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Kevin Quinn over 2 years ago 1.

Right click on the web page but not on the document you re veiwing. 2. Select view page source . Click on the link which begins m/services/oembed... ending in ...format=json http://www.scribd.co

3. This will open a new page. Look for the line (around half way down) start ing http://d1.scribdassets.com/ScribdView... its all in quotation marks so just h ighlight and ctrl c that one line between the quote marks. 4. Paste in the web address field of your browser and it ll come up with a gre y blue screen which will show the document with a handy print button at the top. 5. If you are having trouble printing it download Primo PDF or some other pd f creator and then you will be able to create a pdf and print it from there. Comment good answer! view 5 more comments Ravin Shukla 4 months ago http://dvet-copa.blogspot.in/p/lesson... how to download this file in to pdf...? rockmasterj 15 hours ago They seem to have changed their code. Now you can just look for somethin g like http://html3.scribdassets.com/7vjrcl1... for each page . Searching the so urce for "pageNum" will help. Only one problem - the jsonp is encoded - you get the same nonsense you get if you try to copy pages to your clipboard. Anybody kn ow how to unscramble it? khuyenht khuyenht over 2 years ago Thanks so much Comment good answer! Lakshmi Raghunathan happy I m happy 2 Lakshmi Raghunathan 1 year ago Try this site http://scribddl.tk/................. this has a free download button which could be activated by just pasting the url of scribd Comment good answer! Rubina Marques Rubina Marques 1 year ago @Kevin: Thank you so much! :D Comment good answer! pimpedoutballer pimpedoutballer 1 year ago This doesn't work for this link: http://www.scribd.com/doc/60829721/Co... Can anyone help me out? E-mail me at deziballer@yahoo.com please Thanks! Comment good answer!

Pietro Donnini sad Pietro Donnini 1 year ago Kevin Quinn!!!!!!!!! IT CLEARLY DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!!! Comment good answer! Mauricio Odarp 1 year ago i think you need the "how to do it" for dummies, it does work, its great . lalbusher lalbusher 1 year ago rubina, the second link in kevin's solution was not there in the "view sourc e" then how did u get it? Comment good answer! xssfun xssfun 1 year ago You can try different ways in the below article: http://techawakening.org/download-doc... Comment good answer! Frank Kabiru silly I m amused Frank Kabiru 1 year ago it works you gt to wait for the pages to download fully Comment good answer! Jack Kromsatip Jack Kromsatip 1 year ago Nice. Thanks! In step 2, I had to copy the link and then paste it into the URL field of a new browser window. In step 3, I found more than one link starting with http://d1.scribdassets.co m/ScribdView.... I used the one with a document_id. Comment good answer! badrul naim badrul naim 12 months ago the file is swf.. how to open it?? Comment good answer! panos zikos panos zikos 12 months ago http://www.scribddl.com/ paste your url from scribd and you will go to step 5 of this topic!!!! try it... Comment good answer! User_default_medium-cad5999aab9f22bef18bd28b5a9bc0eb Reply to This Topic (some HTML allowed) How does this make you feel? Add Image Get emotional! Describe how this topic makes you feel. Pick a face to let everybody know how you feel.