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The colossal overturn During a conversation with a high ranking bank executive, with whom we are bonded by mutual

respect and the constructive and unbiased exchange of views, he spontaneously came up with the main term of the title of this article. Foresight The required "illumination" had occurred just before my eyes, the "aha !" that follows the conception of an idea in its entirety. Our two hour long discussion was focused on my proposal for a new taxation system, one literally starting from point zero. And my good friend had just realised that nothing would remain the same. A never-ending domino effect. A simple change in the phrase that summarizes the mainstream notion about taxation effortlessly ignites a long-lasting virtuous circle. This is what is all about. In addition it should be noted that my interlocutor was my main off the record collaborator, when my proposal was in preliminary stage one year ago. He had willingly responded to my request to allocate some of his valuable time in order to evaluate my proposals. Under these circumstances, he assiduously reviewed my proposals, however one by one. The intervention from this highly trained and experienced technocrat in my work had an obvious result. It is enough to compare my initial "Recommendatory Report" with the "Preliminary Study of National Development Strategy". He had not looked into the political, basically aspect of the subsequent overturns. What was missing was a trigger, a clear message on my part, as it developed through constructive thematic discussions in the forum of capital.gr, that precisely explained the radical overturn that I propose. Idea Establishing asset taxation (real estate, vehicles, enterprises) as the single form of taxation, according to an innovative system of realistic assessment of property value. Consequently, eliminating all kinds of taxes on income (wages, pensions, provided services, profits in general) and transactions (transfers, VAT etc.). In addition to this single tax, duty on the consumption is the only other form of tax provided, not for the sake of collecting money but for essential use: The consumption of a certain product will be taxed for the purpose of financing state actions which are directly related to the product and its consumption. Revenues from the DCs are designed to be collected by automated transfer of the tax amount from the buyer's bank account to the state fund, without going through the supplier. Scene The exceptionally drastic elimination of the possibility of tax evasion, tax cover up and smuggling is so obvious that causes awe. A term the same friend had used about a year ago, decision making under uncertainty, concludes the subject. Everybody pays their taxes, because its one thing to locate moving targets, money, such as income and other monetary transactions, and an entirely different thing to tax asset. Real estate, vehicles and enterprises are taxed at their actual locations and not where the owning company claims residence. Its that simple. On the other hand, it is only fair that tax is imposed on asset value alone and not on income, since the state care depends mainly on the value of the asset and not so much on whether the owner attends sufficiently to its utilization. A resting real estate asset, for example, requires police services, infrastructure, armed forces to protect it. Thus, the basic argument that this is a fair tax system becomes more and more acceptable. It is obviously an exceptionally simple and fair tax system, with tax evasion tightened to the ropes. Too good to be true but true. Development The nature of the asset taxation discourages inactivity and, combined with the competitive tax regime, it leads to a real enterprising paradise.

Concurrently, the complete tax exemption of the less wealthy population provides a powerful basis for a labour paradise. "Two in one "! In that manner, government expenses de-escalate, since e.g. neither assistance to enterprises nor unemployment benefits are required. In this sound business environment, the inherently pathogenic government intervention is rendered useless and thus abolished. The monster of bureaucracy is castrated. Vision From that point on, thoughts are following a sequence of their own. Every pioneer who dares to ponder on the new society being born, follows his own unique path. An attempt to answer this question was made in the form of "What would happen if we changed our notion about taxation ? ". We readily find out that in such a society we would not deal with budgetary issues. What today is first page news would be just a reference once in a while. Society will be able to focus on Education, Culture, Sports, Health, Tourism - on life. This voyage to the unknown, that some of us were crazy enough to name "a voyage to fantasticness", where imagination becomes reality, is challenging but also scary. Flooring The critical aspect is really difficult to discern: The proposal overpowers the formulated final objectives of "the dark forces". It overtakes them on the right, with wheelies. No effort. At the same time, these forces, that were smartly put up as invincible, have long forgotten the objectives they have hypocritically called upon, and, moreover, they are getting closer and closer to... the iceberg. My direct challenge to "every stuck western mind" is recorded in the proceedings of The board of Directors of ALPHABANK on 15 November 2011: "There are two basic ways of making money. Aesop analyzes them generally speaking in a short fable. The Wind and the Sun placed a bet, who will take the cape off a shepherd. So the Wind started blowing, and the shepherd kept holding to his cape, tighter and tighter. "Are you done?", the Sun finally asked. "Yes", said the Wind. The Sun shined, the shepherd got warm and took off his cape". Action The immediate question is "who ?" Who will dare thwart the seemingly powerful plans of the New World Order ? Who will be able to implement a different solution ? An indirect, though clear, invitation to the Greek Aristocracy yielded no visible results yet it did yield some intangible ones. Time has certainly done its work. The message from the roof Garden of Athens Hilton Hotel, this is the Greek Regal Society was emerging from the crisis itself. We have had enough of division and mainstream thought. Common good and freedom are now emerging. To conclude the effort, it is imperative that the message of my article "The margins of complacency", published in "The VOICE of KORINTHIA" goes out to as many willing to fight prudent people as possible, and receives a responsible and timely evaluation.

The call now also includes the only others on the planet that is absolutely reasonable both to want and be able to participate in this colossal overturn. "The two great civilizations" next Friday, in the hospitable marketnews. gr. "You will not reach any destination, if you never sail off the coast" Chinese Wisdom, Odysseus publications.

31/5/2013 Kostas Tzanavaras ktzanavaras@otenet.gr Greek prototype with more references