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The Dos & Donts for SkyMall Survival

By: Lindsey A. Jochets

Please note all text, photos, and logos used have been directly taken from the SkyMall catalog and website. The text may have been slightly edited and condensed to fit the parameters of The Dos & Donts for SkyMall Survival catalog and context. Also please note SkyMall develops specific names for its products based on their intended use. These names often differ from the manufactures given names. SkyMall also periodically updates their website so products have attendance to fluctuate in representation.

This catalog accompanied with The Dos & Donts for SkyMall Survival context will provide insight on the essential survival products retailed through SkyMall. These two manuals should act as a guide for mankinds continued existence with the help of SkyMall.

Table of Contents: Food page 3 - 4 page 5 page 6 7 page 8 page 9 page 10


Water & Beverages Clothing Fitness Kinship Shelter & Sleep


Filet Sampler Two beef, two pork, and four chicken filets wrapped in bacon. S ampler Sausage smoked elk salami, one smoked venison One sausage, and one smoked buffalo sausage. Fruitasia Fruits & Veggie Shot Three ounce shots 100% fruit and vegetables from concentrate with all-natural ingredients shots. Isometric Meal Replacement Shots Three fluid ounces of two full servings of fruit and vegetables including protein, fiber, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. 3 Spiral Sliced City Ham One cooked 6.5 to 9.5 pound mild moist ham with sweet delicious favor. Spiral slicing makes serving a cinch. Wild Game Sampler Duck, pheasant, and qual.

Protein Gem Gelatin Snacks Six ounce on-the-go snacks with protein and one serving of fruit in a h eat/cold stable container.

Smart for Life Variety Pack Comprehensive weight loss and maintentance approach to health and wellness. Hunger controlling foods.

Hollywood Diet Sampler This fifteen day detoxification uses h erbs and fiber to cleanse and rejuvenate your system.

Water & Beverages: Flatback Woodgrain Rain Barrel Economical a nd e nvironmentally f riendly water source. Soda Maker Kit Sodastream turns tap water into sparkling water or soda at the touch of a button. Made without high fructose syrup, corn syrup, and aspartame. Go green with reusable bottles.

Premier Wine Gift Clubs

Signature Series Wine Clubs Owners Pam and Bruce Boring introduce Californians best artisan wineries. Membership to a monthly wine club includes two bottles of wine a month, a magazine, discounts on case orders, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 3-Day Lemonade Detox Lose up to 10 pounds in 3 days. Twelve, 16 oz. bottles Simplifast that eliminates food cravings, promotes health, detoxifies, and cleanses the body. Packed with vitamins, fiber, minerals, antioxidants and electrolytes.

Membership to a monthly wine club, includes two bottles of wine a month, a magazine, discounts on case orders, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Brightlight Slippers Light up slippers that automatically turn on and off based on movement. Dont wake up the family by turning on the lights. . Lake Girl Hoodie & Hat 24-7 Cargo Pants Comfort, utility, and durability in pants that help you live life more effectively! Theyre designed for all day comfort with an exclusive h idden self-adjusting waist, lightweight fabric blend, and Teflon coating.

Snooze Button Cat Sweatshirt Sweatshirt reads There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast.

This Lake Girl hoodie sweatshirt and h at are the perfect gift. Whether shes a canoe gal or more into revved-up waterskiining cruisers, shell love sporting this at the lakeside getaway or in h er everyday urban Smart B elt B uckle Revolutionary patented belt buckle that holds credit cards, IDs, and business cards safely and securely inside the belt buckles chamber. . life.

Fast-Drying Travel Boxer

Ideal for men who want to look great at all times. This boxer, made with the latest technology creates the perfect fit and comfort. Boxer dries quickly, making it ideal for everyday use.

Sassybax & Complete Support Mens Shaper

Eliminate back bulges by wearing clingiest fabrics with confidence, eliminates bra lines while giving your midriff a leaner look. The mens shaper helps fatten and tone the abdomen, chest, and upper back. Body Figure Enhancing Pads

Body Contour Derriere Booster

Derriere enhancing shaper with elastic p owernet adjusts perfectly to your body while reducing your waist, abdomen, hips, and legs.

Add sexy curves without surgery, just place pads inside your pants or undergarments to create extra curves instantly. They are light weight, washable reusable silicone. They event stay put during dancing and exercising.

SeV Essential Womens Jacket & SeV Mens Fleece 5.0 Jacket The womens jacket has 18 pockets versus the mens which has 24 pockets, acts like a bonus carry-on! Pockets are labeled for suggested use, so youll never forget anything again!

Tropicana Las Vegas Stay

Shelter & Sleep:

Book n ow and receive a complementary u pgrade. Upgrade includes a coupon book; discounted tickets to Brad Garretts Comedy Club, free drinks at all casino bars, free appetizer with entree purchase at Biscayne Steak-Sea-Wine Restaurant, a free wine or cannoli with entree purchase at Bacio Pasta & Vino.

SkyRest Travel Pillow This person is able to sleep comfortably in any seat! Can you say the same? Probably not unless you have the SkyRest.

Slumber Sleeve Remember when we were kids and it seemed we could sleep in any position anywhere? Dont let you arm fall asleep while sleeping. Popular with college students, and workers who need a n ap, but a can also be used as ankle, knee, small neck, and sunbathing p illow. 8


AquaVee Portable Swim System

Aquabell Set

AquaVee Portable Swim System Kit is easy to The install, and turns any p ool into a lap p ool.

Maintain your weight training in the privacy of your hotel room! This ingenious pair of ankle weights and dumbbells collapse flat for travel.

Fun & Fitness Stationary Bike, Air Walker, Treadmill, and Weight Bench We are proud to present our latest fitness equipment produced for children ages 3 to 7. This equipment gets children moving with healthy activity based recreation! The bike, walker, and treadmill feature an odometer, speed, and calorie display. Not intended for children over 150 lbs.


Zombie of M ontclair Moors

Cell Phone Spy Elite

Read and edit private d ata including deleted texts from any SIM Card & Smart Card. Have you ever Snap Shot Woven Blanket wondered what a suspicious family is d oing or what you Your Favorite photo can become a full color woven blanket. employee is up too on the company phone? You can also back-up and manage your data quickly. Use a color photo up to 8 x11 to create a custom 100% cotton blanket. Ideal for wedding, military, family reunion, and pet p hotos.

Family Tree Maker Software

Artist Alan Dickinson created his most macabre, haunting zombie exclusively for Toscano. This zombie garden statue brings the flesh-hungry dead to your daffodil flower bed.

Through Ansestry.com you can discover your familys history.

Fiesta Private Island, Cabana Islander, Floating Table Tennis, Floating Poker Table & Nuclear Globe

Fiesta Private Island has room for 8 people with mesh seats and anchor; One-of-a-kind island can accommodate 6 people with cabana, anchor, boarding platform, floating cooler; play ping pong in the pool with the Floating Table Tennis; forget casinos play poker in the pool with the Floating Poker Table, & Walk on water with the Nuclear Globe.


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