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KE30602 Design Project DESIGN ISSUE PAPER Project Title Digital Clock for Classroom Project Team Name

KE30602 Design Project DESIGN ISSUE PAPER

Project Title

Digital Clock for Classroom

Project Team Name



Pn. Siti Hasnah


Mr. Liau Chung Fan

Project Team Members

1. Wong Mun Bin

2. Tan Beng Hin

3. Dg. Syarmi Erdayanti Arshat

4. Alex Sim Khim Song

5. Alfian @ Roland Mislan







When we are design a product and sell to customer, there are some issues have to take into consideration such as product lifecycle management, protection of intellectual property, environmental issues, product liability, product safety and universal design principles. All this issues is important to ensure unfavorable incidents will be avoided, product liability which held responsible for the injuries those product cause and so on.


Digital clock with remote control is a wall clock that can be use in class or office. This clock was built with real time clock with AM/FM or 24-hours indicator plus calendar and day functions. It also has special features such as the wireless remote control to set the time and date. This clock is very user friendly and very useful. The lifecycle management of the digital clock for classroom product has four phases. Conceive, design, realize and service. The first phase is conceived. It is the definition of its requirements based on customer, company, market and regulatory bodies’ viewpoints. From the first proposal, the client had required to build a digital clock for classroom with additional features such as calendar, stopwatch, countdown timer and remote control. However, facing with a few constraints, the final specification for this product is a digital clock with calendar and wireless remote control. The clock is displayed with LCD display that can be set with remote control wirelessly. The specialty of this product is it was control by a wireless remote. The market research shows that the digital clock that uses wireless remote control is still too few in market. The price rate is still around $250 to $300 in foreign country. The design and development start at second phase. From the first development, the digital clock was programmed using assembly, but there is a lot of problem facing using assembly language because it is too long and complicate when writing the code. Therefore, the product is redesign and improved using C programming. The wireless remote control is using radio frequency to set the time on the digital clock. The model also designed in this phase. This is where the detailed

design and development of the products form starts, progressing to prototype testing, through pilot release to full product launch. It can also involve redesign and ramp for improvement to existing products as well as planned obsolescence. The third phase is realized where the digital clock was make, build, procure and produce. The digital clock is built on a PCB board. Then, the manufacturing is planning to produce, sells and delivers the product. After the product is complete and the method of manufacturing is defined, the digital clock is build, test and analyze to finalize the product and manufacture it. Once the component is manufacture, the size and form can be checked using computer- aided design. Parallel to the engineering tasks, sales product configuration and marketing documentation work will be taking place. The last phase is service. This phase involve managing off in service information. This is where the product is selling to customer and it provides customers and service engineers with support information for repair and maintenance, as well as waste management or recycling information. This phase will make the digital clock a marketable set of products and services capable of jointly fulfilling a user's needs. The product lifecycle management is more to managing description and properties of product through its development and usefulness. The benefit of documenting the product lifecycle is it can improve the product quality. The digital clock can be improved and redesign if there has some lacking or weakness. This management also reduced the cost of prototyping and reduced time to market this product. The product lifecycle management also includes the recycle or disposal of the product. This is important because it helps to reduce the rubbish all around and slow down the global warming. Our digital clock with remote control is form by different type of electronic component. Some of the components are recyclable and some of the components are disposal. Components such as LED, LCD is recyclable, crystal oscillator, button switch, resistor, capacitors, wires are subject to disposal.


The Principles of Universal Design is to guide a wide range of design disciplines including environments, products, communications, equitable use, flexibility in use, simple and intuitive, perceptible information, tolerance for error, and low physical effort and etc. Our digital clock is trying to fulfill the principles of Universal Design. Our digital clock is with wireless remote control, which can use to set the time and calendar. This makes our digital clock flexible to use especially for old folk people. This is because the old folk people can easily set the time without taking down the clock from the wall. Our digital clock is simple, portable and equitable use. Our digital clock is portable because it is small and easy to bring to anywhere. The digital clock is simple and can easily use by people. This is because our digital clock just has 2 button, which is mode select button and reset button. With the 2 button, we can start, set and reset the time and date. Beside that, our remote control also is 2 button which same function with the digital clock. The instruction how to use the digital clock (perceptible information) will be include when people are buying. Besides the instruction, it also includes the tolerance for error of our digital clock in the perceptible information. For our digital clock, there will be having some delay of a second for a certain period. Therefore, the time will be faster or slower and no accurate. In our digital clock, there is no including the auto update function for the digital clock, so the time wills not auto update. Besides that, when a person from one country to others country, the person need to reset the time according to the country. That is some tolerance for error for our digital clock.


Safety becomes an important issue when designing a device, especially for an electrical setting. There are several different main aspects of safety that should be considered for an electrical device. All of the hardware of electrical device must be either soldering or by printed circuit board (PCB). Therefore, component value and polarity should be ensure is correctly soldered. Those electronic

components have polarity such as capacitor, PIC, and LED should be soldered in right polarity or it may cause the circuit board fail to work. Besides that, wrong polarity such as capacitor also may cause explosion. For our digital clock, all electronic component and circuit include the remote control are well insulated with waterproof casing. As we know, electronic component and circuit are sensitive to water and it will cause short circuit. Therefore, this is necessary to have waterproof casing to avoid the circuit from water especially the remote control, which is more expose to people compare with the digital clock. Besides waterproof casing, the remote control also need insulated with less brittleness casing. This is to avoid the remote control break easily when it is falls.


In this project design, we could not make our product follow the product life cycle as efficiently as we stated. However, our objective of this project design is to achieve so feature that required by our customer. This leaves us for improvement for some feature if future resources permit it. Our digital clock can be improves by adding more feature into it. For example, feature like stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm, temperature, and so on. With more feature of the digital clock, the market of buying our digital clock will be increase. This is because our digital clock not just for display the time and calendar, it also can use to do experiment (stopwatch), as a reminder as the time countdown (alarm or countdown), knowing the room temperature so that they can adjust the air –condition and so on. Future more, we can put musical function with various music songs inside the digital clock so that customer can choose any song as their alarm that they like. This will attract more customers to buy it. Besides that, auto update function should include inside the digital clock. This is important so that people will not be late just because of the time is not update or have some delay. Casing with some good qualities include waterproof and hard material can be use to build the casing of the digital clock and remote control.



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