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Dear TMr T o p -M a g e a de rs , is issue! Th back with our la te s t s p r is issue ing is packe goodies d with lo including a ds o f S p o r ts , C r a f ts a Recipes, n d C r a zy A r ts & C r e a t ur T h e r e 's e article also this s . What do the Lions m o n th 's featurin What did the cat say Culture g Brazil Pa g e a n d a fa say before a hunt ? a p e r fe c when he ran out of b P a r ty t spring P lanner f fiesta! D Let us prey! che ck o u or money? o n 't f o r t th e E n g e t t e t t r o h t ainment e to p S o Im Paw ! section ng s , Re a with ds a nd F look at t ilms and his mont h t a ' s M us t - t Fruits. F k o r a ny r ry Exotic e a e a d o e f What did the skunk r s wh o h becomin a ve dr e a g artists F ut ur e J ms in say when the wind t h e f O B I n te ut ur e , o r u v r iew with Michele changed direction? fr e n c h p Ca ra no v e ainter is m f o r y o u! ag includ Its all coming back to Lastly, t e s a br a his nd ne w P section. me now! uzzle Pa S o , wh a g t e a re yo u Reading waiting ! fo r ? G e t Where does an elephant Re m e m b e r to c h carry his luggage when e c k o ut www.top o ur w e b -mag.com he goes on a holiday? site to r e a d written m o re a r for kids In his trunk ticles by kids! T o p -M a g Editor,
Why wouldnt the leopard take a bath? Because he didnt want to be spotless

a sweet yet tangy flavour. The smooth, shiny skin Syzygium luehmannii or Riberry: When I first discovered the ranges in shade from yellow to red-orange. The Riberry, I didnt believe it was real. Native to Australia, fruit is eaten fresh or dried. Yum! this dense rainforest tree grows up to about 30m! One of the amazing things about this plant, aside from its beautiful flowers, is that it has bubblegum pink leaves ! But, the most fabulous part is the clusters of bright red, juicy fruit that grow at the top of the tree. These pear-shaped berries are sour and described to have a flavour similar to cranberries with a hint of clove. They're delicious eaten fresh or can be made into jams, sauces, syrups and sweets. Mmm!

Psidium cattleianum or Strawberry/lemon Guava: If you like Strawberries or Lemon this more exotic version is perfect for you! The red variety of this fruit is called a strawberry guava and the yellow variety, lemon guava. Native to Brazil, it is widely grown in most tropical countries. The Strawberry guava has a delicious taste described to be a cross between passion fruit and strawberry whereas the Lemon guava has a more spicy and acidic flavour. You generally eat this fruit by cutting it in half and scooping out the luscious pulp, but the rose petal-like flavored skin is also edible and the seeds are used to make tea. Waste not Opuntia or prickly pears: If you thought cactuses were inedible, you were wrong! This flat, spike-covered want not eh? plant is cultivated all over the globe, especially in Central America. The cactus ranges from green to Litchi chinensis or Lychee: Litchis are my tree bears orange in colour and has pink fruits. It is made into favorite fruit in the world! Native to Asia, its delicious 3-5cm long, oval-shaped fruit. Lychees jams, jellies, confectionary and drinks and has a have a rough, thin pinkish skin, which is inedible, refreshing flavour. It is believed that the prickly pears gelbut is easily removed revealing a luscious, juicy like pulp is a natural hair conditioner white flesh that surrounds a brown seed. The and in mexican folk medicine its pulp fruit has a delicious sweet and fragrant flavor and juice have been used to treat many with a hint of grape. They can be frozen making sicknesses. How cool is that? them taste like sorbet, used in numerous wonderful deserts or eaten fresh. I really, Diospyros kaki or Kaki Persimmon: The really, really recommend this AMAZING kaki has been used in China for over 2000 years making it one of the oldest fruit.just thinking about it makes me plants in cultivation! When ripe, this fruit contains a hungry! deliciously soft, jelly-like pulp, eaten with a spoon with By Maya Brennan

1. Just Give Me a Reason


P!nk featuring Nate ore + Ryan Lewis

2. Cant Hold Us Macklem

featuring Ray Dalton aturing Pharrel Williams 3. Get Lucky Daft Punk fe

4. Come & Get it Selena Go kky Ekko 5. Stay Rihanna featuring Mi 6. Gentleman Psy 7. Mirrors Justin Timberlake agons 8. Radioactive Imagine Dr 9. Thrift Shop Macklemore


The Croods is an action packed ad venture film feat aged family who d uring a stone epends on their cave to survive. destroyed, they When it is are forced to re ly on Guy who is knows quite a lot a boy that about survival. W ill the Croods find before time runs a new home out? Find out by watching the movie ! Review by Ryan Cu rley


featuring Wanz ing Charli XCX 10. I love it Icona Pop featur

+ Ryan Lewis

THE HOBBIT by J.R.R Tolkien

The Hobbit is a thrilling read containing an exciting adventure by author , J.R.R Tolkien. This novel is the backbone to the Lord of The Rings trilogy that follows. Bilbo Baggins, a middle - aged hobbit, is our hero. He is not fond of adventures (preferring a sedentary life) but when he does get caught up in one with dwarves fighting to reclaim their home, Lonely mountain, he finds that he does en joy it after all. Sounds like a good plot? If you think so what are you waiting for? Get a copy of The Hobbit at your nearest book store or library to find out how Bilbo and the dwarves get on with their battle against the Dragon Smaug. Review By Ryan Curley

f the ts of some o is s n o c m a n football te ld. The Brazilia s in the wor r e y la p t s te re a y most finest and g recognised b ly b a b o r p e e of m Kaka is a na with the titl d e me d r a w a s was at the ti He wa e . s h n t a a f th ll a , g tb fo o . K a ka 007 meanin orld football e Year' in 2 w t th n f e o r r r u e c y la 'P t player in allers the greates great footb s r a e d e th o d r e a g m e o r g with s a r a nd r Brazil alon aicon, Neym M , r a s e a still plays fo C Julio lso have ho, Robinho, ntina, who a e g r A is l like Ronaldin a iv est r er in the Brazils bigg ys best play a d to g m a ny m o re . in d lu inc ke Javier footballers, ve players li a h o ls m a ny g re a t a a n ti class en lay for world l Messi. Arg p e ll n a io o L h , w ld i r z o w n d L a ve z , Guitereiz a football. M a s c h e ra no ternational in g other team in y la p t no es then any m ti e r o teams when m as p u any. Brazil h the World C m r n e o G w g e v in a e h b il Bra z petitiors g a rde d a s closest com ir e h T ). s e ich arent re h m w s p (5 ti u c n o r in ti red a feathe e C o n fe d e r a e m o id s s n n o o c w ll o ti als s ' d ue c up b ut s ittle Canarie s the World 'L d e m a n k ic important a m is n ur . Brazilian tea ellow in colo y ly the cap! The ly te le p m o b y R y a n C ur ing c e b ts ir h s ir to the

Method: 1. Preheat the oven to 350F. 2. Beat the egg wh ites until stiff. 3. Add the egg yo lks, the sugar and the water and beat well. 4. Add the flour an d baking powder and fold in gently . 5. Put the cake mix ture on a tray lined with baking paper. 6. Bake for 15-20 minutes, or until golden brown. 7. Remove the cake from the tray. 8. Heat a closed ca n of condensed milk in hot water for 30-40 minutes . 9. Let the can cool and then spread it on the cake. 10. Roll it up, like a Swiss roll, and cu t into slices.

Ingredients: - 5 eggs - 5 tablespoons of sugar - 5 tablespoons of water - 5 tablespoons of plain flour - 1 teaspoon of ba king powder - 1 can condensed milk

Rocambole (Brazilia

n Style Rolls):
Maionese (Brazilian Vegetable Salad):

ous coffee in the world! 1. A lot of people think that Brazilian coffee is the most delici be the biggest rain forest in 2. Ever heard of the Amazon? It's in Brazil and happens to the world! million species of animals and 3. A lot of scientists believe that there maybe roughly four plants in Brazil! - they are awesome! 4. The soccer world cup has been won five times by Brazil the Christ Redeemer Statue. Brazil in is world the 5. One of the new seven wonders of by Caoilte Brennan

Method: 1. Rinse the potatoes and cook them in water and salt. 2. Peel the carrots, cut them and cook them in water and salt. 3. Rinse the green beans, cut them and cook them in water and salt. 4. Cook the peas. 5. Drain the palm hearts and cut them into small pieces. 6. Cut the olives into small pieces 7. Once the vegetables are cooked, drain them and let them cool 8. Cool and then peel the cooked potatoes and cut them into small pieces 9. Mix everything in a bowl.

- 2 carrots - 100-150g of green beans - 1 cup of frozen green peas - 10 olives - 1 jar of mayonnaise - 1 tablespoon of olive oil - 1 tablespoon of finely chopped onion - 1 tablespoon of finely chopped parsley - Salt and black pepper

- 1 can palm hearts (optional)

Ingredients: - 4-5 potatoes

Anna Barnwell

What is it? gest and sidered to be one of the worlds big con is ch whi y ida hol tive fes zils Rio Carnival is Bra most glamorous celebrations.

ce? When and where does it take pla on the streets of Saturday before Ash Wednesday the on ing Spr h eac ce pla es tak l Rio Carniva cing and eets come alive with festivals, dan str city The . eiro Jan de Rio , city Brazils largest n you nd travelling to Rio for Carnival the inte r eve you If s. day for s last ch fantastic parties whi r wonderful Samba see bright, festive costumes and hea to d tee ran gua ely init def t mos are the background. music with the beating of drums in

Tell me more! lt adrome which is a purposefully bui mb Sa the for d hea ple peo of nds Thousands and thousa us schools dress up in colourful luxurio ba Sam . eiro Jan de Rio wn nto dow space for the parade in s choose themes and of ornate floats. The Samba school ade par a t ngs amo ce dan and es costum ts, drumming bands and costumes. floa t bes the e hav to er oth h eac h compete wit

pants! Tell me about some of the partici t Rio Carnival come from the poores the in ts pan tici par of ups gro y It is interesting that man ses, and value the ntytowns, often from cardboard hou sha m fro e com y The . city the of parts ry year. participate in the fun festival eve and y ert pov ir the ut abo get for chance to is the perfect World Cup being held in Brazil it and es Gam ic mp Oly t nex the With Vamos festejar! opportunity to catch Carnival, so By Ryan Curley

ably is (as you have prob The Angora rabbit ies has, of rabbit. This spec guessed) a species BA (The according to the AR eeders American Rabbit Br eeds: the Association), five br French English breed, the eed and breed, the Giant br t other the Satin breed. Bu nsidered associations have co variety. including a German a is (to my surprise) This crazy creature its soft, furry, wool domestic pet due to can cost up to ten (a.k.a fiber) which g of wool. Most of dollars for 35g - 55 out bbit breeds live ab these particular ra a but their weight is seven to ten years ty, pending on the varie different story. De kgs es from 2kgs -10.5 they're wieght rang ...)! (that's as big as a at this animal is a I personally think th didn't y creature and if I remarkable and craz sides, obably buy one. Be pr d ul wo I g, do a have e extra cash during th you can earn some ers! ss kin it to the hairdre holidays just by ta What do you think? by Creevan Brennan

1.Cut out one side of the ce real box to fo and fold in ha rm a cardboa lf like a book rd sheet c o ver. Fold the and place the sheets of pap m inside. er in half 2.Staple the pages to the spine of your 3.Glue the co folded cardbo lored paper o ard sheet. n to your journ 4.Decorate w al cover. ith photos, st ickers and dra around the bo wings and tie ok to seal it. the ribbon By Maya Bre nna n

Wh a t y o u ne ed: (to make a 20 page dia - 10 sheets of ry) white card pa per - empty cere a l bo x - stapler, glu e and scissors - ribbon (opti onal) - colored pap er - decorations (optional)

M a k e y o ur o w

n J o ur n a l

y, you need invitations. First things first for a really organized part that you want to invite. Make a list of all of the friends and family of general spring idea Then choose a theme Im going with a kind g to your theme. You can for this one. Make your invitations accordin details of where the make them on a computer or by hand. Include party will be and the time and date.

- Piatas are fun and easy to use . Just purchase one from a toysho p and fill it with sweets of your choice . Then hang it up in your garden (or house) and have fun! - Plan a treasure hunt. Make lots of clues, each leading to the nex t (arrows, riddles, puzzles...) and/or a treasure map for each team . Divide everyone into groups and give each group the first clue. At each place that you lead them to, hav e another clue planted and so on at the places to follow. Whichever tea m gets to the end first wins a priz e. - Pass the orange. Buy an orange , potato, small ball or other circ ular object. Line up all of your guests . Place the orange under the chi n of the first person in the line. They the n have to pass the orange to the next person in line using only their chi ns its a lot harder that it sou nds!

with an electric hand mixer. 3. Add in half the milk and bea t again until combined. The bat ter should be light and creamy add the rest of the liquid if you nee d it. 4. Divide the mixture evenly int o the paper cases and place in the oven for 15-20 minutes. 5. Allow to cool on a wire rack. 6. In a bowl heat the butter and 1. Preheat the oven to 180 deg rees mix in the icing sugar bit by bit. Celsius. At this point you can separate the 2. Combine all of the dry icing into different bowls and mix ingredients in a large bowl. Ma ke a in different food colouring s. well in the centre and break in the Spoon into an icing bag and 2 eggs and add the butter in small decorate the cupcakes! pieces. Mix everything togeth er

Delicious Cupcakes: You need: - 175g self raising flour - 110g castor sugar - 1 teaspoon baking powder - 110g soft margarine or butter - 2 large eggs - 50ml milk - 170g softened butter - 225g icing sugar

will vary but for a spring Depending on your party, your decorations out and hang them theme draw some big flowers and cut them . If you have a garden idea everywhere. Balloons are always a good oor games. make sure its nice and tidy for playing outd

ing water. Stir saucepan of simmer ted and smooth. Ch constantly until mel You need: e sugar and eggs ocolate 3. Whisk th ch rk da y lit ua -q and fluffy. - 225g good together until pale ted chocolate - 225g butter Slowly add the mel r d the vanilla - 300g castor suga and butter then ad en at be to whisk until - 3 large eggs, tract and continue ex act - 1 tsp vanilla extr thickened. and baking - 100g plain flour 4. Sift in the flour er gently. - 1tsp baking powd powder and fold in ixture into the grees 5. Put the m de 0 18 to en ov e th in the oven 1. Preheat epared tin and bake pr th wi tin ng ki Celsius and line a ba for 25 minutes. r. pe pa of ro -p se grea By Anna Barnwell ate and butter 2. Place the chocol and set over a in a heatproof bowl ocolate Brownies:

Michle as a child

At what age did you want to become an artist and why? I really decided to become an artist when I was 17 although, I've been drawing since early childhood. I don't really know why I decided to become an artist but I've always been attracted by paintings, sculptures etc. A major source of inspiration: a complete set of Art History books that my parents owned. I felt that this was really something I could do when at the age of 14, my father proposed I draw a fresco in my bedroom.

For this month's FutureJOB interview, we have had the honor of interviewing French artist, Michle Caranove! Michle lives in Nice and specialises in painting, all the flower artwork framing this article is her work.

le M ic h e ov C a ra n

Do you have any advice to give future artists? - First and most importantly: my advice is to choose something you really like to do and not a job based on how much you will earn! What did you want to do before that? -For the future artist: Sometimes adults and parents think that Journalism or Archeology. Unfortunately I was dissuaded from pursuing a career in the arts is not very "serious". Don't be following both career paths on bad advice given by ignorant dissuaded from following your dreams. If your parents are doubtful, 'guidance' counselors! gather up as much information on the various artistic jobs that I also had aspirations to become a fashion designer, but this was interest you to inform your parents/guardians. That's what I did to another path I could not pursue due to financial reasons (in France, convince my own. good art schools specializing in fashion design are private and very Be patient and open to the world. Be true to yourself, stay curious expensive). and don't be afraid of hard work! Now I'm a painter, but beware, it's still very hard !! I had to work What is you're biggest inspiration? as a designer in advertising for over 20 years before I was in the Impossible to have just one... position to pursue my dreams as a painter. Human relationships inspires me: friendship, love, laughter. Where did you go to university? I am constantly inspired by nature in all its beauty! Human beings, I received my degree from a public Art School in Valence (Drme - animals or just a flower...there is beauty in all these things and that 100 km from Lyon): L'Ecole Rgionale des Beaux Art de Valence inspires me. At college, I did a lot of life drawing best way to learn how to Your favorite food? I guess the one thing which can really make me drool is...American draw. So possibly, the human body is one of my biggest inspirations. Interview by Maya Brennan

What is you're favorite part of being an artist? The fact that I create something with my heart, my imagination, my hands, and there is someone, somewhere, who will like it Of course, some people don't like my creations, but there is always someone who does, and sometimes they even pay to own it. It's incredible.. When someone likes my painting, for me it's as if they also like me.

pancakes with maple syrup (as a child I read Micky Mouse comics and I loved Donald duck. Donald always ate these monstrous piles of pancakes, which made my mouth water)! But I like lots of different foods.. especially ethnic foods.