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# 6 Tell me what kinds of things you like to do on weekends. Could you describe a typical Sunday in detail for me? "Description of daily routine activity" .

# OPIc Strategy 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. In present tense In chronological order When to stop or pause Memorize the terms needed.

# In chronological order 1. What do you do in the morning? 2. During and after lunch time? 3. During and after dinner time? 4. At night? . # Useful Expressions 1. What do you do in the morning? a) My day begins at 6 A.M. b) An average workday begins with some kind of morning meeting. c) Usually I wake up early in the morning. d) The first thing I do every morning is taking a cold shower. e) I never skip breakfast because it's an important meal in the day. *skip , 2. During and after lunch time? a) I have a short nap right after having lunch. b) So often I don't have time to eat lunch because I am so(too) busy. 3. Dinner and night time a) During the week, I work out in the morning; but on weekends, it's late afternoon. b) We have hearty dinner and then we have time to discuss something light. * hearty discuss something light Possible Answers Review Q: Tell me what kind of things you like to do on weekends. You could describe a typical

Sunday in detail for me. A: When I wake up in the morning on Sunday, I go out for jogging. And then I go out to have lunch with my girl friend. I try to go to different places every week. And then, sometime I go shopping, because it's hard to go shopping during weekdays. ! Finally, I come back home about 8 o'clock and take rest in my room. *Weal point: . , . Usually, I wake up early on Sundays to make breakfast for my family. After that, my wife and I take the kids out to visit relatives for lunch, or go to a movie. If the weather's nice, we go to a park. I love my Sunday afternoon naps; it's the only thing I absolutely must do every Sunday. Sometimes I sleep in the backyard in my hammock. We don't really have a sit-down dinner on Sunday nights. Sometimes my wife whips something up, or we just order pizza. After that, we help the kids with their homework. If everyone finishes all their chores early, we like to watch a DVD or play a board game together. * on Sundays = on every Sunday take someone out go to a movie hammock sit-down dinner whip something up , chore , BONUS Q: What do you do at work on a typical day? A: An average work day for me usually begins with some kind of morning meeting. Sometimes it is a department meeting and sometimes it's a project or client meeting. After that, I don't have much time to get work done, because I get caught up on email. ! Finally, after lunch, I can get some work done. Naturally, first I work on projects with the closest deadline, but I try to work on a few different things during the day so it doesn't get too boring. *closest deadline " You should know when to stop or pause! pause . ." # WRAP-UP Routine ?

1. 2. , 3. pause ** :

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