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RARE WORDS acosmist - one who believes that nothing exists paralian - a person who lives near the

sea aureate - pertaining to the fancy or flowery words used by poets dwale - to wander about deliriously sabaism - the worship of stars dysphoria - an unwell feeling; state of unease or generalised dissatisfactio n with life aubade - a love song which is sung at dawn eumoirous - happiness due to being honest and wholesome mimp - to speak in a prissy manner, usually with pursed lip abligurition - excessive spending on food and drink cacoethes - a bad habit or insatiable urge inaniloquent - speaking foolishly or saying silly things lalochezia - use of foul or abusive languate to relieve stress or ease pain lethologica - the inability to recall a precise word for something maledicent - one who is addicted to abusive speech mulligrubs - a state of depression or low spirits nudiustertian - pertaining to the day before yesterday petrichor - the smell of rain on dry ground philosophunculist - one who pretends to know more than they do to impress others pyknic - short and fat quomodocunquize - to make money by any means possible slubberdegullion - a flithy, slobbering person tachyphagia - fast eating thelemic - permitting people to do as they like Duende - Unusual power to attract or charm

loquacious - talkative obfuscate - render obscure, unclear or unintelligible; bewilder (someone)