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Hamza Amjad

Have you ever wondered who controls the sea, the earthquakes, and the horses? Well youre looking at him. I am Poseidon, god of the sea, the earthquakes and the horses. Although I am officially one of the supreme gods of Mount Olympus, I spend most of my time in my watery domain. My brothers names are, Zeus and Hades. We all thought that it was too much work for one person so we divided it up into three different jobs. Zeus became ruler of the sky, Hades got dominion of the Underworld and I was given all water, both fresh and salt. When I was a baby, I was swallowed by Cronus when, but later on I was rescued by and then rescued by Zeus.

Rhea saved me by giving me to a flock of lambs when I was born. He was raised by the Telchines on Rhodes. Being the protector of the waters, all the seamen worship me, and before they traveled, they would prayed to me and drowned a horse as sacrifice. No dares to take a trip without praying to me first. If someone disobeyed me I would make the earth shake hitting the ground with my Trident to create big waves and make the ships wreck.

I always wanted the throne to rule the gods, but my brother Zeus was the one who slayed Cronus which is why he had the throne. In my opinion, he was an unfair leader and I would have done a whole lot better if I was the ruler instead. I had made many attempts in stopping him but they all failed. I wished to be the most powerful, but unfortunately my brother took my place. I am married to Amphitrite who was the daughter of the Titan Oceanus. I loved her very dearly, but when I used to go far from her I used to get lonely. I wanted to be free from my wife, and spend time with some other woman. Tyro was one beautiful woman who I found very attractive. Because she loved Enipus so much, I disguised myself as Enipus and she believed me. From there on we had Pelias and Neleus.

After that I met Alope, daughter of Cercyon. She had such beauty. When I and she were together, it felt so magical. From there Hippothoon was born. I had a lot of interest in her, but too bad our relationship didnt last too long. Cercyon found out about Alope and me, and he tried to bury her alive. In order to save her life I turned her into a spring. Medusa was another of my lovers, We once had a sexual encounter in Athena's temples. This made the Athena very furious and she punished Medusa by transforming her into a monster.

Even though I had gained lots of fun and excitement from this woman, there were also downfalls. I lost the city of Athens against the Goddess Athena in a competition. In this competition both Gods were asked to give a present to the city. I used my Trident and, hit the earth and from that spot, water started to come out, but the water was salty and was not of too much use, Athena on the other hand gave them an Olive tree. King Cecrops liked Athena's gift better. After this, I raged in anger and punished the city with a flood.

Even though I may have a short temper, I was also kind at times. For example I helped sailors cross the sea, but they had to pray to me first. I deserve respect because I am helping them.