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Faculty of Engineering UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS > eesstsie-le[ Uric) Masters Courses 2013 a (eel cnt OM eg rsccais CPA eure rd a OPA es ea (ede Oe een eescurid Od eee aes aM aa OR ey aera (Mean eid 05 Course Listing Ee Mess oe eee Faculty of Engineering ‘The University of Leeds i home to one of the UK's top engineering and computing faculties. We have an international reputation for our teaching and research, achieving exceptionally high scores inthe latest UK Government Research Assessment eet) Ne ee eee tee tere will be taught and supervised by world-class academies at the Soe tg ne een er) Preece ete ter a eg Ee Pee eee etree Ts ees Cae eee eee aes Seen es Penton ny + Schoo! of Electronic and Electrical Engineering eon ey Biss ear aoe eI een Tee ene ee crn Meer ey eee Leese Cone ee en tee SU ciara erent) erent ra ta ee Er re eer Ue and wireless technology, energy management, chemical and pharmaceutical engineering and medical engineering (Qur Computing masters courses are nt listed inthis brochure For more information on our Computing courses visit the Schoo! of oe econ eet eee coy Faculty of Engineering: waw.engineering.leeds.a.uk University of Leeds: www leeds.ac.uk Fallow us on Facebook En ete en ea ae eet) | eed a