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Revelation 1 : 1

John writes this scroll letting us know that this is a revelation of Yashua, so all that we are about to read
will shortly come to pass. This is very important that we understand that shortly means very soon, and
not thousands of years in the future, as we shall soon see. We will prove to you beyond any doubt that
very soon was referring to Titus of 70 AD, just one generation from Calvary just as Yashua had said.
You will come to understand that "this generation" meant the generation that Yashua was actually
speaking to.
The things you are about to read were not written at the same time, and were written over a period of
time which is provable by scriptures. We do not know exactly when he started writing this, for unlike
Daniel he did not date it, neither did he give us any clues as to who was in charge of Rome at that time.
All we know is that it was written after the seven congregations were established in Asia , and this
gives us an approximate time of 38-60 AD, and we know it was written before the 70 AD invasion of
The entire scroll of Revelation is written in the language of imagery, using symbols, metaphors, and
figurative expressions, which in many cases are taken directly from the Prophets. You will never
understand Revelation unless you know the language of imagery used by the Prophets for thousands of
years. Example : The sheaves, sun, moon, and stars, are Israel , for Genesis 37:7-9 said so. Israel is also
called trees, ground, heaven, earth, mountains, rivers, woman, field, and much more all through the
Bible. It is important that you know this also.
This is a Jewish scroll written by a Jew to the Jews who knew the Prophets, and they understood the
language of imagery, which is sign language that God uses to speak to the seven congregations.
John was not in exile, or banished to Patmos as has been taught by today's pagan influenced churches,
for the Bible says no such thing. Catholicism handed this tradition down to us, along with pagan Easter,
pagan Christmas, and a host of other pagan teachings that have absolutely nothing to do with Yashua. I
will refer to Jesus in his proper Jewish name in case you are wondering why I call him Yashua
pronounced Joshua in English.
I will say many things as we proceed that will go against everything you were ever taught. I only ask
that you hear me out with an open mind, and a prayerful heart. I have been asked by many to expound
Revelation to them, so I decided to share with you the many things I have learned concerning this
scroll, and of the ancient Jewish practices. You will need to know the Law, the Psalms, and the
Prophets, for they are the defining books that will unlock this marvelous scroll, and they are also the
very important scrolls that will reveal Yashua to you. Please read Luke 24:25-27 and 44-46. OK here
we go!
Revelation 1:2
John states that he bare record of the Word of God, and of the testimony of Yashua, and of all things
that he saw. What did John mean when he said I bare record of the WORD OF GOD? Well let's let John
answer for himself shall we?
The Bible is it's own interpreter is it not?
John 1:1 states: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
[In the Greek: WORD means Logos = Thought]
Genesis 1: 1 In the beginning God created the HEAVEN and EARTH. We cannot measure time here,
and scientist will debate it long after we are gone. I do not have a problem with science that says our
planet is billions of years old. Who cares? I have a problem when they say it evolved and was not
created by our ONLY WISE GOD and SAVIOUR. Before there was a mountain, flower, bird, or
animal, and long before there was man, God [ Elohim ] had a Thought. Genesis is not really about
literal creation, for it is speaking in imagery of Israel and the Ekklesia, for Yashua was slain before the
foundation of the world.
Also be very aware that Heaven and Earth is also speaking of Israel in imagery. The Prophets had
referred to Israel this way many times, as you will see as we proceed with the next 22 chapters verse by
He said let there be LIGHT. He was not speaking of sunlight for it would be thousands, perhaps
millions, or billions of years before he made the sun, moon, and stars on the fourth day. We are looking
at a statement that was made by God in eternity here. The day God speaks of here is not a literal
modern twenty four hour period. The Light is referring to the Word of God, and it is also referring to
the sun, moon, and stars which are metaphors of Israel .
You need the literal sun, moon, and stars to tell time, make a calendar etc, and they were not even made
yet. In the mind of God there was already an OLD COVENANT ready to be written and a thought of a
LAMB already slain, and a people [Israel and New Covenant saints] called by his name, already chosen
before the foundation.
We are built upon this foundation of the Prophets, Apostles, with Yashua being the chief CORNER
STONE who the builders [Israel] rejected. We are the LIGHT of the World, because of the Lamb who
was the true LIGHT that had already been chosen and slain. That LIGHT would dwell in them exactly
as John declares in John 1:9. This is what God was really saying here in Genesis. I hope you get this
powerful truth and revelation of God's Word right there in Genesis 1 and John 1. The rest of your
Biblical interpretations will greatly depend upon it! Take note also that Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
are not New Testament scrolls, for they along with Revelation belong to the Old Covenant. The rest of
the New Testament scrolls we read today were letters written to the Ekklesia, which started on the Feast
of Pentecost, for the Jews only, and later the Gentiles were grafted in in Acts 10. Once again the four
gospels are Old Covenant writings, which are the fulfillment of the Law, the Psalms, and the Prophets.
Yashua was not made in Adams likeness [FORM], but Adam was made in the likeness [FORM] of
Yashua. God had thought the FORM long before it came to pass.
Read Romans 5:14 where it says Adam was the figure [FORM] of him [Yashua] that was to come. The
Law of Moses, the Psalms, and the Prophets would be made flesh and dwell among the people of Israel
. All the thoughts of God would be manifested in a FORM [Emmanuel God with us, and read also
Philippians 2:5-8] to Israel .
John 1:10 declares Yashua was in the world [Israel] and the world [Israel] was made by him, and the
world [Israel] knew him not. You need to really think about what I just said. Yes, I am very much well
aware that we can include the entire planet here, because technically he was born on the planet, but
Yashua came only to the house of Israel at that time, and we Gentiles were just a THOUGHT, and a
PROPHECY yet to be fulfilled. It is extremely important that you see this or the Bible will never make
any sense to you no matter how much you study it. This is all imagery.
Yashua declared to all in Israel that he came to fulfill, and not to destroy the Law. God is concise,
precise, and exact. Yashua did not come to the Gentiles who had no Law! He would send his apostles to
them some years later.
Now we know, and can understand why Yashua declared, the words that I speak are not mine, but the
words are the words of my Father [creator] who sent me. Prophetically he was sent thousands of years
before, by the words of the Prophets. This took place long before God overshadowed the virgin
Marium [Mary] and created him.
Those words were in God's mind even before the Prophets that spoke them!

Revelation 1 : 2
Who bore record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Yashua the Messiah, and of all things that
he saw.
What and Who is God? The answer may surprise some of you.
God declares that he is a spirit and them that worship him must do so in spirit and truth. A spirit is not a
person, flesh, or anything material. It cannot be touched, or visibly seen by a human. In short it does
not have a form though God has took upon himself different forms for a purpose in scripture.
He has taken the form of a burning bush with Moses, and a theophany, which is an angelic form to
make himself visible to Abraham, Jacob, and many of the Prophets. He appeared as a burning, smoking
mountain to Israel that shook, and it was an exceedingly fearful sight. Just because our God chose to
reveal himself at such moments in history does not mean that this is what God is.
God is everywhere, and in everything that is matter. All things including us, are made from unseen
matter. Protons, electrons, neutrons, atoms that are invisible to the human eyes, make up all we see.
Every planet, star, tree, cloud, blade of grass, flower, fowl, animal, fish, germ, virus, and insects are
made of unseen matter. God is everywhere, and there is no place he is not.
Job said though I make my bed in Sheol [the grave] he is there. You can go to the Milky Way Galaxy,
and visit the Sun, Moon, Mars, or Venus, if it were possible, and he is there. The heaven of heavens
cannot contain him. God in his desire to be intimate with us had the Prophets refer to him as a HE
though he has no gender. He is neither male nor female. God has asked unto who will you liken me? He
also asked Am I A MAN that I should lie?
We must not vision God, as being an old man setting somewhere up in the firmament of heaven on a
big old throne. This is pagan, and is vain imagination.
The problem is pagans did not want to accept this, for they needed something visible, or something
they could relate to in a carnal sense. They carved idols, and made images, and gave them imaginary
powers that came straight out of their own carnal minds. They have made and worshiped hundreds,
perhaps thousands of man made gods all through the history of man, much to the displeasure of the
Most High God our Creator.
Man has always, I repeat always, created gods, that required sacrifice. They became so vain in their
imaginations that they offered up their own children in sacrifice to these man made gods who never
spoke, appeared, or did anything for them in reality. They sacrificed to appease, or persuade these
pagan images to send the rain, and bless their fields, and crops, etc. It was a "I will do this, if you will
do this", sort of thing. Odds are overwhelming it was going to rain anyway, but they attributed it to
their idols, and ignored the fact that the MOST HIGH GOD causes the rain to fall on the just and the
unjust alike. It also gave men power over the people, and this was the most damning effect.
The pagan influenced churches of today are not much different in many ways. They may not require an
actual human sacrifice, but they are just as vain in their imaginations. Trinitarians have made the [only]
wise God, who is invisible, of I Timothy 1:17 into a man made person.
Did the disciples ever see Yashua? No they did not! What did they see? They saw a form.
Read Philippians 2:7.
It says that Yashua MADE HIMSELF. God made the flesh he dwelt in as he made each of us did he
not? Of course he did. Now let us read the rest of this verse shall we? Yashua made himself of no
reputation, and took upon himself THE FORM of a servant [human], and was made in the likeness of
men. Why? He was invisible seeing he was a spirit, and what the disciples saw was his form. They
never saw Yashua. Can I prove this? Yes indeed!
Read I Timothy 6:14-16 and it is the death nail among many other scriptures to the trinity doctrine.
It declares to all who will hear what the Spirit is saying, that Yashua is King of kings, and Lord of
lords; Who ONLY [no one else] hath immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach
So what did the disciples see? They never saw Yashua for the scripture plainly says so. They saw his
form that he took upon himself. They handled, touched, and ate with the form, but they never saw the
Almighty God Yashua the Creator that dwelt in that form, for he is a Spirit! That form died, but
trinitarians shoot themselves in the foot when they declare that the Son [human flesh, body, form] is
eternal. They even call it a God. Now you know how you got the expression God the Son.
That is why, the expression God the Son, is pagan and is a grave error. It is a Catholic term, not found
in the Bible. Trinity is not found either, and it also has it's origin deep in pagan roots.
The Bible speaks to us in imagery, symbols, and parables, and Yashua's words are Spirit.
You will never understand it and the atheist, unbelievers, and scoffers, will tear you up intellectually, if
you do not know how God speaks to us.
The first chapter of St. John declares that Yashua created all things, and Paul declared it in Colossians
Jude declared in verse 25 that there is only one wise God our Saviour. Folks Yashua is the only Saviour
we have, or will ever need. He is the Almighty God, The Everlasting Father, just as Isaiah declared so
many centuries earlier in Isaiah 9:6-7.
Paul said in I Corinthians 10:3 that the Rock that followed Israel in the wilderness was Yashua the
anointed one. They did not know him as Yashua, or as Messiah at this time, but Yashua was indeed that
Rock, and their Creator.
If we are to understand Revelation, we have to understand this, for Revelation is the revealing of
Yashua to the seven congregations of the Asian province of Rome, and to us also. This all ties in
There is no, nor will there ever be a trinity of God. God is not divided, or how else will he stand.
I leave you with this warning of Paul found in Romans.
Romans 1:20 says we can understand the Godhead. The things are clearly seen being understood by the
things that are made, even his eternal power and GODHEAD; so that they are without excuse. There is
no excuse for you not to know the Godhead [deity] of the Bible. God is a Spirit, and he has neither
shape or form, and he is neither male, nor female. The writers referred to Elohim as a "HE", for it is a
royal pronoun, but it also captures the promise of a male son who would be Saviour.
They teach our children through out the world, that there is a triune god, that he is either three, or one
persons, that there is no God, or that he is an image, and what is the result of such things?
Read on, and Paul will tell you that it leads to vain imaginations, extreme sensousness, and
homosexuality. What is the condition of our world today? Need I say anymore?

Revelation 1 : 3
Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which
are written therein: for the time is at hand.
In the previous articles I dealt more with the Deity of Yashua, because that is what John saw. He did
bare record of the Word of God, and the testimony of Yashua, and John declared Yashua to be the Great
Creator, and the Word made flesh. I thought it fitting since we are speaking of the Revelation of Yashua
to teach about who he really was, and he really was the Word of God, and the Word was made flesh.
The gospel of John Chapter 1:1 clearly defines this.
I have heard of pastors, including my old pastor who taught me that we should stay out of Revelation.
That represents a huge contradiction to what Yashua declared by John in this verse, when he said
blessed is he that reads it. This scripture is referring to us today also, because he does not start
addressing the seven congregations, until verse 4. Though this scroll is written to the seven
congregations, it is for our learning today. John also declared that we are to keep those things written in
this scroll, so that in its self declares it has importance for us. What we hear the LORD say to those
seven congregations in Asia, will be of great help, and a blessing to us today. No where does the LORD
say that this prophecy is for some far off time, but he constantly affirms that the time of fulfillment is
very close at hand, however it does reveal our Saviour to us in a very personal way today. Their future
is now our history!
The language that God uses in this scroll would have been very familiar to the early congregations, for
God would not have given them something they could never have understood, or else how would one
be blessed? We are at a disadvantage being separated by 2000 years, and several language changes, but
thanks to modern scholars who are at a much greater advantage than the scholars of the 16 TH Century,
and due to many archaeological finds we understand the time of the first hundred years far better. There
are those that have spent their entire lives studying ancient languages, and have been a major
contributor to our having a better understanding today. Major discoveries of ancient libraries have been
invaluable in helping us, and computers have put those libraries at our finger tips.
With that said however, the greatest contributor of all is the Jewish people who has preserved the Old
Covenant down through the centuries. The Jews somehow kept the Word of God in tact. The ancient
oral traditions are invaluable to us, and they preserved them, or we may never have known what was
meant by certain passages. I encourage every serious Bible student to get the Jewish Torah written in
English, and in the footnotes they give you many of their oral traditions that have been handed down to
them. Learn as much as you can about their way of life during the time of Moses, for it is the Law of
Moses, the Prophets, and the Psalms that declare their Messiah unto them, and to us also. Read Luke
24:25-27 & 44.
The only Bible available for hundreds of years after Yashua was the Old Covenant. The few letters
written by Paul, and the other apostles have not all been found, but what we have today were not put
together collectively for hundreds of years until far into the future.
There is also a very important thing to remember, and that is, the Bible as we know it today did not
exist in it's entirety until King James of 1611, and the invention of the printing press. There was a
Geneva Bible of the 15TH century which was highly corrupted by Catholicism, and The King James
Bible was mostly copied from the Latin Vulgate, which also had many translation errors.
The original King James Bible had fifteen more books that were dropped around 1895, as scholars
from all over the world assembled, and corrected thousands of word errors, and all for the best. They
did not fix them all, but what we ended up with was a pretty good Bible, and to this day, though I read
many others, it still remains one of my favorite.
There is no such thing as an error free Bible, and any Bible student, or scholar will tell you the same.
Though that grieves some people to no end, I can present to you over one hundred translation errors
obvious to all. Remember the message in the Bible is infallible, but some of the words used by man are
not. If you are able to see an original 1611 copy of the King James found at some of your larger
libraries in major cities then go take a look at it. The scholars that worked on it all signed it, and openly
admit there were errors, but they did their best.
For those who would challenge me I ask them this. Was it infallible before, or after the fifteen books
were dropped? Or was it infallible before, or after the thousands of spelling errors were corrected in the
late 1800's?
For most of our studies I will be using the King James Version. There will be times for the sake of
clarification where I will use another version, for there are times that it can better explain it more
correctly. There actually have been saints so naive that they say if it was good enough for Moses, then
it is good enough for me. I cannot help those that have that mentality, and they will continue to walk
around completely confused.
Anyway we know that we are blessed if we read and keep those things written in the scroll of
Revelation, so never let anyone tell you to disobey the LORD. Also remember that the prophecies we
are about to study will very quickly come to pass. It was for then, before 70 AD, and not for us, with
the exception of our learning. Any man that tells you to stay out of Revelation is not speaking for God,
for he is speaking in ignorance. My intent is not to offend anyone, but we must always let God be the
truth, and every man a liar. We will prove this as we go along.

Revelation 1 : 4
John to the seven congregations which are in Asia: Grace be unto you, and peace, from him which is,
and which was, and which is to come; and from the seven spirits which are before the throne.
Asia is not referring to the Asia that we know today. It was one of the ten provinces of Rome.
John is writing this to the seven congregations that we find through out the Word of God, and seven is
found many times in imagery. These are seven literal congregations, but they also represent the imagery
of seven voices, candlesticks, angels, as we will show you as we move along in his Word. There is only
one God who is one Spirit, and the seven spirits of God is imagery for complete perfection. You cannot
separate God from his seven attributes that he placed in the Old Covenant, and in the New Covenant
Ekklesia, which are the two witnesses. There is only one Ekklesia of which he is the head, so the seven
congregations are also imagery, and figurative of something. Ekklesia was later changed to the word
church, which is pagan in origin. Church comes from an old Germanic word meaning "KIRKE", which
means circle as used in cults.
John is telling the seven congregations that what he is about to write, is about the which is [present],
which was [the past], and which is to come [the future]. Yashua is revealed to those seven as past,
present, and future.
This is very important to know, and the future will come very quickly, for we will see John saying this
John declares that the words of this prophecy are not only from Yashua, but they are also from the
seven Spirits, which are before the throne [seat of authority]. It will be the angels [messengers] of the
seven congregations in Revelation 8:6 that will prepare to sound the judgments.
Isaiah 11:2 defines the seven Spirits for you as : 1. Spirit of Yahweh 2. Spirit of Wisdom 3. Spirit of
Understanding 4. Spirit of Council 5. Spirit of Might 6. Spirit of Knowledge 7. Spirit of Fear [Respect].
Isaiah 11:1 speaks of Yashua as the Branch, and he would possess these seven spirits, and later they
will be found in his Ekklesia, as seven eyes upon one stone.
Please read Zechariah 3:8-9, and you will see that those seven spirits are the seven eyes of the LORD.
Yashua said his church was a Rock [stone] and the gates of Hades would not prevail against it. Read
Isaiah 8:14 about the Rock. I Corinthians 10:4 declares That Rock was Yashua.
The LORD had said in the gospels that the eye was the light of the body, and the same is true with the
spiritual body. The Ekklesia is the light of the world, and we are to let our lights shine. With out those
seven lamps to direct us we would be in total darkness, and the world would have no hope, just as
Aaron the High Priest would have been in total darkness in the tabernacle with out the seven lamps on
the golden candlestick.
John is speaking to a Jewish audience here that knew the Prophets. There was no doubt some Gentiles,
perhaps quite a few were in those seven congregations, but they would have had to be very enlightened,
and taught by the Jews from the Old Covenant in order to understand these things. Most of the
congregations of that time period had Jewish elders. The Ekklesia today knows very little about these
things, and I am puzzled as to why it is not taught. You will never understand the reason Yashua folded
the napkin in a place by itself when Peter looked into the sepulchre as recorded in John 20:7 if you do
not understand the teaching of the Jews. The folded napkin meant that he was not finished and that he
would return. It was the custom in those days for a servant not to remove anything from his masters
table unless he left the napkin unfolded. If the master of his house left the napkin folded it meant that
he would be returning shortly.
Exodus 25:31-37 In the Tabernacle of Moses, which was in the wilderness there was found inside of
the Holy Place, a pure golden candlestick, and upon that golden candlestick was seven lamps that had
to stay lit, or burning at all times. It was types, and shadows of Yashua, and his Ekklesia with the seven
The seven eyes are before the seat of authority. Yashua reigns from his throne which is in each saint, for
our bodies are now the Temple of God. Those seven flames [ lamps ] are in his hand as stated in
Revelation 1:20, and the Bible declares the right hand of God to represent a position of power. Read
Mark 14:62 Luke 22:69 This means in figurative language, or imagery that the hand of the LORD is
the saints, and the saints are his throne. John is in the Spirit, so this is not literal, but figurative
As you can well see Yashua is having those seven congregations take a look backwards to the Prophets
to receive a message for the present, and the future. We will see this many times, and the language of
imagery will just jump off the pages of his Word, as he reveals himself to us. Their future is our history,
for these future prophecies would be fulfilled in 70 AD.