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CRIMES AGAINST NATIONAL SECURITY Treason Conspiracy & Proposal to commit Treason Misprision of Treason Espionage CRIMES AGAINST LAW OF NATIONS Inciting to war or giving motives for reprisals Violation of neutrality Correspondence with hostile country Flight to enemy's country Piracy in general & Mutiny Qualified Piracy CRIMES AGAINST THE FUNDAMENTAL LAWS OF THE STATE Arbitrary Detention Delay in the delivery of detained persons to the proper judicial authorities Delaying release Expulsion Violation of domicile Search warrants maliciously obtained and abuse in the service of those legally obtained Searching domicile without witnesses Prohibition, interruption, and dissolution of peaceful meetings Interruption of religious feelings Offending the religious feelings CRIMES AGAINST PUBLIC ORDER Rebellion or Insurrection Coup d'etat Conspiracy & Proposal to commit Coup d'etat, Rebellion or Insurrection Disloyalty of Public Officers or Employees Inciting to Rebellion or Insurrection Sedition Conspiracy to commit Sedition Inciting to Sedition Illegal Assemblies Illegal Associations Direct Assault Indirect Assault Resistance and Disobedience to a person in Authority or the Agents of such person Tumults and other Disturbances Alarms and Scandals

Delivery of Prisoners from Jail Evasion of Service of Sentence Evasion of Service of Sentence on the occasion of calamities Other cases of Evasion of Sentence CRIMES AGAINST PUBLIC INTEREST Counterfeiting the Great Seal of the Government Using forged signature or counterfeit seal or stamp Making and Importing and Uttering False Coins Mutilation of Coins Selling of False or Mutilated Coin Forging Treasury or Bank Notes or other Documents Payable to Bearer Counterfeiting, Importing and Uttering Instruments Payable to Bearer Usurpation of Authority or Official Function Using Fictitious and Concealing True Name Illegal Use of Uniforms or Insignia False Testimony in other cases and Perjury CRIMES RELATIVE TO OPIUM AND OTHER PROHIBITED DRUGS CRIMES AGAINST PUBLIC MORALS Grave Scandal Immoral Doctrines, Obscene Publications and Exhibitions, and Indecent Shows Vagrants & Prostitutes CRIMES COMMITTED BY PUBLIC OFFICERS Betrayal of Public Trust Direct Bribery Indirect Bribery Qualified Bribery Frauds Against the Public Treasury and Similar Offenses Other Frauds Prohibited Transactions Possession of Prohibited Interest by a Public Officer Malversation of Public Funds Failure of Accountable Officer to Render Accounts Failure of Accountable Officer to Render Accounts Before leaving the Country Illegal Use of Public Funds or Property Failure to make Delivery of Public Funds or Property Conniving with or Consenting to Evasion Evasion through Negligence Escape of Prisoner under the custody of a person not a public officer

Refusal to Discharge Public Office Maltreatment of Prisoners Prolonging Performance of duties and powers Abandonment of Office or Position Abuse Against Chastity CRIMES AGAINST PERSONS Parricide Death or Physical Injuries Under Exceptional Circumstances Murder Homicide Death Caused in a Tumultuous Affray Physical Injuries Inflicted in Tumultuous Affray Giving Assistance to Suicide Discharge of Firearms Infanticide Intentional Abortion Unintentional Abortion Responsibility of Participants in a Duel Challenging to a Duel Mutilation Serious Physical Injuries Adminitering Injurious Substances Less Serious Physical Injuries Slight Physical Injuries and Maltreatment Rape Kidnapping & Serious Illegal Detention Slight Illegal Detention Unlawful Arrest Kidnapping & Failure to Return a Minor Inducing a Minor to Abandon his Home Slavery Exploitiation of Child Labor Services Rendered under Compulsion in Payment of Debts Abandonment of Persons in Danger & of One'sVictim Abandoning a Minor Exploitation of Minors Qualified Trespass to Dwelling Other Forms of Trespass Grave Threats Light Threats Bond for Good Behavior

Other Light Threats Grave Coercion Light Coercions Other Similar Coercions CRIMES AGAINST PROPERTY Robbery with Violence Against or Intimidation of Persons Robbery with Physical Injuries, committed in an Uninhabited Place, by a Band Execution of Deeds by Means of Violence or Intimidation Robbery in an Inhabited House or Public Building Robbery in an Uninhabited Place & by a Band Robbery in an Uninhabited Place or in a Private Building Brigandage Theft Qualified Theft Occupation of Real Property or Usurpation of Real Rights Fraudulent Insolvency Estafa Other forms of Swindling Swindling a Minor Other Deceits Destructive Arsons Malicious Mischief Special Cases of Malicious Mischief Other Mischief CRIMES AGAINST CHASTITY Adultery Concubinage Repealed Acts of Lasciviousness Qualified Seduction Simple Seduction Acts of Lasciviousness with Consent Corruption of Minors White Slave Trade Forcible Abduction Consented Abduction CRIMES AGAINST CIVIL STATUS OF PERSONS Simulation of Births, Substitution of Children Usurpation of Civil Status

Bigamy Unlawful Marriages Premature Marriage Performance of Illegal Marriages CRIMES AGAINST HONORS Libel Libel by means of Writing & Similar Means Slander Slander by Deed Libelous Remarks Incriminating Innocent Persons Intriguing Against Honor QUASI OFFENSES Criminal Negligence