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Jom Sertai Komuniti OpenDNS.

com Selamat Di Internet Dengan DNS

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Saya telah menggunakan kemudahan OpenDNS telah lama dan telah banyak membantu saya dalam membuat tapisan untuk Internet di rumah terutama untuk penggunaan anakanak yang muda lagi tahu menggunakan carian Google. Diharapkan ramai lagi dapat menyumbang dalam memastikan kemudahan ini selamat untuk anakanak. Sila lawat Luangkan masa untuk periksa laman web yang anda jangkakan tidak sesuai untuk anakanak kitadenganmenyertaikomunitiDomainTagging JombanyaklagisumbangandaripadaMalaysia. HarisfazillahJamel BukanSekadarInternetSahaja 9Jun2013

--- Email No 1 - Web Filtering --- Subject:YoushoulduseOpenDNS linuxmalaysia@gmail.comhassentyouthefollowingmessage: Ifyou'renotyetusingOpenDNSWebfiltering,takeitfrommeyoushould. 1

OpenDNS, chosen by Fortune 100 companies and more than 40,000 schools, provides the most efficient yet powerful Webfilteringavailable.Thecloudbasedservicetakesjustminutesto set up and gives you 55categories of Web content, all of which areconstantlyupdated.Ontop ofWebfiltering,OpenDNSprovidesantiphishingandmalwaresiteprotection. It will also make your network faster and more reliable, and give you tools to easilysee which Web sites are most visited onyournetwork.IfyouseeproblemWebsites inyournetworkstats, youcaneasilyblockthem. Getstartednow:

OpenDNS 145BluxomeSt SanFrancisco,CA94107USA

--- Email No 2 - DNS and Web Security --If you're notyetusing OpenDNS to secure your network and protectagainstphishing,malware, botnetsandDNSvulnerabilities,takeitfrommeyoushould. OpenDNS, chosen by Fortune 100 companies and more than 25,000 schools, provides comprehensive security services, including awardwinning AntiPhishing from PhishTank. In addition, OpenDNS is one of the only DNS services that was never susceptible to the largest and most threateningvulnerability ever discovered. Dan Kaminsky, the researchercreditedwith findingtheflaw,personallyrecommendsusingOpenDNS. In addition to Web and DNS security, OpenDNS provides comprehensive Web filtering and detailednetworkstatsthatletyouseewhat'shappeningonyournetwork.

--- Email No 3 - Network Speed and Reliability --If you're notyetusingOpenDNStomakeyournetworkfasterandmorereliable,takeitfromme youshould. OpenDNS is the world's largestandfastestgrowingDNSservice.Withzero downtimeever,the service is trusted today by more than 15 million users around the world in businesses, at schoolsandinhouseholds. Taking just a few minutesto change your network's DNSsettingswillmakeyourInternetoverall fasterandmorereliable,freeingyouofDNSrelatedoutages.

--- Email No 4 - Parental Control --Ifyou'renotyetusingOpenDNSParentalControls tomakeyourhousehold'sInternetsafe,takeit frommeyoushould. Awardwinning OpenDNS Parental Controls makes filtering Internet content a breeze. Simply choose your desired filtering level, from "High" to "Minimal," and check a box. Your filtering preferences takeeffect in just minutes.Furthercustomizeyourpreferencesbyaddingadditional categories like "Social Networking," "Hate" and "Gambling," or individual Web sites like MySpace.comthatareproblematicorunsafeforyourhousehold. OpenDNS will also make yournetwork fasterand more reliable,andgiveyoutoolstoeasilysee which Web sites aremostvisitedonyournetwork.IfyouseeproblemWebsitesin yournetwork stats,youcaneasilyblockthem.