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Muhammad Salman Yousaf MBC-10-52 MBA 7th Semester Proposed plan as AT&T Representative

As AT&T Representative in negotiation which is US Telecommunication company operating worldwide, there will be some differences in negation process culture and communication during negotiation. One of main difference is English speaking style. American speaks hard English while British people speak soft polite English.

Preparation: Main aim for customers who want to use their cell phones everywhere in the world.
Identify the culture differences in communication and in negotiation processes. Gather the BT Company data including financial, their future prospective and goals. Gather information about the personals which take part in negotiation from BT Company side. Prepare a team with international venture consultant, personnel are which already work in UK, technology experts, and Chairman. Main aim of negotiation is equally shred joint venture. Basic Agenda is to be undisputed leader in rapidly expanding global telecommunication service market. Negotiation place should be in neutral place or elsewhere in Switzerland and Hawaii. Identify their business culture negotiation values and overcome barriers to define interest.

Building-up relationship:
Speak on the main interest, how to be world leader telecommunication service because their rivalry are firing them back. Adopt some main negotiation values of BT Company to make relationship building and building fast rapport. Through some James Bond humor (James Bond as British Movie, too much popular in them)

Information exchange and First Offer:

Showing more interest matters concerning main aim of agenda. Exchange of information about the seventeen countries for which they are going for venture. Selection of chairman will be through Joint Board of Directors meeting. Name will be finalized too by joint Board of Directors or BT have any opinion, let them share it and also propose ABAT (American British Advance Telecommunication Company). Sixty five (65) percent employees will be from the host countries where they operate and most top management will be from Company own hierarchy. Capital Structure will be on three most basic things.

Organization Capital (BT have fast data communication while AT7T have wide network) o Human Capital (only Top hierarchy) o Physical Capital ( 50-50 % share) Demand of Headquarter in US. As it is a big joint venture, no exist until 2025 otherwise legal law suite plus 30% capital and profit share will be redeemed as penalty.

Will kept distribution right of Concert in US. AT&T will kept alliance with Unisource and world partners as BT is also aiming alliance in future. If BT tries to exist from venture before maturity date, then AT&T will take control of structure of communication in seventeen countries, if BT offers for some kind of similar tactic. Use US wireless system as they are implemented many cell phones manufacturing companies around the world or run dual band telecommunication technology for more comfort of both nation customers. Short run solution for customers for both US and UK to use auto-MNP technology (auto mobile number portability) detected by network itself. AT&T will provide wide base communication network and BT will mostly provide data communication technology.

If BT stops alliancing in US, then AT&T will relax in distribution rights of Concert. Will relax in demand of more employees from AT&T if both companies team, work mutually specially on data communication technology. Choose GSM technology as seventeen countries have GSM based cell phones.

After discussing legal rights and rules of operations, distribution, capital sharing then final proposal will be submitted after taking consideration on concessions and other companys interest. CEO of both companies will sign the contract with an opening ceremony party in Huawei.

Gathering insight information to understand the strength and weakness of AT&T negotiation tactic. Success on concession agreement, rates, behavior and response of officials on negotiation and future prospect about future more joint venture opportunities.