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Teaching Plan 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Course Code & Course Title: Course of Study: Year of Study: Year and Semester: Contact Hours: Lecturers: UMPA1083 Anatomy and Physiology I MBBS 2013 Year 1 Semester 1 26H Lectures, 6H Q&A Sessions, 14H Practical, 7H Animation A/P DrAsok Kumar Ghosh, asok@utar.edu.my A/P Dr. Manjit Singh Sidhu, manjit@utar.edu.my Prof. Dr. M.K.V. Menon, mkvidyadaran@utar.edu.my Dr. Than ThanHtwe, thanth@utar.edu.my Nil Lectures, Q&A Sessions, Practical and Animation This course aims to equip students with: basic knowledge of the anatomy and function of major systems of the human body foundational knowledge for understanding pathophysiological (disease) processes After completing this course, students will be able to: 1. describe the structure of major organ systems and identify these structures 2. explain how these organs/systems function 3. relate structure to function 4. apply the knowledge acquired to the study of the pathological basis of disease 1. Gerard J. Tortora& Bryan H. Derrickson (most current edition). Principles of Anatomy and Physiology. Wiley International. 2. Alice Swore Pakurar, John W. Bigbee (most current edition). Digital Histology. Wiley- Blackwell. 3. Peter Zao, Timothy Stabler, Greta Peterson, Lori Smith (most current edition). PhysioEX 6.0 for human physiology: Laboratory simulations in physiology (ver.6.0). Pearson Benjamin Cummings Optional reading 4. John E. Hall and Arthur C. Guyton (most current edition). Textbook of Medical Physiology, Saunders Elsevier, Philadelphia 5. Richard L. Drake, A. Wayne Vogl, W.L. Mitchell (most current edition).Grays Anatomy for StudentsChurchill Livingstone Elsevier, Philadelphia

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Teaching Plan

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Teaching Plan

Lectures, Tutorials, Practical and Assignment Plan Wk 1 Lecture Topic (1 hour) L1 Organisation of the Body 1Structural organization L2 Organisation of the Body 2The language of anatomy L3 Organisation of the Body 3Cells and tissues 2 L4 CVS 1-Blood composition and function, Blood groups L5 CVS 2-Development and Anatomy of the heart L6 CVS 3- Functions of the heart 3 L7 CV$ 4- Structure of Blood vessels, capillary exchange L8 CVS 5 - Arterial System L9 CVS 6 - Venous & Lymphatic system L10 CVS 7 - Physiology of circulation 4 L11 Resp 1 - Development and anatomy of the respiratory system L12 Resp 2 - Mechanics of respiration L13 Resp 3 - Gas exchange L14 Resp 4 - Control of respiration, respiratory adjustments 5 L15 GIT 1 - Development and anatomy of the GIT L16 GIT 2 - Digestion and absorption L17 GIT 3 - Liver and biliary system Q&A 4: Respiratory system and GIT Lab 5: AnatomySurface anatomy; parts of GIT and accessory glands Physiology Process of digestion Animation 5 Lab 4: AnatomyRespiratory system PhysiologyRespiratory system mechanics Animation 4 Q&A 3: Blood vessels and hemodynamics Lab 3: AnatomyArterial, venous & lymphatic systems PhysiologyCardiovascular dynamics Animation 3 Q&A 2: Blood and Heart Lab 2: Anat : Structure Physio: Function Animation 2 Q&A Session (1 hour) Q&A 1: Homeostasis Practical (2 hours) Lab 1: AnatGeneral Histology PhysioTransport across cell membrane Animation (2 hours) Animation 1

Teaching Plan

Lectures, Tutorials, Practical and Assignment Plan Wk Lecture Topic (1 hour) L18 GIT 4 - Pancreas L19 Renal 1 - Development & Anatomy of Renal system L20 Renal 2 - Glomerular function L21 Renal 3 - Tubular functions L22 Renal 4 - Functions of the Kidney L23 Endocrine 1: Hormones L24 Endocrine 2: Pituitary and Hypothalamus L25 Endocrine 3: Thyroid and parathyroid L26 Endocrine 4: Adrenals, pancreas & gonads Q&A Session (1 hour) Practical (2 hours) Animation (2 hours)

Q&A 5: Renal System

Lab 6: AnatomyRenal system structure Physiology Function of renal system

Animation 6

Q&A 6: Endocrine function

Lab 7: Anatomy Location & structure of endocrine organs Physiology Endocrine physiology

Animation 7

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Teaching Plan