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Chin Muthra (Vaiyiru Moochu Payirchi) Chin Mayamuthra (Nenju Moochu Payirchi) Athi Muthra (Mel Nenju Moochu Payirchi) Nadi Sudhi (Muthra)

1) (Gas) Muthra - Atkatti viral madakki kattai viralai mele vaithal) 2) (Agayam) Muthra - Nadu viral tip-ai thoduthal Karpa Muthirai Middle Finger tip with thumb - Agaya muthra - to sleep -http://www.yogacheryl.com/mudra-index.html http://www.yogacheryl.com/physical-healing.html

Mudras for Physical Healing

These mudras are grounding and can help with a vareity of physical complaints including asthma, dig disturbance, thyroid disfunction, low immunity, cancer, sinus congestion, arthritis, headache and menstru

Apanavayu Mudra Bend index finger down to touch ball of thum touch tip of thumb to middle and ring fingers pinkie. Rest backs of hands on knees. Benefits: Activates heart and relaxes nervous Practice Tips: Use to elevate energy without increasing anxiousness, healing to the heart

Bhramara Mudra Curl index fingers into base of thumb, touch t thumb on side of middle fingernail, extend al Benefits: Activates the immune system Practice Tips: Use with seasonal allergies

Bronchial Mudra Press tip of little finger into base of thumb, ti ring finger onto middle joint of thumb, tip of finger onto tip of thumb, extend index finger. backs of hands on thighs. Benefits: Helps with respiratory problems Practice Tips: Use during acute asthma attack

Bhudi Mudra Touch tips of thumb and pinkie fingers togeth extend all others and rest backs of hands on th Benefits: Purifies kidneys Practice Tips: Use with urinary problems

Ganesha Mudra Cross index finger over middle finger on each and touch tips of index fingers together. Press ring and little fingers flat against one another hands at heart with fingers pointing away. Benefits: Stimulates digestion & metabolism, grounding. Practice Tips: Use when feeling anxious or u process emotional experiences. Contraindications: Pregnancy

Kundalini Mudra Make a fist with thumb on outside of fingers. left index finger and hold inside of right fist, right thumb to left index fingertip. Benefits: Awakens sexual energy Practice Tips: Use with low libido

Linga Mudra Clasp hands with right thumb on top; hold lef with right thumb and index finger. Hold in fr abdomen. Benefits: Stimulates digestion & immunity. Practice Tips: Use when you have a cold or a constipated.

Mahasirs Mudra Curl ring finger into palm; bring together tips thumb, index & middle fingers; extend the lit finger. Rest hands with palms up. Benefits: Draws energy down from head, dra awareness inward Practice Tips: Use when you have head conge or over-active thoughts

Marma Mudra Right Hand: Touch tip of thumb and ring fing together, extend all others Left Hand: Touch tips of thumb and middle f together, extend all others. Rest hands with p up. Benefits: Draws energy into the joints Practice Tips: Good for arthritis

Mukula Mudra Touch all finger tips together making the shap bird's beak with the hand. Place mudra on a p the body that is in need of extra healing. Benefits: Concentrates and directs vital energ Practice Tips: Use on places of illness or inju

Mushti Mudra Make a fist and press thumb to middle joint o finger on outside of fist. Rest hands palms do Benefits: Directs breath deep into lungs and strengthens the heart Practice Tips: Asthma, heart disease

Paschima Mudra Right Hand: Touch tips of thumb, middle and fingers together, extend all others. Left Hand: Touch tips of thumb and ring fing together, extend all others. Rest with palms u Benefits: Directs breath into the spine and ba Practice Tips: Use with all kinds of back pain Contraindications: Headache

Purna Hridaya Interlace fingers inside of palms, touch thumb together and reach them towards chest so that shape is formed with the hands. Benefits: Opens heart Practice Tips: Use to connect with the emotio the heart

Surabhi Mudra Touch left little finger to right ring finger and little finger to left ring finger. Touch left inde to right middle finger and right index finger t middle finger. Benefits: Directs energy into joints Practice Tips: Use for arthritis pain

Ushas Mudra Clasp hands together and rest right thumb ove left thumb. Hold hands at abdomen. Benefits: Release endorphins Practice Tips: Use with low immunity or can Contraindications: Low blood pressure

Uttarbodhi Mudra Clasp hands together and press index fingers together and thumbs together. Press hands ag sternum, thumbs down. Benefits: Draws energy into torso and stimula Thymus gland Practice Tips: Use with cancer and respirator conditions

Varuna Mudra Hold little finger of right hand down with the thumb, wrap left hand behind right and wrap finger tips around index side of right palm, th place left thumb over right thumb. Benefits: Balances hydration Practice Tips: Use with kidney or urinary issu bloating or dryness Contraindications: Low blood pressure

Vayu Mudra Fold index finger down to base of thumb and in place with the thumb. Rest backs of hands knees. Benefits: Activates the flow of prana in the b Practice Tips: Use when fearful, anxious, for immunity, or with arthritis

Vishuddha Mudra Press thumbs onto sides of ring finger at midd joint, extend all others. Rest hands with palm Benefits: Activates and purifies the throat Practice Tips: Use for blocked speech, thyroi imbalance Contraindications: High blood pressure, strok

Yoni Mudra Clasp fingers inside palms, press index finger together and press thumbs together.. Benefits: nourishes female reproductive syste Practice Tips: Use for cramps, menopause or reproductive issues Contraindications: Pregnancy