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The Black Cat Worksheet 1 BACH A READING COMPREHENSION 1) Are these sentences TRUE or FALSE?

E? Rewrite the false ones with the correct information. 1. The narrator liked animals more than people. 2. Pluto the dog was the narrators favourite animal. 3. When Pluto bit the narrator, he cut out one of his eyes. 4. The shape of a cat appeared on the bedroom wall. 5. The new cat was identical to Pluto. 6. The narrator killed his wife with an axe. 7. After he killed his wife, the narrator slept badly. 8. The police found the living woman and the dead cat together behind the wall. 2) Answer the following questions: 1. What important thing did the narrator tell the reader in the first paragraph of the story?. 2. Why did the narrator start to be cruel to his wife and his animals? 3. When did the fire start? 4. How did the narrator feel after killing Pluto? 5. In what ways was the new cat different from Pluto? 6. Where did the narrator hide his wifes dead body? 7. What kind of sound did the police hear when they were in the cellar of the narrators house? 8. Who began to pull out the bricks to see what was behind the wall?

VOCABULARY 3) Unscramble the words below and use them to complete the sentences. gnaer giehbuorns kckneod allcer pnupyssenah llwsago 1. One day the cat followed my wife and I down to the __________ . 2. The white mark on the cat was the shape of the ____________. 3. One of the ______________ said How strange!. 4. I was mad with _____________ so I tried to kill the animal with an axe. 5. The new cat had brought too much ________________ to my life. 6. I _____________ on the wall with my stick the wall where I had hidden my wife! 4) Find in the story 1. synonyms for these words: a. maybe (page 16): ___________ b. really (page 16): ___________ c. gifts (page 16): ____________ d. illness (page 17): ___________ e. afraid (page 18): ___________ f. unusual (page 18): ___________ g. cruel (page 18): _____________ h. give (page 21): _____________ i. jail (page 21): ______________ j. crazy (page 23): _____________ k. sadness (page 23): ____________ l. quiet (page 24): _____________ m. happy (page 25): _____________ n. quickly (page 25): _____________ 2. antonyms for these words: a. nervous (page 16): ____________ b. insincere (page 16): ___________ c. improve (page 17): ____________ d. sober (page 18): ______________ e. proud (page 18): ______________ f. live (page 18): _______________ g. right (page 19): _____________ h. unluckily (page 19): ___________ i. tiny (page 20): _______________ j. near (page 21): _______________ k. easy (page 21): _______________ l. alive (page 23): _______________ m. in front of (page 23): __________ n. carelessly (page 23): ___________ o. weak (page 25): ______________ p. heaven (page 25): _____________

3. words or phrases for these definitions: a. a feeling of physical suffering caused by injury or illness (page 18): ______________ b. to escape from a place secretly and suddenly (page 18): ______________ c. when the main shape of something is drawn, without any details (page 20): _______________ d. to see or become conscious of something (page 20): ________________ e. based on good judgment and therefore fair and practical (page 20): ________________ f. the upper front part of the body of humans and some animals, between the stomach and the neck (page 21): ______________ g. under or below (page 23): ________________ h. the crime of intentionally killing a person (page 23): ________________ i. a rectangular block of hard material used for building walls and houses (page 23): ________________ j. a loud sound you make when you are very frightened, excited or angry (page 25): ________________