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Volume 18 Issue 04/05


By Sis. Mel espite the hectic schedules of everyone, the group of the Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Eucharist from Hyehwadong Filipino Catholic Community (HFCC) held a recollection on May 5, 2013 at the 2nd floor of the Filipino Catholic Center in Seongbok-dong Seoul. It started at 12:30 midnight until 4:00 in the morning.

Attendance was comprised by members of the said ministry and some aspirants from the community. The guest speaker was Sr. Rosa Angelica Libron, S.Sp.S, from the Guri Migrant Center. The focus of the said event was Rejuvenation of the Commitment to the Ministry. She tackled three topics and each had its set of activity. There they shared their experiences of Gods

manifestation in their life. How God continuously flourished the divine purpose to everyone. As children of God, He has an ultimate plan and it is to spread His love to mankind. After that long tiring day, everyone was filled with great joy in their hearts. Renewing their mind and spirit opened up another zeal in serving God.

Whats Inside
A Tribute to All the Mothers 2 Kultura ng Banyaga, Tanggapin na Malaya 2 Resulta ng Overseas Voting (OV) sa Halalan 2013, Presinto ng Korea 3 HFCC Celebrates Mothers Day 3 Ulirang Ina 2013 3 HFCC Celebrates Santacruzan 3 Expats, naturalized Koreans take leading roles in Korean society 4 The Lights and Shadows of Working in South Korea 5 Likhaan 6 Bakit Kailangan Pa? 7 Price of My Life 7 Covenant Love: Introducing the Biblical Worldview 8 Karunungan 9 Pakinabang at Kalugihan ng Multilevel Marketing (MLM) 10 Why God Invented Mothers 11 Assembly urged to draw up measures for immigrants 11 Ulat Komunidad 12 Announcements 13 Frequently Called Numbers 14 Daily Mass Readings (ORDO) 14 Birthday Greetings 14 By Sis. Mel he El Shaddai DWXI Prayer Partners Foundation International (PPFI) Seoul South Korea Chapter, held the Catholic Life in the Spirit Seminar (CLSS) on May 19, 2013 at the 6thFloor of Sundong-Gu Social Welfare Center, Majang-Dong Seoul. It started at 9:00 AM with joyful songs led by the Music Ministry. It was emceed by Bro.

Fernan Santos from Daegu cell group and Sis. Jenin Pulido from Seoul Chapter. Participants from Daegu, Pusan, Hyehwadong Filipino Catholic Community (HFCC), and other communities comprised the attendance. The seminar was composed of a series of talks with the main purpose of bringing people into a deeper understanding of the works of the Holy Spirit. Bro. Dionisio Magsino, Local
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One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

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By MJ Diaz n Mothers day, let us all remember the heart of our home, our mothers, who gave life and sacrificed everything for the sake of their children. I remember when I was young, life was tough and so hard. We barely had money, my mother had to find ways to make sure we had food on the table. She did laundry for others and at the same time did the house chores for the whole day. Since I was the eldest among four siblings and too young to help, I just sat beside her and watched her. I even sat on the pile of clothes she was washing, and there were times when I just played with my paper dolls beside her, until she finished. My Grandmother used to feed us since we lived next to her house. She never failed to help us when we needed it. She took care of us, as well. I remember during Christmas back then, she made us clothes out or scraps. She was a good dressmaker. I and my sister had the same fabric of clothes but of different styles. Though she scolded us a lot especially me because she said I was hard-headed, but she loved us so much. Unfortunately, she passed away just last month due to illness. My heart was broken because I wont see her anymore. But Im glad I got the chance to see her, touch her, and see her last smile before I went back to work abroad again here in Korea. And my mothers sister, my Auntie Chola, used to give us a little pocket money or what we called baon for school. That was about in the 80s, I was a grade-schooler. 70 cents was a lot already back then, you can buy a lot from it.

I walked all the way to school, but I was happy. I just wore flip flops, we didnt have shoes. Back then it was better than walking barefooted. So I was still lucky! My aunt was the one who helped us financially and she always had something to give us every time she came home from work. I have lots of childhood

memories of her. My aunt passed away May of last year. My mother did everything for us by taking care of all our needs. She never gave up on us. Sometimes, she would sing a song before we go to sleep, no matter how tired she was. As I remember, the title of the song was, Kastilyong Bungahin, I ended up memorizing it. Then one day, she decided to work abroad as an OFW, as a domestic helper. I was in my

junior year. Because my father didnt have a permanent job, our provisions were not enough. It became a struggle for all of us especially for me because we got used to having her around, taking care of all our needs. I became the mother and the sister, it was tough for me. I needed to wake up early to make breakfast for everyone, before we all go to school. I had to do all the domestic duties most of the time, and take care of my brother and sisters. It went on for many years. But my mother never failed to send money so we can all go to school and meet our daily needs. She supported us, helped us. She sacrificed herself for the sake of surviving- for our sake. As I got older and doing the same things she used to do, I understood how hard it is to be away and not seeing or touching your family. A mother will always wish the best for everyone especially for her loved ones, a mother is someone who loves unconditionally. Thats what a Mother is and does. On Mothers Day, I would like to thank you Nay, for everything you did for us. Words are not enough to express how grateful we are and appreciate you. We love you so much. God gave us a loving and caring mother, whose love is sincere and unquestionable. And God bless and may you rest in peace, My Lola (grandmother) and my aunt Chola, you are both missed by your family and friends. And your memories will remain in my heart and mind. I will never say goodbye but only see you. Youre in the safest place now. Where there is no pain, only happiness and peace in the kingdom of God.

by Luis Cruz (Notes) on Saturday, May 4, 2013 at 10:13pm wish to congratulate the City government of Incheon for organizing the 2013 National Multicultural Festival. Events such as this highlight the importance that the government places in the well-being and adjustment of multi-cultural families in Korea. At the same time, this program provides multicultural families the opportunity to come together and discover ways how they can help create a society that is able to harness the benefits of diversity. I believe that genuine multiculturalism can thrive and flourish in a society that is open to a two-way exchange of cultures between the peoples of the host country and migrants themselves. It is not enough that foreigners learn Korean culture; Koreans must also strive to understand and respect the culture of other nations. The opportunity to become multicultural is right here in our respective communities. Every day, we meet people who come from different backgrounds. Foreign students, workers, teachers, spouses, and expatriates: the combinations of race, experience, knowledge and political, social and religious inclinations are many. Multiculturalism therefore begins with awareness. We have to be aware that similarities and differences among us exist. We then follow awareness with respect. Despite the differences, we must acknowledge the inherent rights of individuals to live, learn and

find opportunities for development. We follow respect with understanding. We may have different beliefs, but understanding will help us identify practices and traditions that can make us better people. Real multiculturalism can then flourish, nourished on fertile grounds of awareness, respect and understanding. Only then can we be able to get the fullest advantages of multiculturalism, of the wealth of traditions and practices that different peoples can tap into. Which is why I commend the Korean government for initiating programs and laws aimed at developing a genuine Korean multicultural society. I also commend the Incheon City Government, led by Mayor Song Yeong-gil, for continuously leading the way in coming up with initiatives, and in extending full support to the empowerment and advancement of migrant families. In the process, they are allowed to be, not just recipients of aid, but also valuable contributors to Korean society and economy. I hope we will all continue to work together in this respect and, in the process, continue to touch more lives.. (Speech delivered by H.E. Luis Cruz, Philippine AEP to South Korea, during the 2013 National Multicultural Festival on 5 May 2013, Incheon City)

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One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

Volume 18 Issue 4&5

Fr. Alvin B. Parantar, MSP, the HFCC Chaplain, gave his blessings to all moms who attended the Holy Mass and they were given flowers. Instead of the usual Womens Sport Fest, moms had a chance to do Zumba this time. Zumba fitness was founded in 2001 and it is a global lifestyle brand that fuses fitness, entertainment and culture into an exhilarating dancefitness sensation. Everyone enjoyed the program because they were able to dance and forgottheir sadness for a while, for being away from their family and at the same time burning out calories in a fun way. Special prizes were given to those who participated in the event. Ms. Susan V. Patton was one of the Zumba instructors on that day.

By: Philippine Embassy http://philembassy-seoul.com/ann_details.asp?id=575 arito po ang Certificate of Canvass of Votes ng Overseas Voting para sa halalan para sa mga senador at party list noong ika-13 ng Mayo 2013. Sa mga 5,887 nakarehistro ng botante para sa eleksyon na ito, mayroong 428 na bumoto sa takdang 30 araw na bukas ang balota mula ika-13 ng Abril, kasama na ditto ang bilang ng botante sa kaisaisang mobile balloting sa Busan na ginanap noong ika-12 ng Mayo 2013. Nagsara ang presinto sa eksaktong alas 8 ng gabi (isang oras nauuna sa Philippine Standard Time ang Korean Standard Time), at nag-umpisa ang pagbukas ng balota sa presence ng poll watchers mulasa Migrante at Bangon ng alas 10:30 ng mismong araw ng 13 Mayo. Ang naging chair ng Special Board of Election Inspectors (SBEI) ay si Consul Aian Caringal, samantalang si Khristine Joy Tamanio ng Embahada ay poll clerk at si Irvin Bamba - Oquias Heraldo - Bequillo naman ay board member. Nagpatuloy ang manual na bilangan, maliban na sa toilet breaks, ng alas 6:55 ng umagang 14 ng Mayo 2013. Binuo naman sa 10 ng umaga ang Special Board of Canvassers (SBOC) sa pamumuno ng Consul General Iric Cruz Arribas at ng Vice Chair ni Labor Attache Felicitas Bay Secretary Erlinda Yamat bilang Kalihim. Sila ang naatasang maglipat sa special Certificates of Canvass (COC) of Votes ang naging tally sa magdamagang bilangan. Natapos nila ang kanilang tungkulin ng mga alas 5 ng hapon kahapon, 14 ng Mayo. Ngayon po, ang COC ay inilagay sa isang special sealed pouch na maari lamang buksan sa mismong venue ng bilangan ng COMELEC sa Manila. Lumipad ang chair ng SBOC, si ConGen Arribas, patungo sa Pilipinas ngayong umaga lang ng alas 8 at pagkadating sa NAIA ay sinalubong ng special Marine escort at dumeretso sa COMELEC. Nahuli ang paglathala ng resulta ditto dahil kasi lahat ng forms na ito ay hard copy. Kinailangan pang i-transcribe uli manually sa format na nakikita ninyo ngayon sa Microsoft Word. Sa dami ng senador at party-list candidates at dahil sa kinailangan na walang maliang data entry, ngayon lamang natapos. Ang nagging resulta sa halalan para sa pagka-senador ay ang sumusunod: 1. ChizEscudero - 266 2. Grace Poe - 242 3. Alan Peter Cayetano - 232 4. Loren Legarda - 226 5. Dick Gordon - 225 6. Koko Pimentel - 218 7. Sonny Angara - 215 8. Bam Aquino - 202 9. Ramon Magsaysay - 196 10. RisaHontiveros - 187 11. Eddie Villanueva - 185 12. Ed Hagedorn - 166

By Cecilia Salvador Garcia a taong ito, ang hinirang na Ulirang Ina ay walang iba kung hindi si Gng. Elizabeth R. Berroya, tubong San Vicente, San Pedro, Laguna at kabiyak ni G. Vicente Berroya. Sila ay pinagisang-dibdib noong ika 7, ng Oktubre 1973 sa Santo Sepulchro, San Pedro, Laguna. Siya ay dating nagtitinda ng bulaklak ng Sampaguita, may dalawang anak, isang babae at isang lalaki, at sa ngayon ay malalaki na. Ang kanyang anak na babae ay mayroon ng asawa at dalawang anak na lalaki. May sarili silang sasakyan na panghanap-buhay. Ang kanyang anak na lalaki naman ay nasa Canada. Noong 1996 siya ay nagdesisyong mangibang-bayan sa Taiwan sa loob ng dalawang taon. At noong 2002 naisipan niyang magtungo sa South Korea dahil sa hirap ng buhay sa Pilipinas at sa kagustuhan niyang magkaroon ng pagbabago ang kanilang buhay. Napaaral niya ng dalawang kurso ang kanyang anak na lalaki at naibili niya sila ng bahay at patuloy pa din ang pagsuporta niya sa kanila. Sa kasalukuyan ay nagpapagamot ang kanyang asawa dahil ito ay naoperahan sa apdo, nagkaroon ng bato at bumaba ang hemoglobin niya. Dahil dito kinakailangan niyang masalinan ng dugo bawat anim na buwan sa loob ng tatlong taon. Patuloy ang kanyang panalangin para sa lubos na paggaling ng kanyang asawa at umaasang siya ay patuloy na bigyan ng kalakasan ng katawan upang makapaghanap-buhay para sa kanyang mga mahal sa buhay.

By Isidro Antiquiera ast Sunday May 26, 2013, the Hyewadong Filipino Catholic Community (HFCC) held its annual Santacruzan (Sagala) to give honor to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Santacruzan is a festival held in the Philippines in the Month of May. It is also a pageant on the last day of Flores De Mayo to give honour to Queen Helena (Reyna Elena) and Constantine (Constantino) finding the true cross.

The said annual event was participated in by Filipinos from different areas and Filipino communities here in South Korea wearing colorful and elaborated dresses. Every woman represents biblical characters and (Editors note: Check out the Certificates of Canvass of Votes at the Embassys persona and they are named after Marian titles like Queen of Virgins, website.) Queen Empress, Queen of Flowers, Queen of Patriarchs, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, to name a few. The procession began at the Filipino Center passing through streets of Seongbuk-dong, Hyewadong Rotary to the Hyewadong Catholic Church. The procession was also accompanied by a steady beat of drums and singing the Hail Mary.

By: Ma. Teresa Solis

The main character of the Santacruzan was Reyna Elena together with Constantine under the well decorated arch. It was witnessed by our felvery year we celebrate Mothers day to give honor to our mothers. Usually this is celebrated on the second week of May. This year, low Filipinos, Koreans and other foreigners who were there during the procession. The highlight of the celebration was the Holy Mass officiit was on May 12, 2013. ated by Rev. Fr. Alvin Parantar, MSP and the floral offering to the In line with this celebration, HFCC gave the Ulirang Ina Award toMrs. Blessed Mother. Elizabeth Berroyaat the St. Benedict Parish Church. This award is given At the end of the Holy Mass, participants were acknowledged. (see annually to deserving OFW mothers who go to Hyehwadong Church. page 9 for list of participants)

Volume 18 Issue 4&5

One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

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unlikely fields also include Buddhist monks Hyongak and Chunggo. They are from the U.S., but have become well-known figures in Korean Buddhism and have been active in spreading its teachings.

The increasing numbers and diversification of roles played by foreign nationals in the country can also be seen in show business. Although there have been television personalities of foreign origin for some time, their roles had mostly been based on their ethnicity, Lee has been a pioneer for the countrys for- with shows such as A Chat with Beauties eign communities in a number of ways. focusing mostly on their views as foreigners In 1986, Lee obtained Korean nationality, living in Korea. becoming the 325th naturalized Korean. He But non-Korean celebrities of late have used also adopted his Korean surname Lee and be- their talent to rise to stardom. came the progenitor of a new branch GerU.S. citizen Brad Moore found fame as the many Lee of the surname. drummer of the Korean indie band Busker Since becoming a naturalized Korea, Lee has Busker, while Sam Hammington of Australia had a diverse career that ranged from the chief shot to fame telling jokes in Korean. executive of an engineering company and marThe expanding role of foreigners and naturalketing advisor to Kia Motors Corp. to a soap ized Koreans is not limited to the more visible star. parts of society. In 2009, he set another precedent when he Along with the rise in the number of longwas picked to head the Korea Tourism Organization, becoming the first person of non-Korean term foreign residents, the number of crimes committed by them has also risen in recent descent to head a state-run organization. years. In answer to such developments, a numLast year, he was joined by another Lee of ber of neighborhood watch groups consisting of foreign origin in setting new precedents for the foreign nationals have been formed across the countrys expat community. country in cities with high concentrations of In last years general elections, Jasmine Lee foreign residents. While such groups are organized on the nongovernmental level, some provincial administrations such as Gwangsan-gu of Gwangju have rolled out measures that involve naturalized Koreans in helping foreigners settle in Korea. On April 8, the Gwangsan-gu administration appointed 10 residents from seven countries including China, Vietnam and the Philippines as honorary chiefs of dong within its boundaries as part of the efforts to promote a multicultural society in which the cultural heritages of immigrants are kept alive. A dong is a subdivision of an administrative region, originating from the Joseon period.
http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php? ud=20130501000701

By Choi He-suk (cheesuk@heraldcorp.com) s Koreas population becomes more multicultural, naturalized Koreans and foreign nationals are branching out into all areas of society. Since 2002, the number of foreign nationals staying in Korea on a long-term basis has nearly doubled from 630,000 to come in at over 1.45 million at the end of 2012. Along with the number of foreigners choosing to stay in Korea long term, the number of those choosing to become naturalized citizens has also increased dramatically. In 2002, about 2,980 foreigners obtained Korean nationality, and the number rose to over 16,000 by 2011.

In addition to such quantitative changes, the roles played by foreigners in Korean society have also diversified significantly, with some rising to prominence in the public sector, an a naturalized Korean originating from the area still dominated by Koreans. Philippines was made a proportional repreOne of the most prominent examples of forsentative of the ruling Saenuri Party and beeigners breaking into new fields and rising to came the first naturalized Korean lawmaker. prominence is Korea Tourism Organization chief Lee Charm.

Foreigners who have risen to prominence in

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One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

Volume 18 Issue 4&5

By Prof. Emely Dicolen-Abagat, Ph.D. Introduction igration can be by choice or by force; it can be permanent or temporary as well, depending on ones reasons for moving from one place to another. Migration has its push and pull factors. One of the basic push factors would be economic in nature. People from lesser developed countries, such as the Philippines, seek for greener pastures in the more affluent countries where jobs are available. Reciprocally, the economic and technological advancements in the host counties, is one of the strongest pull factors why foreigners flock into the more developed countries. South Korea is currently identified as one of the counties that need a strong labor force from foreigners due to its aging population and the decline of its manpower that are willing to do the 3D jobs: the difficult, dirty, and dangerous jobs. The country needs people to help them sustain its booming economy and continue its prosperity. As a Filipina, I came to South Korea temporarily with the same objectives in mind: to seek for greener pastures, and be able to contribute to South Koreas economy. However, working in this country is no easy at all. Overwhelming challenges, which I call shadows, I have grappled with for the last 8-9 years that Ive been working here, but facing the shadows led to remarkable successes, which I call lights, as well. Language and Culture The Lights Who wouldnt fall in love with South Korea? My length of stay in this country proves that I have fallen deeply in love with her. Every time I tell Koreans that Ive been here for almost nine years, they would say, Really? You are Korean! Id answer, No, Im not yet a Korean because I have much to learn about your language, history, and culture. Now, I enjoy showing off the little Korean language Ive mastered to Koreans I meet: the taxi and bus drivers, vendors, students, and colleagues in the university. I can travel in any corner of Korea by myself because I can already read and speak the language, through the survival Korean I know. Korean food is one of the best foods Ive ever tasted. What makes it more delicious, I believe, is the history behind every food that is served on the table, the way it is cooked, the ingredients that go with the menu, and the art that is involved in its presentation, to the manner it is served to the guests. Indeed, a very rich history and culture. The pali pali culture of Koreans made me realize the importance of time, being punctual, and not postponing things that you can do today. I started giving more value to my time and the time of others. Though difficult to change because I have also been used to the Filipino time syndrome, but nothing is really impossible. Wherever I go, even in my own country, I try to do things as fast as I can, the soonest, and

on time. The shadows The lights were learned from the shadows. Upon arrival at the Incheon Airport, I got my first culture shock experience. I came to Korea in August 2004 with not a single Korean word in mind. I arrived earlier than the Korean assigned to pick me up. So, I asked for the assistance of an airport staff who evaded me while saying yongo! yongo! and pointing to another airport staff when I asked a question in English. From the airport, we went to a samgyeupsal restaurant, my second experience of culture shock. I did not know how to use the chopsticks and the manner of eating samgyeupsal. Kimchi was a total alien to me. People speaking in a totally different tongue were like parrots to my ears. My first experience of riding the subway early in the morning was more shocking to me. I saw people running, heard the sounds of their shoes, all in a hurry to get into the train, not minding at all if they bumped into you. I stepped on the side and watched them as they ran. Korean Work and Management Ethics The Lights When I was still working in the Philippines, I did give importance to my work, respected my superiors and co-workers, and gave the best I can to every task or duty assigned to me. But in Korea, I learned the meaning of EXCELLENCE in everything I do. In my country, 8-work hours is normal, with a break time in the morning and in the afternoon, and an overtime pay if work is beyond the required work hours. In South Korea, I learned the value of working beyond the required hours, without expecting for any overtime pay, or for anything in return, for the companys sake. I learned to be more generous in sharing my time and my skills. Loyalty and seniority are one of the important values among Koreans with their superiors and also with their co-workers. My value of loyalty as well was challenged in many circumstances of working in the universities and companies Ive worked with. I say challenged because I came to see the difference between enlightened loyalty and blind loyalty. I am proud to say that enlightened loyalty is more liberating, and that is what I am determined to do all my life. Losing someone, a job, or an opportunity is more freeing rather than blindly following someone or something against my will. As a former administrator in my country, I made sure that all policies and decisions were documented, all on paper, to serve as a reference for the future. I realized that I was on the right track. This is one management value that I should keep all my life. The Shadows I have worked as a missionary and a volunteer to the Philippine Center for quite a while.

Filipinos come to share their burdens and difficulties. They come to share their stories with their sajangnims, samonims and Korean coworkers. They complain about long hours of work beyond what is written on their contracts, doing overtime and asked to work even during the night, and sometimes on weekends and holidays, without overtime pay. I am not exempted from experiencing unpaid salaries. I was not paid my 2 month salary in a private company in Seoul. A baseless nonpayment of a 2-month salary for a schools obvious failure to fulfill the teaching hours written on the contract despite the free services I gave in the internationalization efforts of the school. For someone like me, a breadwinner, a 2-month pay is worth my familys food on the table, my childrens education, and my survival in Korea. The body is not a machine. It needs rest, sleep and recreation. But in times when production of the goods and services in the factories are necessary to meet the demand of the market, the body is sacrificed for more money and profit. This happens at times to a lot of factory workers and even among those who are in the professional fields like me. In the universities Ive worked with, I observed that loyalty and seniority are prevailing values but sad to say that, in some instances, these were given more priority over other values, which, in my opinion are more of value and importance. Unwritten policies have become the source of baseless management decisions and unfair treatment and penalties of foreign workers like me. Discrimination The Lights Love of my country and being proud of being a Filipino - I came to appreciate this in South Korea. In this country, I was given a lot of opportunities to speak about my country, defend it, and tell the Koreans that we have been good friends since more than 60 years ago when my brother Filipino soldiers came to help them obtain their independence and freedom during the Korean War. I mentioned this to every Korean I meet in my classrooms, in conferences, meetings, and even in ordinary conversations, not only with Koreans but with other nationals as well. In the companies and universities Ive worked with, I tried to make a difference and made my presence as a Filipino felt in all activities. Ive made sure that Filipinos working with me in the universities were recognized and appreciated in every way I can. The Shadows One time, my friend recommended me as a private English teacher to a Gangnam Omma to her daughter. We met in a coffee shop in Gangnam and the first question she asked me was, Where are you from? I proudly answered, Im from the Philippines! Without hesitation, she tactlessly answered, I dont
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Volume 18 Issue 4&5

One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

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Ni: Michael B. Balba Pagpatak ng luha di ko napigilan, Sa muling pagsapit araw ng mga nanay, Ang pangungulila agad naramdaman, Kaya ang mundo ko nawalan ng kulay. Tanging nadarama ng abang puso ko, Ang sakit na dulot ng araw na ito, Uliran kong ina lumisan sa mundo, Kaya nagdurusa't tumatangis ako. Sa'n ako kukuha ng lakas at tibay, Ngayong nag-iisa at walang karamay, Ang isang tulad kong ulilang lubusan, May bukas pa nga ba sa aking daratal? Pa'no aabutin ang mga pangarap, Ngayong nasugatan nabali ang pakpak, Kung walang magulang magbibigay lakas, Makakaya ko ba ang muling lumipad?. Pa'no makakaya sa mundong lumaban, Kung walang magulang na makakaramay, May pangarap pa ba akong makakamtan, Ngayong naulila ng lubos-lubusan, Pa'no liligaya ang isang ulila, Kung laging kapiling ay lungkot at luha, Sa'king pag-iisa sinong magpapala? Sino ang gagabay sa isang ulila.

By Emely Dicolen-Abagat Ang aking paglalakbay sa buhay na ito Bagamat masalimuot at minsay mabato Tanging tungkod ay Iyong pangako Na lahat ay papayapa at mababago. Nang aking simulan ang paglalakbay Wala akong naging lakas kung hindi ang iyong kamay Sa aking daan may mangilan-ilang kaaway Subalit pagmamahal mo aking naging gabay. Ngayoy handa nang muling lumisan Tanging Ikaw ang bangka kot sagwan Malawak man ang dagat at ang karagatan Tukoy ko ang tungo dahil ikaw ang daan. Sa aking paglisan aking iiwan Pagibig at pagasa na iyong ipinahiram Sa mga taong iyong sa akiy ipinisan Magpapatuloy ang iyong nasimulan. Kung kailan at paano ang muling paglisan Sa iyong kamay, Ama aking iniiwan Pagkat Ikaw lamang ang may tanging kakayanan Mapayapang paglalakbay ikaw lang ang may alam.

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want a Filipina teacher for my daughter. I want a native speaker. Without letting me finish my coffee, she left. When some Korean moms learn that Im from the Philippines, they would immediately quote a lower price of tutoring fee compared with westerners. When taxi drivers learn that Im a Filipina, the next question they ask is, Are you married to a Korean? or Do you want to meet a Korean man? The same questions are asked in stores and in other places where I usually visit. But when I introduce myself as a songyosa or kyosunim, they immediately change their attitude towards me. Conclusion Lights and shadows, challenges and successes- they are intertwined. The shadows and challenges as a foreign worker I encountered in South Korea were the very same lights and successes I reaped after gradually immersing myself into the countrys culture. The language and cultural barriers encouraged me to learn and later assimilate Koreas language and culture, the totally new and different work and management ethics made me appreciate the work and management culture I grew up with, the discrimination I experienced transformed me into a nationalistic, patriotic and a prouder Filipino. Despite the lights and shadows, the successes and challenges, I sincerely extend my heartfelt thanks to South Korea. These successes would not have been possible without you. Kamsahamnida!

Preacher from Seoul, gave the Welcome Remarks and introduced the main purpose of the said seminar. Sr. Rosa Angelica Libron, SSpS, from the Guri Migrant Center, expounded on the meaning of Gods Love and emphasized on entrusting and surrendering our life to Him. She said God will never be outdone in generosity. Rev. Fr. Alvin Parantar, MSP, Hyehwadong Filipino Catholic Community Chaplain, celebrated the Eucharist and in his sharing, he also emphasized Salvation, that we can be saved through baptism and by accepting Christ as our Savior and Redeemer. We should follow Jesus works by doing good things to others. Bro. Marnelo Porto, another Local Preacher from Seoul, talked about New Life. In order for us to live according to Gods word, we should be united with Christ; with new spirit and forgetting our past and live a new and a transformed life. Receiving Gods gift was explained further by Bro. Pepito Baltazar, another Local Preacher from Daegu Cell Group. Sharing Gods gift will produce unity. Bro. Wally Manipon, another Local Preacher from Daegu Cell Group, explained the works of Baptism in the Holy Spirit. We should not resist and be sensitive to the movement of the Holy Spirit. Some participants shared their experiences of how they were overjoyed and empowered by the Holy Spirit. The seminar ended at 5 pm, with a renewed spirit and mind. Delicious and bountiful food were served and enjoyed by everyone.

HFCC Volunteer Invitation

Inaanyayahan po ang lahat ng interesadong maging volunteer sa mga sumusunod na grupo. CHOIR - nangangailangan po ng miyembro sa Alto, Soprano, Tenor at Bass. Makipagugnayan lamang po kay Ate Ely Torres 010-8061-9143. ALTAR BOYS - Makipagugnayan lamang po kay Ronald Soriano 010-8673-9216 or Rey Centeno 010-3922-3109. LECTORS & COMMENTATORS Makipagugnayan lamang po kay Jyun Gonzalez 010-2897-6707 IT Committee - Makipagugnayan lamang po kay Matet Solis 010-2258-0377, email at sambayanan-itboard@yahoogroups.com SAMBAYANAN Newsletter nangangailangan po ng manunulat sa News, Feature, at Reflections. Pati na rin po sa photojournalist at layout. Makipagugnayan lamang po kay Doc Ems 010-5160-2928. CHURCH STEWARD - Makipagugnayan po kay Ate Sonia Permejo 010-3148-1984, Ate Nida 010-4836-9610 o kaninuman sa mga Steward. Paanyaya: Ang lahat ay inaanyayahang ibahagi ang kanilang mga talento sa pagsusulat ng mga kuwento, sanaysay, tula, karanasan at pagninilay upang ilathala sa babasahing ito. Ipadala lamang ito sa email address na ito: sambayananedboard@yahoogroups.com o sa emelyabagat@yahoo.com.

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One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

Volume 18 Issue 4&5

P.S. Ako ay nabili na ng isang may-kaya rin namang pamilya at ipinasok na sa isang plastic container kasama ang itlog na maalat at kamatis. Eto at naaalala kita habang dinig ko mula sa malakas na stereo ng sala ang music ng Eraserheads: Sana sa susunod na issue ay centerfold ka na! Ibinabahagi ni Bro. Allan Rodriguez (mula sa aklat ok ka lng dyan?) ear Inay,
(Authors: Fr. Adonis Llmas Narcelles Jr., SVD at Fr. Rex Fullente Fortes, CM)

Bakit kailangan mo pang umalis? Hindi pa naman tayo naghihirap ng husto. Oo ngat maganda ang pangarap mo sa aking madala sa isang magandang bahay mula sa bangketang ating kinalalagyan, at magkaroon ng katuparan ang aking mga pangarap na pahalagahan din ng tao. Ngunit aanhin ko ang lahat ng ito, kung di ko naman maipagdiriwang ang ginhawa ng buhay kasama mo?

ts been a while I miss those moments with you...when you and I would have a cup of coffee at our favorite coffee shop. I can chat with you from morning til night, and youd patiently and lovingly listen to my voice from within. Everything I feel: my thoughts, my points of view, my disturbances, dreams, and even my secrets. And when you think I said mean words, you gently corrected me and advised me to use the right word. You patiently embraced me for who I was and who I am with no questions asked. I just want you to know that I enjoyed those moments. The silence between us that kept me wanting to always bring Bakit kailangan mo pang magpakababa? Hindi ka naman mangmang you everywhere I go. I am just so glad, we have our moments again at may mataas din namang antas ng kaalaman. Bilib nga ako sa iyo dahil my notebook and God. araw-araw, alam mo ang mga pangyayari sa ating bansa, mapa-politika, I guess like me, you have those moments, too. When you feel like an mapa-sports o mapa-showbiz man. Marunong ka rin namang mag-Ingles uprooted tree. A root that just keeps on growing but no longer connected at may pinag-aralan din naman. Pinapansin ka naman ng mga taong on the ground. When you just refused to do things youre most passiondumadaan sa atin, bagamat sandali lang. Ngunit, hetot lilisan ka sa ate with and instead you choose to lie down on the comfy bed. Pretend ating lugar upang maging isang basahan lamang. Magpupunas ka lang hardly to sleep and empty yourself out. But at the back of your soul, its ng mga aparador at bintana, mag-iis-is ka lang ng kusina at inodoro, echoing out loud to get up and write from your heart. Share the goodness magpapatuyo ka lang ng mga basang sahig, magpapaalila sa mga among of what God has done. Praise and glorify His name for all that He will banyaga para lang kumita ng pera. be doing; for saving you in one of the greatest ordeals of your life, for Bakit kailangan mo pang akoy iwanan? Hindi mo na ba ako mahal? Kahit hindi man ako marunong magmahal, di pa rin kita malilimutan. Dahil kahit hindi mo ako tunay na anak, itinuring mo akong higit pa sa isa. Lagi mo akong yakap sa iyong mga braso, at iniingatang di madampian ng kahit isang alabok. Napakabuti mo, dahil ako lamang ang laman ng isip mo kung paanong akoy mananatiling buhay sa lupang-ibabaw, kahit iniwan na ako ng tunay kong mga magulang at wala na sa bahay na aking kinalakihan. Bakit kailangan mo pang magpatapon? May halaga ka pa naman, kahit hindi sa mata ng lipunan. Ngunit sa akin, ikaw ang aking buhay. Eto ngat makakapasok na ako sa bahay na bungalow ngunit ayoko sa bago kung tagapag-alaga dahil plastic sya! Di siya tulad sa iyo na totoong galing sa lupa! Dahil di siya tulad mong ako lang ang iniisip, dahil marami kaming laman ng kanyang pag-aaruga. Higit sa lahat, di ko nararamdaman ang init ng mga yakap nya, dahil plastic sya! Ikaw pa rin ang kaisa-isang inang aking hinahanap, at kailanman ay di mapapalitan sa aking buhay. Bakit kailangan mo pang akoy pahirapan? Di mo rin ba ramdam ang aking kalungkutan? Oo ngat pareho tayong nangarap noon ngunit ngayon ay piprituhin na ako sa sarili kong mantika. Sana ay di ko na binanggit noon na gusto ko ng karangyaan, kung ang kapalit lang naman pala nito ay ang ating paghihiwalay. Nagsisisi na ako at natatakot magisa. Bumalik ka na kung maaari lamang. Bakit pa ang mga ordinaryong tulad mo ay mawalay sa pamilya? Kung sabagay, mayroon ka ring mga pangarap sa buhay, para sa iyong sarili at higit sa lahat, para sa aking kinabukasan. Masakit man sa akin, ngunit lahat na lang ay titiisin ko, tulad ng pagtitiis na ginawa mo para sa isang tulad kong walang halaga. Salamat, Inay at akoy pinahalagahan mo, at patuloy na pahahalagahan pa. Mabuhay kayong nagsasakripisyo para sa mga mahal ninyo! Bayani ang mga dyaryong tulad mo! Miss na miss na ang yakap mo, Tinapa healing all your sicknesses, for paying all your debts, for raising you when you fall, for answering all your prayers, for all the impossible things in the world- those are manifestations that only He can make things possible. Have you ever encountered and entertained ignorance, boredom, laziness and rejections? Im ashamed but I guess its a good confession to say. Yes, I did. And I regret it. I was compelled upon hearing this song. Every word from that haunts the inner core of me; You are glorious God, Father You are passion that fills my life The treasure of treasures... A wealth without measure For youll always be the Prize of my life One after another, this quote from below hit me hard too "What you are is God's gift to you, What you become is your gift to God." How can I be so selfish and ungrateful? Without Him, I am nothing. Without all the misfortune, I wouldnt find a great treasure; a wealth without measure I may do the best thingsFor I know God doesnt look at how grand and big you can offer Him but how pure and divine the intention of heart is. I decided to share the goodness of God. For He will always be the greatest Prize of my life.

By Sis. Mel

Volume 18 Issue 4&5

One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

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Covenant Love: Introducing the Biblical Worldview

(Editors note: This is the 8th part of the Online Bible Study course on the subject taken from the website of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Studies http://www.salvationhistory.com/)

Lesson Four: The First-Born Son of God


III. The Making of the Old Covenant (cont)

C. 'A Kingdom of Priests, A Holy Nation'
At Sinai, God reveals His full purpose for His chosen people, why He bore the people out of Egypt on eagle wings and brought them to Himself (see Exodus 19:4). God wants His first -born son, His own people, to be "to Me a kingdom of priests, a holy nation" (see Exodus 19:6). In the covenant at Sinai, we reached a turning point in salvation history. Remember what we've been saying all along: When God makes a covenant, He is making a family, He is making people kin to Himself, His sons and daughters. Remember, too, that the imagery in the Old Testament is rooted in ancient images of the family. In the ancient family, fathers were both "kings" - rulers, lawgivers and protectors of their family - and "priests," leading the family in worship and sacrifice. The "first-born" son was the heir to the authority and the kingly and priestly roles of the father. Since Adam, He has been looking for a "firstborn" son worthy of His calling - to guard and keep creation, to offer Him sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving, to be a light to all peoples, to dwell with Him intimately. Adam was the founding father, made the lord of creation and given priestly functions to guard and keep God's creation (Genesis 1:26; 2:15). Noah, too, was father of a family, and his family became the "first-born" from which God would populate the earth anew after the flood. God then chose Abram, whose name means "mighty father," and made him Abraham - a name meaning "father of a multitude." Through all this history, however, we see that God is forced to pass over the first-borns in many instances because they prove too proud, too unjust and violent. We see that in the case of Cain, Ishmael, Esau, to name just three. Indeed, among the "first-borns" in Genesis, only the ancient line of Shem was faithful. But God remained faithful to His plan - and His promise. With Israel, His first-born, He is again starting anew. They will be His family, his royal heirs. Already, Moses has instructed that the first-born of Israel be consecrated to God, dedicated to His priestly service (see Exodus 13:2,15; 24:5). Here at Sinai, God reveals that He wants Israel to be for the family of nations what the first-born was in the ancient family system priest and king. God is making His family a nation - but not a

nation like the other nations. Israel is to be "a holy nation," set apart from other nations, an example of holiness and righteous living, an instrument by which God extends His salvation to all the nations. His covenant at Sinai, as we've seen, is intended to fulfill His promise that through Abraham's descendants, He will bless all the nations of the world. So Israel is being consecrated here at Sinai as a "light to the nations," leading them in the ways of holiness (see Isaiah 42:6; 49:6). But don't miss the big "if" in all of what God is saying here at Sinai: "If you hearken to My voice and keep My covenant, you shall be My special possession...a kingdom of priests " (see Exodus 19:5). God's covenant is conditional. To experience its blessings, Israel must keep His covenant, obey its terms (which are spelled out in Exodus 20-23). If they don't keep His covenant, they may as well be "no people" at all, their number blotted from the face of the earth (see Deuteronomy 32:21; Hosea 1:9; 1 Peter 2:10). Read the Ten Commandments as a covenant family law, a household code. These laws were primarily given to govern relationships within the growing national household of Israel - they cover how to resolve disputes, how to deal with slaves, how to treat acts of violence, how to make restitution for theft or property damage, and how to relate to God and human authority. After listening to God's words, Israel swears to keep the covenant (see Exodus 19:8, 24:3,7). And Moses builds an altar with twelve pillars, symbolizing that all of the tribes of Jacob had approved the covenant (see Exodus 24:4). Then He takes the blood from the animals sacrificed and sprinkles it on the people, calling it "the blood of the covenant which the Lord has made with you" (see Exodus 24:8). Blood is a symbol of family relations. That's what this covenant does - it makes Israel the sons and daughters of God. Jesus uses these same words at His last supper, but adds the word "New" - telling us that by His blood shed on the Cross for many, God is making a New Covenant (see Mark 14:24; Matthew 26:28). This is a sign for us that what we're reading about here in Exodus "prefigures" the New Covenant - it is a partial fulfillment of God's plan. The ultimate fulfillment will come with Jesus. This New Covenant will be "for many" (which means "for everyone"). In the New Covenant, Jesus promises, His twelve apostles will sit in judgment over the twelve tribes of Israel (see Luke 22:30) and as the altar at Sinai was built on the pillars of the twelve tribes, the Church of Jesus will be founded on "the twelve apostles of the Lamb" (see Revelation 21:12,14). All covenants are sealed with a ritual meal, which is why Moses and the 70 elders sit down to eat in the presence of God (see Exodus 24:911). Later, when Israel is in exile as a consequence of breaking the covenant, the prophets will recall this intimacy with God -

eating and drinking in His very presence - and teach the people to hope for the day of a new sacred banquet, when they will once again eat in His presence on His holy mountain (see Isaiah 55:1-3; Proverbs 9:1-6). This hope, too, is fulfilled in the coming of Jesus, who speaks of the Father calling a wedding banquet for His Son (see Matthew 22:1-14) and describes the kingdom of God as a great feast (see Luke 14:12-24).

D. The Golden Calf Affair

No sooner had Israel ratified its covenant with God, than the people fell into idolatry. Moses goes up to the mountain to receive the elaborate instructions about the building and furnishing of the ark, the dwelling for God (see Exodus 25-31) and the people down below create the golden calf and begin worshipping it. The ancient rabbis used to say that what the forbidden fruit was to Adam the golden calf was to Israel. It is a second fall from grace. The calf is an image of Apis, the Egyptian fertility god and Israel's worship of it is a parody of the covenant at Sinai. As Moses did, they build an altar, rise early to offer sacrifices, eat and drink a ritual meal. They also, the Scripture says, "rose up to revel," which is a polite way of saying that they engaged in orgies associated with the cult of Apis (see Exodus 32:1-6). God disowns Israel. Notice the shift in language. No longer does He speak of the Israelites as His special people (see Exodus 3:10, 5:1, 6:7). He tells Moses that the Israelites are "your people, whom you brought out of the land of Egypt" (see Exodus 32:7). Moses intercedes for the people, even offering to bear the curse that the people deserve - to be blotted out of the book of life (see Exodus 32:31-32). Though they deserve to die for violating the covenant - and 3,000 are slain by the Levites the people are spared for the sake of God's covenant. But the condition of Israel is forever changed. Never again in the Old Testament is Israel spoken of as a "kingdom of priests and a holy nation." Not until the coming of the Church will God's plan for a kingdom of priests be realized (see 1 Peter 2:5,9; Revelation 1:6). The first four chapters of Numbers tells us what happens immediately after the golden calf incident. Moses takes an elaborate census (from which the book gets its name as a book of "numbers") and establishes the authority of the Levites. The Levites, the only tribe not to worship the golden calf and the only ones who answered Moses' call (see Exodus 32:26) are "dedicated" or ordained as priests for the nation (see Exodus 32:26-29). No more will the first-born sons in each family inherit the father's role as priest. The Levites are chosen in place of the first-born sons (see Numbers 3:11-13; 45). For the first time, a distinction will be made between priest and lay people. Where as once every first-born was a priest (see Exodus 13:2,15; 24:5) now any non-Levite who performs priestly functions "shall be put to death" (see Numbers 3:10). To be continued

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One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

Volume 18 Issue 4&5

his is what the Lord says: When seventy years are completed for Babylon. I will come to you and fulfill my gracious promise to bring you back to this place. For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:10-13

By Bro. Antonio Sacapanio C.

9:17) Gods purpose prevails. 1. It stands forever (Psalm 33:11) 2. It cannot be thwarted by human beings. (Proverbs 19:21 / Job 23:13 3. It cannot be thwarted by evil powers. (Revelation 17:17 / 1 Samuel 16:14)

The implication is that evil is subject to Gods control and operates within the determined limits of his sovereign purpose. (Job 1:12; Job God has a plan for His creation which He will certainly accomplish. It is carried out through the control of circumstances and his choice and 2:6; 2 Corinthians 12:7) use of people, and above all, in the life, death, resurrection and second II GODS PURPOSE FOR HIS PEOPLE coming of Jesus Christ. A. God reveals his purpose to his people. (Amos 3:7 / Genesis I GODS PURPOSE WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED 18:17) A. Gods purpose is founded on divine wisdom. (Ephesians 3:7 B. Its fullness is beyond human understanding. (Romans 11:33) 11) C. It is good and loving. (Romans 8:28 / Jeremiah 29:11 / Romans B. Gods purpose is for His own glory. (Exodus 9:16 / Romans 12:2) Reyna Banderana Queen Mora Queen of Sheba Queen Esther Queen Samaritana


A family member argues that the New Testament doesn't deal with the issue of homosexuality. To which passages can I refer him?
A family member argues that the New Testament doesn't deal with the issue of homosexuality. To which passages can I refer him? The following New Testament passages deal with homosexual acts: For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. Their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural, and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in their own persons the due penalty for their error. (Rom 1:26-27) Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither the immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor robbers will inherit the kingdom of God. (1Cor 6:9-10) [T]he law is not laid down for the just but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and sinners, for the unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, immoral persons, sodomites, kidnapers, liars, perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound doctrine. (1 Tm 1:9-10) [J]ust as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities, which likewise acted immorally and indulged in unnatural lust, serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire. (Jude 7) But Gods displeasure with acting out on homosexuality is depicted as early as Genesis 19 in the Old Testament. Also see Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13. Jim Blackburn Jim Blackburn www.catholic.com

Full Question Answer

Answered by

Santa Veronica Tres Marias: Mother of Christ Jasmin Dalen Magdalene Liza Baja Mother of James Tina Gonzales Divine Shepherdess Lea Echevera & Jayar Agonoy (Bicol Association) Ave Marias: - Nun Ha Young; Kyle Dennise; Kristine Dennis; Yu Jin; Yu Jiyean; Kim Yu Jin; Kim Yee Rim; Park So Jin Queen of Faith Mabel Mayuga & Wingar Villanueva (Batangas) Queen of Hope Zenith Reign Cacayan Sulit & Karl Ray Vincent Queen of Charity Lorna de Mateo (HFCC Choir) Queen of Justice Jannelle Kim Rosa Mystica Maria & Dennis Ballesteros Queen of Star Jazzmin Anne Nicole Manuel Santos (PIKO) Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Dimple Guimary & Regie Mar Santinigas (PPFI) Queen of Moon Sam Pinggoy Queen of Candles - Michelle Lee & Ryan Urbida Queen of Peace - Glaiza Valdez & Jaehan Park Queen of Patriarch - Gigi Quinto Kim Queen of Prophets - Liezel Manalo & Michael Hilario Queen of Confessor - Marie Galapin & Eric Calma (Incheon Community) Queen of Martyrs - Cecil Garcia Queen of Angel - Joy Esmilana & Cedric Erol Santillan Abril & Ricah Ellah Vinuya (Angel) Queen of Heaven - Jenelyn Torres & Eric Odvina & Sofia Niebres (Angel) Queen of Virgins - Susan & Dwight Patton Queen of Flower - Josielyn Yoon & Sid Antiquira Emperatriz - Liezel Mayuga & Nash Ang Queen Helena - Shasha Mae dela Cruz & Mario Aguila Constantine - Jadd Galen Nelson Guanzon
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Volume 18 Issue 4&5

One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

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3. May kita kahit maliit lang ang puhunan. Bukod sa n a i b a balik yung ibinayad mo sa pamamagitan ng produkto, kikita ka pa sa ng mga OFWs ay hinihikayat na paghandaan ang kanilang pagpagbebenta mo nito. babalik sa Pilipinas sa pamamagitan ng pagiimpok sa bangko at paglalagak ng kanilang naipon sa negosyo o sa iba pang mga 4. Sarili mo ang boss mo. Maaari kang magtrabaho ng full time o part pamamaraan. Dito sa bansang Korea, naging bukang bibig na ng ilang time. Hindi mo kailangang pumasok sa opisina at sumunod sa boss mga kababayan ang tinatawag na MLM o Multilevel Marketing. mo dahil puwede mong gawin ang negosyo sa oras na gusto mo. By Emely Dicolen-Abagat, Ph.D.

Ang MLM ay isang stratehiya na ginagamit sa pagbebenta na kung 5. Mayroon ng sinusunod na plano sa pagbebenta at plano sa pagnesaan ang mga nagbebenta ay kumikita hindi lamang sa kanilang sariling negosyo. Hindi mo na kailangang pagisipan kung paano mo ibebenta benta kundi pati sa benta ng iba na tinatawag nilang downlines. ang produkto dahil ibibigay na ito ng kumpanya. Madalas ito ay nangangailangan ng maliit lamang na halaga bilang pani- 6. Andyan ang mga uplines upang tulungan, suportahan at himula, nagbibigay ng pagsasanay o training sa mga downlines, may mga kayatin ka. Kapag kailangan mo ang suporta at pagsasanay, may produktong ibinebenta, at may mga babasahing ipinamimigay. mga taong handang gumabay sa iyo. Bago sumali sa ano mang MLM, iminumungkahi na gumawa muna ng 7. Hindi kailangang magbayad ng buwis. Tax-free sabi nga nila. Ito ay pananaliksik at sagutin ang ilang katanungan. hindi mo na kailangang ireport pa sa BIR, mapuwera na lang kung Mga Katanungan: kumuha ka ng puwesto at irehistro ito. 1. May limang (5) taon na ba ang kumpanya? Kung ito ay wala pang 8. May dagdag na kita, bukod sa sahod o suweldo. May ibang mapalimang taon, hindi pa subok ang katatagan ng kumpanya. ghuhugutan ka ng pera na hindi umaasa sa iyong sahod. 2. May malaki bang kapital ang kumpanya? Kung maliit ang kapital ng kumpanya, malaki ang posibilidad na ito ay agad malugi. 3. Naga-alok ba ang kumpanya ng kakaibang mga produkto o serbisyo? Kung ang mga produkto o serbisyong iniaalok ay katulad din lamang ng ibinebenta ng ibang kumpanya, maaaring ito ay hindi kikita dahil maraming kakompetensiya. 4. Mayroon bang pangangailangan para sa produkto o serbisyo? May mga produktong hindi naman tumutugon sa mga pangunahing pangangailangan ng tao. 5. Ang produkto ba o serbisyo ay uso o sikat? Kung ang produkto ay hindi uso o sikat, walang bibili nito. 6. Mayroon ka bang kikitain kaagad? Dapat maibalik kaagad ang iyong binitawang puhunan. 7. Gumagamit ba ang sistema ng pagbebenta ng teknolohiya? Uso na ngayon ang online checking ng iyong account. Kung ang kumpanya ay hindi gumagamit nito at umaasa pa din sa tinatawag na mano-mano, maaaring ito ay hindi mapagkakatiwalaan. Mga Kalugihan ng MLM: 1. Ang karaniwang miyembro/tao ay maaaring hindi kumita. Kailangan ng sipag. Kung hindi mo ito gagawin, natural lamang na wala kang kikitain. 2. Maaari itong maihalintulad sa isang kulto. Maaaring ikaw ay di maunawaan ng iba dahil umaga, tanghali, gabi wala kang ibang bukang bibig kundi ang iyong produkto. O kaya ang mga miyembrong laging nagsasama-sama at nagu-usap tungkol sa paano yumaman at maging milyonaryo ay minsan napagkakamalan ng mga miyembro ng kulto. 3. Malabong magtagumpay kung ang produkto ay hindi mabenta. Maaring madaming katulad o kakumpetensiya ang produkto kaya hindi na mabenta, o sadyang hindi maganda ang produkto kaya walang kikitain. 4. Kung hindi mo maabot ang takdang benta o quota, maaaring ikaw pa ang bumili ng produktong binebenta mo. Sa kagustuhang kumita, ikaw na lamang ang bibili ng produkto saka ipipilit na ibenta sa iba, minsan sasabihing sila na muna ang magbabayad saka na lang bayaran pag sumahod na. Nagkautang bigla ang taong napilitang bumili ng produkto o magmiyembro. Minsan naman ay nakatambak na lamang sa bahay ang mga nabiling produkto.

8. Ang tao bang nanghikayat sa iyo na sumali ay tumutulong sa iyong tagumpay? Kung napapansin mo na ang iyong upline ay iniisip lamang ang kanyang sariling kikitain at kapakanan, huwag ng 5. Maaaring mas lumalaki ang iyong gastos na hindi mo namamamagmiyembro. layan. Sa pagrerekrut ng downline, minsan kailangan mo silang 9. Mayroon bang paraan na magawa mo ang negosyo ng part pakainin, puntahan sa bahay, sunduin at ihatid kapag may mga semitime na hindi mo bibitawan ang iyong full time na trabaho? nar, patikimin ng produkto o bigyan ng sampol ang mga nirerekrut, Hindi kinakailangang magbitiw ka kaagad sa iyong hanapbuhay. mahabang oras ang nagugugol sa pagrerekrut, at iba pa. Kung susuSubukan mo muna at kapag nakikita mo na ang posibilidad ng kita, mahin ang lahat ng mga ito, mas malaki pa ang gastos kaysa kikitain saka ka magbitiw sa iyong trabaho. mo. 10. Malilibang o matutuwa ka ba sa iyong gagawin? Mahalagang 6. Malaki ang posibilidad na hindi ka matanggap ng ibang tao at ikaw ay nasisiyahan sa iyong ginagawa. Kung hindi, malamang na maaari ding pagmulan ng di pagkakaunawaan. Minsan ang tingin hindi ka magtatagumpay. sa iyo ng ibang tao ay kakaiba, at madalas ay hindi ka nila maunawaan. Napagmumulan din ito minsan ng sigalot dahil sa pagMga Pakinabang sa MLM: babayad, hindi hiyang na produkto, at iba pa. 1. Totoo nga na may kita! Hindi maikakaila na mayroon naman taKung kaya, bago sumapi sa kahit na ano mang MLM, alalahanin ang lagang yumayaman, nagiging milyonaryo, nakakapagpatayo ng bahay magsaliksik, huwag magmiyembro ng sapilitan o hindi pinagi-isipang at nakakabili ng kotse sa MLM. mabuti. May kasabihan ding theres no such thing as free lunch, lahat 2. Laging positibo ang pagi-isip, pagu-ugali, at mataas ang enerhiya. ay pinagtatrabahuhan. At ihanda ang sarili, matutong ipunin o ilagak sa The Secret sabi ng nga mga networkers at panay bati ng good tamang negosyo ang kikitain dahil maaaring ito ay hindi pang habangmorning maski sa gabi. Minsan sa sobrang positibo at taas ng enerbuhay. hiya, hindi na natutulog sa pagrerekrut ng downlines.

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One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

Volume 18 Issue 4&5

ast week, my mother died. Looking at her lifeless body in her simple white coffin, and remembering her permanent impact in my life, I realized that mothers are Gods greatest inventions. Why did God invent mothers? Because there are a few things that only mothers can do I needed someone crazy enough to carry me in her womb for 9 months, crazy enough to go through the pain of childbirth, crazy enough to feed me, bath me, burp me, and look after me 24/7, crazy enough to teach me to how to walk, how to talk, how to play, how to pray, how to learn, how to share, how to serve, and how to say Thank You and Im Sorry and I love you Why did God invent mothers? Because when my fingers were smaller, I needed someone with bigger fingers to button my shirt, to cut my fingernails, and to tie my shoelaces. And when my wisdom was smaller, I needed someone with bigger wisdom to teach me what was right and wrong, and someone to forgive me when I did the wrong. Why did God invent mothers? Because when I failed in an exam or when a teacher laughed at me or when a playmate rejected me and I felt like my whole world was collapsing, I needed a mother who would tell me, Just wait. Everything will be alright I needed a mother to hold my hand when I was afraid, hold my hand when I was sick, to hold my hand when I fell down, and hold my hand when I felt sad. Why did God invent mothers? Because when I was 13, I needed a mother who would listen with rapt attention to the mumblings and ramblings of a 13 year old boy giving his first talk; I needed a mother who went to every talk I gave, who recorded my every word in her gigantic old tape recorder, and who heard my talks over and over again in her bedroomto tell me that in her heart, I will always be the greatest preacher in the universe; I needed a mother who would believe in me so that it would be easier for me to believe that God believed in me. I needed a mother who would read every word I wrotein every magazine and in every book I published. I needed a mother who, even if she never used the internet or email in her life, would still read my blog

by asking her daughters to print my online essays for herto tell me that I never stop writing Gods message to this world. Why did God invent mothers? Because when I was 14, I needed a mother who didnt freak out when I told her that I wanted to live in a dangerous slum area to bring Jesus in the poorest of the poor; All she said was, If thats what God wants you to do, then do it; I will pray for your protection. Like any mother, she wanted me to be safe, but she believed that theres nothing safer than being in the will of God; When I was 14, I needed a mother crazy enough to allow me to travel by myself to the farthest islands of the Philippines to preach the Gospel; I needed a mother who trusted me but who trusted God more than me to take care of me. When I was 16, I needed a mother crazy enough to send me off to pilgrimage to Israel and 20 cities in Europe for 41 days all by myself because I needed a mother who would love me and launch me, love me and let go of me Why did God invent mothers? Because when I started preaching about financial literacy and how to become truly rich, and some people were criticizing me for becoming worldly, I needed my mother who knew my heart more than anyone else and told me, Im happy that God is opening a new ministry for you. Why did God invent mothers? Because I needed a mother who prayed for me every single moment of her life. I needed a mother who showed me Gods face by simply showing her face to me. But I realized I didnt need just any mother. I needed my mother. I needed Pilar. To make me who I am today. Dearest friend, God gave you your mother. With all her weaknesses, she is still one of Gods most precious gifts to you. Love herwhile you can. May your dreams come true, Bo Sanchez http://bosanchez.ph/why-god-invented-mothers/

More practical steps needed for immigrants By Jun Ji-hye pposition lawmakers and heads of civic groups called on the National Assembly, Monday, to draw up more realistic and effective policies for immigrants and migrant workers. Rep. Chun Soon-ok of the main opposition Democratic Party (DP) hosted a forum, dubbed Role of the Assembly and Parties in Multicultural Policy, with experts and heads of civic organizations. Rep. Jun Byung-hun, the newly elected DP floor leader also took part in the conference designed to discuss measures to help immigrants adapt to Korean society. We have not established proper policies backing immigrants in Korean society. Im also responsible for that. In fact, the matter has become very serious, Jun said. If the nation does not provide them with institutional support, they will experience severe difficulties, which will negatively influence society as well. Rep. Chun is the younger sister of Chun Taeil, a blue-collar worker who publicly immolated himself in Seoul in the 1970s to draw attention to abysmal working conditions. She said she is well aware of the troubles facing multiracial families and other immigrants as she is married to an Englishman, and has a nephew-in-law from Nepal. The number of migrant workers and wives

has been constantly increasing and they are mostly valuable members of society. If we do not create a society in which those people can achieve harmony, social and class division will deepen, she said. Park Kyeong-tae, a sociology professor at Sungkonghoe University, pointed out that most existing multicultural policies tend to only focus on migrant wives and their families. Migrant workers, refugees, foreign students, ethnic Koreans who moved to and settled in China, and North Korean defectors are all included in the multicultural category. Immigrant laborers suffer various kinds of abuses, he said. The professor suggested drawing up comprehensive prohibitions on discrimination including legislation against discrimination on the grounds of race. The nations systems and peoples perception must be changed together to move society in the right direction, he said. Park added local governments need to produce multicultural programs that immigrants and Koreans can engage in together, rather than only gathering immigrants, in order to help them make more personal connections. Lee Young, executive secretary of the migrant service center in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province, raised the issue of non-registered migrant workers. The number of non-registered migrant laborers has reached 180,000 over a decade. Under the standing law, the government only de-

ports them. More realistic and effective measures to handle these people are urgently needed, said Lee. He proposed revising part of the employment permit system that has poisonous clauses for migrant workers such as restricting their freedom to change their work place if their employers do not agree. I also call for banning government officials violence during crackdowns, he said. Rep. Jun said he will continue to pay attention to such issues and try to introduce proper measures at the Assembly. I promise not to make subjects discussed during the forum just one-off issues, he said. jjh@koreatimes.co.kr
Source: http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/ nation/2013/05/116_136027.html

Rep. Chun Soon-ok of the main opposition Democratic Party (DP) speaks during a forum she hosted to discuss measures to help immigrants adapt to Korean society at the National Assembly, Monday. Yonhap

Volume 18 Issue 4&5

One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

Page 11

1. Period of application: Jan. 01. 2013 ~ Dec. 31. 2013 2. Minimum wage Hourly wage rate: 4,860 won 3. Target of application: Every business or workplace employing worker(s) Workers whose minimum wage can be reduced by 10% (hourly rate is KRW 4,374) a) Probationary employee: His/her minimum wage may be reduced by 10% up to 3 months probation period (But, 10% reduction shall not apply to a contractual employee for one year or less) b) Workers employed in job categories monitored and intermittent under the approval of the MOEL Minister 4. Workers who are not covered by the minimum wage a) Employee who is vocationally challenged due to mental or physical disabilities (Limited only upon the approval of MOEL Minister). b) Employee who is a relative and cohabitant at his/her family business workplace c) Domestic helper d) Seafarers and ship owners governed/ regulated by The Seafarers Act. 5. Liability of the employer Liable to pay announced minimum wage or higher. - Employer shall pay employee(s) at least the minimum wage or a higher amount and shall not lower the previous wage level on the ground of the Minimum Wage Act. If the employment contract was concluded with a salary lower than the minimum wage, it is considered as invalid and the minimum wage rate shall be applied instead of the indicated lower wage. (If there is a violation, 3 years or less imprisonment OR 20 Million KRW or less penalty. Both penalties can be applied together) 6. Employers obligation : Notice of the minimum wage to employees Employer shall inform employee(s) of minimum wage, wages not included in the minimum wage, effective date, and employees being excluded from the Minimum Wage Act. If there is violation against the aforementioned obligation, 1Million KRW or less penalty can be applied) g. In case of the following, the concerned manpower agency who deploys employees to a principal shall take responsibility jointly and severally with concerned principal (employer): a) Principal subcontracts a manpower agency b) In case the principal pays the manpower agency less than the announced minimum wage due to reasons attributable to the manpower agency (manpower agency signed a manpower supply contract with a provision of labor cost lower than minimum wage, OR decreased the labor cost during the contract period between principal and manpower agency) If there is a violation against the aforementioned obligation, either 10Mil KRW or less penalty or 2 years or less period of imprisonment REMEDY FOR VIOLATION When a worker receives a salary less than minimum wage, concerned worker(s) can seek for assistance from a job stability center which has jurisdiction over the concerned workers workplace. With regard to minimum wage, reference can be made on the MOEL website (www.moel.go.kr), Minimum Wage Council


(http://www.minimumwage.go.kr) and MOEL Counselling Center(1345). HOW TO KNOW IF THE MINIMUM WAGE IS APPLIED Subtract additionally paid compensation amount from the salary (before tax) and divide the remaining amount with standard/given working hours for the given period. The computed amount shall be compared with announced hourly minimum wage. *Monthly standard working hours: 40-hours work per week is 209 hours 44-hours work per week is 226 hours Additional allowances/compensation benefits are as follows: Allowances or benefits other than regularly paid monthly salary: Allowances such as paid leave, overtime payment, holiday working payment and etc. Allowances such as family allowance, housing allowances, commutation allowance, food allowance, welfare compensation and etc. DEFINITION (RANGE) OF MINIMUM WAGE Wage (including allowances) is defined and specified in a concerned group contract, employment rules and regulations of company or individually signed employment contract. It is paid on a regular basis one time or more per month. In general, basic salary, service allowance, duty allowance, license allowance, production increase bonus, etc are recognized and included in a salary which is also paid regularly and uniformly.


50-17 Dongsoong Dong Chongrogu Seoul 110-809 near Maronnier Park. Tel #(02) 7472086 E-mail: kcwc21@jinbo.net (KCWC) Office hours: Mon-Fri. 11 am-5 pm Sat. day off Sun. 3 pm-6 pm Activities: Emotional/ spiritual counseling Womans rights and labor issues Korean language/culture study (men and women are welcome).

1. Birth certificate ng batang bibinyagan 2. 2X2 ID pictures (2 pcs) 3. Application form (kumuha sa center) Kailangan ipasa ng mag-asawang magpapabinyag ng anak ang application form at sumailalim sa interview sa Catholic Center isang linggo bago dumating ang takdang araw ng binyag. Ang mga magulang, ninong at ninang ay bibigyan ng katekismo sa binyag na ginaganap tuwing ika-10 ng umaga, araw ng linggo (mismong araw ng binyag). Tanging ang mga pangalan ng mga nakadalo ng katekismo ang mailalagay sa Baptismal Certificate. Ang bilang ng mga ninong at ninang ay hindi dapat lalabis sa dalawampu. Ang lahat ay pinakikiusapang isaisip ang angkop na pananamit para sa okasyon.

Mga kailangang dokumento sa paga-asikaso ng mga reklamo tungkol sa sahod: 1. Pay Slip or any other proof of payment of salary 2. Daily Time Record (DTR) if available, or self-made record of daily work attendance specifying Regular Working hours, Overtime, and Night Differential. 3. Labor Contract 4. Bank Book/ Passbook 5. Alien Card and Passport



Tinatawagan ang pansin ng lahat ng mga di pa nakakakuha ng Baptismal Certificates ng kanilang mga anak. Maaari ninyong kunin ang mga ito sa Catholic Center tuwing linggo sa ganap na alas 9:00 ng umaga hanggang ika 12:00 ng tanghali, at sa ganap na ika 4:00 hanggang ika 5:00 ng hapon. Maliban po lamang sa tuwing ikadalawang lingo ng bawat buwan. Makipag-ugnayan po kay Edison Pinlac: (010-2906-3109) o sa kahit na sinong Lay Minister.


Doty Hospital - 42-5 Eung-am-dong, Unpyeong-gu, Seoul 122-906, tel. no. (02)3851477 Joseph Clinic - 423 Yeungdongpo-dong, Yeung dongpo-gu, Seoul 150-030, Mon.-Fri. 1pm9pm, Tel. No.(02)2634-1760 Raphael Clinic - inside Tong Song High School, every Sun. , 2-6 pm. National Medical Center Dongdaemun Tel. No. 2260-7062 to 7063 Seoul Medical Center Gangnam Tel. No. 3430-0200

1. Birth Certificate ng mga ikakasal 2. Status of singleness from Census (notarized) 3. Parents consent as proof of singleness (notarized) 4. Baptismal Certificate for marriage purposes 5. Confirmation Certificate for marriage purposes 6. Passport (xerox copy) 7. Pre-Cana seminar na gaganapin bago ang takdang araw ng kasal. Makipag-ugnayan po lamang sa Catholic Center para sa schedule.

Guri Pastoral Center 031-566-1141 Ansan Galilea Center 031-494-8411 Suwon Emmaus Center 031-257-8501 Friends Without Borders Counseling Office 032-345-6734/5 Gasan, Song-uri International Community 031-543-5296 Uijungbu, Nokyangdong Migrant Center 031-878-6926 Masok Chonmasan Migrant Center 031-593-6542 Bomun, Seoul Foreign Workers Labor Counseling Office 02-928-2049/924-2706



Para Po sa lahat na may E-9 VISA, may tatlo pong tanging dahilan upang payagan kayong makalipat ng kumpanya. Ito po ay; 1. Kayo ay dalawang buwang hindi pinasasahod 2. Kayo ay pisikal at verbal na sinasaktan, o di kayay 3. Bankrupt o lugi ang kumpanya

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One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

Volume 18 Issue 4&5


Updates to the Contingency Plan as of 12 April 2013
We would like to inform the Filipino community that we are still on Alert Level 1 or heightened alertness. The community is advised to remain calm and to continuously monitor developments in South Korea. Meanwhile, we would like to provide you with some important information to help you prepare in case tensions escalate. In case of an attack, it is important that we first follow the safety procedures ordered by the local government in your area. These safety procedures will apply to both Korean and foreign residents: When an air-raid warning is issued, turn off gas valves and electrical appliances and go to a nearby shelter; If you are outside when an air-raid warning is issued, follow safety staff to a nearby shelter. If you cannot find a shelter, hide and protect your-self any way you can. If you are driving, park the car in an empty lot or on the right side of the road and evacuate to a safe place. Follow the instructions of the National Emergency Management Agency. Be prepared by checking where the designated shelters are located near your house or workplace, and have medicine kit, emergency items, etc. ready at all times. It is also important that you know in advance the designated shelters in your own area and to coordinate with your area leaders (please see list below). Once movement from the shelters is allowed, Filipinos are advised to proceed to any of the different convergence areas as identified in the attached assembly points. This is only advance information and there is no evacuation going on. Thank you for your cooperation. PHILIPPINE EMBASSY HOTLINE: 010-9263-8119 & 010-9365-2312 POLO SEOUL HOTLINE: 010-4573-6290 LIST OF AREA COORDINATORS (As of 12 April 2013)

How to Apply for ePassport

Schedule an Appointment starting 15 July 2010. Only fifty (50) ePassport applications will be entertained per day. Call the APPOINTMENT HOTLINE NUMBER 010-9385-0535 ( from 9:00am to 5:30pm M-F) OR you can send an email to epassport@philembassy-seoul.com and give your full name including middle name, date and place of birth, your old passport number and mobile number in Korea. Requirements:

Old Philippine Passport and a photocopy of the passport data page, last page showing the name and signature of the signing officer, and the page with the date of last entry to Korea Passport application form Remember your Appointment Reference Number ePassport fee US$ 60.00 payable in cash only.

Procedure on Date of Appointment: Step 1:

Check your name on the list of applicants with appointment Complete all information on the passport application form Wait for your name and number to be called at Window 4 Submit the application form and present your old Passport and photocopies OPTIONAL : If you wish to avail of the courier service, get a courier form and write your name and complete return address. Get a copy of the courier form. Payment will be made upon delivery of your ePassport. Have your old passport canceled by the consular officer. Go to cashier and pay the exact amount of US$ 60.00 in cash. No check may be accepted Keep your receipt and show it when you claim your ePassport in person after 6 weeks. Go to the encoder for encoding of data, picture taking, taking of thumb marks and digital signature. Applicant should be in decent attire. Both ears should be shown Keep your receipt of payment and bring your old passport for cancellation to claim your ePassport. You can also authorize a representative to claim your passport by giving authority at the back of y o u r claim receipt.

Step 2:

Step 3:

NOTE: It takes about six (6) weeks to process the ePassport as the approved applications are sent to a central processing facility in the Philippines.

Volume 18 Issue 4&5

One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

Page 13

Phil.Embassy (Labor Office) (Consular Office) (Hotline) Philippine Airlines Fr. Alvin Parantar, MSP Sr. Miguela Santiago Edison Pinlac (Pres/JPC) Bro. Jimmy Villaflor (VP) Masok (Gil Maranan) Taerim Community (Dan) Worship Ministry (Ely) Recreation Ministry (Mike)
Sunday: Cycle C

Education (Bobby) Youth Ministry (Weng) IT Committee (Matet)

N O S .
010-4664-6896 010-5821-7799 010-2258-0377 010-8060-6784

3785-3634/3785-3624 796-7387 to 89 ext. 103 011-273-3657 774-35-81 010-4323-0870 016-706-0870 010-2906-3109 010-2572-8515 010-5822-9194 (031) 593-6542 010-8684-7897 010-8061-9143 010-2762-9906


Lay Eucharistic Ministry (Cecil) FMAA (Norma) LRC (Rey) CWI Mokdong Immigration Processing (Detention) Center 02-2650-6247 Hwaseong, Suwon Immigration Processing (Detention) Center 031-355-2011/2 Chungju Immigration Processing (Detention) Center 043-290-7512/3 Yang Seung Geol Han Suk Gyu 011-226-9237 010-5348-9515 010-2408-1554 010-3922-3109

is prepared and published monthly by the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center for Filipino Migrants which is being administered by the Mission Society of the Philippines under the auspices of Seoul Archdiocese.

El Shaddai (Bro Tony Sacapanio) 02-6013-2390


115-9 Songbuk-gu, Songbuk 1dong, Seoul, South Korea 136-020 Telephone Number: (070) 8161-0870 or (070) 8161-0873/74 e-Mail Addresses: alvin_parantar@yahoo.com emelyabagat@yahoo.com sambayanan-edboard@yahoogroups.com

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One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

Volume 18 Issue 4&5

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One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

Volume 18 Issue 4&5