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Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb Excellency Respectable Honourable : Mr.

Kalend, the director of BEC : All teachers of TC Program : Riyan as the chief of Closing Meeting and all chiefs of Meeting

Unforgettable : My fellow TC 113, I LOVE YOU FULL

There is no beautiful word to say except thanks unto Our God Allah SWT, the cherisher and the sustainer of the world. Every single word which we say is just extented unto Our God. Shalawat and salam be upon to the our prophet of Islam, Muhammad SAW who becomes the best example with his word, his patient, and his struggle to bring the faithfuls follower who strive in Allahs religion of Islam. I appreciate being chief of weekly meeting so that I have many experiences and friends especially Siti, Tobing, Badowi, Fitra, and Suyanto who have helped me lead in Starlight Meeting. Iam proud of you all. I never forget to say thank you very much to my fellow Starlight Meeting for joinning, for coming, and for your attention from the first until the last meeting. I appologize to you all for every single mistake that I have made during take my position as the chief of Starlight Meeting. We are nothing without you all. Special salutation we give to the all supervisors. Thanks for guiding us during this time. I have come to finish my speech. Iam not a perfect person, forgive me for making Weekly mistakes. And the last I say... Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb Your Excellency Mr. Kalend the director of BEC and Mr. Syamsurrijal the manager of Pre- BEC Respectable Mr. Irawan the supervisor of Closing Meeting Honorable all of BEC teachers and staffs Unforgettable all of my friends Pre-BEC students 42 period All praises be to Allah S.W.T the lord of the world, the master of the day after, and the creator of everything in this universe. where he has no partner. He has also given us such deeply enjoyable, particulary faith and healthy comfort hence we can attend here in a good situation. Peace and salutation be upon to our prophet Mohammad S.A.W who has guide us the cardinal principle of unity of God, obligate us to confess it with the tongue and believe it in the heart. He has also brought us from the stupidity to the cleverness. I never forget to say thanks for the master and mistress of ceremony who has given me oppor tunity to diliver my speech in front of the most honorable audience. Dear happy brothers and sisters Indeed its very great pleasure for me in this precious change, I am as the chief of closing Meeting PreBEC 42 period I would like to say thank you very much : The first : To Mr. Kalend the Director of BEC, & Mr. Rijal as the Manager of Pre-BEC, because of him we can study here, thanks for everything, may the goodness always befall upon you and your family... amien The second I would like to say thank you very much to Mr. Irawan as the supervisor of closing meeting who has guide us 42 team, so we could make our Closing Meeting different, better and exciting. The Third to all of Pre-BEC teachers who has taught, educated, and guided us so that we can improve our English better than before. Thank you very much for your dedication. We know that your advice, guidance, and motivations have made us better not only in thinking but also in attitudes. The fourth to all 42 team, Mr. Irwan, Ms. Icun, Mr. Budi and all of commitee who has effort to struggle hard to made our closing meeting run well and wonderful. Without you Im nothing, and because of you this event can be perfect. The fifth I would like to say thank you very much to all of pre-BEC students who followed our closing meeting today. Because this closing meeting is not mine, Its 1 event for all, and all for 1 event. After that I hope you have revolution better in BTC program. And I dare you become best of the best graduated of Basic English Course.

Dear happy brothers and sisters I think thats all my valedictory speech, the wrong utterance is caused by my limitation ability and the right one is the merely Allah so I hope you pardon. The last, I would like to say forgive us remember us pray for us. Thank you very much. Wassalamualaikum Wr.