, soulpersonality fusion proceeds.

4. Jupiter (in Scorpio) in Relation to the Synthesis of Human Dualities

Head/Heart; Mind/Love; Will/Wisdom: During typical human experience (under the sign Scorpio, which rules all of humanity) head wars with heart, mind with love and will with wisdom. Humanitys way, initially, is the way of war. Scorpio promotes the conflict between the dualities. Jupiter, however, is a unifying force (for the second ray which it transmits, is the Will to Unify {EA 605}and Jupiter is the force which brings all together). Jupiter always reveals that polarities are two parts of one whole, and are intended (at a certain point of evolution after discrimination has been established) to cooperate with and complement each other. Jupiter in Scorpio reveals how both aspects of warring dualities are needed for successful expression. The fourth ray is an aspect of the second ray and, in the normal progression of developments, fourth ray conflict resolves into harmony and, then, into second ray unity. Jupiter in Scorpio promotes this process. 5. Jupiter (in Scorpio) in Relation to the Means by which the Expansion of Consciousness may be Sought: Very simply, expansion of consciousness is to be sought through wise and loving relinquishment. There is a giving up of lower things for higher. The words of Master Morya apply here: when have you ever become less through sacrifice? The relinquishment of the demands of the instinctual nature

(Scorpio) confers vision of greater things. The consciousness expands because it is no longer preoccupied with fulfilling the personal nature. One sees and knows more (expansion) because released from the focal preoccupations of low desire. 6. Jupiter (in Scorpio) in Relation to the Fulfillment of Desire and the Satisfaction of Demand1) initially, fulfillment for the little self; then . 2) fulfillment of desire for the good of the wholea fulfillment achieved through the outgoing expression of love. Jupiter fulfills desire. Jupiter hopes and envisions; according to law, that which is conceived is achieved. The Hydra is happyunaware, even, that it is a Hydra. Later, the man becomes the disciple, increasingly intent upon triumph over his lower nature, and intent, also, upon humanitys triumph. According to law, the individual is given abundant (Jupiter) power (Scorpio), to help humanity achieve this triumph. How does this happen? Because the disciple (under Scorpio) is not afraid to die to his usual desires, the abundance of Jupiter returns to him. Because the disciple is willing, joyfully, to do without, everything he needs and more flows back into his hands for the purpose of wise and selfless use. The principle is, you can have the things you most desire as long as you are willing to relinquish those very things. This same dynamic operates in relation to Jupiter in Pisces (another Plutonic sign). The world rewards with abundance the one who has demonstrated his freedom from desire. Again, death (this time, of desire) brings its compensations (Jupiter) A Few Miscellaneous Meanings of Jupiter in Scorpio: a. Jupiter in Scorpio contributes to the opening of the sacrifice petals of the Egoic lotus (as would Jupiter in Pisces). b. Jupiter in Scorpio signifies spiritual growth through sacrifice and death. c. Jupiter in Scorpio signifies the benevolence of death and perhaps, literally, a benevolent death. Death becomes the bestower of bounty. d. Jupiter in Scorpio indicates the benefits which occur through the destruction of the forma new freedom comes as a result. e. Jupiter in Scorpio signifies spiritual growth through crisis, privation and loss. f. Jupiter in Scorpio signifies the broadening of ones perspective through conflicts, tests and trials.

g. Jupiter in Scorpio gives a profound understanding of life-and-death issues. h. Jupiter in Scorpio signifies that the deeper one goes, the more one grows and understands. i. j. Jupiter in Scorpio signifies the growth of occult power. Jupiter in Scorpio signifies the benefits of the kundalini energy.

k. Jupiter in Scorpio confers a broadened understanding of hidden things, and of events occurring behind the scenes. l. Jupiter in Scorpio signifies the expansion of the urge to transformation. m. Jupiter in Scorpio signifies the resurrection of the Phoenix. n. Jupiter in Scorpio indicates that drastic changes are often for the good, and even for the best. o. Jupiter in Scorpio expresses a strange paradox: The worse, the better.

p. Jupiter in Scorpio confers the realization that the more one gives up, detaches, hands over ones resources (as a kind of investment) the more one will gain. This principle has both financial and psychological implications. q. Materially, Jupiter in Scorpio signifies the growth of financial power through investment r. Jupiter in Scorpio often brings wealth through managing of the resources of others.

s. Jupiter in Scorpio signifies the mutual benefits of shared power. This position indicates great benefits to be gained from the resources of others t. Jupiter in Scorpio signifies the reception of material legacies. u. Jupiter in Scorpio signifies the reception of spiritual legacies. v. Negatively, Jupiter in Scorpio may indicate the growth of selfish power, and the fulfillment of the baser desires and destructive instincts. There may be a tendency to cultivate these negativities and indulge in them. w. Negatively, Jupiter in Scorpio signifies the complete satisfaction within and as the Hydra, rather than the undertaking of war against it. Jupiter enables, and Jupiter in Scorpio may signify an attitude of permissiveness with the Hydra.