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Matthew 4:18-22

Luke 9:1-6,10

John 14:12-18

John 14:26 John 16:13-14

John 16:4-15

John 14:1-3 John 19:24

The Coach from Heaven

June 9 -June 15, 2013

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Review the central truth, the memory verse, prayer and confessions, and read the Bible Story with scripture references indicated under the power outlets. As this is done each day, let your child color in or put a sticker on the power outlet located on the back of the devotional. At the end of the week please sign as proof of completion and return to the teacher. Children who complete 3 weeks Power Cords in a month will have their Picture posted in the foyer of Power Source and their name in the newsletter.

The Holy Spirit has come to help us with the game of life.

John 14:16, I will pray the Father and He will give you another comforter and He will abide with you forever.

Father God, Thank you for loving me and taking care of me. Bless my church, Pastors Ron and Hope. Bless my teachers for teaching me Your Word. I believe your love is flowing through me to other people. Help me to obey my parents so things will go well with me and I will live a long life on the earth. I will tell how great you are and how much I love you. I thank You that by Jesus stripes I am healed. In Jesus' name, Amen

Yes, Jesus is coming quickly. Amen. Come, Lord Jesus. Revelations 22:20 God will bless those who bless me and curse those who curse me. Genesis 12:3 I will pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I will prosper because I love Jerusalem. Psalm 122:6

Jesus carefully chose, called, and trained His disciples while He was living on earth. As His time on earth was coming to an end, He tried to prepare the disciples. He knew they would not be able to understand, but He told them things that would happen so when those things happened they would be reminded of what He had said and they would look for more ways that they could still be connected to Him and their Heavenly Father, God. This special plan had a name. He is called the Holy Ghost, mainly because you cant see Him, but you can feel His Presence. Its a little like the wind; you cant see the wind, but you can feel the way its blowing and sometimes even pick up on things (like smells) that are being caught up in the wind. The Holy Spirit is also called the Comforter or helper, but He is more like a coach. A coach teaches you, but he cant play the game for you. He is on the sidelines to guide your efforts and you are to respect His commands. You give actions to His desires and thoughts. Cooperating with the Heavenly Coach helps you to win at the game of life.