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in 2014
Chemistry Guru

About IITs
Most Prestigious Institutions of Engineering in India and World Not only they are ranked highest in India but its B. Tech Program is ranked 6th in the world.

Some Facts
About 5.5 lakh Students appeared in IIT-JEE 2012 2-Papers; 3 hours each 60 questions in each paper Total marks 408 (brought down to 401 because of errors in two questions) Highest marks 385(1st rank)

Some Facts
For general category subject wise cutoff was 10 % and overall was 35% marks Overall 18000 ranks given to the students/ Top 10,000 made it to IITs AIEEE 2012 more than 10 lakh students appeared Now only one exam JEE mains and JEE advanced. Expected: More than 15 lakh students will appear in the exam.

It is a different type of exam and not a difficult exam Test your knowledge under extreme time pressure Number of aspirants Vs. selections

SelfSelf -assessment
Why do I want to become an IITian?
- Motivation Source : External - Internal - Convert your external motivation into internal motivation

Am I suitable for IIT?

- Assess yourself - Board % age, Selection Test

Current pattern of IITIIT-JEE

It tests the application of concepts of Maths, Physics and Chemistry under extreme time pressure Although the question paper seems to be objective the nature of question requires complete analysis and subjective approach BUT, 35% questions asked is easy 45% moderate and rest 20% rank deciding

How to achieve good rank in IIT IIT-JEE

Since course is very lengthy and takes at least a year to complete.

Never give up
Students dont fail they give up.

Competition is tough and requires continues and rigorous hard work.

How to achieve good rank in IIT IIT-JEE

Confidence not Overconfidence Dont underestimate your competitor and dont take your success for granted. Teaching Support and Guidance Concepts are to be well understood and practiced under guidance for their proper application

Selecting a guide
Focus of your guide should be on building your concepts and developing its application Should be experienced to assist IIT-JEE aspirants Should be able to maintain balance of all subjects and develop an approach to successfully attempt the examination Academic environment & regular testing with feed back Should be concept oriented and not just develop problem-solving approach

Study Material
Dont use text books or problem books, It waste your time It should be interactive Should be written by a person who is involved in training IIT-JEE aspirants Relevant Self Sufficient

Preparation Methodology
Commitment and will power Smart hard work preparation - Static Preparation - Dynamics Preparation Enjoy your work Focus on concept & their application Solve as many problems as you can

Preparation Methodology
Documentation strategy and requirement Notes preparation strategy 1. No rough No fair Problem solving approach Duration of Study

Preparation Methodology
Loose paper Prepare revision question Bank - Identify mistakes - Synchronization between speed and accuracy - Equal weight age to all subject - Academic environment

Time Management
Task List Priority setting Create internal pressure to complete the task at scheduled time Bear the responsibility Avoided wastage of time like watching, , , gossiping etc.

Role of confidence in IIT-JEE preparation External factor Positive attitude Internal factor

It sometimes you can't do great things in your life you can always do small things in great way.

Chemistry Guru

Navneet Jethwani Sir