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Marian has worked at several bike shops and in the bicycle industry for nearly
10 years. For several years Marian was a part owner of a collectively owned
Marian Hunting bicycle shop, the “Missing Link”. While at the Missing Link, Marian taught bi-
cycle repair classes and worked as the Outreach Coordinator. Currently, Mar-
ian works as a Bicycle Industry Analyst for Bike-Alog.
Editorial Director marian.hunting@womenscyclingmag.com

Carson grew up in beautiful northern California, with Mt. Shasta and Lassen
painting the backdrop to his burgeoning life as a photographer. He developed a
keen sense for photography at a young age while exploring the wonders in his
own backyard. Participating in cycling, running, and numerous other outdoor
adventures gives Carson the advantage of capturing these sports in a truly
distinct and defining manner. He not only captures the image, but the raw ex-
Carson Blume citement and thrill that comes from participation.
Along with his sports and travel photography, he owns and runs Digital Capture
Photo Editor Systems, a digital consulting company for professional photographers and he
has also recently been added to the instructor staff at the Malibu Institute of
Media Arts. If that is not enough, he also has an entire product line for profes-
sional photographers coming out soon! carson.blume@womenscyclingmag.com

Echo, also known as Michael Roberson, is an avid thrill seeker and tree hugging
peaceful kind of guy. By trade, Echo is a graphic and web designer; you may
have noticed him at your local Starbucks in the corner trying way too hard to
ECHO look cool with his laptop and Iced Soy Cinnamon Dolce Latte!
Things Echo enjoys meaningful conversations, spirituality, travel, social activ-
Art Director ism, and people watching. Echo is also owner of Casualty of Design a full ser-
vice graphic and web design company. echo@womenscyclingmag.com

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MaryCraighead writing. She writes features for VeloNews, cov-

Contributors is currently a 7th grade lan-

guage arts teacher as well
as the retail manager of the
ers NRC races such as the Cascade Cycling
Classic for velonews.com, does contract work
for USA Cycling’s website, and has published
on cyclingnews.com. .
Mountain Bike Depot & ‘Cross
t to c o n tr ib ute? o m e n sc y c li ngmag.com Supply in Louisville, KY. Mary
Wan n.hunting@w
Email: maria and the staff at the Mountain Bike VeronikaLenzi is a Petaluma photog-
Depot are very passionate about cycling rapher who fell in love with cycling after see-
as a lifestyle, and focuses on customer ser- ing the tail end of the 2001 Tour de France. In
vice and community driven events, like a CX 2006, she was contracted to photograph The
Worlds party, the women’s classes, and a new Toyota-United Professional Cycling Team, with
short track series. Mary is a Cat 1 mountain one of her pictures published in VeloNews
biker and a Cat 3 ‘cross racer. Mary raced for and two others published in Bicycling Maga-
the Sorella Cycling Program out of Atlanta, GA zine. You can also see her photos in our very
while she was attending Emory University. She own local Bike Monkey magazine and hang-
currently rides and races for Chrysalis Ven- ing in the Wine Emporium in Sebastopol. She
tures Racing in Louisville. has opened her house to many young cyclists
(and non cyclists), and hopes that she and her
DotsieBausch is a professional racer husband can make a difference in the life of
who has ridden for T- Mobile, Colavita Sutter a cyclist, young or old. She is currently one of
Home, and the United States National Team. the managers of the Santa Rosa based Team
She now acts as race captain and mentor to the NorCal Bike Sport and will be following each
New Zealand based Jazz Apple cycling team stage of this years Tour of California.
alongside Susy Pryde! Dotsie is a familiar
name in the professional women’s peloton as KenConley (kwc) is a Northern Cali-
she has had a wildly successful career, includ- fornia cycling photographer that can usually
ing 3X as National Champ and a Pan Am gold be found behind a lens, handlebars, or a key-
medal. In 2002, Dotsie launched a personal board.While mainly focused on California road
coaching business and focused soley on new cycling events like the Tour of California, he
women racers. Through word of mouth, she has has traveled across the US to shoot events like
been successfully increasing her client base the Tour de Georgia and the Tour of Missouri.
each year, and recently launched Empower Occasionally you’ll find him drinking beer at
Coaching Systems with business partner Andy a track, mountain bike or cyclocross event. In
Sparks, the 2008 U.S. Olympic Track cycling his spare free time he also maintains a cycling-
coach. Check out Empower at: www.empower- focused blog at http://kwc.org/cycling/.
coachingsystems.com. They focus on road and
track cycling for men and women of all ages. BrianHodes of Southern California has
Dotsie is very candid about sharing her stories been shooting for over 30 years. An avid cy-
about her struggles with drugs and eating dis- clist, he has recently combined his passion
orders with the public and has used her status for cycling and his artistic photographic eye.
as a professional athlete to increase the pub- There is an advantage to being both a cyclist
lic’s awareness of eating disorders. and a photographer- being able to see the
shot before it’s even there. Whether it’s a crit,
KathieReid has vivid memories of her road race, time trial or a multi-day stage race,
first ride on a bike without training wheels at you’ll find Brian, knee-pads and all on the cir-
the tender age of 5 years, but didn’t take up cuit. Brian Resides in Southern California and
cycling in spandex until 9 years ago. Within is a Father of two- Sophia and Aidan. He is ac-
just a few years, she had done multiple centu- tively involved in charity, and is an activist to
ries, completed the infamous (at least in Cen- raise awareness and an end to the HIV/AIDS
tral California) 153-mile Climb to Kaiser twice, pandemic. His images can be found at www.
and began racing. A “career-cat 4” Velo Bella, veloimages.com.
she simply races for the challenge and the joy
of riding and training with strong women. Per- BarbaraHowe An accomplished pave-
haps because she grew up in the tiny Eastern ment and dirt cyclist Barbara Howe also
Sierra town of Bridgeport, California, at 6500 enjoys eating and cooking. She believes
feet, her favorite type of riding includes chal- that you should enjoy what you eat and her
lenging climbs. She has ridden some of the cycling experiences are often shaped by the
legendary climbs of the Tour de France and the food around them. From camping in the moun-
Giro di Italia, such as Col du Tourmalet, Alpe tains and cooking on a portable stove, to the
d’Huez, and the Passo Stelvio. To pay for her frites stands at Belgian cyclocross races and
bikes and bike trips, she is an associate pro- breakfast before her commute Barb always
The Epic images of JonathanDevich’s fessor of child development at California State makes sure she’s well fueled before she gets
http://www.epicimages.com, and University, Fresno. One of the perks is sum- on her bike.
photographic stylings of JohnSegesta mers off, and in 2006, she did an internship at
http://www.johnsegesta.com VeloNews in Boulder, Colorado, an experience
that launched her second career – freelance
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Sagebrush Safari
San Diego, California, USA,
April 5, 2009
The Sagebrush Safari course was wildly
praised by all of the riders that we talked to as
it seemed to provide every rider an opportu-
nity to ride the terrain that they excelled in. The
figure eight shaped course started with a long
pavement climb that then funneled riders onto
a fun downhill section filled with grin-inducing
swoopy turns.
The riders were then greeted by another
climb and a hike-a-bike of reasonable length
after which the riders were funneled back
onto singletrack for the final descent into the
finish. Pua Sawicki (Ellsworth) clearly domi-
nated in the Pro Women’s field, finishing nearly
8 minutes before her next closest competitor,
Allison Mann (IE Bikes/Nema). Mann was
followed by Amanda Carey (Kenda/Tomac/
Hayes) and Natasha Hernday (Amgen). Kathy
Sherwin (Kenda/Tomac/Hayes) rounded out
the Pro Women’s Podium.
It was great to see so many women racing and
enjoying themselves; from the Pro Category
on to the Category 3 Masters Women, it looked
as it everyone was enjoying themselves. It was
also great to see a woman, Annette Padilla (Celo
Pacific), racing in the Category 2 Singlespeed
race. Hopefully more women will start racing
their singlespeeds and eventually we’ll get our
own Women’s Singlespeed category.

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San Dimas Stage Race

Three days of races in Velo, California March 20 - 22 2009
he San Dimas Stage Race Riders were treated to a uniquely of most other time trials, were not too
is a well organized, short Southern California weather experi- surprising. Mara Abbott (Columbia
3-day stage race that is ence on the first day of the stage race Highroad) won the stage convincing-
hosted by Southern Califor- as the day was at once both sunny ly with her next closest rival, Kristen
nia Velo. The San Dimas Stage Race is as well as overcast. The first of the LaSasso (Kahala LaGrange), 45 sec-
not included on USA Cycling’s Na- stages, set against the San Gabriel onds back.
tional Racing Calendar, but as it falls mountains, the Glendora Mountain
Mara Abbott is only
so close in time and geographical lo- Road uphill time trial climbs a little
in her third year
cation to Redlands, which is included over 1350 feet in 3.8 miles. As it was
as a professional
on the National Racing Calendar, it an uphill time trial, all of the riders
cyclist, but has al-
often attracts some of the top talent. opted for their road rigs rather than a
ready done remark-
The 10th Annual edition of the San their time trial bikes, although there
ably well, winning
Dimas Stage Race was no different were some riders who did use aero
the 2007 National
as Columbia Highroad, Colavita Sut- helmets and clip-ons especially de-
Road Race Champi-
ter Home, CalueAct Capital, and TIB- signed for uphill time trials.
onship and the 2008
CO all sent full squads to contest the
The results of the Glendora Moun- Mt. Hood Stage Race.
tain Road time trial, like the results Mara Abbott clearly

pg.5 • WomensCyclingMag.com
has raw talent that, barring injuries, the course for climbing or sprinting it was all but assured that Columbia
should allow her to develop into a points, made for fast and competitive Highroad would end the day with one
staple of the women’s peloton. Fur- racing. of the two at the top of the general
thermore, Mara Abbott can only ben- classification.
Shortly into the race, a select group
efit from riding with Team Columbia
formed which contained: Ina Yoko The criterium began with ValueAct
Highroad, as the team boasts a roster
Teutenberg, Tiffany Cromwell (Co- Capital, Colavita Sutter Home, and
that includes some of the most expe-
lavita Sutter Home), Coryn Rivera, a Columbia Highroad patrolling the
rienced and well rounded riders in
17 year old super junior riding for front and the attacks began shortly af-
the women’s peloton.
Metro Volkswagen, Mara Abbott, Ol- ter the race started. ValueAct Capital,
It was also not surprising to see Kris- ivia Dillion, the Irish National Time Colavita Sutter Home both sending
ten LaSasso, who has ridden for Team Trial Champion riding for Touchstone riders off the front more than once,
Lipton and Specialized Designs for Climbing, Kristen LaSasso, as well as but with Kim Anderson and the rest
Women in the past, finish in sec- Robin Farina (ValueAct Capital). With of the Columbia Highroad team, all of
ond place. LaSasso is known for her the major teams represented in the the attacks were easily reeled back in
climbing prowess and began the San select group, the chase group was and the pack was kept under control.
Dimas Stage Race in great form. Fur- relatively unmotivated. From the se- Teutenberg took the first of the Hot
ther down the results list, finishing in lect group, Teutenberg sprinted for Spot Sprints easily and broke early
6th place, was Ina Yoko Teutenberg the win and Emilia Fahlin (Columbia for the second Hot Spot Sprint, after
(Columbia Highroad). Teutenberg is Highroad) taking the chase group which she became the race leader
a well known force in the women’s sprint over five minutes later. on the road. Teutenberg continued
peleton but she’s generally known to drive the pace after the second
The final stage of the San Dimas Stage
more for her sprinting prowess rather of the Hot Spot sprints maintaining a
race was a fast, 6 corner criterium
than her climbing ability. With such 20 odd second gap on the field until
with a small 40 foot power climb
a strong showing in the initial stage she crossed the line first, with no oth-
between turn three and four, and
of the San Dimas Stage Race, Teuten- er riders in sight. Tina Pic (Colavita
two Hot Spot Sprints with 40 min-
berg made the initial steps to win the Sutter Home) narrowly won the field
utes and 20 minutes to go. Mara
general classification. sprint over Kendall Ryan (Metro Volk-
Abbott (Columbia Highroad)
The San Dimas Hospital Road Race, still held the top
the second of the stages, is a 56 mile spot in the gen- by:MarianHunting
race run over a 7 mile loop that has eral classifica-
two 200 foot climbs with Queen of the tion that she ini-
Mountain points available at the sec- tially earned during
ond climb on the second, fourth, and the first stage, the uphill
sixth lap. Hot Spot Sprint points were Glendora Mountain Road
also available at the start/finish on time trial. Abbott’s teammate,
the third, fifth, and seventh lap. The Ina Yoko Teutenberg, with the
short lap length and the numerous benefit of the time bonuses
opportunities through that she had gathered dur-
ing the San Dimas Hospital General Classification
Road Race, 1. Ina Yoko Teutenberg (Columbia Highroad)
now sat in 2. Mara Abbott (Columbia Highroad)
second, only 3. Cath Cheatley (Colavita Sutter Home)
17 seconds 4. Alex Wrubleski (Columbia Highroad)
5. Kristen LaSasso (Kahala LaGrange)
behind Ab-
Best Young Rider: Mara Abbott
bott. With Teu-
(Columbia Highroad)
tenberg and Ab- Sprinter’s Jersey: Ina Yoko Teutenberg
bott both sitting (Columbia Highroad)
so close to each Climber’s Jersey: Alex Wrubleski
other in the gen- (Columbia Highroad)
eral classification,
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For advertising to be maximally effec- have had a positive experience, either
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first be made to feel included in the target zine offers advertisers cross-category growth
market; however, cycling has long been a potential because our coverage of women’s
male-dominated sport with correspond- cycling will not be limited to one type of rid-
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